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Teachers should enjoy their work. If they enjoy their work, it is more likely that they will be patient. And teachers should be patient(耐心的). Teachers who are not patient when repeating things are not popular with (受 …… 欢迎) students. Sometimes teachers need to explain things more than once and in different ways. And they should do it with a smile on their face. They should understand the way students think. It is one of the hardest skills that a good teacher needs. To do this, teachers must first like students. Secondly, they need experience. Students think differently from adults. A good teacher should remember how he was when he was a student. Some children find it more difficult to learn than others. Some children also have family problems and some don’t speak much English. Teachers should understand and respect these children. It doesn’t matter who the child is. A good teacher should treat (对待)every student the same. They should give all the children the same chance to learn. My father sometimes is very careless. Here is a short story about him. It was a week before the New Year. My mother and I were very busy. We bought a lot of New Year cards to send to her friends and my father’s friends. We put the cards and stamps on the table in the living-room. As we needed to buy New Year gifts, we told my father to write greetings on the cards and post them. He did not say anything but walked out of his study and sat down at the table and started to write on the cards. We came back very late. When we entered, we found the table was empty. We thought my father must have sent all the cards out. However, right after the New Year, my mother found a whole box of New Year cards. All of them had addresses and stamps on them. Well, my father forgot to post them Every culture has different traditions when it comes to drinking. In Russia, if you fail to finish a glass of wine in one go, your host will not be impressed. In France, if you refill your own wine glass without offering more to the rest of the table, you’ve made a mistake. In Korea, women can pour only men's drinks, not other women's. And if you want a refill, you need to finish your wine first. And if you you're in Latin America, never pour with your left hand--that's bad luck. So leave it to others to pour if you don’t know how to pour drinks. In China, the host is permitted to only drink a little at one time or not at all. When someone hands you a glass of wine in China, take it with two hands. When you give someone a glass of wine in China, use two hands, too. In France, people generally learn two foreign languages. They spend about seven years in learning the first foreign language, and four or five years in learning the second foreign language. Most people learn English. Some also learn German or Italian or some other languages. Nowadays young French people have to communicate with (与……交流)people from all over the world. Some work in big companies, in which a lot of people speak English or some other languages. So if you just know French, it may be hard for you to find a good job. I can speak three foreign languages. Besides French and English, I can also speak German and Italian. I’m also planning to learn Chinese in the near future, (在不远的将来)as I want to go to China and work there some day. I have been told that Chinese is a difficult language to learn, but I’m sure I will learn it well. Anyway, it’s not the first time that I’ve started to learn a foreign language.


Making friends in middle school is very important for girls. You cannot choose

your child’s friends for her, but you can help her to choose friends in a good way. Here are a few ways to help your middle schooler make friends. Firstly, tell her you love her. When she succeeds or has made a great choice, tell her you’re proud of her. When she does not succeed, help her feel better and encourage her to keep trying. Your middle school student is going through many changes and may feel like she isn’t good enough. Doing this will help her feel more confident and will make it easier for her to have healthy friendships. Secondly, talk with your child every day and listen to what she cares about. Listen to her very carefully when she talks. Thirdly, discuss with your child what matters most in her friends. Fourthly, get to know your child’s friends. Allow your child to invite her friends over when you’ll be home. In this way, you can keep an eye on them and get to know them better. Fifthly, introduce your child to new groups of people who share her interests.


The new school year is just around the corner. So we took the family to a shoe

store to buy some new shoes. Our kids have outgrown many of their shoes , so we first measured their shoe size. We had promised to buy at least one pair for each of them. My oldest daughter needed dress shoes for formal occasions, so we bought one pair of high heels. Our youngest kid needed sports shoes for playing outside, especially for his gym classes at school. He tried on several pairs of shoes until he found one that fitted him just right. My older son wanted some casual shoes for daily wear and we found some on sale. The first pair he tired on was a little big, so he tried another pair and they fitted him like a glove . Perfect . I bought myself some hiking boots because my pairs were worn out and beyond repair. Altogether we bought five pairs of shoes. My wife didn’t find any she liked and felt very disappointed.


Teens should get 60 minutes or more physical activities a day. The word activity

means as long as you are getting your body moving, it doesn’t have to mean doing difficult exercise or hitting the gym every day. All that matters is that each week you get the right balance of activities, make exercise a habit by scheduling some time every day. On days when you have soccer practice, you have no trouble exercising for an hour or more. But most of us are busy, then 60 minutes a day of activities see***ike a lot of time. The good news is that it’s OK to divide it into shorter exercise breaks throughout the day, just as you might have healthy snacks to stop you from getting hungry. Exercise snacks can keep energy levels high. So get up 15 minutes early and do some yoga or other stretching activity. Fast walk or jog for 50 minutes before lunch. Do the same thing after school, or walk or bike home. In addition, take the stairs, attend the gym class, and walk between classes during the day, and you probably reach your 60 minutes.


As parents, you can try the following points to encourage good reading habits in

your children. At first, let them choose what they want to read and then introduce the books which you think are right. You can read along with them or read aloud to them. Start as early as your baby will start recognizing the pictures in a book. You can find a lot of

baby books on the market. Choose a book for your baby that is brightly colored and has big pictures. Once your child starts pre-school and learns to recognize some words, you can introduce books with very short stories to him. For children who are a little older, you can get books which have games that teach numbers, dates and knowing the clock. Once your child has an interest in the right books, you can take him to libraries or bookstores. Let him decide which books he is comfortbale in reading alone.


It was a hot afternoon in fall . My sister and I took no interest in any outdoor

activity at all. Seeing that we were in low spirits, my father made a suggestion to us. He excitedly said , “Let’s have a picnic on the river bank. It is reported that there will be a firework display by the river tonight so as to celebrate the coming of the moon festival.” The darker the sky became, the cooler the weather was. There were lots of people on the river bank. When the first firewok lit up the dark sky, some let out scream, some happily jumped up while others took photographs of it. As for my family, we hugged each other and made best wishes. The fireworks were so wonderful that even today I can still remember that night. However, the most valuable thing to me that night was not the amazing firework display but the memory of getting together with my family, which made me feel I was the richest person in the world.


A long time ago, there was a servant called Bob. His master was a very rich

woman, who loved wine and good food above everything else. Bob also loved drinking and eating. Each time the rich woman went out, she had to hide her wine and food. But each time Bob found them and he drank the wine and ate the nice food. The rich woman of course knew who did it and was not happy. But she could not do anything about it because she had never caught Bob drinking her wine or eating her food. One day she had to see her daughter who was ill. She hid all the wine and food before she went out. But as usual, Bob found them and drank all the wine and ate the food. When the rich woman came back a week later, there was nothing left in the cupboard. She was angry, but Bob didn’t look nervous at all. With tears in his eyes, he told the woman a neighbor’s cat jumped into the room through a window and drank the wine and ate the food. The woman of course didn’t believe the story. But still she could do nothing.

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