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14. A. study 15. A. they 16. A. road 17. A. punished 18. A. suffer 19. A. strange 20. A. happy 第二节 阅读理解

B. discuss B. anybody B. street B. call

ed B. eat B. painful B. interested

C. record C. he C. way C. promised C. harm C. peaceful C. surprised

D. remember D. everybody D. direction D. helped D. spit D. natural D. excited

第一节 完形填空
One day a police officer managed to get some fresh mushrooms. He was so bought that he offered to 2 1 what he had the mushrooms with his brother officers. When their breakfast arrived

the next day, each officer found some mushrooms on his plate. "Let the dog might be poisonous. The dog seemed to 5 his mushroom, and the officers then began to eat their meal, saying that 6 quite pleasant taste. 7 the gardener rushed in and said 8 that the 3 a piece first," suggested one 4 officer who was afraid that the mushrooms

A Macao is only forty miles from Hong Kong and it is easy to reach. You can get there by sea. It is an interesting place and it had a long history. Macao is part of China and most people living there are Chinese. The first Europeans to go to Macao came from Portugal. More than four hundred years ago the Portuguese went there to trade with China. Some settled and made their homes there. They built strong

the mushrooms had a very strange

An hour later, however, they were all astonished

dog was dead. 9 , the officers jumped into their cars and rushed to the 10 hospital. Pumps(洗胃器) were used and the officers had a very 11 stomachs. When they 13 to the police station, they sat down and started to 14 the mushroom time getting rid of the mushrooms that 12 in their

forts to guard the city and the harbor. They also built churches, schools, hospitals and other places. Slowly the city grew. People from many countries came to live and work in Macao. Today many people visit Macao. Some only go there to watch dog-racing or motor-racing or to gamble with their money. But Macao is a quiet and peaceful place. It is pleasant just to walk around and look at old buildings and forts. You feel you are back in the old days. Of course, some of the buildings are now in ruins. The Church of St. Paul has only the front wall with many steps leading up to it. But it is still

poisoning. Each man explained the pains that 15 had felt and they agreed that these had grown worse on their 16 to the hospital. The gardener was 17 to tell the way in which the poor dog had

died." Did it 18 much before death?" asked one of the officers, feeling very pleased that he had escaped a 19 it." 1. A. sure of 2. A. share 3. A. check 4. A. frightened 5. A. refuse 6. A. besides 7. A. until 8. A. cruelly 9. A. Immediately 10. A. animal 11. A. hard 12. A. stopped 13. A. hurried B. careless about B. grow B. smell B. shy B. hate B. but B. while B. curiously B. Carefully B. biggest B. busy B. dropped B. drove C. pleased with C. wash C. try C. cheerful C. want C. and C. before C. seriously C. Suddenly C. plant C. exciting C. settled C. went D. disappointed at D. cook D. examine D. careful D. enjoy D. or D. when D. finally D. Slowly D. nearest D. unforgettable D. remained D. returned

death himself. "No," the gardener looked rather 20. "It was killed the moment a car hit

interesting to see. When you are hot and tired, there are small cool gardens to rest in. when you are hungry, there are good restaurants with many kinds of food. Nearby there are some islands, which are also nice and are easy to get to. There is certainly a lot to do in Macao. 1. Macao is easy to get to because_________. A. it is part of China and most people there are Chinese B. it is an interesting place C. it is very fast and cheap by sea D. it is not far away from Hong Kong 2. Which of the following is Wrong? A. Portuguese were the first to go to Macao. B. Some Portuguese settled in Macao a century ago. C. The city Macao grew slowly.

D. People there put up strong forts to defend the city. 3. You feel in Macao you are back in the old days because_________. A. most of the buildings are now in ruins B. you can watch dog-racing or motor-racing C. you can go about to see the old buildings and forts D. it is a peaceful place 4. Where will you have a break when you feel worn out? A. In good restaurants. B. In small cool gardens. C. On some islands. D. In beautiful parks. 5. The writer’s idea seems to be that_________. A. people from many countries came to live and work in Macao B. Portuguese were willing to do business in China C. people in Macao serve good food D. Macao is a quiet and peaceful place with a lot to see and to do

Time/Date: 4:30 pm, August 26(Sat. ) Rock climbing

Telephone: 5012372

The Third National Rock Climbing Competition will be held on August 26-27 at the Huairou Mountain-climbing Training Base. More than 10 teams from Beijing, Wuhan, Dalian, Jilin and other places will take part in it. A Japanese team will give an exhibition climbing. Free for spectators(观众). Take a long-distance bus from Dongzhimen to Huairou. Time/Dates: 9-12 am, August 26 and 27 Telephone: 7143177, 7144850, Wang Zhenghua 6. The main purpose of announcing the above events is to give information about ________. A. visiting teams C. things to do for the weekend B. famous players D. prices to pay for the sports events

7. If you take part in the bike tour, you will ride for _________. A. 35 kilometres B. 55 kilometres C. 75 kilometres D. 110 kilometres

