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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 基础巩固(新课标专用)Book 3 Unit 1 Word版含解析]

Ⅰ.联想记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇以及相关短语) 1.take place 发生→occur/happen/come about 发生 2.in memory of 纪念→in honor of 纪念;向……表示敬意 3.feast n.节日;盛宴→be a feast for eyes/ears 视觉/听觉盛宴 4.gather vi. & vt.集合;搜集→gather courage 鼓起勇气 5.look forward to 盼望;期望→be related to 与……有关→be addicted to 对……上瘾→be opposed to 反对→be devoted to 致力于→get down to 着手做→lead to 导致 6.have fun with 玩得开心→have a good time/enjoy oneself 玩得开心 7.turn up 出现;到场→look up 查阅→hold up 举起→take up 开始 8.keep one’s word 守信用→break one’s word 失信→in a word 总之→in other words 换句 话说 9.hold one’s breath 屏气→out of breath 气喘吁吁 10.obvious adj.明显的→It is obvious that...很明显…… Ⅱ.构词记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇及其派生词) 1.starve vt. & vi.(使)饿死→starvation n.饿死 2.religious adj.宗教的→religion n.宗教 3.arrival n.到达→arrive vi.到达 4.independence n.独立→independent adj.独立的 5.agriculture n.农业→agricultural adj.农业的 6.permission n.许可;允许→permit vt.允许 7.origin n.起源;起因→original adj.最初的;原始的 8.admire vt.赞美;钦佩→admiration n.羡慕 Ⅲ.语境填词(根据提示用适当的单词或短语填空) 1.MidAutumn Day takes place(发生) after the harvest(收获), when families admire(赞美) the moon and have fun(玩乐) together but they usually needn’t dress up(盛装打扮) for it. 2.I look forward day and night to(日夜盼望) getting your permission(许可) to set off(动身) on our trip immediately. 3. Obviously(显然), he didn’t keep his word(遵守诺言) and didn’t turn up(出现), for which he

should apologize(道歉) to us. 4.The picture reminded me of(使……想起) the great ceremony, when many great writers gathered(聚集) and many awards(奖) were given. 5.They gathered(相聚) after 10 years at the mother school and they looked as though(好像) they had great fun with(玩得开心) each other. Ⅳ.语境记忆(背诵语段,记忆单元词汇) It is obvious that beliefs differ in different societies.It is our custom to gather together to celebrate the arrival of a festival and the admirable gains of a rich harvest.But its origin is unknown. Ⅴ.课文原句背诵 1.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find. 那时候,如果很难找到食物,人就会饿死。 2.It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave. 很显然,咖啡店的老板在等着李芳离开。 3.The country,covered with cherry tree flowers,looks as though it is covered with pink snow. (节日里)整个国度到处是盛开的樱花,看上去就像是覆盖了一层粉红色的雪。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.I’m going to Europe on vacation together with John if I find the money. (2012· 大纲全国Ⅱ,17) A.can 答案 A 解析 句意为:如果我能够弄到钱,我打算和约翰一起去欧洲度假。本句为含有 if 引导 的条件状语从句的复合句,主句为将来时,从句应用一般现在时,故排除 B、C 两项;又 根据句意可知应该是“能弄到钱”而不是“需要弄到钱”。故 A 项正确。 (考查单元语法) 2.Don’t handle the vase as if it A.is 答案 B 解析 句意为:拿花瓶时不要当它是钢做的一样。as if 引导的方式状语从句或表语从句中 常用虚拟语气,表示与事实相反的情况;又由 Don’t handle...可知此处应为与现在事实相 B.were made of steel. C.has been (2012· 北京,35) D.had been B.might C.would D.need

反的虚拟语气,故 B 项正确。 (教材原句:The country,covered with cherry tree flowers,looks as though it is covered with pink snow.) 3. around the fire,the tourists danced with the local people. B.To gather D.To be gathering (2011· 辽宁,30)

A.Gather C.Gathering 答案 C

解析 句意为:游客们和当地人围着篝火跳起了舞。由于 the tourists 和 gather 之间为逻辑 上的主谓关系,所以选 Gathering。Gathering around the fire 为现在分词短语作状语,补充 说明当时人们的情况。 ( 教材原句: People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over.) 4.—Are you going to Tom’s birthday party? — .I might have to work. B.Thank you D.Don’t mention it (2011· 山东, 29)

