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UNIT5 The Nightingale and the Rose -WORDS


? used in writing to represent a noise that people make in conversation, for example to acknowledge or draw attention to something, or to express surprise or disappointment. (书面语 中用于表示在交谈时作出回应或引起他人注意或 表示惊讶、失望)啊 ? I'm meeting Anna. Ah, this seems to be the train now... ? 我要去见安娜。啊,这像是我要乘坐的火车了。 ? Ah, so many questions, so little time. ? Ah, Captain Fox. Nice to see you again.

? 1. N-COUNT 花;花朵 A bloom is the flower on a plant. ? ...the sweet fragrance of the white blooms... ? Harry carefully picked the bloom.

? 2. PHRASE 正开花的;花朵绽放的 A plant or tree that is in bloom has flowers on it. ? The pink climbing rose is in full bloom. ? 盛开的粉色藤蔓玫瑰 ? ...the sweet smell of the blackberry in bloom. ? 绽放的黑莓花的芬芳

? 3. VERB 开花;(花朵)绽放 When a plant or tree blooms, it produces flowers. When a flower blooms, it opens. ? This plant blooms between May and June. ? During the warmth of spring all the flowers bloom. ? ...the scent of night-blooming flowers. ? 夜间开放的花的香味

? 4. VERB 繁荣;兴盛;茁壮成长;变漂亮 If someone or something blooms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities. ? ? Not many economies bloomed in 1990, least of all gold exporters like Australia... ? 1990年经济繁荣的国家并不多,尤其是像澳大利 亚这样的黄金出口国。 ? She bloomed into an utterly beautiful creature. ? 她出落得亭亭玉立。

? N-VAR (树木的)花, 花簇 Blossom is the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit. ? The cherry blossom came out early in Washington this year. ? 今年华盛顿的樱花开得很早。 ? ...the blossoms of plants, shrubs and trees. ? 草木的花 ? The cherry is in full blossom. ? 樱花盛开。

? VERB (树木)开花 When a tree blossoms, it produces or yields flowers. ? Rain begins to fall and peach trees blossom. ? 开始下雨了,桃树也开花了。

? VERB 兴盛;变得有魅力;变得成功 If someone or something blossoms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities.
? Why do some people take longer than others to blossom?... ? 为什么有的人比他人大器晚成? ? What began as a local festival has blossomed into an international event. ? 最初的地方节日已经发展成了国际性盛会。 ? ...the blossoming relationship between Israel and Eastern Europe. ? 以色列和东欧国家之间日益良好的关系

bloom & blossom & flower
? bloom, blossom, flower这些名词均含“花” 之意。 ? bloom: 主要指诸如牡丹、玫瑰、梅花、 菊花等供观赏的花以及花的状态。 ? blossom: 一般指树木开花,尤指果树上 开的花。 ? flower: 指开放的花朵或泛指花卉。

? N-VAR (禽鸟或羊的)胸脯肉 You can refer to piece of meat that is cut from the front of a bird or lamb as breast. ? ? ? ? ? ? ...a chicken breast with vegetables. 鸡脯肉拌蔬菜 ...breast of lamb. 羊胸肉 The breast can be cut into portions for grilling. 胸脯肉可以切成小块烧烤。

? She wears a low-cut dress which reveals her breasts... ? 她穿了一件露乳沟的低胸连衣裙。 A woman's breasts are the two soft, round parts on her chest that can produce milk to feed a baby.
? He reached into his breast pocket for his cigar case. ? 他把手伸进胸前口袋里拿雪茄烟盒。 The breast of a shirt, jacket, or coat is the part which covers the top part of the chest.

? The president beat his breast and called that deal a mistake. ? 总裁捶胸顿足,称那是个错误的交易。 be very angry or upset about something, or pretending to be very angry or upset about it.

? bridegroom bride
? The bride's family were scheming to prevent a wedding. ? 新娘家人正密谋阻止婚礼。 ? bride-to-be ?

? A bridesmaid is a woman or a girl who helps and accompanies a bride on her wedding day. ? Bride of honor

? Groomsman ? .-Why is the bride always unlucky on her wedding ? ? -Because she can never marry the best man.

