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人教版必修5 book5 unit1Great Scientists 语言点Language points

1. What do you know about Dr. John Snow’s ?
He was the personal physician to attend Queen Victoria.

2. From what disease did Londoners suffer in his age? They

exposed themselves to cholera. 3. Did people know much about the disease? No, they didn’t know its cause and cure .

4. What was the second theory explaining how the disease killed people? People absorbed this disease into their bodies with their meals. 5. How serious was the disease outbreak in London? The cholera outbreak was so severe that more than 500 people had died in 10 days.

6. Where were many of the deaths in Broad Street? Many of the deaths were near the water pump in Broad Street.

7. What did Dr. Snow think was responsible for the disease? It seemed the water was to blame.. 8. What did Dr. Snow advised the people in Broad Street do? He told the people to remove the handle from the water pump so it could not be used.

9. What else did Dr. Snow find in another part of London that were linked to the Broad Street outbreak? Apart from in Broad Street and Cambridge

Street, he found 2 other deaths.

10. What conclusion did Dr. Snow tell the public? He announced with certainty that polluted water carried the disease..

11. What did Dr. Snow tell the water

They were instructed not to expose people to polluted water anymore.


attend 【意思匹配】 a. 出席,参加 c. 经常去,定期去

b. 照顾,护理

1. Mary invited about 30 people to her party, but only 12 attended it. ( a) 2. All the six members of my family c attend church every Sunday. ( )

3. The nurse attended the patients with great care. ( b ) 4. If you go out, who will attend to the baby? ( b ) 【点拨】attend常作及物动词(句1至句 3),也可作不及物动词,构成attend to sb. / sth.结构,意为“处理;对付;照料; 关怀”(句4)。

【拓展】attend, join, take part in都可意 为“参加”,区别如下:
① attend后主要接meeting, conference, school, ceremony等作宾语; ② join后的宾语主要是表示团体、组织(如军 队、党派)、一群人、游戏等的名词,如party, army, club等; ③ take part in后的宾语主要是某项活动,如 discussion,competition, debate等。

e.g. 1. The wolf opened its mouth expose to ______ a row of sharp teeth.

expose your skin to 2. Don’t ______
the sun; your skin will be


e.g. The police began to look into the case, but the eyewitness was

expose the murderer. afraid to _______
揭发 “to make known; to tell the truth” Meaning?


v. 治愈

n. 疗

* When you have a pain in your
shoulders, you will go to see a doctor.

The doctor will _____ cure you. He will
____ cure the pain in your shoulders.

Aspirin is said to be a wonderful
cure for the pain. _____


n. 对策

* Although the boy was beyond _____, cure his parents tried to cure ____ him of bad habits. * The prices are going up every day, but there is no _____ cure for rising prices.

absorb 吸收; 吸引; 使专心; 合并; 吞并 e.g. Clever children absorb knowledge easily.
聪明孩子容易吸收知识。 Aspirin is quickly absorbed by /into the body. 阿司匹林很快被身体吸收了。 The strong states often absorbed the small states in the past. 过去大国兼并小国。

He is absorbed in his business. 他专心致志的处理业务。
be absorbed in = concentrate on 表示“专心于某事” e.g. He is absorbed in the research of Chinese history recently. absorb one’s attention e.g. The research of Chinese history absorbs his attention recently.

Do you know the full name of SARS?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


severe用作形容词,当它的意思为“严 重的;严肃的”时,和serious相近;当

strict 相近,常用结构be severe on

(upon) / with sb. 表示“对某人严厉或


表示“伤势严重”要用severe, 不用serious; 但指“疾病严重”时, 两者都可与illness连 接。 e.g. She received severe head injuries in the 此句不可用serious。 accident. 在事故中她的头部受了重伤。 I was laid up for six weeks with a severe /serious illness. 由于重病,我卧床六个星期。

blame 【观察】 仔细观察下列句子并体会blame 在句中的词性、含义及用法。 1. Many children are afraid of being blamed for making mistakes in speaking English. be blamed for因....被责备 2. It’s no use blaming our defeat on the player. blame sth on sb把某事怪 罪在某人身上

【小试】 将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 那次事故怪不着孩子们。 The children were not to blame for the accident. 2. 警察把那起交通事故归咎于Jack的粗心 驾驶。 The police blamed the traffic accident on Jack’s careless driving.

1. A lot of links fitted together form a chain. n.(链状物的)环, 节 2. The two towns are linked by a railway. v. 连接 3. The new bridge will link the island to the mainland.

4. 研究人员发现了吸烟和心脏病之间的

Researchers have found a link between smoking and heart disease.

instruct 意思为“命令;指示;嘱咐;吩 咐;教导(教授知识或技术);训练”。 其名词形式为 instructor(教员;教练) 和 instruction (命令;指示;说明)。

1. 如果有人该承担责任, 那就是我。(blame) If anyone’s to blame, it’s me.
2. 不要把皮肤直接暴露在阳光下。 (expose ... to)

Don’t expose your skin to sunlight directly.

3. 黑色墙壁在白天吸收大量的热。(absorb)

Black walls absorb a lot of heat during the day. 4. 此外, 你还可以利用业余时间学一门外语。 (in addition)

In addition, you can learn a foreign language in your spare time.

5. 这条丝绸之路在古代把中国和西方
连接起来。 (link ... to)

The Silk Road linked China to the west
in ancient times. 6. 这种疾病就是通过咳嗽传播的。 (spread ... through) The disease is spread through coughing.

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