8. The underlined word "leg" in "Bicycle tour and race" probably means ________. A. race B. practice C. part of the training D. part of the tour

9. What is special about the Rock climbing competition? A. A foreign team takes part in it.

B EVENTS(赛事) Bicycle tour and race A bike tour and race will be held on August 26 and 27(Sat. & Sun. ). At 5:30am, the riders will leave Tian'anmen Square and ride the first 35 kilometres as a training leg. Then the next 55 kilometre leg, from Yanjiao to Jixian, will be the first competitive part of the tour. The riders and their bikes will then be taken from Jixian to Changli. The second racing leg of the tour will be from Changli to the seaside of Nandaibe, covering a distance of 20 kilometres. Saturday night includes the stay at Nandaihe and supper. Sunday morning is free for play at the seaside. At noon all the people and their bikes will be taken back to Beijing. Cost: 200 yuan Brazilian footballers The Brazilian Football Club will play Beijing Guo'an Team at the Workers Stadium on August 26. The club has four national team players. Also coming is 1994 US World Cup star Romario ho has promised to play for at least 45 minutes. Ticket prices: 60,100,150 yuan

B. You can watch it without paying. C. You don't have to be a sportsman to take part. D. The bus trip to the place of the competition is free. 10. If you want to find something to do for Saturday afternoon, which telephone number will you call? A. 4675027 B. 7143177 C. 5012372 D. 7144850

C The class teacher thought that hobbies were very important for every child.She encouraged all her pupils to have one , and sometimes arranged for their parents to come and see the work they had done as a result. One Friday morning the teacher told the class that those of them who had a hobby could have a holiday that afternoon to get the things they had made as parts of their hobbies ready for their parents to see the following afternoon. So on Friday afternoon, while those of the pupils who had nothing to show did their usual lessons, the lucky ones who had made something were allowed to go home, on condition that they returned before five o’clock to bring what they were going to show, and to arranged them.

Telephone: 4675027

When the afternoon lessons began, the teacher was surprised to see that Tommy was not there.He was the laziest boy in the class, and the teacher found it difficult to believe that he had a hobby.However, at a quarter to five, Tommy arrived with a beautiful collection of butterflies 蝴蝶) glass cases. ( in After his teacher had admired them and helped him to arrange them on a table in the classroom, she was surprised to see Tommy pick them up again and begin to leave. “What are you doing, Tommy?” She asked.“Those things must remain here until tomorrow afternoon.That’s when the parents are coming to see them.” “I know they are coming then, ” answered Tommy, “ and I will bring them back tomorrow; but my big brother doesn’t want them to be out of our house at night in case they are stolen.” “But what has it got to do with your big brother?” asked the teacher.“Aren't the butterflies yours?” “No, ” answered Tommy.“They belong to him.” “But Tommy, you are supposed to show your own hobby here, not somebody else’s ! ”said the teacher. “I know that , ” answered Tommy.“My hobby is watching my brother collecting butterflies.” 11.What’s the best title for this passage? A. Important Hobbies B. Tommy’s Hobby C. Different Hobbies D. Hobby of Collecting Butterflies 12.The teacher________. A. asked the pupils who were in her class to bring something they had made B. was certain that her pupils were good at making things, so she wanted to show them to the parents. C. invited the parents to come and see what the pupils had made D. allowed the pupils who had hobbies not to go to class that Friday afternoon 13.After reading the passage the readers will laugh. Why? A. Because Tommy was so lazy a boy. B. Because the teacher knew so little about Tommy. C. Because Tommy had made nothing at all. D. Because Tommy had a strange idea about hobby.

D Four hundred and three babies are crying loudly. Do you know how to make them quiet in 41 seconds? There is an amazing new product on sale in Japan which does exactly this. It is an LP (a long - playing record)of sounds from inside a mother’s body, which a hospital doctor recorded. In tests with the record she played the LP to 403 crying babies. After 41 seconds not one baby was crying and 161 of them were sleeping. The record began as an experiment by Professor Hajime Minooka of the Nippon Medical University near Tokyo. He was looking for something natural that helps new- born babies go to sleep. The sound of the mother’s heart - beat and other body sounds are the things the babies heard inside their mothers. They feel safe and happy when they hear these sounds again. And they go to sleep. Hospitals in Osaka and Tokyo are using the LP. 10, 000 young couples are using it too. Toshiba Music Company who makes and sells the records is very happy. One and a half million couples marry every year in Japan. Many will have babies, so the LP will definitely be a hit! 14.“Many will have babies, so the LP will definitely be a hit!” The word “hit” means“________” A. popularity C. strike 15.What is true according to the passage? A. About 55% of the crying babies fall asleep after 41 seconds hearing the LP. B. The LP sounds were first recorded by Professor Hajime Minooka . C. The LP is produced and sold by Toshiba Music Company. D. One million and a half babies are born it Japan every year. 16.Babies feel ________when they hear these LP sounds. A. the sounds to be their mothers’ voices B. as if they were inside their mothers C. the music natural and soft D. themselves sleeping together with their mothers B. amazement D. experiment




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