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1 I have no doubt _____ __he can do the job well though he doesn’t like it. A. if B. whether C. that D. / 2 -----The window is dirty. -----I know. It _____ for weeks. A.

hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned 3. No one knows when such a custom first____ A. came into power B. came into being C. came true D. came out 4. The road ______and it will be finished by the end of next year. A .is built B. is being built C .has been built D. was built 5. The farmers use dogs to ____their cows at night. A. take care B. look up C. watch over D. turn to 6 _____ a study, people who often stay up too late are more likely to die of heart disease. A. With the help of B. Because of C. According to D. As a result 7 ---Whose dictionary is it? ---It ______ our school library. A. belongs to B. is belonged to C. is belonging D. belongs 8 He made another wonderful discovery, of great importance to science. A. which I think it is B. that I think it C. I think which is D. which I think is 9. The book twelve units, two mainly revising. A. contains; containing B. includes; including C. contains; including D. includes; containing 10 some plants are sensitive pollution that they can only survive in a perfectly clean environment. A. too; to B. such; from C. so; to D. very; against 11 A new company _____ here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. is being built D. has been built 12 Although the boy wanted to help me cook the dinner, he was actually______. A. in the way B. by the way ..C. on the way D. in a way 13In the past decade, the Internet___rapidly. It’s believed that it__ a greater growth in the future A. has grown; will have B. grew; has C. grew; will have D. has grown; has 14. I used to ____ in the countryside. But now I have got used to _____ in the city. A. live; work B. live; working C. living; work D. living; working th 15 The opening ceremony of the 29 Beijing Olympic Games was _____ that everybody was greatly impressed_____ it. A. a such big success; at B. such a big success; on C. a so big success; by D. so big a success, with 16. ---Did you remember to give her the book she asked for? ---Yes. ____ I saw her, I remembered.

A. While B. Once C. The time D. The moment 17 -- Sorry, I’m afraid I have no time. -- If I were you, I ______ to the party. A. go B. went C. will go D. would go 18 My dream house would have a garden ____ I could have parties with my friends in it. A. so that B. as long as C. as if D. even if 19. They didn’t agree to sell the house ____ window faces to a lake at a low price, ______ was disappointing. A. whose; which B. whose; that C. which; which D. that; that 20. –----- I’m taking my driving test tomorrow. –-----! A. Cheers B. Good luck C. Come on D. Congratulations 21 -------Andrew has made great progress in mathematics recently. -------___________. A. So has he, so you have B. So has he, so have you C. So he has, so have you D. So he has, so you have 22------How can I repair it? -------Well, look at the ___________ . A. instructions B. expressions C. explanations D. introductions 23 He said that he would pay ________ second visit to Brazil _______ next month. A. the, / B. the, the C. a, the D. a, / 24 ------When was it _________ the road accident took place? ------At 6:13 on December 29, 2003. A. when B. that C. which D. how 25. Everything changes _________ . What was not accepted in the past may be very popular with people now. A. in time B. on time C. over time D. for time 26. The houses across the street are __ , but they were in good condition several years ago. A. in ruins B. in repairs C. in rows D. in numbers 27. You’d better take some medicine with you _________ someone gets sick. A. so that B. in case C. as long as D as soon as 28.Mort as well as his sisters ________ going to Canada for further education next month. A. are B. is C. was D. were 29—Mr. Smith! How can I achieve high grades in English writing? —First of all, great attention should be paid to ___ your handwriting. First impression, you know, really counts. A. improve B. have improved C. improving D. being improved 30.If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, ________ great it is. A. whichever B. whenever C. however D. whatever 31.—How can you keep slim as a mother of two? —I have been ___________ in the gym for years.

A. working out B. acting out C. getting out D. giving out 32 In China, many people, some of ___are not overweight at all, are always going on diets or taking weight-loss pills, _________ are often dangerous. A. them, which B. whom, that C. whom, which D. them, that 33—Tom seldom tells lies, ____________ ? —No, you can trust him. A. doesn’t he B. does he C. didn’t he D. will he 34The villagers dug a well _____ get more clean water. A. in order to B. so that C. in order that D. so as 35. It reminded me _____ the mistake I had made before. A. with B. of C. on D. by 36.Athough the mother is very busy, she still _____ a lot of time to her children. A. devotes B. spends C. offers D. provides 37. Perhaps I shall _____ a lot of monkeys in the forest. A. came across B. come across C. came about D. come about 38 He didn’t pass the exam _____ his carelessness. A. because B. because of C. as D. but for 39 Explorer Robert Ballard _______ for the Titanic for more than 20 years before he found it. A. had searched B. has searched C. searched D. would search 40. The first time I _____ her, she was working in a bookstore. A. had seen B. saw C. have seen D. was seeing 41 The police said his carelessness _________ the fire. A. resulted in B. resulting from C. resulted from D. resulting in 42 Kelly _______ her sister is a member of the school basketball club. A. as well as B. as well C. as long as D. and 43 I know of him, but I have no idea __________. A. where does he live B. he lives where C. where lives he D. where he lives 44---English has a large vocabulary, hasn’t it ? ---Yes. __________ more words and expressions and you will find it easier to read and communicate. A. To know B. Knowing C. Know D. Known 45 In order to beautify our city, __________. A. it is necessary to plant more trees B. more trees need planting C. our city needs more trees D. we must plant more trees 46. Mr White____at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn't show up. A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should be arriving D. Arrived 47. I don’t like the way ______ you talk to your parents. A. in which B. which C. what D. when

