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连词 并列句 和状语从句带答案

连词 并列句 和状语从句 08 年高考真题 1. --- Have you got any idea for the summer vacation? (全国 I 卷) --- I don’t mind where we go ______ there’s sun, sea and beach. A. as if B. as long as C. now that D. in o

rder that 2. ---Do you have a minute? I’ve got something to tell you. ---Ok, ______ you make it short. (安徽卷) A. now that B. if only C. so long as D. every time 3. All the neighbor admire this family _______the parents are treating their child like a friend. (安徽卷) A. why B. where C. which D. that 4. Nancy enjoyed herself so much ______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. (福建卷) A. that B. which C. when D. where 5. _____ the Internet is of great help. I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it. A. If B. While C. Because D. As (湖南卷) 6. He found it increasingly difficult to read, ______ his eyesight was beginning to fail. (山东卷) A. though B. for C. but D. so 7. You’d better not leave the medicine ______ kids can get at it. (山东卷) A. even if B. which C. where D. so that 8. ______ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread. (辽宁卷) A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Wherever D. However 9. I used to love that film ______ I was a child, but I don’t feel it that way any more. (辽宁卷) A. once B. when C. since D. although 10. A small car is big enough for a family of three ____ you need more space for baggage. .(全国 II) A. once B. because C. if D. unless 11. There were some chairs left over _____ everyone had sat down. .(四川卷) A. when B. until C. that D. where 12. Don’t promise anything ______ you are one hundred percent sure. (浙江卷) A. whether B. after C. how D. unless 13. ---Did you return Fred’s call? --- I didn’t need to ____ I’ll see him tomorrow.(北京卷) A. though B. unless C. when D. because 14. I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but it’ll still be some time ____ Brian get back.(北京卷) A. before B. since C. till D. after 15. We’ll have a picnic in the park this Sunday _____ it rains or it’s very cold. (天津卷) A. since B. if C. unless D. until 16. ——Are you ready for Spain? ——Yes, I want the girls to experience that ___ they are young. A. while B. until C. if D. before (上海卷) 17. _____ well prepared you are , you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing. (上海卷) A. However B. Whatever C. No matter D. Although In some places women are expected to earn money ____ men work at home and raise their children. A. but B. while C. because D. though (四川卷) 18. The weather was ______ cold that I didn’t like to leave my room. (全国 I 卷) A. really B. such C. too D. so 19. Last night Mr. Crook didn’t come back at the usual time. ______, he met some friends and stayed out until midnight. (湖南卷) A. Meanwhile B. However C. Instead D. Yet 20. Although badly hurt in the accident, the driver was _____ able to make a phone call. (四川卷) A. still B. even C. also D. ever 09 年高考真题 1. You may use the room as you like ___ you clean it up afterwards. A. so far as B. so long as C. in case D. even if (北京卷 22) 2. Owen wouldn't eat anything ____________ he cooked it himself A. until B. since C. unless D. while (四川卷 12) 3. She’ll never forget her stay there ________ she found her son who had gone missing two years before.

A. that B. which C. where D. when(四川卷 20) 4. ________ unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. A. Before B. Where C. Unless D. Until (江苏卷 31) 5. She had just finished her homework ____her mother asked her to practice playing the piano yesterday. A. when B. while C. after D. since (福建卷 33) 6. ______ the police thought he was the most likely one, since they had no exact proof about it, they could not arrest him. A. Although B. As long as C. If only D. As soon as (湖南卷 34) 7. It just isn’t fair. ________I was working as a waiter last month, my friends were lying on the beach. A. Whenever B. Though C. For D. While (辽宁卷 30) 8. The little girl who got lost decided to remain _________she was and wait for her mother. A. where B. what C. how D. who(山东卷 28) 9. —— Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? ——______it doesn’t min. A. Until B. While C. Once D. If (山东卷 32) 10. My parents don’t mind what job I do _________I am happy . (陕西卷 13) A. even though B. as soon as C. as long as D. as though 11. All the dishes in this menu, _____ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. A. as B. if C. though D. unless (全国卷 II 10) 12. The medicine works more effectively_______ you drink some hot water after taking it. A as B until C although D if(浙江卷 8) 13. Peter was so excited _______he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing. A. where B. that C. why D. when(重庆卷 27) 14. John plays basketball well, _________his favorite sport is badminton. (北京卷 21) A. so B. or C. yet D. for 15. The incomes of skilled workers went up.______ , unskilled workers saw their earnings fall. A Moreover B. Therefore C . Meanwhile D. Otherwise (浙江卷 5) 2010 年高考真题 1. Mary made coffee ________ her guests were finishing their meal. (全国卷 I 25). A. so that B although C. while D. as if 解析:根据选项此题考察连词的用法。so that 译为“以便”表示目的,although 译为“尽管,虽然”, as if 译为“好像”,while 译为“当….的时候”,因此 while 符合句意,选择 C。 句意:当客人们将要结束用餐的时候 Mary 做完了咖啡。 2. The little boy won’t go to sleep __________his mother tells him a story. A. or B. unless C. but D. whether (全国卷 I 30). 解析:根据选项此题考察连词的用法。or 译为“或者”表示选择,unless 译为“除非”表示条件,but 译为“但是”表示转折,whether 译为“是否”,根据句意选择 B。 句意:除非他的妈妈给他讲故事这个小男孩儿是不会睡觉的。 3. Tom was about to close the windows_____ his attention was caught by a bird. A. when B. if C. and D. till (全国卷 II 7). 解析:when…表示这时,突然…… 4. The engineer are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities, ___they have the interest. (安徽卷 29). A. wherever B. Whenever C. even if D. as if 解析:句意为“工程师们非常繁忙,即使(even if)有户外体育活动的兴趣也没有时间去做。”


5. Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a larger one ____it becomes available. A. as soon as B. unless C. as far as D. until (安徽卷 33). 解析: 句意为“仅暂时使用此房间, 它一旦 (as soon as) 可以正常使用, 我们就提供你一个大点的。 ” 6. they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures. A. As B. While C. Until D. Once (北京卷 30). 解析:此题重在句意的判断。"一旦学生们决定了去哪所大学读书,他们就得研究下办理入学的手 续。"A. As 当;因为...B. while 做连词强调一件事发生时另外一个动作正在进行;C. Until 直到...D. Once 一旦。因此选 D 7. The girl had hardly rung the bell the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to greet her . A. before B. until C. as D. since (福建卷 26). 解析:根据 “rung the bell” 和 “the door was opened”的发生先后,可以得出答案。 句意:女孩还没来得及按门铃,门就突然打开了。她的朋友们一拥而上去欢迎她。 8. Tim is in good shape physically__________ he doesn’t get much exercise. A. if B. even though C. unless D. as long as (湖南卷 32). 解析:句意为:“尽管 Tim 不经常锻炼,但他身材很好。”前后是让步转折关系,故选 B 项。 9.——Our holiday cost a lot of money. —— Did it? Well, that doesn’t matter you enjoyed yourselves. A. as long as B. unless C. as soon as D. (江西卷 22). 解析:as long as 只要,unless 除非否则,as soon as 一……就,though 虽然,根据后一句为只要你 玩得开心,花多少钱并不重要,就能搞定答案。 10. The old man asked Lucy to move to another chair _______ he wanted to sit next to his wife. A. although B. unless C. because D. if (辽宁卷 29). 解析:考查从属连词。空格前后两个句子在逻辑意义上存在原因关系,所以用 because 引导原因状 语从句。Although 引导让步状语从句,unless 和 if 引导条件状语从句。 句意:这位老人叫露丝挪到另一把椅子上因为他想跟他妻子挨着坐。 11. The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, ______ accompanied by an adult. A. once B. when C. if D. unless (山东卷 28). 解析:句意应为“学校规章规定:除非有成年人陪同,否则孩子们在校期间不能出学校。” 表示“除非”用 unless。该句式构成了“连词+过去分词”结构,相当于一个状语从句= unless they are accompanied by an adult. 12. John thinks it won’t be long he is ready for his new job. A. when B. after C. before D. since(陕西卷 20). 解析:所填词引导状语从句,构成 It(will)be+时间段+状语从句,意思是:过多久才将......。 13. Because of the heavy traffic,it was already time for lunch break she got to her office. A. since B. that C. when D. until (四川卷 20). 解析:句意为:“因为交通阻塞,当她到达办公室时已经是午休的时间了。”,此处应为 when 引导 的时间状语从句,故正确答案为 C。 14. Today, we will begin we stopped yesterday so that no point will be left out. A. when B. where C. how D. what(重庆卷 32). 解析:由句意:今天,为了不遗漏要点,我们从昨天结束的地方开始。where 引导地点状语从句。 15. you may have, you should gather your courage to face the challenge. (上海卷 34). A. However a serious problem B. What a serious problem


