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题型示例 A
A smiling face at the store I need to get some things to clean the house this weekend, so I headed over to a local store. While walking around, I realized that I wasn ’t almost always smile at strangers with the the mood( 心情 ) to smile. When I went to check out my things, I met turned to it. After a few moments, I began to things to check out. I wasn ’t At last. It was my so 10 “ It’s nice to 11 9 7 6 4 a very long line. People were buying 5 that all the people before me had lots of 8 standing in the first line. Christmas gifts. To shorten the first line. A second register( 收 银 台 ) opened up, I 2 that particular moment, I was thinking of what had 1 at anyone. That was out of character. I 3 me earlier in the day not really in that it might brighten their day a bit. But in

any longer, so I returned to the first line. After a short

while, all the people in the second line checked out, I was ! He greeted me with a huge smile.

to check out, I found that the man behind the register seemed

see a smiling face in this store. ” I commented . 12 13 you never know what people are going through, ” . 14 kindness about how it goes a long 15 it is,

He replied, “ I love to smile, At that moment ,he made me think of

Something in me changed , and we began

way. There was no one behind me ,so we talked and laughed for a while. What a to be cheered up by this kind young man! I suddenly had all the time in the world. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. shouting )2. A. hope )3. A.pleased )4. A.for )5. A. slowly )6. A. remember )7. A. patient )8. A. just )9. A. turn )10. A. serious )11. A. especially )12. A. when )13. A. himself )15. A.gift B. pointing B. plan B. troubled B.at B. quickly B. suppose B. nervous B. ever B. dream B. calm B. naturally B. because B. yourself B. pity C. smiling C. suggestion C. relaxed C. in C. actually C. notice C. polite C. once C. duty C. happy C. firstly C. but C. myself C. worrying about C. chance

D. knocking D. decision D. treated D. with D. easily D. imagine D. silent D. still D. courage D. clever D. finally D. so D. herself D. learning about D. surprise

)14. A. thinking about B. talking about

1. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。

【知识内容】动名词 【试题分析】由下文的“ That was out of character ”和“ I almost always smile at strangers ” 可推知,在商店逛的时候,我意识到我没有对任何人笑,故选 C 项 smile “微笑” 。 2. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】下文提到“ it might brighten their day a bit ”可知,作者希望自己的微笑能够 给别人带来些许欢乐,因此 A 项 hope “希望”符合文意。 3. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】动词的过去分词 【试题分析】分析下文的“ not really in the mood to smile ”可知, “我”今天的心情不好, 一直在想今天困扰“我”的事情,故 B 项 troubled “麻烦”符合文意。 please “喜欢;使 愉快” ; relax “放松” ; treat “款待” ,均不符合文意。 4. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】介词 【试题分析】由下文的“ a very long line ”可知,要排很长的队,因此 D 项 meet with “遭 受;遇到”最符合文意。 meet for “为??而聚在一起” ; meet at “在??见面” ; meet in “在??遇见” ,均不符合文意。 5. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】副词 【试题分析】由下文的“ So I returned to the first time ”可知,当第二个收银台打开的时候, “我”应该是很迅速地转到这个收银台的队伍中去了,故选 B 项 quickly“迅速地” 。 6. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】动词 【试题分析】分析下文“ all the people before me had lots of things to check out. ”可知,所 有排在我前面的人都有很多东西要检查付款, “我”应该是注意到了这种情况,C 项 notice “注意到” ,符合文意。 remember “想起” ; suppose “假设” ; imagine “想象” ,均不符合 文意。 7. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】形容词 【试题分析】由下文的“ so I returned to the first line. ”可知,我不再有耐性去等待,故选 A 项 patient “有耐性的” 。 8. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】副词

【试题分析】由上文的“ all the people in the second line checked out. ”可知,第二队的人都 结过账了,但我还在第一队上排着,故选 D 项 still “仍然;还” 。 9. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】动词 【试题分析】分析上下文可知,轮到我结账了, It is/was one ’s turn to do sth. 表示“轮到某 人做某事” ,为固定搭配。故选 A 项。 10. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】形容词 【试题分析】由下文的“ He greeted me with a huge smile. ”可知, “他”看起来应该很高兴, 故选 C 项 happy“高兴的” 。 11. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】副词 【试题分析】 联系上下文可知, 排了很长时间的队终于见到一个笑脸, 因此 D 项 finally “最 后;终于”符合文意。 12. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】连词 【试题分析】结合空格的前句“ I love to smile, ”和空格的后句“ you never know what people are going through. ”可知,两句存在因果关系,正因为不知道别人在经历什么,所以我喜 欢微笑面对别人,以让他人感到温馨与快乐。故选 B 项。 13. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】反身代词 【试题分析】联系上下文文意可知,听了收银员的话,那一刻应该是在反思自己,因此 C 项 myself 符合文意。 14. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】动词短语 【试题分析】结合上文“ Something in me changed ”与下文“ so we talked and laughed for a while ”可推知,这个收银员的微笑使作者有所感触,作者与这个收银员开始谈论起对人 友善这个话题,故选 B 项。 15. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子。 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】 分析上下文文意可知,对于“我”来说,这应该是一个美好的礼物。故选 A 项 gift “礼物” 。

