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2015 山西省大同县高考英语阅读理解一轮选练(4)
【广东省汕头市 2014 模拟】 阅读理解。阅 读下列四篇短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 The Beatles were the most influential band in pop history. In their 8-year, 12-album history, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr altered popular culture dramatically. It wasn't just the suits and changing lengths of hair the four Liverpool boys wore that had such an impact, but what they seemed to stand for. The world saw them as the voice of a new generation, one with a very different attitude to life. Their influence was at its height in the 1 960s.but their music continues to stir listeners today.However, up until recently one aspect of the Beatles was struck in Yesterday:The music had never been remastered (重新灌录).But on September 9 that situation came to an end,with the release of the entire band’s music in a digital makeover.It is probably the biggest reissue(重新发行)in pop music history, said British newspaper the Financial Times. The albums were to be remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, the location where the band produced much of their work.The cover of their 1ast album,Abbey Road of 1969.featured the four young men striding(大步行走)across a zebra crossing on Abbey Road itself.It is one of the most famous Of a11 Beatles images. Recently, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album, hundreds of Beatles lovers gathered there to show their appreciation. Pop groups come and go.The boy band pursued by screaming fans one year will be forgotten the next.But the Beatles are one Of the few groups whose music seems to have endured.Why? Paul McCartney’s biographer Barry Miles has an explanation: “They were the first rock band?and they just happened to be the best.They were the first band to play stadiums,to have their own products.They were ground—breaking in every way.”he says. 【小题 1】Why did the Beatles change popular culture? A.Because of the suits of the four Liverpool boys.


B.Because of changing lengths of hair the four Liverpool boys wore. C.Because of their different attitude to life. D.Because of their albums. 【小题 2】Which of the following statements is FALSE according to the second paragraph? A.The Beatles influenced people at its height in the 1 960s. B.111eir music Yesterday had never been remastered. C.T he entire band’s music in a digital makeover will be remastered. D.On September 9,their music came to an end. 【小题 3】What is their last album? A.Yesterday. B.Abbey Road of l969. C.Come Together.D.In My life.

【小题 4】What is NOT the reason why their music can endure? A.They were the first rock band. B.They were the best one. C.They were the first band to have their own works. D.They wore special suits. 【小题 5】What does the author mean by“They were ground-breaking in every way.” A.They broke the ground to find away. B.They broke the rules while driving on the way. C.Th ey did what other bands had never done before. D.They play their hits at every concert. 【答案】 【小题 1】C 【小题 2】D 【小题 3】B 【小题 4】D 【小题 5】C 【解析】



Young adult filmmakers all hope to show their works in international festivals like Sundance and Toronto. But what aboutreally young filmmakers who aren’t in film school yet and aren’t,strictly speaking, even adults?

They are at the heart of Wingspan Arts Kids Film Festival, tomorrow,in a setting any director might envy:Lincoln Center. Complete with “red carpet” interviews and various awards,the festival has much in common with events for more experienced


moviemakers,except for the age of the participants:about 8 to 18.

"What’s really exciting is that it’s film for kids by kids,” said Cori Gardner,managing director of Wingspan Arts,a nonprofit organization offering youth arts programs in the New York area. This year the festival will include films not only from Wingspan but also from other city organizations and one from a middle school in Arlington,Virginia. “We want to make this a national event,” Ms. Gardner added.

The nine shorts to be shown range from a Claymation biography of B. B. King to a science fiction adventure set in the year 3005. “A lot of the material is really mature,” Ms. Gardner said,talking about films by the New York City branch of Global Action Project,a media arts and leadership-training group. “The Choice is about the history of a family andMaster Anti-Smoker is about the dangers of secondhand smoke.”Drea m of the Invisiblesdescribes young immigrants’ (移民) feelings of both belonging and not belonging in their adopted country.

The festival will end with an open reception at which other films will be shown. These include a music video and a full-length film whose title isPressures.

1. Wingspan Arts Kids Film Festival


A. is organized by a middle school

B. is as famous as the Toronto Festival

C. shows films made by children

D. offers awards to film school students

2. Which of the following is true of Wingspan Arts?

A. It helps young filmmakers to make money.

B. It provides arts projects for young people.

C. It’s a media arts and leadership-training group.

D. It’s a national organization for young people.

3. The underlined word“shorts” in Paragraph 4 refers to


A. short trousers

B. short kids

C. short films

D. short stories

4. Movies to be shown in the festival


A. cover different subjects

B. focus on kids’ life

C. are produced by Global Action Project

D. are directed by Ms. Gardner

5. At the end of this film festival,there will be


A. various awards

B. “red carpet” interviews

C. an open reception

D. a concert at Lincoln Center

【参考答案】9.1-5 CBCAC


阅读理解-------社会文化类 (2013·合肥一中统考) More than half of rich Americans have not shown their full wealth to their children,a new survey showed last Tuesday. The survey,published by the Bank of America, studied the rich with $3 million or more in asset s.It found that “surprisingly few of those surveyed have well -developed plans to preserve and pass on their assets to their children”. The majority of the 457 people surveyed are selfmade , first - generation rich.F ifty-two percent o f parents have chosen not to tell their children just how wealthy they are,and 15 percent have given away nothing about the family wealth.One in three parents said they had never thought to do it. They are worried that their children would become lazy,spend money freely, make bad decisions and even become a target for gold diggers. Only 34 percent strongly agreed that their children would be able to handle any inheritance(遗产)th ey plan to leave them. “There is an expectation about the wealthy parents that they have a responsibility to pass down their fortune to the next generation,”said Sallie Krawcheck,president of t he Global Wealth and Investment Management of the Bank of America.“Our research, however, uncovered changing views of what one generation owes the next.” The trend is led by the world's r ichest man Bill Gates,who promised in 2008 that he would leave his $58 billion fort une to the charity started by him and his wife,the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(基金会),and not to his children. “We want to give it back to society in the way that it will have the most positive impact,”he said. Of his plans for his children,Gates said:“I will give the kids some money but not a meaningful percentage...they will need to work but they will feel reasonably taken care of.” 【语篇解读】 调查表明,大部分美国富人不愿向孩子炫富,甚至不打算将丰厚的资产 传给后代。 9.We can learn from the passage that ________. A.rich parents may not know how to manage their inheritance B.rich parents don't equal rich kids,at least in the US

C.American children don't get to inherit their parents' wealth D.poor children don't expect themselves to be as rich as their parents 解析 推理判断题。第二段的后半部分提到在被调查的美国富人中,几乎没有人计划为他 们的孩子保留资产或者将资产传给孩子,由此可推断在美国,父母富有并不意味着孩子富 有。 答案 B 10.According to the survey,most rich Americans ________. A.think they owe their children nothing B.think it best to give their money back to society C.doubt their children' s ability to handle wealth D. are confident of their children's ability to handle wealth 解析 推理判断题。根据第四段内容可推知,大部分美国富人怀疑他们的孩子处理财富的 能力。 答案 C 11.The underlined word“they”in Paragraph 6 refers to ________. A.responsible children B.Bill Gates and his wife C.first-generation rich D.rich parents 解析 词义猜测题。富裕的父母们希望把他们的财富传给 下一代,此处 they 指代的是 画线词前面的“the wealthy parents”,即“rich parents”。 答案 D 12.From the last paragraph,we can see that Bill Gates wants to show ________. A.the trend of leaving no inheritance to children B.the positive impact of charity on society C.the way of giving back to society D.the importance of independence for children 解析 推理判断题。根据本段中比尔·盖茨所说的话可推知,他更强调孩子的个人奋斗, 认为培养孩子的自立很重要。 答案 D