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高中英语《Unit 24 Society》Section Ⅰ Warm-up Consumer Society 课时跟踪检测课下作业 北师大版选修8

Section Ⅰ

Warm?up & Consumer Society

1.China has ________ (大量的) labour force and natural resources. 2.She felt the sun warm on her ________ (赤裸的) arms. 3

.Dr. Johnson ________ (从事) the task of editing an English dictionary. 4.Since we are parents, we bear the ________ (重担) of looking after all the family members. 5.The death penalty has been ________ (废除) in Britain, and now you get a life sentence for murder. 6.The program deals with subjects as ________ (各种各样的) as pop music and ancient Greek drama. 7.The government raised its forecast budget ________ (盈余) in 2012 to $262 million from a forecast of $165 million. 8.Top European officials will press China this weekend to allow its ________ (货币) to rise against the euro. 9.You'll need to make ________ (调整) for the care of your indoor plants once you bring them outdoors. 10 . The market for their products is ________ ( 缩 小 ) according to recent statistics. 答案:1.abundant 2.bare 3.undertook 4.burden

5.abolished 6.diverse 7.surplus 9.adjustments 10.shrinking Ⅱ.单项填空


1.I believed that if we tried our best we could be ________than them. A.well off C.better off B.badly off D.worse off

解析:选 C。better off 是 well off 的比较级,意为“更富裕的”。 2.She didn't mean to hurt him yesterday, but the way she________ him________in public made him unhappy. A.woke; down C.wound; off B.wound; up D.woke; up

解析: B。句意:昨天她并不是故意伤害他,但她故意当众惹恼他的方式让他很不愉快。 选 wind sb. up “故意惹恼某人”。

3.On one hand you have accepted the invitation; ________,you're not going to join them. I don't think it right for you to do so. A.besides C.the other B.on the other hand D.otherwise

解析:选 B。句意:一方面你接受了邀请,另一方面你又不打算加入他们,我认为你这样 做不对。on one hand ... on the other hand ... “一方面??另一方面??”。 4. After he got the deadly disease, he felt he was really a(n)________to his family. A.burden C.honor B.weight D.comfort

解析:选 A。句意:他患了这一致命的疾病后,觉得自己成了家庭的负担。burden “负 担”,符合题意。weight “重量”;honor “荣耀”;comfort “舒适;安慰”。B、D 两项 都为不可数名词。 5.The western area ________ our country. A.abundant C.colorful B.abandoned D.interested in minerals is becoming the new energy base of

解析: A。 选 句意: 矿产资源丰富的西部地区正在成为我国的新型能源基地。 abundant “充 足的, 富裕的”, 符合题意。 abandoned “被抛弃的, 被离弃的”; colorful “丰富多彩的”; interested “感兴趣的”。 6.Although these states and their people are goal of economic development. A.diverse C.classic B.many D.popular ________, they share the common

解析:选 A。句意:虽然这些国家及人民各不相同,但有着经济发展的共同目标。diverse “多种多样的”,符合题意。many “许多的”;classic “第一流的”;popular “受欢迎 的”。 7.After a number of disagreements with the committee, the chairman decided to ________. A.retire C.withdraw B.retreat D.resign

解析:选 D。句意:在与委员会产生了许多意见分歧之后,主席决定辞职。resign “辞 职”,符合题意。retire “退休”;retreat “退却,撤退”;withdraw “撤退”。 8.The patient insisted that he ________ ill and ________ to the hospital. A.wasn't; wasn't sent

B.wasn't; shouldn't be sent C.shouldn't be; wasn't sent D.shouldn't be; shouldn't be sent 解析:选 B。insist 作“坚持认为,坚持说”讲时,宾语从句用陈述语气;作“坚持(要 求),坚持(应该)”讲时,宾语从句用虚拟语气。 9.—Shall we go on watching the HDTV programme? It is too wonderful. —No. It's time we ________ to bed. A.must go C.have to go B.shall go D.went

解析:选 D。考查固定句型。It is time (that) sb. did 或 should do sth.为固定句 型,意为“该某人做某事了”。 10.She went through a period of emotional ________after her company fell into ruins and she finally decided to find a new job. A.control C.outburst B.adjustment D.improvement

