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复习题 1. exertion 2. clutch 3. irritated 4. alternative 5. breeze 6. apparently 7. irritation 8. curiosity 9. blink 10. chuckle 11. exhausted 12. hatred 13. fortyish 14. idiot 15. display 16. infancy 17. conquer 18. ignorance 19. crack broken 20. barter of money 21. destination n. a place sb. is going to v. to exchange goods for other goods without the use n. great effort v. to hold tightly adj. annoyed and impatient n. choice n. a light gentle wind adv. Seemingly; as it seems n. the feeling of being annoyed about sth. n. the desire to learn and know v. to shut and open one’s eyes quickly v. to laugh inwardly or quietly adj. very tired n. feelings of strong dislike adj. about 40 n. a foolish person v. to show information n. early childhood; babyhood v. to defeat or overcome n. having no knowledge or information n. a sudden loud noise like the sound of a stick being

22. chill 23. gamble 24. faint 25. doubtful 26. acceptance 27. bloom 28. conscious 29. deny 30. amaze

v. to make sb. or sth. cold n. a risky action or decision adj. not strong or clear; weak adj. uncertain; feeling unsure n. the act of agreeing with what sb. says or does v. (of flowers) to open or to be open adj. determined and intentional v. to say that sth. is not true v. to fill with great surprise

31. barely adv. Only just; no more than; hardly; almost 32. cast v. to throw 33. dine v. to eat dinner v. to continue for a longer distance or time 34. gloomy adj. dark, esp. in a way that seems sad 35. extend 36. bubble v. to make a sound like water boiling 37. condemn v. to criticize, to censure 38. eventually adv. in the end 39. flourish v. to grow quickly in a healthy way act o allowing happening or done at exactly the same time 40. fulfill v. to perform a duty or a task with satisfaction 1. permission n. 2. simultaneously adj. 4. patch

3. seedling n. a young plant n. a small area of ground 5. warder n. the head of a prison

6. oddly adv. Unusually; in an unusual way 7. release v . 9. motto n. to let go; to stop holding sth. (here) an onlooker a short statement used as a guide to behavior. 8. spectator n.

10. recall v. to remember sth. 11. shabby adj. in bad repair or condition often due to age 12. rarely adv. not very often 13. numerous adj. 14. perspective n. many; countless a way of thinking about of looking at sth. not anticipated

15. spout v. gush; squirt; to send out with great force 16. unexpected adj. 18. sincerity n. 19. thorn n. 20. wretched 21. sill n. 17. soar v. to fly high up in the sky the quality of being honest and true sharp pointed growth on a plant adj.. very unhappy

the narrow shelf at the base of a window frame

22. sloppy adj. careless about clothes 23. slender adj. slim 24. thrill n. a sudden strong feeling of excitement or pleasure 25. replace v. to take the place of 26. scent n. a pleasant smell 27. strip 28. textile n. n. a narrow piece any material made by weaving n. hair growing on a man’s upper lip

29. mustache

30. passion n. very strong feelings(of hate, anger, love) 31. protest v. to complain 32. withdrawal 34. misgivings n. 35. startled adj. 36. opportunity n. 37. nap n. the act of taking money out of a bank account (pl.)feelings of doubt and fear surprised and often slightly frightened a chance 33. revolve v. to move or turn in a circle around a central point

n. a short sleep highest

38. shimmer v. to shine with a soft trembling light 39. topmost adj. clearly 40. murmur v. to say sth. In a soft quiet voice that is difficult to hear