A.It depends C.Sounds great 答案 A

解析 句意为: ——你要去参加汤姆的生日聚会吗?——视情况而定吧。 我可能还得去工 作。 It depends.视情况而定, 符合句意; Thank you.谢谢你; Sounds great.听起来不错; Don’t mention it.别客气。由 I might have to work.可知具体语境“我可能还得去工作”,由此推 断“我参加汤姆的生日聚会要根据情况而定”。 Ⅱ.完形、阅读——英译汉 1 . In the world of digital technology, email, social networking and online video games, information is meant to be shared. 形) 在这个充满数字技术、 电子邮件、 社交网络和网络游戏的世界里, 信息意味着被互相分享。 2.Peters died in 1984, and a tenfoot wooden squirrel sculpture was placed near the bridge in memory of its builder and his devotion to the project. C) 1984 年 Peters 死了,一个十英尺高的木质松鼠雕塑建在了桥的附近以纪念它的建筑者和 他对这个工程的贡献。 3.I arrived in the classroom with paper cards designed in the shape of maple leaves. (2011· 广东· 阅读 C) 我到了教室,拿着设计成枫叶样子的纸卡片。 (2012· 山东· 阅读 (2012· 江苏· 完

Ⅲ.书面表达——汉译英 1. 我们将在周五晚自习之后八点钟在学生俱乐部集合。 (gather)(2012· 大纲全国Ⅱ· 书面表达) We’ll gather at the Students’ Club at 8 p.m.this Friday after the evening classes. 2.很显然,没有整个社会的帮助,就不会有今天的新学校。(obviously) (2011· 福建· 书面表达) Obviously,without the help of the whole society, there would be no new school today.

历年高考热点:as if,gather,depend,be meant to do,in memory of,obviously 等的用法。 2014 考点预测:remind,celebration,starve,in memory of,look forward to,dress up, turn up 等的用法。

1 remind 双语释义 v.使想起;提醒(to help sb. remember) 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①This reminds me of what we did together during our holiday. 这使我想起在假期里我们一起所做的一切。 ②Remind me to phone Alan before I go out. 提醒我在出去之前给艾伦打个电话。 ③Passengers are reminded that no smoking is allowed on this train. 旅客们请注意,本次列车禁止吸烟。 (2)In our childhood, we were often A.demanded C.allowed 答案 B 解析 sb. be reminded to do sth.某人被提醒做某事。demand 命令;allow 允许;hope 希 望,三者均与句意不符。 by Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. B.reminded D.hoped

归纳拓展 remind sb.of/about sth.提醒某人某事;使某人想起某事 remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事 remind sb.that/what/how...提醒某人…… 2 celebration 双语释义 n.庆祝;庆典(an organized event to celebrate) 学情诊断 (1)用 celebrate 的适当形式填空 ①More and more people go to restaurants to celebrate the Spring Festival. ②She is a celebrated actress at home and abroad. ③They held a party in celebration of their success. (2)The three sisters decided to hold a family party to A.memorize C.welcome 答案 D 解析 句意为:三姐妹决定举办一个家庭聚会来庆祝她们妈妈的生日。celebrate 庆祝, 符合句意。memorize 记忆,记住;congratulate 祝贺;welcome 欢迎。 归纳拓展 celebrate v.庆祝,庆贺;赞美 celebrated adj.著名的,驰名的 celebrate a victory/success 庆祝胜利/成功 in celebration of 为了庆祝…… have/hold a celebration 举行庆祝会/庆典 3 starve 双语释义 v. (使)挨饿, 饿死(suffer or die for lack of food); 迫切需要(not have sth. in need) 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①She’s lonely,and starves for companionship. 她很寂寞,渴望友情。 ②The electricity industry is not the only one to have been starved of investment. 投资严重缺乏的不光是电力工业。 (2)Millions of people starved hard . B.to die;to get during the war , because the harvest was their mother’s birthday.

B.congratulate D.celebrate

A.to death;to get in

C.dying;to get in 答案 A 归纳拓展 starve to death 饿死 be starved of/starve for 渴望 starve to do sth.渴望去做某事 starvation n.饥饿;饿死 4 in memory of/to the memory of 双语释义纪念;追念(in honour of) 学情诊断 用适当的介、副词填空


(1)There hasn’t been peace in the country in/within my memory. (2)She set up a charity fund to the memory of her father. (3)I have a bad memory for names. (4)She can recite the whole poem from memory. 归纳拓展 in/within one’s memory 在某人的记忆里 have a good/bad memory for sth.对……记忆力好/差 do sth. from memory 凭记忆做某事 bring back memories 唤起(对美好事物的)回忆 5 look forward to 双语释义期盼;盼望(expect) 学情诊断 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①His three kids are all looking forward to going(go) fishing with him. ②The letter she was looking forward to arrived(arrive) at last. (2)I’m going to Beijing during the summer holidays,and I’m there very much. A.wanting C.looking forward 答案 C 解析 look forward to doing sth.盼望做某事。 B.eager D.anxious to seeing all of you

