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The Story of Atlanta

Ancient Greek princess

Wealthy, pretty,good at running…
She was beautiful: her beauty made


The whole world dim, and everything beside
Seemed like the fleeting image of a shade. 她是如此美丽, 她的美使整个世界黯然失色,


The story of Atlanta

The story of Atlanta

Background(背 Women were not allowed Ancient Greece 景) in the Olympic Games. Event(事件) Hippomenes wanted

to marry Atlanta

Main Characters Atlanta, Hippomenes (主要人物) Other the Greek king, other Characters kings and princes, the (次要人物) Greek Goddess of love

? How could Hippomenes win the race?
He asked for help from the Greek Goddess of Love. She promised to help him and gave him three golden apples to attract Atlanta’s attention and make her slow down.

Finish T or F on Page 14

1 Read the statements first and then read the passage quickly. Decide whether they are tue or false and give a reason. (page 14) 1. She practiced running to compete in the Olympic Games. 2. At first Hippomennes understood why men ran against Atlanta. 3. Atlanta was not sure she could win. 4. She was so angry about the fact that she could not run in the Olympics.

5. She made as many men as she could share her pain. 6. Her father did not understand her wish to compete in the Olympics. 7. He did not refuse her wish to choose her husband in a race.

Atlanta lost time by stopping to pick up the three golden apples which Hippomenes dropped as he raced Atalanta. With this trick(计谋), Hippomenes won the race and his bride(新娘).

Group work:
princess who races because she does not want to marry. ? 2.This story is about a princess and a man who agree to marry. ? 3.This story is about a man who cheats to marry a princess. ? 4.This story is of how a Goddess helps a man marry a princess.
Which is best for describing what happened? 1.This story is about a

2 Read the story again carefully and then discuss in pairs:

Q1: What will happen during the race between Hippomenes and Atlanta? Q2: Who do you think will win the race? Q3: How would you end the story if you were the writer?


Before you listen, try to work out the order of the sentences on page15. Then listen to the tape and check whether you were correct.

The correct Order: 4 – 11 – 7 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 9 – 6 – 10 – 8 – 2


Listen to the tape and write down the main idea in one sentence.

This is a story of how a man marries a princess by winning a race with a Goddess’s help.


Listen to the tape again and fill in the blanks. Then read this paragraph with expression

Hippomenes was waiting When Atlanta came out. She thought: ― I __________ this don’t want man_______! ‖ So she said to her father, to die ―Tell him _________ .The race to go away _____________ today.‖ But he said ―These will not be run will marry the man her rules are ________ : she _________________ who __________ than her! Come on _______---let’s run ! ‖ runs faster

When the race started, Hippomenes ran fast, but Atlanta ran even faster. Soon she was in front. At once Hippomenes threw one of the golden apples. It fell far to the side of Atlanta and she ran to get it. As she picked it up, she saw Hippomenes was in front. So she ran very fast until she was in front again. Just then Hippomenes threw another apple over her head and far to the side. Again she stopped to pick it up, and Hippomenes went in front.

When she finally caught up with Hippomenes the second time, he threw the third and last golden apple. As it flew through the air Atlanta saw it and wanted it. So she picked this up too. By this time Hippomenes was almost at the end of the race. Atlanta could not catch up with him because the apples were too heavy. So Hippomenes won the race and married Atlanta. Thanks to the Goddess they lived happily ever after.

6 Then discuss these questions in groups.
1. If you were Hippomenes, would you run against Atlanta? 2. Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win the race? Why or why not? 3. How do you think Atlanta felt when she discovered Hippomenes had had the help from Goddess of love? If you were Atlanta, would you agree to marry Hippomenes?

Language points for reading II



※ 她去年嫁给了一个富有的法国人

She _________ a rich Frenchman last year A married to B married with C married D was married
※ 她将于下个月和他男朋友结婚

She will _____________ her boy friend next month A marry to B get married to C marry with D married
※ 她和

Tom 结婚已经两年了

She has _________________ Tom for two years A been married to B got married to C married D married to

marry B A 和B 结婚 ◆A get married to B A 和B 结婚 (强调动作) ◆A be married to B A 和B 结婚 (强调状态) 已婚

—Why did she break away from her family?
—Because she wouldn’t _____ that young man. A. marry with B. marry C. marry to D. married to

2. bargain vi. 讨价还价;讲条件 n. 便宜货

? 运用:完成句子? ? 1)商人与种植者就咖啡的价格进行商洽。? bargained with growers over the ? Dealers _________________________ price of coffee. ? 2)这衣服半价出售,真是件便宜货。? ? This coat is half-price, ___________________ a real bargain

make a bargain with sb. about sth. 与某人就……达成协议 bargain with sb.about/for/over sth. 就……与……讨价还价?


3. one after another陆续地

[读一读] ⑴ We achieved one victory after another. 我们取得了一个又一个的胜利。
⑵ The teacher required the pupils to line up one after another. 老师要求学生们一个接一个地排队。

[练一练] 上课铃响了。 学生陆续走进教室。
There went the bell. The students walked

into the classroom ________________ . one after another

? 4.one after another/the other 一个接一个地; 陆续地? ? Students left the hall one after another.学生一个 接一个地离开了礼堂。? ? 联想:? ? one by one 一个接一个? ? now and then 不时;有时? ? sooner or later 迟早? ? up and down 上上下下;来来回回 ? one another 相互 ? ?