1. 单词 absorb 吸收, 汲取 acquaintance 了解,认识,熟人 assign 分配(任务)给某人 command 掌握,运用能力 complain 抱怨 concentrate (on) 集中注意力,专心 constant 经常的,不断的 diligence 勤勉,用功 enlarge 扩大,放大,变大 environment 环境 frequent(ly) 时常发生的,频繁的 handle 处理,对付,控制 nevertheless 然而,尽管如此 某事) opportunity 机会 process 过程 purchase 购买 reliable 可靠的 rely (on) 依赖,信赖 source 来源 strategy 策略 bunch (一)束,(一)串 by far ?得多 can not help 禁不住 give up 放弃 in spite of 尽管,虽然 set out 着手,开始 turn over (使)翻到,(使)倾覆 arrange 安排 summarize 总结 apart from 除?外 dissuade 劝阻 drag 拖,拉 following 接着的,下列的 fortunately 幸运地,幸亏 nearby 在附近 nightmare 噩梦 previously 以前 retire 退休 undoubtedly 无疑地 voyage 航海,航行 waken 唤醒,醒来 all by oneself 独自地 be determined (to do sth.) 决心(做

communicate 交 流 情 况 , 沟 通 moreover 此 外 , 而 且

decade 十年 disappointment 失望 efficient 高效的 endure 忍受,忍耐 extra 额外的 for instance 例如 postman 邮差

at a time 每次,一次 be bound to 肯定会 by no means 决不 commit ? to memory 记住 feel free 随意 minor 较小的,次要的 medal 奖章 in addition to 除?外 in detail 详细地 on a ? basis 在?的基础上

occasion 时刻,时机,场合

primary 最初的,首要的,根本的 over and over again 反复,多次 rare 罕 见 的 , 不 常 发 生 的 put into practice 把 ? 付 诸 实 践 reluctantly 不情愿地,勉强地 spot 点,斑点 tremble 颤抖 cancer 癌 be sure of pick up 2. 短语 at other times 在别的时候;平时 aound/around the corner 在附近的,即将来临的 look after 照料;照顾 after all 毕竟;终究 be sure of 对。。有把握,确信 。 seek out 寻找,找出 watch out for 密切注意 accomplish 完成 after all 毕竟,终究 at other times 在别的时候, 平时 conquer 征服 对?有把握,确信 contact 联系,接触 cover 行过(一段距离) device 设备,装置

look after 照料,照顾 拿起,捡起

round the corner 在附近的,即将来临的

pick up 拿起,捡起 generation gap 代沟 in part 在一定程度上,部分地 grow up 成长,长大 bring together 使相聚 come up with 想出,提出 at first glance 乍一看,最除考虑时 have a ball 玩得开心 burst into 突然?想起 to sb.'s astonishment 令人惊讶的是 at random 任意地,胡乱地 work on 从事于,致力于 fit in 安排时间做(某事)或见(某人) here and there 这儿那儿,各处 set one's mind on/to 决心要,一心想 3. 运用不同的词性 1) evidence(明显, evident(明显的, n.), adj.), evidently(明显地, adv.) a. Do you have any evidence that Charles stole the jewels (宝石) ? b. Evidently, there is no one at home. The lights are out. c. It is evident that the elderly gentleman has been greatly hurt and will never come back to the store to sample puddings any more. d. The old lady looked at her daughter with evident pride. 2) kindness(善良,n.), kind(善良的,adj.), kindly(善良地,adv.) a. It’s very kind of you to invite me to tea.

b. Would you kindly turn down the radio? c. Kindness is one of the qualities we would look for in a friend. d. The policeman treated the lost child very kindly. 3) eagerness(渴望, 迫切, eager(渴望的, n.), 迫切的, adj.), eagerly(渴 望地,迫切地,adv.) a. The old man began eagerly to sample one after another of the puddings as soon as he accepted the spoon. b. He is always eager to see new places and keen (渴望的) to meet new people. c. They looked forward to the occasion with great eagerness. d. All the children listened to the story with eager attention. 4)sincerity(真挚,n.), sincere(真挚的,adj.), sincerely(真挚地,adv.) a. Was the narrator sincere in his offer to purchase a pudding for the old man? b. The narrator sincerely wished that he could take his tactless words. c. I may say in all sincerity that I did not mean to hurt you. d. Please give my sincere regards to all the members of your family. 5)occasion(场合,n.), occasional(偶尔的,adj.), occasionally(偶尔地, adv.) a. We had fine weather all through July except for an occasional thunderstorm. b. Prof. Wilson’s daughter teaches at a high school in California, and she occasionally files to New York to see him. c. I can’t recall the occasion, but I did meet her before.