归纳拓展 look down on 轻视,看不起

look into 调查 look up 查找,查阅 look up to 仰慕,尊敬 look through 浏览;仔细查看 6 dress up盛装;装扮;修饰;美化 学情诊断 用适当的介、副词填空 (1)How do you normally dress for work? (2)Most people dress down when they are at home. (3)We dressed him up as a gorilla (大猩猩). (4)She is always dressed in black. 归纳拓展 dress for 为……事穿好衣服 get dressed 穿上衣服 be dressed in 穿着……衣服 dress down 穿着随便 dress sb.给某人穿衣服 dress ?sb.? up as...装扮成…… 7 turn up 双语释义出现,露面(show up); 改短衣服;开大音量(increase the sound) 学情诊断 (1)写出下列句子中 turn up 的汉语意思 ①Please be patient.He will turn up soon.出现,露面 ②Could you turn the music up?开大音量 (2)—Has Mr. Lee arrived? —No.But it’s already 9 o’clock.He should A.bring up C.look up 答案 B 解析 所填句子句意为:他随时都会出现。turn up 出现。 B.turn up D.pick up at any time.

归纳拓展 turn away 转过脸;把某人拒之门外;不准某人进入 turn out 结果是;证明是;生产,制造 turn over 翻身;变换 turn to sb.向某人求助

1.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm. 有些节日是为了纪念死者,或者使祖先得到满足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给人们)提 供帮助,也有可能带来危害。 句型公式:either...or... 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①When the girl is happy,she either sings or dances. 那个女孩高兴时,不是唱就是跳。 ②Either you or I am going there tomorrow. 明天要么你去那里,要么我去那里。 (2)I’m either to be given a chance or A.go 答案 C 解析 either...or...用来连接并列成分,either 后为不定式,or 后也应为不定式。 归纳拓展 either...or...连接句子中两个并列的成分,意为“或者……或者……;不是……就是……”; 若连接两个主语时,其谓语动词应与最近的一个主语在人称和数上保持一致,即取“就近 原则” 2. It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave... 很明显咖啡店经理在等李芳离开…… 句型公式:It is+adj./n.+that从句 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①It’s a great pity that you didn’t go to the concert.你没去听音乐会真可惜。 ②It is necessary that we (should) master at least one foreign language. 我们有必要掌握至少一门外语。 B.going there. C.to go D.gone


is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger,more

prosperous economy. A.As C.This 答案 D 解析 考查代词的用法。句子的主语是 that 引导的从句,our belief 为表语,需要用 it 作形 式主语。 归纳拓展 It is+adj./n.+that 从句中 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的从句。 常用于这一句式的形容词有:possible,strange,natural,important... 常用于这一句式的名词有:a pity,a fact,an idea,an honour,no wonder... 当形容词为 important/necessary/natural/strange/essential 等时, that 从句的谓语动词常用 should+动词原形,should 可以省略。 3. 单元语法:情态动词?1? 学情诊断 根据提示完成句子 (1)There must be something wrong with the computer.(变否定式) →There can’t be anything wrong with the computer. (2)They must have finished their homework.(变否定式) →They can’t have finished their homework. (3)—Linda has gone to work,but her bicycle is still here.(补全对话) —She may/might have gone by bus. (4)I asked him,“May I leave?”(补全句子) →I asked him if I might leave. (5)—They are playing basketball.(补全对话) —They must have finished (finish) their homework. B.That D.It

Ⅰ.语境填词 apology,award,permission,obvious,arrive,remind,admire,belief,starve,leader 1.That reminded me of the happy days I had spent there. 2.I have to admire Wang Nan for her persistence. 3.What he said isn’t believable. 4.There are still many people who die from starvation.