C. However serious a problem D. What serious a problem 解析:根据句意“无论你有多么严重的问题,你都应该鼓起勇气面对挑战”,而 however 表让步时 其顺序应是:however+形容词+主语+谓语。however 做连接副词,相当于 no matter how,后接形容 词或副词,意为“无论、不管”,引导让步状语从句,其序为“however+形容词、副词+主语+谓语”。 16. our manager objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member. A. Until B. Unless C If D. After (上海卷 39). 解析:此句意思是“除非我们经理反对汤姆加入俱乐部,不然我们都应接受他成为其中的一员。 ” 17. Jim went to answer the phone. _______, Harry started to prepare lunch. (辽宁卷 23). A. However B. Nevertheless C. Besides D. Meanwhile 18. Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn't it rather risky, __________. A. though B. also C. either D. too (浙江卷 19). 2011 年高考真题 1. The house was too expensive and too big. ______, I’d grown fond of our little rented house. A. Besides B. Therefore C. Somehow D. Otherwise(2011江西卷) 2. The young man couldn’t afford a new car. _______, he bought a used one. A. Besides B. Otherwise C. Instead D. Still(2011天津卷) 3. It was a nice meal, _______a little expensive. (2011全国卷II) A. though B. whether C. as D. since 4. __________ volleyball is her main focus, she’s also great at basketball. (2011北京卷) A. Since B. Once C. Unless D. While 5. If a lot of people say a film is not good, I won’t bother to see it, or I’ll wait ____ it comes out on DVD. A. whether B. after C. though D. until(2011上海卷) 6. The police officers in our city work hard _____ the rest of us can live a safe life. A. in case B. as if C. in order that D. only if(2011上海卷) 7. Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon, or ______ it is convenient to you. A. whenever B. however C. whichever D. wherever(2011江西卷) 8. One Friday, we were packing to leave for a weekend away ______my daughter heard cries for help. A. after B. while C. since D. when(2011浙江卷) 9. It was April 29, 2001 ____ Prince William and Kate Middleton walked into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony. A. that B. when C. since D. before (2011福建卷) 10. Frank insisted that he was not asleep _____ I had great difficulty in waking him up. A. whether B. although C. for D. so(2011四川卷) 11. As it reported, it is 100 years _____________Qinghua University was founded. A. when B. before C. after D. since(2011四川卷) 12. No matter how ________, it is not necessarily lifeless. (2011辽宁卷) A. a desert may be dry B. dry a desert may be C. may a desert be dry D. dry may a desert be 13. He had no sooner finished his speech _____ the students started cheering. A. since B. as C. when D. than(2011辽宁卷) 14.The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be ______the present one. A. as three times big as B. three times as big as (2011陕西卷) C. as big as three times D. as big three times as 15. ____ regular exercise is very important, it’s never a good idea to exercise too close to bedtime.


A. It B. As C. Although D. Unless (2011天津卷) 16.__________________all of them are strong candidates, only one will be chosen for the post. A. Since B. While C. If D. As(2011陕西卷) 17. He had his camera ready _____ he saw something that would make a good picture. A. even if B. if only C. in case D. so that (2011山东卷) 18.To show our respect, we usually have to take our gloves off ______ we are to shake hands with. A. whichever B. whenever C. whoever D. wherever(2011重庆卷) 19 Jack wasn’t saying anything, but the teacher smiled at him _______he had done something very clever. A .as if B. in case C. while D. though (2011湖南卷) 2012 年高考真题 1.I don’t believe we’ve met before, ________ I must say you do look familiar. (课标 25) A. therefore B. although C. since D. unless 2. You have to move out of the way_______ the truck cannot get past you. (课标 34) A. so B. or C. and D. but 3.I had hardly got to the office ________ my wife phoned me to go back home at once. A. when B. than C. until D. after 大纲 11 4. —— Look at those clouds! —— Don’t worry. _________ it rains, we’ll still have a great time. A. Even if B. As though C. In case D. If only 北京 21 5. The dog may be a good companion for the old. ________, the need to take it for walks may be a disadvantage. 天津 4 A. Besides B. However C. Therefore D. Instead 6. Everything was placed exactly _________ he wanted it for the graduation ceremony. 天津 14 A. while B. when C. where D. though 7. _______ I always felt I would pass the exam, I never thought I would get an A. 湖南 28 A. While B. Once C. If D. Until 8. ________hard you try, it is difficult to lose weight without cutting down the amount you eat. A. However B. Whatever C. Whichever D. Whenever 湖南 32 9. You can borrow my car_______ you promise not to drive too fast. 江西 31 A. unless B. even if C. in case D. as long as 10. It is hard for the Greek government to get over the present difficulties ________ it gets more financial support from the European Union. 福建 30 A. if B. unless C. because D. since 11. Queen Elizabeth II is often thought to be the richest women in the world. _______ her personal wealth seems rather small. 安徽 34 A. Besides B. Otherwise C. However D. Although 12. Hot _______the night air was, we slept deeply because we were so tired after the long journey. A. although B. as C. while D. however 陕西 18 13. All the photographs in this book, _______ stated otherwise, date from the 1950s. A. unless B. until C. once D. if 陕西 25 14. At school, some students are active_______ some are shy, yet they can be good friends with one another. 四川 4 A. while B. although C. so D. as 15. The hotel is almost finished, but it _______ needs one or two weeks to get ready for guests.


