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1. This morning I got up late, so I came to school ten minutes later. A B C D D(1999 年考题)应为 late,这个比较特殊的句子,因为 late 即可做形容词也可 作副词, 在 got up late(起床晚)中是副词, 而在 come to school ten minutes later. “上 学迟到 10 分钟”late 是副词状语 2. No matter whatever happens, we’re determined to do our best and make A the experiment a success. D
正确答案:A 重复错误,应改为 whathappens。nomatterwhat=whatever。



3. Between you and I, we have had an eye on him for some time, and he might be a thief. A B C D 【答案】A 应改为 between you and me,代词要用宾格。本句意思: “咱们私下 说说,我们已经观察他好久了,他可能是个逃犯。 ” 4. As time went on, he suffered such heavy losses that he was forced giving A B C D up his business. 5. After his graduation from the university, he has worked in a famous A B C D computer company. 【答案】A 应改为 since,因为后面用的是完成时。 6. I suggest that he will be sent to hospital as soon as possible. A station. B A C B C D D 7. Mary found it difficult to talk calmly about which she had experienced at the

8. Alice was having trouble to control the children because there were no A many of them. B B C

9. The information which she was injured in the accident was given by A Linda. 10. Let’s go and watch that new movie at 8 tonight, won’t we? A A B B C C D D 11. If you try to learn too many things at a time, you may get confusing. D(2004 年 4 月 54 考题)应改为 confused,因为是指人被迷惑。本句的意思是: “如果你一次学得东西太多的话,你就会感到迷惑。 ” B C D

12. In the days when coal was so widely used no one realized how soon and A how complete oil would replace it. C D 【答案】C(2000 年考题)complete 修饰的是谓语动词 replace,应为副词形式 completely,唯一不同之处是他与疑问副词 how 连用,较易混淆。 13. I don’t want to apply for the position, because I can’t hardly speak A French. 14. Did anyone inform you with the information that the interest rate has A fallen. 15. Mr. Brown often wore a heavy coat because he was not used to live in A such a cold climate. D 16. It is high time that we do something about environmental pollution. A A B B C C D D 17. Having returned from Berlin, he received no telephone call, neither. 18. The reason I plan to go is because she will be disappointed if I don’t. B C B C D B C D B

A A A wrong direction. B




19. It was in the library where I met an old friend of mine last Sunday. 20. After driving twenty miles, he suddenly realized that he has been driving in a C D

21. That the old man’s sons wanted to know was where the gold had been hidden. A B C D 22. The man with that I share a room is a young teacher fresh from college. ith who 们) A B C D 23. Arriving for the lecture early is better than to take the chance of being late. A B C D 24. Dear Helen, please forgive him for his rudeness, can you? Will you A B C D 25. Let’s go and watch that new movie at eight tonight, won’t we? A B C D 26. It is in his spare time when Robert teaches himself English and Japanese. A B C D 27. Only when it started to rain he noticed that he had left his raincoat somewhere. A B C D 28. Under no circumstances we shall stop the research we have begun. A B C D 29. Nearly three quarters of the surface of the earth are covered with water. C A B C D 30. The number of students in our university are quite large. A B C D 31. Tom, as well as his wife and children, are climbing mountains. A B C D 32. The Second World War during that millions of people were killed ended in 1945. A B C D 33. Although he is considered a great writer, but his works are not widely read. A B C D 34. The old man will never forget the event, that has changed his life ever since. A B C D 35. The information which she was injured in the accident was given by Liz. A B C D 36. The computer center, opening last year, is very popular among the students in this A B C D school. 37. The passengers saw the thief stole on the bus, but they didn’t say anything. A B C D

38. Red and green light, if mixing in the right proportion, will give us yellow. A B C D 39. Mara Dona will face a possible prison term if finding guilty on the shooting A B C D charges. 40. It’s about time that we go to supper, for we still have a meeting to attend this A B C D evening. 41. It is very important that the students’ voice is heard by the authorities of all our A B C D schools. 42. “Shall I give you a cheque for $1,000?” “I’d rather you give me $1,000 in notes.” A B C D 43. Look at the beautiful flowers here! How wonderful they are smelling! A B C D 44. You can see the whole city for miles from here in a clear day. A B C D 【答案】D 应改为 on。具体到某一天,前面介词用 on 45. Individual freedom does not in any sense mean that you can do what you like at A B C your free will. D 46. The sun gives off light and warmth, that makes it possible for plants to grow. A B C D 【答案】B 【题型&考点】定语从句 【答案解析】非限定性定语从句只能用 which 引导。所以 that 应改为 which。

47. Sand painting has also called dry or earth painting and is practiced by several A B C D American Indian artists. 【答案】A 【题型&考点】语态 【答案解析】sand painting 和 call 是被动的关系,has also called 应改为 has also been called。

48. Humans, like many other animals, are warm-blooded with a fairly constantly body A B C D temperature. 【答案】D 【题型&考点】副词 【答案解析】fairly constantly 应改为 fairly constant。副词不能修饰名词。

49. Now that the stress of examinations and interviews are over, we can all relax for a A B C D while. 【答案】B 【题型&考点】名词 【答案解析】主语是 stress(压力),是不可数名词,are 应改为 is。

50. The tallest of the twins went to search for the missing jewels, the picture of which A B C D you saw in today’s newspaper. 【答案】A 【题型&考点】形容词 【答案解析】tallest 应改为 taller. 比较范围是 Twins,twins 是两个人。

51. They are going to have the serviceman to be installed an electric fan in the office A B C D tomorrow. 【答案】C 【题型&考点】固定用法 【答案解析】have sth do 是固定搭配。to be installed 应改为 install。

52. Only under special circumstances freshmen are permitted to take make-up test. A B C D 【答案】C 【题型&考点】倒装句 【答案解析】only 在句首,句子倒装。freshmen are 应改为 are freshman

53. It’s already 5 o’clock now. Don’t you think it’s about time we are going home? A B C D 【答案】D 【题型&考点】虚拟语气 【答案解析】It’s about time 句型中需要使用虚拟语气,are going 应改为 went

54. Despite the wonderful action and well-developed plot the three-hours’ movie A B C could not hold our attention. D 【答案】C 【题型&考点】形容词 【答案解析】the three-hours’应改为 the three-hour。

55. People appreciate to have worked with him because he has a good sense of humor. A B C D 【答案】A 【题型&考点】动词用法
【答案解析】appreciate 之后接 doing。to have worked 应改为 having working。

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