It began a year ago, around Christmas. Every time I drove down our street, I One day, while I was driving past him with my of excitement. “ 4 3 his hand go up and he waved back. did you wave at him? ” my daughter asked. 5 anything. It gives both him and me 6 , but I tole her it ’s just an act of kindness that doesn ’t next time she would try it as well. We lived close to the old man, who passed by his house. One time, my daughter ’s friend came to visit and she told my daughter that she saw this strange old man near our home wave at her very although she didn ’t know 10 9 . She mentioned that she waved back, 11 of how all the waving , and it felt really good. 7 we saw him rather often. Whenever we drove by, 8 at everyone both of us would start waving at him and, pretty soon, the old man start ed 2 1 an old man sitting in his front yard. He was usually smoking or drinking, and looking rather unhappy. , I decided to wave at him with a lot , when he noticed me waving at him, he looked a bit shocked.Then, I saw

a feeling of joy. My danghter replied that she felt a bit uncomfortable to wave to a

As soon as my daughter heard this, she told her friend the began. Her friend answered, “Tell your mom that ’s really cool! ” Other friends gave similar natural and to 14 13 12

.This taught my daughter that an act of kindness can be

, if you really want to do it.It showed us how giving happiness can do good

the giver and the receiver. 15 for his exciting waves. We are really thankful for him sharing his B. felt B. son B. On time B. How B. cost B. driver B. but B. waving B. excitedly B. me B. accident B. notes B. funny B. between B. thanks C. heard C. daughter C. In the end C. When C. hide C. classmate C. so C. laughing C. loudly C. her C. news C. opinions C. usual C. all C. suggestions D. kept D. friend D. At the beginning D. Where D. guess D. stranger D. yet D. looking D. carefully D. us D. story D. books D. special D. both D. interests

Moved by the old man ’s actions, we ’ re planning to give our waving neighbor a thank-you card to express our ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. noticed )2. A. husband )3. A. Just now )4. A. Why )5. A. buy )6. A. friend )7. A. or )8. A. shouting )9. A. angrily )10. A. him )11. A. lesson )12. A. gifts )13. A. easy )14. A. past )15. A. attentions simple joy with all who pass by his house.

1. 【正确选项】 A

【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】动词 【试题分析】根据“ every time the old man sitting in his front yard ”可知,作者经常在开车 的时候注意到一个老人坐在他的院子前面,故应选 A 项 noticed “注意到” 。 2. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】 根据下文中提到的 my daughter 可知,此处应选 C 项 daughter 。 3. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】介词词组 【试题分析】根据下文中提到的“ Then, I saw his hand go up and he waved back. ”可知,此 处应选 D 项 At the very beginning “刚开始” 。 4. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】特殊疑问词 【试题分析】 根据下文中作者为女儿解释她向老人挥手的原因可知, 此处应选 A 项 why “为 什么” 。 5. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】动词 【试题分析】根据“ I told her it ’s just an act of kindness ”和常识可推知,此句意为“我告 诉她这只是一个打招呼的方式,不会花费什么” ,故应选 B 项 cost 。 6. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】根据上文提到的内容可知,我们并不认识这个老人并结合下文提到的“ this strange old man ”可推测,此处应该是女儿认为对一个陌生人挥手很不舒服,故此题选 D 项 stranger 。 7. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】连词 【试题分析】分析句子结构可知,括号前后的句子存在因果关系,意为“我们和这个老人 住得很近,所以我们经常可以看到他” ,故本题应选 C 项 so 。 8. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】动词 【试题分析】根据上文老人受到感染向我们挥手可知,老人开始向每一个路过他的房子的 人挥手,故选 B 项 waving。shouting“喊叫” ;laughing“笑” ;looking“看” ,均不符合题意。 9. 【正确选项】 B

【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】副词 【试题分析】根据上文可知,老人很愿意向别人挥手致意,故此处应是老人很兴奋地向女 儿的朋友挥手, 故应选 B 项 excitedly “兴奋地” 。 angrily “生气地” ; loudly “大声地” ; carefully “小心翼翼地” ,均不符合文意。 10. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】人称代词 【试题分析】 结合上文和“ she waved back ”可知,此句意应是老人向女儿的朋友挥手, 然后女儿的朋友也向老人挥手,而在句中“ although she didn ’t know 的朋友,故应选 A 项 him,代指老人。 11. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】根据下文中女儿朋友的回答“ tell your mom that ’s really cool! ”可推知,此处 是女儿向朋友解释关于挥手的故事的起因,故应选 D 项 story。 lesson “教训” ; accident “事故” ; news “消息” ,均不符合文意。 12. 【正确选项】 C 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】根据上文“ Tell your mom that ’s really cool ”可知,这是女儿朋友的观点,而 此处是承接上文,提到了作者朋友也有相似的观点,故选 C 项 opinions 。 13. 【正确选项】 A 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】形容词 【试题分析】 根据文章可知, 本文提到的表达友好的方式是挥手, 再结合后半句 “ if you really want to do it. ”可以推测出,作者是想表达“如果你真的想做,那么想要表示友好的方式 可以很自然很简单。 ”此处应选 easy。 14. 【正确选项】 D 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】连词 【试题分析】根据上下文可知,打招呼为作者和老人都带来了快乐,故应选 D 项 both 。 15. 【正确选项】 B 【测量目标】阅读 /能根据上下文正确理解词语和句子 【知识内容】名词 【试题分析】 根据“ We ’ re planning to give our waving neighbour a thank-you card ”可知, 我们是要给向我们打招呼的邻居一个感谢卡片,故此处作者是想表达谢意,应选 B 项 thanks 。 attentions “注意力” ; suggestions “建议” ; interests “利益” ,均不符合文意。 .” “ she ”代指女儿

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