A. only B. also C. even D. still 四川 7 16. If you happen to get lost in the wild, you’d better stay ______ you are and wait for help. A. why B. where C. who D. what 四川 10 17. He smiled politely ______ Mary apologized for her drunken friends. 山东 27 A. as B. if C. unless D. though 18. A number of high buildings have arisen ________ there was nothing a year ago but ruins. A. when B. where C. before D. until 山东 32 19. Leave your key with your neighbor _______ you lock yourself out one day. 辽宁 30 A. as long as B. even though C. in case D. as if 20. It was 80 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic _______ Zheng He had sailed to East Africa. 重庆 32 A. when B. that C. after D. since 21.——Coach, Can I continue with the training? 重庆 30 —— Sorry, you can’t _______ you haven’t recover from the knee injury. A. until B. before C. as D. unless 22. Mike was usually so careful, _______ this time he made a small mistake. 浙江 18 A. yet B. still C. even D. thus 23. One’s life has value _______ one bring value to the life of others. A. so that B. no matter how C. as long as D. expect that 江苏 30 2013 年高考真题 1.What a terrible experience! ________, you’re safe now ------ that’s the main thing. A. Anyway. B. Besides. C. Otherwise. D. Therefore. (2013 江西) 2.If what your friend comes up with surprises you, don’t reject it immediately. ______, imagine that it is true. A Thus B Besides C Rather D Otherwise(2013 浙江) 3. I took my driving license with me on holiday, I wanted to hire a car. A. in case B. even if C. ever since D. if only(2013 北京) 4.It’s much easier to make friends you have similar interests. (2013 安徽) A. unless B. when C. even though D. so that 5. You must learn to consult your feelings and your reason ________ you reach any decision. A. although B. before C. because D. unless(2013 湖南) 6. Do not let any failures discourage you, for you can never tell ________ close you may be to victory. A. how B. that C. which D. where(2013 湖南) 7. In the global economy, a new drug for cancer, it is discovered, will create many economic possibilities around the world. (2013 江苏) A. whatever B. whoever C. wherever D. whichever 8. She says that she’ll have to close the shop ________ business improves. (2013 江西) A. if B. unless C. after D. when 9. One can always manage to do more things, no matter ______full one’s schedule is in life. A. how B. what C. when D. where(2013 辽宁) 10. Mark needs to learn Chinese _______ his company is opening a branch in Beijing. A. unless B. until C. although D. since (2013 山东) 11. _________I have to give a speech, I get extremely nervous before I start. (2013 山东) A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whoever D. However


12. I have heard a lot of good things about you I came back from abroad. A. since B. until C. before D. when(2013 陕西) 13. He is so busy. He cannot afford enough time with his son _______ he wants to. A. even if B. as if C. because D. before(2013 四川) 14. small, the company has about 1,000 buyers in over 30 countries. A. As B. If C. Although D. Once (2013 天津) 15. we have enough evidence. we can't win the case. A.Once B As long as C. Unless D. Since(2013 重庆) 16. Don’t turn off the computer before closing all programs , you could have problems A. or B. and C. but D. so(2013 北京) 17. I was glad to meet Jenny again, I didn't want to spend all day with her. A. but B. and C. so D. or(2013 全国大纲卷) 18. Every day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized. A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads(2013 湖南) 19. Read this story, _______ you will realize that not everything can be bought with money. A. or B. and C. but D. so(2013 四川) 20.There’s no way of knowing why one man makes an important discovery another man, also intelligent, fails. A. since B: if C. as D. while(2013 新课标Ⅰ) 21. It's not easy to change habits, with awareness and self-control, it is possible. A. for B. or C. but D. so(2013 重庆)


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