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最新人教版英语七年级Unit8 When is your birthday Section B 1

Unit 8


1. 多在岁数 _______ how old 2. 生日聚会 ___________________ birthday party 3. 祝生日快乐! ____________________ Happy birthday! 4. 在一月份 ___________ in January 5. 在二月三日 ___________________ on February third 6. 在今天下午三点钟 ____________________ at three this afternoon

March third 7. 三月二日 _________________ 8. 四月五日 _________________ April fifth 9. 五月八日 __________________ May eighth 10. 六月一日 __________ June first September twelfth 11. 九月十二日 _________________ November twentieth 12. 十一月二十日 ___________________ 13. 十二月二十六日 December twenty-sixth _____________________

Role-play the conversations in 3b. A: How old are you, Grace? B: I’m twelve. A: And when is your birthday? B: My birthday is on March 12th. How about you and Tom? A: Well, my birthday is on July 5th, and Tom’s birthday is in December.

basketball game

soccer game

volleyball game


school trip

English test

I love English!

Sports Day

English Day

School Day

art festival

book sale

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

We have a school trip tomorrow (明天). some interesting and fun things

Have a good time!

in the school library

1a Match the pictures with the events.
1. __ d English test 3. __ b school trip 2. __ 4. __ a basketball game c party

Listen and circle the 1b events you hear in 1a.

1c Listen again. Fill in
John’s calendar.
SEPTEMBER 24 25 26 the school trip OCTOBER 1 2 3 the
basketball game

27 28 the school trip 4 5

29 30 the English trip 6 7

Sally’s birthday party

When is John’s school trip?


Ask and answer questions about John’s calendar.

It’s on September 25th.
It’s on October 2nd. It’s on October 5th.

When is the basketball game? When is Sally’s birthday party?

2a Check (√) the activities you
have at your school.
Soccer game school trip book sale English Day Sports Day party School Day art festival

2b Read the passage and
answer the question.
Dear students, 1. Is this a busy term? We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon. October is a great month. On the 12th and the 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents can come to our school. Next month, we have an art festival. It’s on November 3rd. We have an English party on November 30th. And on December 3rd,

we have a book sale in the school library. This is a really busy term! Have a good time!
1. Is this a busy term?

Yes, it is.

Read the school notice again and list the activities and the date. 阅读指导: 该文是按时间顺序,列举了学校一学期的大事活 动安排。 首先,浏览表格,确定阅读任务。由Dates和Activities两词可知,可知是找出活动及举行日期。 然后,带着任务快速阅读短文,画出关键信息。 最后,按时间的先后顺序,将日期与活动一一列 出。如:由句子“Next month, we have an art festival. It’s on November 3rd.”可知,在 November 3rd这天,举行的活动是art festival。

September 21st
October 12th October 15th October 22nd November 3rd November 30th December 3rd

Activities school trip soccer game volleyball game school day Art festival English party book sale


Discuss the questions with your partner.

1. What activities from 2b do you like? I like… ? school trip art festival School Day book sale soccer game volleyball game English party 2. What other activities do you like? I like… basketball game Sports Day ? English Day

1. Sally’s birthday party意为“萨莉的生日聚会”, “名词+’s” 是名词的所有格形式,表示人与物的 所有或所属关系,意为“??的”。如: Linda’s room 琳达的房间 the girl’s birthday 那个女孩的生日 [归纳]名词所有格的构成规则: (1) 单数名词和不以-s结尾的复数名词,在词尾加 “’s”。如: Alice’s eraser 爱丽丝的橡皮 Children’s Day 儿童节 Men’s room 男士洗手间

(2) 以s或es结尾的复数名词,在词尾加 “ ’ ”。如: the teachers’ reading room 教室阅览室 (3) 表示几者共同拥有时,只须在最后一个 名词后加“’s”;若表示各自所有,则 必 须在各个名词后加“’s”。如: This is Tom and Lucy’s room. 这是汤姆和露西共有的房间。 These are Tom’s and Lucy’s rooms.

(4) 表示无生命事物的名词所有格需要借助 介词of来表示。如:a photo of my family 我家的全家福 the windows of the house 房 子的窗户

2. Next month, we have an art festival. 下个月,我们举行艺术节。 1) month用作名词,意为“月;月份”,其 复数形式为months,不可写为monthes。 There are twelve months in a year. 一年有十二个月。

2) have 表示“举行;举办”,后面跟表示 活动的名词,指举办某种活动。如: have a class meeting 开班会 have a music festival 举办音乐节 have tennis games 举办网球赛 have a book sale 举行减价售书活动

[归纳] have的其他用法: (1) have有“有;拥有”之意。如: I have three soccer balls, but my brother doesn’t. 我有三个足球,而我弟弟没有。 (2) have有“吃;喝”之意。如: I usually have an apple and a hamburger for breakfast. 早饭我通常吃一个苹果和一个汉堡。 (3) have用于某些短语中,如: have a look 看一看。

3. Have a good time! 在课文中一个表示祝福 的句子,意为“祝你玩得高兴!”。 have a good time也是一个固定词组,意为 “玩得高兴;过得愉快”,相当于have fun 或enjoy oneself (oneself随主语的变化而变化)。 如: Eric has a good time there every day. =Eric has fun there every day. =Eric enjoys himself there every day. 埃里克在那里每天过得都很愉快。

H om e w or k
1. Remember all the new words and expressions. 2. Review Section B 2b. Try to retell the passage.

1. 篮球比赛 ( f ) 2. 足球比赛( i ) 3. 排球比赛( g )4. 英语测试( j ) 5. 校庆日( a ) 6. 艺术节(d ) 7. 学校旅行 ( h )8. 英语日( e ) 9. 英语聚会( k )10. 运动会( c ) 11. 图书降价售卖( b )

a. School Day b. book sale c. Sports Day d. art festival e. English Day f. basketball game g. volleyball game h. school trip i. Soccer game j. English test k. English party

二、根据句意及汉语提示写单词 1. Today is Linda’s birthday. She wants to have a birthday party _______ (聚会) at home. 2. They have two ________ festivals (节日) this month. trip (旅行) to the park. 3. —Let’s go on a ____ —That sounds great! busy (忙碌) now, so she can’t go 4. Alice is very ______ with us. test (测试), 5. —When do we have an English ____ Bob? —This afternoon.

三、 根据汉语提示完成句子 1. 这些是简和琳达的T恤衫。 These are ______ ______ T-shirts. Jane’s and Linda’s 2. 艺术节在九月九日举行。 art festival The ___ _______ is on September 9th. 3. 你们学校举行足球比赛吗? soccer game Do you have a ______ ______ at your school? 4. 祝你们愉快! Have a good ______! time ______ 5. 今天是我的第十二个生日。 twelfth ________. birthday Today is my ______

四、连词成句 1. is, when, English, the, party (?) When is the English party? ___________________________________ 2. old, is, aunt, how, your (?) How old is your aunt? ___________________________________ 3. Jenny’s, trip, September, is, on, school, 27th (.) Jenny’s school trip is on September 27th. ___________________________________ 4. activity, in, have, you, what, school, do, your (?) What activity do you have in your school? ___________________________________ 5. really, is, term, that, a, busy (!) That is a really busy term! ___________________________________

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