? 1. N-COUNT 泡;气泡 Bubbles are small balls of air or gas in a liquid. ? ? With soap and water, bubbles and boats, children love bathtime. ? 有了肥皂、水、泡泡和小船,孩子们都喜欢洗澡。 ? When water boils, bubbles rise to the surface. ? 水开时, 水面起了泡泡。

? The bursting of the stock bubble would have a serious effect on the world economy and might well affect social stability in many countries in the world.

? 2. N-COUNT (股票价值的)泡沫 A bubble is a situation in which large numbers of people want to buy shares in a company that is new or not yet financially successful, and pay more than the shares are worth. When it becomes clear that the shares are worth less than people paid for them, you can say that the bubble has burst.

? 3. VERB When a liquid bubbles, bubbles move in it and make a sound like water boiling.冒泡;沸腾 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Heat the seasoned stock until it is bubbling... 将调好味的肉汤加热至沸腾。 The water was bubbling gently in the pan. 水在锅里轻轻地冒着气泡。 The coffeepot bubbled, filling the room with fragrance... 咖啡煮开了,满屋子都是香味。 A brook is bubbling along its course. 一条溪水汩汩流动。 Danny looked down at the stream bubbling through the trees nearby. ? 丹尼朝下望去,只见溪水潺潺流过附近的树林。

? N-COUNT A bud is a small pointed lump that appears on a tree or plant and develops into a leaf or flower. ? ? Rosanna's favourite time is early summer, just before the buds open. ? 罗莎娜最喜爱的季节是初夏,恰在花蕾绽 放前。

? VERB 发芽;萌芽 When a tree or plant is budding, buds are appearing on it or are beginning to open.
? The leaves were budding on the trees below. ? 下面的树正在发芽。 ? The seed planted in winter began to bud as the spring came on. ? 随着春天的到来,冬天播种的种子开始发芽。

? PHRASE 在发芽;长出花苞 When a tree or plant is in bud or has come into bud, it has buds on it.
? The flowers are bronzy in bud and bright yellow when open. ? 这些花的花蕾是青铜色,开放后呈明黄色。 ? These trees should come into bud soon.

? PHRASE 把…消灭在萌芽状态;防(患) 于未然 If you nip something such as bad behaviour in the bud, you stop it before it can develop very far.
? It is important to recognize jealousy and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. ? 重要的是要甄辨出嫉妒情绪并尽早消除这 种心理,以免其一发不可收拾。

? He threw the rose into the street and a cartwheel went over it.

? N-COUNT (旧时的)马车,木车 an old-fashioned wooden vehicle that is used for transporting goods or people. Some carts are pulled by animals. ? In that country horse-drawn carts far outnumber cars. ? A cart or a shopping cart is a large metal basket on wheels which is provided by shops such as supermarkets for customers to use while they are in the shop. In BRIT, use trolley. ? A baggage cart/ a serving cart

? Cars are prohibited, so transportation is by electric cart or by horse... ? 汽车禁行,所以运输就靠电动车或马车。
? He drove up in a golf cart to watch them. ? 他开着高尔夫球车上去看他们打球。(a small vehicle with a motor)

? PHRASE 前后颠倒;本末倒置 If you say that someone is putting the cart before the horse, you mean that they are doing things in the wrong order.
? This puts the cart before the horse; elections should follow, not precede, agreement on a constitution. ? 这样做是本末倒置;选举应该在宪法确定之后举 行,而不是之前。

? (王室或贵族的)管家,总管 A chamberlain is an important official who is in charge of the household affairs of a king, queen, or person of high social rank. ? 管家;家政服务员 A housekeeper is a person whose job is to cook, clean, and look after a house for its owner. ?

? 1. N-COUNT 大房间;(尤指)大会议室 a large room, especially one that is used for formal meetings. ? We are going to make sure we are in the council chamber every time he speaks. ? 每次他发表讲话我们都会确保赶到市议会会议厅去。 ? 2. N-COUNT 议会;议院 a country's parliament or one section of it ? More than 80 parties are contesting seats in the two-chamber parliament... ? 有80多个党派在竞争两院的议席。

Chill v.
? When cold weather or something cold chills a person or a place, it makes that person or that place feel very cold.使变冷;使冰凉 ? ? ? ? ? The marble floor was beginning to chill me... 大理石地面开始让我觉得发冷。 An exposed garden may be chilled by cold winds... 露天花园容易被冷风吹透。 Wade placed his chilled hands on the radiator and warmed them... ? 韦德把冰凉的双手放在暖气片上取暖。

