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一 教学目标:
Master the basic rules of full inversion and partial inversion

二 教学重难点:
The use of full inversion and partial inversion

三 预习自测
(一)单项选择 1.(09 海南、宁夏卷)31. The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only , but students became more interested in the lessons. B. was teachers’ energy saved D. was saved teachers’ energy

A. saved was teachers’ energy C. teachers’ energy was saved 2.(09 辽宁)28. famous. A. Such B This

is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly

C That

D So

3.(09 全 国 卷 1)31. The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only_______, but students became more interested in the lessons. A. saved was teachers’ energy C. teachers’ energy was saved B. was teachers’ energy saved D. was saved teachers’ energy

4.(09 山东卷)27. So sudden ________that the enemy had no time to escape. A. did the attack B. the attack did C. was the attack D. the attack was

5.(09 陕西卷)18. Little danger herself. A. did Rose care

about her own safety, though she was in great

B. Rose did care

C. Rose does care

D. does Rose care




四 合作探究
(一) 观察对比下列两组例子,指出它们的语序有何不同 1.A tree stands in front of the classroom.. 2.In front of the classroom stands a tree. 3.I had never seen such a wonderful feast before. 4.Never before had I seen such a wonderful feast. 总结:________________________________________________________________ 点拨:________________________________________________________________ (二)全倒装和部分倒装 找出下列句子中那些是全部倒装那些是部分倒装 1.No sooner had she gone out than the class began. 2.Off flew the bird! 3.South of the city lies a big steel factory 4.Gone are the days when they could do what they liked. 5.Not until the teacher came did he finish his homework 6.Never shall I do this again. 7.Little do I dream I would see you here 8.Only when he told me did I realize what trouble he was in. 9.There goes the bell. 总结: 1.全部倒装:_______________________ 部分倒装:_______________________ 2.定义: 全部倒装:____________________________________________________________ 部分倒装:____________________________________________________________



1 e.g. Here______________. Let’s be ready.车来了让我们准备好。 2 There ____________and the class came to its end.下课铃响了,课到这里结束。 3 那时总裁来了。_______________________ 4 你的信。_____________________________ 5 现在轮到你了._____________________________ 6 车走了___________the No.70 bus. 7 村前有一条河____________a railway in front of the village 如果主语是代词,则不倒装,例如: Here it goes. Now it comes. 总结(1)状语 Here/There/Now/Then+be/come/go+主语 (名词) 置于句首时,若 主语是人称代词时不可倒装。仅用于一般现在时和一般过去时。

Up_________ the fireworks.烟火飞了起来。 The door opened and ____________Mrs. Johnson.门开了,约翰逊进来了。 The bird flew out when I opened the cage door. ________________________when I opened the cage door. The boys ran off to the playground. _________________to the playground The tree fell down when the typhoon blew. __________________ when the typhoon blew. 总结(2)状语 up, down, in, out, away, off 等置于句首时,句子采用全部倒装的 语序。仅用于一般现在时和一般过去时. (四) 部分倒装的情况 (1) 1)Hardly(Scarcely) had he reached the station when the train started.

2)Not once did we visit the city of our own. 3)Seldom in all my life have I met such a determined person. 4)Not only was there no electricity, but also no water 5)Not until he shouted at the top of his voice did she turn her head. 总结(1) :______________________________________________ 点拨:含有否定或半否定意义的副词短语如:hardly(scarcely)?when, never, not, not only, little, seldom, no sooner?(than), not until, neither?nor, at no time, by no means, in no way, in no case, nowhere 等,放在句首时要用倒装句。 注:Not only?but also?连接作主语的两个并列词组,主谓不倒装。 Not only men but also women are equal. (2) 1)She is busy doing her homework. So is her brother. 2)You passed the exam. So did I. 3)He doesn’t like shopping. Neither do i. 4)He can’t speak any foreign language. Nor can his father.

5)However hard it was raining they went on working. 总结(2) :______________________________________________ 点拨:so 或 neither, nor 放在句首,表示前面说话的情况也适用于另一个人(物) 即“也(也不) ,如此” ,用倒装句 注:副词性替代词提前,如果两句主语相同,后者只是进一步肯定或强调前者,so 后 面的语序不倒装。 1) ---It’s raining. ----So it is. 2)----Bob didn’t know about it. ---So he did. (3) 1)Only after three operations was she able to walk without sticks.

2)Only then did we realize that the man was blind. 3)Only by seizing every minute can we finish it on time. 4)Only a few young men went to the theatre. 总结(3) :______________________________________ 点拨:only 所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句放在句首,用倒装句。如果 only 修 饰主语时则不用倒装句。 (4) 1) 2) 3) 4) Young as he is, he knows more than you. Hard as he worked, he made little progress. Try as he would, he couldn’t lift the stone. Child as he is, he can answer this question.

总结(4) :______________________________________ 点拨:用于形容词(或名词,动词原形)+as(though)引导的让步状语从句,表语是 单数可数名词,需省去不定冠词。 (5) 1)So loudly did he speak that even people in the next room could hear him. 2)Such an experienced journalist is he that we all look up to him. 总结(5) :______________________________________ 点拨:so/such? that 结构中,so/such 置于句首,句子部分倒装。 (6) 1)Were he younger, he would learn skating. 2)Should they forget to bring a map with them, they would get lost in the woods. 3.Had they realized how important the task was, they wouldn’t have refused it. 总结(6) :______________________________________ 点拨:省略 if 的条件句,提前 were/should/had.

(7) Always does he ask me for help when he is in trouble. 总结(7)often, now and then, many a time, every other 等频度的状语置句首。 (8) May you succeed! 总结(8) :用于祝愿。

五 当堂检测
1.At the foot of the mountain ___________. A. a village lie C. does a village lie B. lies a village D. lying a village

2.only then_________ how much damage had been caused. A. she realized C. had she realized B. she had realized D. did she realize

3._______, he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class. A. A quiet student as he may be C. Be a quiet student as he may B. Quiet student as he may be D. Quiet as he may be a student

4.(09 四川卷)16. Not until I came home last night ________ to bed. A. Mum did go B. did Mum go C. went Mum D. Mum went

5.(09 重庆卷)33. Unsatisfied_______ with the payment, he took the job just to got some work experience. A. though was he B, though he was C. he was though D. was he though

6.(2008 江苏卷,英语,32)______ you eat the correct foods ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A. only if; will you C. Unless; will you B. Only if; you will D. Unless; you will

7.(2008 江西卷,英语,31)It was announced that only when the fire was under control ___ to return to their homes. A. the residents would be permitted C. would be residents be permitted B. had the residents been permitted D. the residents had been permitted

8.(2008 辽宁卷,英语,35)35. Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and ______. A. I was neither B. neither was I C. I was either D. either was I

9.(2008 陕西卷,英语,7)Not until the motorbike looked almost new _________ repairing and cleaning it. A. he stopped B. did he stop C. stopped he D. he did stop

10. (2008 上海卷, 英语, 39) So much of run out of time before seeing it all. A. offers Beijing C. does Beijing offer B.

interest ___ that most visitors simply

Beijing offers

D. Beijing does offer



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