5.Under the correct leadership of our Party,we have made victories one after another. 6.You’d better apologize to her yourself,because it’s your fault. 7.She was awarded damages of £50,000. 8.I’ll come tomorrow,weather permitting. 9.It was obvious to everyone that the child had been badly treated. 10.We’re expecting a new arrival in the family soon. Ⅱ.词义猜测或句意理解题——用本单元词汇或句式替换划线部分 1.The Western holiday Halloween also came from old beliefs about the return of the spirits of dead people.had its origin in 2 . China has the MidAutumn Festival, when people watch the moon and enjoy moon cakes.admire 3.She promised to come, but she hasn’t arrived yet.turned up 4.Throw away those photos that will make her remember him.remind her of him 5.At some festivals, people go to clean graves to memorize their ancestors.in memory of Ⅲ.微写作(11)

写作素材 1.有些节日是因为农业原因而发生。 2.有些是为了纪念重要事件,比如纪念一个国家的独立或名人的出生。 3.无论原因是什么,节日就意味着穿漂亮衣服,吃大餐。 4.人们都盼望过节。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) Some festivals take place for agricultural reasons and others are in memory of important events, such as the independence of a country or the arrival of a famous person.Whatever the reasons are, festivals usually mean beautiful clothing and feasts and people look forward to them. Ⅳ.微语法(11)——情态动词的基本用法 (课外拓展——一个单元突破一个语法点) 1.I my house. A.couldn’t C.shouldn’t 答案 D B.mustn’t D.needn’t use a clock to wake me up because at six o’clock each morning the train comes by (2012· 大纲全国Ⅰ,30)

解析 根据后面的 because 引导的原因状语从句的内容可知选 D 项, 即“因为每天早晨六 点钟那列火车都经过我家,所以没有必要用闹钟来叫醒我 ”。couldn’t 不能;mustn’t 禁止;shouldn’t 不应该;needn’t 不必,不需要。 2.Days later,my brother called to say he was all right,but say where he was. (2012· 江苏,28) A.mustn’t C.wouldn’t 答案 C 解析 mustn’t 禁止,不允许;shouldn’t 不应该,表示责怪、批评;wouldn’t 不愿意,表示否定的意愿;mightn’t 或许不,表示否定的可能性。句意为:几天后, 我哥哥打电话说他一切都好,但不愿意说他在哪儿。根据句意可知,应选 C 项。 3.I got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese,and I said “Ni Hao,” just as I do in China. A.must 答案 B 解析 考查情态动词。句意为:我靠他们足够的近去听他们说汉语,而且我会像我在中国 可能做的那样说“你好”。might 表示“可能”。故选 B 项。 4.It’s quite warm here; we A.couldn’t C.needn’t 答案 C 解析 句意为: 这里相当暖和, 我们还没有必要打开暖气。 couldn’t 不能, 不可能; mustn’t 禁止,一定不能;needn’t 没必要;wouldn’t 不会。needn’t do sth.表示现在没必要做某 事。根据句中的关键信息词 quite warm 和 the heating 可知选 C 项。 5.If you A.can C.must 答案 C 解析 句意为: 如果你一定要吸烟, 请到外面去。 if you must do sth.如果你一定要做某事(表 示虽不赞同,但允许),为习惯用语。 smoke,please go outside.(2011· 大纲全国Ⅱ,8) B.should D.may turn the heating on yet.(2012· 天津,8) B.mustn’t D.wouldn’t B.might C.can D.should (2012· 四川, 19) B.shouldn’t D.mightn’t

Step One 抓基础——句子先行 第 7 讲 构词法的神奇妙用

高分作文三要素:句型、连接词、高级词汇。 英语书面表达评分标准“最高档”要求: “应用了较多的语法结构或词汇; 语法结构或 词汇方面有少许错误, 但为尽力使用较复杂结构或较高级词汇所致; 有效地使用了语句间的 连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。”在写作中“较高级词汇”的使用主要是指使用《大纲》上没 有的词语、使用通过构词法变化来的新词、使用同(近)义词或反义词等来代替常用词语,如 a lot of homework 用 endless homework;too many people 用 overpopulation;a good room 用 a wellfurnished room 等。 即时训练 适当运用构词法翻译下列句子 1.自行车不需要汽油且节能,所以让我们通过骑自行车肩负起责任来创建低碳城市。 (2011· 江西· 写作) Bicycles don’t need any petrol and they are energysaving,so let’s take the responsibility to build up a lowcarbon city by riding bicycles. 2.众所周知,全球水短缺现在越来越严重,主要是因为全球变暖、环境污染及不断增长的 人口。 (2010· 福建· 书面表达)

As we all know,the global water shortage is becoming increasingly severe mainly due to global warming,environmental pollution and the everincreasing population. 3.要想成为受欢迎的学生,我们应该严格要求自己并尽一切努力做到全面发展,同时在困 难面前我们必须意志坚强。 To be a popular student,we ought to be strict with ourselves and make every effort to achieve allround development,and meanwhile in the face of difficulty we must keep strongminded.

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