48.Mr. Black suggested that his daughter _________ medicine instead of law. A. studying B. study C. studies D. studied 49.Five passengers were _____ in the traffic accident and they have all been taken to the nearest hospital. A. injured B. damaged C. destroyed D. ruined 50.Alice trusts you ; only you can____her to give up the foolish idea. A. insist B. advise C. suffer D. persuade 51-Sorry I didn’t break the plate______. -It’s OK. Don’t worry about it. A. on purpose B. no longer C. at present D. as usual 52 Our class ____ more than 50 students. A. builds of B. is made up C. consists of D. is consisted of 53 She offered a _______ of $ 2000 for information about her missing son. A. pay B. reward C. fee D. fare 54 Dorothy always spoke highly of her role in the play, ______, of course, made the others unhappy. A.who B.which C.this D.what 55 Can you tell me the name of the company ______ you visited last week? A. / B.where C.what D.to which 56 I, who ____ your friend, will go all out to help you. A.is B.are C.am D.be 57. The brave soldier preferred to die rather than__________. A. giving in B. to give in C. gave in D. give in 58. My grandpa ______ a lot of hardship when he was young. A. calmed down B. went through C. added up D. set down 59. _______ with our small apartment, our uncle’s house seemed like a palace. A. Compare B. Compared C. Comparing D. To compare 60. His coming _______ our pleasure. A. added up to B. held onto C. added to D. held on 61. I would appreciate ____ if you would like to teach me how to play the piano. A. that B. this C. it D. you 62——My son has won the singing competition. ——_________. A. Thank you B Congratulations C You are right D Good luck 63 Have you really realized the part computer has________ in the daily life? A. made B. given C. caused D. played 64 It was a _______story, and we all got ________. A. shocking; shocking B. shocked; shocked C. shocking; shocked D. shocked; shocking 65. In order to change attitudes ____employing women, the government is bringing in new laws. A. about B. of C. towards D. on

66. The students left the room _______all the lights on. A. with B. and C. but D. when 67._______ from what he did, he isn’t a person to depend on.. A. Judge B. Judging C. Judged D. Judges 68. Mary insisted that the car ______ right away. A. repaired B. to be repaired C. should repair D. be repaired 69. ----Do you know our town at all? ----No, this is the first time I ____ here. A. have come B. was C. came D. am coming 70 Rather than ______ on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; ride B.riding; ride C.ride; to ride D.to ride; riding 71.Everyone can see that she did it ____,not by chance A. on purpose B. to purpose C. in purpose D. by purpose 72 Tom kept quiet about the accident ________ lose his job. A.not in order to B.in order not to C.in order to not D. in not order to 73.We offered her our congratulations ________ her safe return. A.at B.on C.for D.of 74. Being a taxi driver, you need to be familiar ________ the streets in this city. A.to B.with C.of D.at 75 It is ________ beautiful a picture ________ I'll hang it in my room. A.such; that B.such a; that C.so; as to D.so; that 76. I was really anxious about you. You ________ home without a word. A. mustn't leave B. shouldn't have left C.couldn't have left D. needn't leave 77. In that big fire all their houses were____, so they had to build new ones. A hurt B. harmed C. injured D. destroyed 78. One minute she burst into ____and the next burst out ____. We just couldn’t catch her mood(情绪) at any moment. A. crying; laughter B. tears; laughing. C. tears; laughter D. crying; laughing 79. John is quite ___ the job. A equal B. equaled C. equal by D. equal to 80. If I give him ____, do you think he will ____? A. some advice ; receive it B. some advices ; accept them C. a piece of advice; take it D. an advice ; accept that 81.You have no idea what I’ve had to ____ during the last few months. A. come true B. go through C. come up D. look through 82.After a long time, little Tom can’t _______the habit of brushing the teeth before breakfast A have B form C fall D get 83. He ______want to break away from his family , but as time going by , he became ______getting along with them A is used to , used to B used to, used to C was used to, used to D used to get used to


