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人教版新课标高中英语必修一unit5 language point(3课时)

高 一 (英语)学案
主备人:王艳红 审核人: 刘素兰 使用时间: 2013 年 10 月 班级: 姓名: I. Important words:

UNIT 5 Language points

1. quality(1)n. 质量;品质;性质 (2)of good/high quality 质量好/高的 1)Bill Gates 具有一个成功商人所具备的所有品质。 ______________________________________________________________________. 2)这是一部质量很好的相机,而且还不贵。 _______________________________________________________________________. 2.devote v. (与 to 连用)献身;专心于: devoted adj; devotion n. devote oneself to 献身于……致力于……; be devoted to doing ... devote one’s life /energy/efforts/time/money…to (doing) sth 1) Dr.Nathan 在非洲致力于对野生动物的研究已经十年多了。 __________________________________________________________________________. 2)父母深爱着自己的孩子。__________________________________________________. 3) 我们的班主任把全部精力投入到他的教学中。 __________________________________________________________________________. 3 . attack (1)vt 进攻;攻击;抨击;疾病袭击. n.攻击;进攻;病情发作(可数名词) make an attack on 攻击;抨击 1)敌人在晚上突然袭击了这个村庄。______________________________________________. 2)那个老人正沿着街道走时,突然心脏病发作。 _____________________________________________________________________________. 3)这座城市在战争期间遭到袭击。 _____________________________________________________________________________. 4.equal( adj.) (常与 to 连用)相同的;胜任的;经得起的;相等的 be equal to 胜任, 相等的 v. 比得上,胜过;等于,和……相等 equally (adv. ) ; equality ( n..)

1)他能胜任这个工作。_______________________________________________________. 2)这两个男孩虽然力气相当,但是能力却不相当。 ___________________________________________________________________________. 5.escape vt. 逃避;逃脱;避免 escape doing 逃脱做某事 escape from 从... 逃脱

1)你不应该逃避大扫除。____________________________________________________. 2) 尽管他上学迟到了,但逃脱了惩罚。

___________________________________________________________________________. 3) 他从失火的建筑物中逃出来了。_____________________________________________. 6. beg v.请求;乞求 beg sb. to do 乞求某人做某事 beg for sth.请求……乞讨……

1) 他请求我留下。___________________________________________________________. 2)那个老妇人如此穷只好去讨饭。____________________________________________. 活学活用: 1.Barack Obama was very happy when supporters voted__________him. A. for B. against C. on D. at

2. Although the working mother is very busy, she still _____________a lot of time to her children. A. devotes B. spends C. offers D. provides

3. The governor was _________________by the press for failing to keep a campaign promise. A. defeated B. beaten C. fought D. attacked

4.The expert stresses that the ____________of the goods, rather than the _________of production, is the key to improving the nation’s economy. A. quanlity; quality C. quality ; quality B. quality;quantity D. quantity; quantity

5. In order to escape _______, the thief hid himself among the trees. A. killing B killed C. being killed D. to be killed

6. The money he ___________his relatives has run out. A. begged for B. begged to C. begged from II. Important phrases D. begged

1. out of work=out of employment =out of a job 失业(表示状态) 1) 他们现在失业了,不得不呆在家里。____________________________________________. 2) 好好干,不然你会失业的。____________________________________________________. 2. turn to (1)求助于,致力于 (2) 翻到(书的某页、某章)

turn to sb. for help/advice 向某人求助/教 1) 他有麻烦时常向我求助。 ______________________________________________________. 2) 请翻到第 20 页。_____________________________________________________________. 3. lose heart 1)不要失去信心,你一定会成功的。_________________________________________________. lose one’s heart to 倾心于,爱上 拓展:learn…by heart 背诵,牢记 put one’s heart into 专心于 heart and soul 全心全意 be in power(状态)

4.come to power=come into power 当权;上台

1) 他得到了权利,但却付出了昂贵的代价。 ________________________________________________________________________________. 2)这位总统去年上台,已经实行了一些有效的政策。 ________________________________________________________________________________. 拓展:come into effect 开始生效 come into use 开始使用 come into being 形成,产生 选用上面的短语填空 (1) The law will ___________________soon. (2) The building ____________________last year. (3) Human beings ________________millions of years ago. 5.set up 设立;建立 1)他们决定开办一所新学校。 ______________________________________________________________________________. 2)新政府在战后建立起来了。 ______________________________________________________________________________. 拓展:set down 写下;记下 选用上面的短语填空: 1)They _____________for Rome. 他们动身去罗马。 2) Students _________________________________________.正忙着记录重要的语言点。 6. be sentenced to death/ two years in prison/ a fine of ...被判处…… 1)那个凶犯因故意杀人被判处死刑。________________________________________________. 2) 他被判处三年徒刑。____________________________________________________________. 3)那辆卡车司机被判 5000 美元罚金。_______________________________________________. 活学活用: 1.She’s having a lot of trouble with the new computer, but she doesn’t know whom to _________. A. turn to B.look for C. deal with D. talk about set out 动身;出发;开始 set off 出发;动身;引爆;引发

2. A large number of people ___________, and how can the local government ignore the problem? A. are at work B. are in work C. are out of work D. are after work

3. The man had killed two children and was ________________. A. sentenced to death B. sentenced to die C. sentenced to dead D. sentenced to dying

4. What impressed me most was that the people in Wenchuan never_____________. A. lost hearts B. lost their hearts C. lost heart D. lost their heart

5. The government _________for three years. A. has been in power B. has come to power C. has taken office D. came into power

6.A new city has been ___________in what was a wasteland fifty years ago. A. set up B. set out C. set off D. set to

III.Important sentences : 1.However, this was a time when one had got to have a passbook to live in Johannesburg. 1) This was /is a time when……这是一个......的时期 2) The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. ...的时间是... 3) There was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have keptme spellbound. There was a time when…曾有一段时间。。 。 1) 这是个美国黑人受到虐待的时期。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 2) 曾经有一段时间,他潜心研究中国的文化。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 3) 我第一次去海南旅行是我一生中最难忘的。______________________________________ . 2…only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. 当“only+状语/状语从句”置于句首时,句子要用部分倒装,即把助动词、系动词或情态动词提到主 语前。 1) 他只有病重时才能卧床休息。__________________________________________________ 2) 只有努力学习,你才能解决问题。______________________________________________. 3) 只有通过这种方式,你才能通过考试。_______________________________________. 活学活用: 1) _________you eat the correct foods ___________ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A. Only if ; will you B. Only if ; you will C. Unless; will you D. Unless ; you will

2) Only after Mary read her composion the second time ___________the spelling mistake . A. did she notice B. she noticed C. does she notice D. she has noticed

3) Only then _____________how much damage had been done . A. she realized B. she had realized C. had she realized D. did she realize 4) __________by keeping down costs will Power Data hold its advantage over other companies. A. Only B. Just C. Still D. Yet

5) The question is very difficult . Only Li Lei____________the answer to it in our class. A. does know B. did know C. know D. knows

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