解析:选 B。考查名词辨析。句意:公司倒闭后她经历了一段感情调整期后,最终决定找 一份新工作。control“控制”;adjustment“调节;调整”;outburst“(感情,力量等的) 爆发”;improvement “改进;改善” Ⅲ.阅读理解 A The advantage and disadvantage of a large population have long been a subject of discussion.It has been argued that the supply of good land is limited.To feed a large population, inferior land must be cultivated and the good land worked intensively.Thus each person produced less and this means a lower average income than could be obtained with a small population.Other economists have argued that a large population gives more scope for specialization and the development of facilities such as ports, roads and railways, which are not likely to be built unless there is a big demand to justify them. One of the difficulties on carrying out world birth control program lies in the fact that official attitudes to population growth vary from country to country, depending on the level of industrial development and the availability of food and raw materials.In the developing countries where a vastly expanded population is pressing hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be first concern of government to place a limit on the birthrate whatever the consequences

may be.In a highly industrialized society the problem may be more complex.A decreasing birthrate may lead to unemployment because it results in a declining market for manufactured goods.When the pressure of population on housing declines, prices also decline and the building industry is weakened. Faced with considerations such as these, the government of a developed country may well prefer to see slowly increasing population, rather than one which is stable or declines. 1.Small population may mean________. A.higher productivity, but a lower average income B.lower productivity, but a higher average income C.lower productivity and a lower average income D.higher productivity and a higher average income 解析:选 B。文章第一段“To feed ...Other economists ...”说明人口多专业化设施 发展范围大,即生产发展程度高。人口少,则反之。 2 . According to the passage, a large population will provide a chance for developing ________. A.agriculture C.industry B.transport system D.national economy

解析:选 B。第一段最后一句说明人口多会促使港口、公路、铁路等公共事业发展。 3.In a developed country,people will perhaps go out of work if the birthrate ________. A.goes up C.remains stable B.goes down D.is out of control

解析: B。 选 第二段第四句说明出生率降低意味着工业产品市场需求衰减, 从而导致失业。 4.It is no easy job to carry out a general plan for birth control throughout the world because ________. A.there are too many underdeveloped countries in the world B.underdeveloped countries have a low level of industrial development C.different governments have different views of the question D.even developed countries have complex problems 解析:选 C。第二段第一句说明不同国家对待人口增长的态度不同。 B Want to take an out?of?this?world trip? Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic plans to make that possible. Beginning in 2009, people should have the opportunity to become

space tourists, traveling at about 3,000 mph to heights about 75 miles above Earth. Branson has high hopes for his latest plans. “It is just the start of what we believe will be a new age in the history of mankind—one day making the affordable exploration of space by human beings a real possibility,” he said. At the start, though, the trip won't be cheap. Seats aboard Virgin's first craft — VSS Enterprise — will cost about $200,000. Prices could drop after the first hundred space flights. Despite the current ticket cost, more than 30,000 people — including celebrities ( 名 人 ) Sigourney Weaver and Victoria Principal — have expressed interest in getting onboard. People who don't have an extra $200,000 still have a chance to get a seat aboard the craft. A computer game contest and a reality television show are in the works. Those who can't afford a ticket will have an opportunity to win a seat. Virgin is expected to be the first commercial spacecraft. It will hold six passengers and two pilots. Passengers will be able to see the Earth from many different viewpoints. The cabin will include 15 floor?to?ceiling windows, allowing for views that extend about 1,000 miles in any direction. Passengers will have three days of preflight preparation. On the big day, the spacecraft will take off from the Mojave Spaceport in the California desert. The craft will rocket passengers into space at four times the speed of sound. The journey will last about 21.2 hours. Passengers will wear spacesuits and helmets (头盔). They will be able to float around the cabin and do somersaults (空翻) during the five minutes of weightlessness they will experience in zero gravity. At the end of the flight, the craft will land on a runway. 5.Virgin Galactic could be ________. A.the engineer of the first commercial spacecraft B.the name of a series of spacecrafts C.the company of the first commercial spacecraft D.a passenger aboard the first commercial spacecraft 解析: B。 根据短文中的几个关键词(第一段中的 Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic; 选 第二段中 Virgin's first craft;第四段中的 Virgin)进行综合分析,Virgin Galactic (维 珍银河)是系列宇宙飞船的名称,首次负担太空旅行的飞船叫 VSS Enterprise。 6.The space passengers will do all the following except that ________. A.they will receive a three?day training course B.they will wear spacesuits and helmets

C.they will take about $200,000 with them D.they will experience weightlessness 解析:选 C。根据短文最后一段可知,太空旅行的乘客将要接受三天的飞前培训;他们将 穿太空服、戴头盔;将经历失重。短文中提到了进行这次旅行乘客要花$200,000,并不是说 要带这笔钱。 7.Which statement is true according to the passage? A.More than 30,000 people have got to travel in spacecraft. B.Many people signed up for space travel in spite of the high ticket cost. C.Those without much money could also go space travel without occupying the seats. D.The first commercial spacecraft will have six persons on board. 解析: B。根据第二段最后一句可知: 选 虽然票价昂贵,有 3 万多人有愿望进行这次旅行。 8.What is the text mainly about? A.The exciting moment of the spacecraft's launching. B.The living condition of space tourists in the craft. C.Preparations for a space travel. D.Plans for the first commercial space flight. 解析:选 D。短文以一个疑问句开头,作者马上回答了提出的问题,巧妙引出全文的中心 主题。即 Virgin Galactic (维珍银河宇宙飞船)计划使太空旅行成为可能。


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