He is a great lawyer , he know how to ______different kinds of complex problems A do B do with C deal D deal with 85. Urumqi is ______beautiful a city and there are ______many buildings A so ,such B so .,so C so ,such D such .. so 86. Even though the problems ________, we knew what to do A raised B rose C arose D rised 87. I have nothing to do with this trouble , ________I am grateful for your calling A somehow B anyhow C somewhat D anywhat 88. Mart thinks it won’t be long _____ he is ready for his new job A when B after C since D before 89. Jack made so many mistakes and he deserved ________ A punished B punishing C to punish D being punished 90. Little Ray has been familiar with the TV games ----_________. A so has he B so he has D so have he D so he have 91. We all appreciate _______ from your letter A heard B hear C heard D hearing 92. Chairman MAO told us the future _______the young A belongs to B is belonged C is belonging D will be belonged 93. the accident has taken place , there is no ________ arguing who is wrong A mind B meaning C sense D point 94. He always like taking in others and has formed the habit , it is no use _____-him to change it A persuade B persuading C persuaded D to persuade 95. My grandfather is _______ my program , but my parents turned down A in terms of B in need of C in case of D in favor of 96. The matter is worthy of _______ A considering B considered C being considered D to consider 97 Yangliwei is the first man ______in the sky A travelling B travelled C is travelling D to travel 98 He was travelling in the desert _______ he met a stranger A when B while C that D where 99 Cathline is about to take away the baby ________ his mother turned over A what B the first time C the moment D when 100. I have called you three times, but I couldn’t _______ A go through B went through C get through D got through 101. Luxun had translated many books _______by Jack London A write B writes c writing D written 102.________you keep on trying , your parents don’t really mind whether you can come top in your class

A so long as B as soon as C once D the moment 103. It is required that the students _____mobile phone in their school, so seldom____ them using it A should not use , you will see B not use ,will you see C mustn’t use, will you see D not use , you will see 104. Susan was sleeping in the bed _______Lily was preparing the lunch A when B while C however D due to 105.With a lot of work _______, I can’t go to the cinema with you after school A done B doing C having done D to do 106. Girls are always _______about the private life of movie stars A anxious B content C curious D serious 107. There is no _______to think more about the matter , take it easy A point B doubt C worry D need 108. I really don’t know _______I put my wallet A where was it B it was where that C where it was that D where was it that 109. The woman _______there , _______in a blue shirt , is Lily’s teacher A seated , dressing B sitting, dressed C sat, dressed D seating , dressed 110. this kind of chemicals will help _______the air ,soil and water from pollution A stopped B. kept C keep D protect 111 If our car didn’t _______, we should have been there for a long time A broken out B broken into C broken away D broken down 112. Cao Cao’s tomb is reported _______in china , which attracts people’s attention A being found B to be found C having been found D to have been found 113._____true events ,the film follows the preparation for Michael Jackson’s concert in London A being based on B basing on C based on D having based on 114. Only after you have known someone for some time _______producers his real worth A you begin B do you begin C you do begin D begin you 115. In order to ______the financial storm, many families cut their daily expenses A prevent B quit C survive D miss 116. Knowledge is there for _______will seek it A whoever B whomever C who D no matter who 117. It is the first time that a developing country ______the Expo, described as the Olympic Games of economy, science and technology A is hosting B has hosted C hosts D will host 118. It seems impossible for you to cover that long distance In no way _______give up A I shall B must I C shall I D I will 119. Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy _____for her examination A to prepare B to be prepared C preparing D being prepared

120. I suggested to my mother that she ______a drawing club after her retirement from toughing A join B joins C joined D would join 121. David got a higher grade in the final exam , for he made _____ mistakes A few B fewer C little D less 122.It was reported that 115 miners _____in the flooded mine for eight days were pulled out alive at last A trapped B being trapped C were trapped D had trapped 123. So serious_____ that even the best doctors failed to save his life A the man was injured B was the man injured C the man is injured D is the man injured 124. With Father’s Day around the corner , I have taken some money out of the bank ____presents for my dad A buy B to buy C buying D to have bought 125.Mr White showed her students some old maps _____from the school library A to borrow B to be borrowed C borrowed D borrowing 126. I have a lot of reading _______ before the end of this term A completing B to complete C completed D being completed 127. could you lend your mobile phone to me , my buttery has ______ A gave out B run out C use up D is used up 128.Many a student ____it hard to find an acceptable job after graduation A finds B find C to find D be found 129 ____number of car parked in the park lot suggested ______-number of companies compete in the fierce competition held in this city A a , the B the, the C a, a D the, a 130 David is fined for he kept the machine _______all night A run B runs B to run D running 131 The owner would offer a ______of $100 for the man who would send back his missing wallet A reward B award C prize D result 132 Daniel will go to Tai mountains for his holiday and he was on the way to airport , ________his wife A so will B so was C so it is with D neither will 1-10 CDBBC CADCC 21-30 CACBC ABBCC 41-50 AADCD AABAD 61-70 CBDCC ABDAC 81-90 BBBDB CBDBB 101-110 DABBD CDCBD 121-132 BABBC BBADD 11-20 31-40 51-60 71-80 91-100 111-120 AC CAABB DDAAB ACBAB ABBAB ACBBA CDBBC ABBBD BDBDC DADBD CDADC DDCBC ABCCA

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