d. In the past two years, Myra has come to see her mother only occasionally. 6) surprise(使惊奇, surprise(惊奇, surprising(令人惊讶的,adj.), v.), n.), surprised(感到惊讶的,adv), surprisingly(令人惊讶地,adv.) a. I was surprised to hear that Tom had failed his exam. b. Aunt Sophia paid us a surprise visit last Sunday. c. Surprisingly our team lost for the first time in ten years. d. The news surprised all of us. e. It is not surprising that Jack got fired – he was always daydreaming at work. f. A look of surprise came into his eyes as he read the telegram (电报). 7) please(使喜欢, pleasure(愉快, pleasant(令人愉快的, v.), n.), adj.), pleasing(令人高兴的,adj.), pleasantly(令人愉快地,adv.) a. I was pleasantly surprised to find it so easy to pick up new words while reading simplified novels. b. You’ll soon find it isn’t an easy job to try and please everybody in the office. c. It was particularly pleasing to be in this wild area, and to enjoy the unique feelings of peace that only mountains can inspire. d. Dr. Wang takes great pleasure in helping children to learn painting. e. It was pleasant to sit down in the shade after standing for hours in the sun. 8)admire(赞美,羡慕,v.), admiration(赞美,羡慕,n.), admirable(令 人钦佩的,adj.), admiring(赞赏的,钦佩的,adj.), admired(赞美的,

钦佩的,adj.), admiringly(钦佩地,羡慕地,adv.) a. All those who know him admire him for his frankness (坦白,率直). b. If our admiration is true, genuine, and progressive we will in the end come to admire the good and cease to admire the bad. c. There is nothing so admirable as a man who sacrifices his life and happiness for others. d. He never wrote entirely admiring reviews: “It’s the essence (本质) of a book never to be perfect,” he said, “so its writer must expect to come in for a little criticism.” e. He came into the sitting-room, where he looked round admiringly at my furniture and books. f. For twenty years, in fact, he was the most active and admired humanist(人文学者) in the world. 9)astonish(使惊讶,v.), astonishment(惊讶,n.), astonishing(可惊讶 的,adj.), astonished(惊讶的,adj.), astonishingly(可惊讶地,adv.) a. Lawson, while neither tactful (机敏的) nor popular, was astonishingly successful for a long period. b. She coped with the press with astonishing skill for someone who was just nineteen years old. c. To his astonishment, Judy threw her arms about him and hugged and kissed him. d. Why, Mamma, I could astonish you with a great many words you never heard in your life. e. “I work there,” he replied simply, and when he saw her astonished

expression he set his glass down and began to explain. 4. 中译英(translation) 1. 据报道,那条铁路曾因洪水而停止修建。 It was reported that the building of the railway had been held up by a flood. 2.罢工结束,资方接受了工人的要求。 The strike resulted in the management is accepting the worker’s demands. 3. 煤矿工人们决定为争取更好的工作条件举行罢工。 The coalminers decided to go on strike for better working condition. 4. 我很想买这本英文词典,遗憾的是我身上带的钱不够。 I really want to buy this English dictionary, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money on me. 5. 我想先和你讨论一下这篇文章的英译稿,然后再把它寄给霍布斯 先生。 I would like to talk over with you about the English translation of the article, before sending it to Mr. Hobbs. 6. 那位外国专家希望在三年内达到所有的目标。 The foreign expert hopes to achieve all his aims in 3 years. 7. 一个科学家要跟上本领域的新发展,你认为必须做些什么? What do you think a scientist must do in order to keep up with the latest development in his field? 8. 作者认为,如果优秀工人经常得到加薪和提拔,他们就会有更大 的生产积极性。

The author thinks that if the excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions they will have greater incentive to produce.

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