5.deserve vi. & vt. 应受(报答或惩罚), 值得 [读一读] ⑴ The article deserves careful study. (1)句意:这篇文章值得仔细研究。 ⑵ They deserved to be sent to prison. (2)句意:他们应该入狱。

deserve: 值得;应受
Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win the race?
◆ deserve

to do sth :

※ 他活该输了比赛, 因为他作弊了

He _______________________________ deserved to lose in the competition because he cheated.
※ 他们工作很努力, 应该通过这次考试

They have worked very hard and _____ B to pass the exams. A worth B deserve C serve D pay

deserve sth :

※ 她日夜工作,现在她应该得到很好的休息

She worked day and night and how she __________________. deserves a good rest

6. promise promise sth He promised a gift for my birthday. promise sb sth He promised me a gift for my birthday. promise (sb) to do sth He promised to buy me a mp3. promise sb that… He promised that he would buy me a mp3.

make/ give a promise 许下诺言 keep a promise 遵守诺言 carry out a promise 履行诺言 break a promise 违背诺言

1. She was so angry that she said to her father that she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her. (P14 Line3) [句式分析] ⑴ 这是一个由so...that 连接的结果状语从句。 ______ ⑵ 其中, ―to her father‖是 “said‖的间接 _____ 宾语 宾语, ―that she would not ...than her‖ 是 ____从句。 ⑶ “who could not run faster than her‖是 anyone 定语 ______ 从句,修饰 _______.

[原句试译] 她非常生气以致于她对父亲说她不会嫁给任 何一个跑不过她的人。
[句式仿写]她非常伤心以致于她对我说她不 会和任何一个不诚实的人交朋友了。

She was so sad that she said to me that she would never make friends with anyone who was dishonest any more.

2. There was a man called Hippomenes who was amazed when he heard of Atlanta’s rules. (P14 Line12) [句式分析] ⑴ 本句主干结构是:There be + 主语 ( a man )+ 后置定语( called Hippomenes )+ _____ ______________ ______ 从句(who was amazed when he 定语 heard of Atlanta’s rules)。 ⑵ when he heard of Atlanta’s rules是一 个________ 从句。 时间状语

[原句试译] 有一位叫希波墨涅斯的人, 听到亚特兰大的规 则, 大为吃惊。 [句式仿写] 一个叫小明的男孩, 当他第一次到 长城时, 惊叹于它的壮观。

There was a boy called Xiao Ming who was amazed at the magnificence of the Great Wall when he first arrived there.

(1) allow sb to do 允许某人做某事 (5) foolish 愚蠢的 (2) so…that… 如此…以至于 (6) hear of 听说 (3) make a bargain with 与 ..达成协议 (7) change one’s mind (4) run against 与…赛跑 (8) pick up 捡起


1) He_________ the child and put her on his shoulders. picked up so that 2) She is __ lovely _____ everyone likes her. 3) She was so stubborn that nobody could persuade her to _______________. change her mind 4) I was ______ enough to believe a stranger. foolish 5) My parents don’t _____ me ___ go out at night. allow to 6) I felt amazed when I ________ his story. heard of 7) They sold their house for only12000 dollars, so the buyer got a wonderful _______ . bargain

? 句型转换 ? 根据A句句义,用本单元所学的句型或短语完成B 句,使其句义 相同或相近。 ? 11. A: They started early in order to get there on time. ? B: They started early _____ ______ _____ they might get there on time. ? 12. A: As a matter of fact, everyone wants to host the Olympic Games. ? B: ______ ______, everyone wants to host the Olympic Games. ? 13. A: He is so young that he can’t join the army. ? B: He is ______ young _____ ______ the army. ? 14. A: He is so clever that he could solve the problem. ? B: He is clever ______ _____ ______ the problem. ? 15. A: A man called Li Ming is asking to see you at the gate. ? B: A man who ______ _______ Li Ming is asking to see you at the gate.

in order that

In fact


to join

enough to solve is called

? 完成句子 ? 16. — _______ ________ (多久一次) do you go home How often to have a rest? every three weeks ? — We go home to have a rest _______ _______ _______ (每隔两周). plays, part/role in ? 17. Speaking __________ an important _________ _______ (起作用) learning English. heard of ? 18. Have you _______ ________ (听人说起过) him since then? ? 19. She has a great gift for music and _______ _______ _______ promises to be (有可能成为) a musician. ? 20. When you meet with new words in reading, you needn’t ______them up_______ (查找) in your look _______ dictionary.

? ? ? ?

单词拼写 请根据汉语提示或首字母写出单词的正确形式 1. An honest h________ man should always tell the truth. compete 2. In the Olympic Games athletes c_____________ with each other for medals. ? 3. We've had 200 applicants (申请人) for the job, but interview we only plan to i________ about 20 of them. ? 4. This kind of car is a__________ on TV every day. advertised You can easily find out its description and the price you want. ? 5. Before the Civil War in America, Negroes were s__________. slaves

host ? 6. London will _________ (主办) the 30th Olympic Games. admitted ? 7. The man __________ (承认) that he murdered a little girl and may be sentenced to death. promise ? 8. You should _________ (保证) not to lend it to others if you want to use it. physical ? 9. This kind of change is called ___________ (物理) change. medals ? 10. How many ___________ (奖牌) did China get in the 28th Olympic Games?

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