Chill v.
? lower the temperature so that sth. becomes colder but does not freeze. ? Chill the fruit salad until serving time... ? 把水果色拉冰镇一下,吃的时候再拿出来。 ? ...a glass of chilled champagne. ? Some films chill you to the marrow of your bones. ? Some of their offences are so awful they would chill the blood. ? 他们的一些罪行骇人听闻,简直令人毛骨悚然。 (frighten)

? There was a chill in the air when I got out the house this morning. ? a moderate but penetrating coldness 寒气 ? A chill wind blew at the top of the hill. ? 山顶寒风呼啸。(a. cold and unpleasant) ? The violence used against the students sent a chill through Indonesia. ? 针对学生的暴力使得整个印度尼西亚不寒而栗。 ? He smiled, an odd, dreamy smile that sent chills up my back. ? 他笑了,笑容古怪迷离,叫我后背发凉。

? a hard substance formed from the bones of very small sea animals. It is often used to make jewellery. ? ? ? ? ? ? The women have elaborate necklaces of pink coral. 那些女人戴着由粉色珊瑚制成的精美项链。 Although the coral looks hard, it is very delicate. 珊瑚虽然看上去坚固,实际上非常易碎。 the coral reef 珊瑚礁 ...coral lipstick. ...the coral-colored flower buds.

? ? ? ? deep red in colour. ...a mass of crimson flowers. 一大片火红的花 Now maple leaves have turned crimson.

? ADJ (因生气或害羞)脸通红的 If a person goes crimson, their face becomes red because they are angry or embarrassed. ? I used to refuse invitations to parties because I knew I'd go crimson every time someone talked to me. ? 我过去总是拒绝聚会邀请,因为我知道每当有人和我 说话,我就会脸红。


? N-COUNT 认为世人皆自私的人;愤世嫉俗者 someone who sees little or no good in others and believes that people always act selfishly. = sceptic
? I have come to be very much of a cynic in these matters. ? 在这些事上我变得相当愤世嫉俗。 ? I see myself not as a cynic but as a realist. ? The poet was a cynic and hated women.

? ...his cynical view of the world. ? 他那愤世嫉俗的世界观 ? If you are cynical about something, you do not believe that it can be successful or that the people involved are honest. (对成功或人的真善)怀疑的,悲 观的 ? It's hard not to be cynical about reform... ? 很难相信改革会成功。 ? It has also made me more cynical about relationships. ? 这也使得我愈加不相信爱情。

daffodil --- respect
? 黄水仙(花) A daffodil is a yellow spring flower with a central part shaped like a tube and a long stem.

? 雏菊 A daisy is a small wild flower with a yellow centre and white petals.

deny v.
? state that it is not true. ? They appeared at court yesterday to deny charges of murder. ? He tried to deny it. Shame on him! ? 他还想抵赖,真不害臊! ? They all denied ever having seen her. ? Who can deny his reputation as the world's greatest cellist? ? 谁能否认他是世界上最伟大的大提琴演奏家呢? ? The government has denied that there was a plot to assassinate the president... ? 政府否认曾有人密谋暗杀总统。

deny v.
? 否认与…有关系;否认…是自己的;不承认;抛弃 If you deny someone or something, you say that they have no connection with you or do not belong to you.
? I denied my father because I wanted to become someone else. ? 我和父亲断绝了关系,因为我想成为一个不一样 的自己。

deny v.
? 拒绝给予;拒绝…的要求 If you deny someone something that they need or want, you refuse to let them have it. ? If he is unlucky, he may find that his ex-partner denies him access to his children... ? 如果不走运的话,他可能会发现前妻拒绝让他接近自己的 孩子。 ? Don't deny yourself pleasure... ? 不要有乐不享。 ? My mother denied herself for us. ? 妈妈为了我们在生活上一贯节制。

Do not confuse deny and refuse.
? If you deny something, you say that it is not true. The allegation was denied by government spokesmen. ? If someone denies you something, they do not allow you to have it. I never denied her anything.

? There is no denying that women get paid less for doing the exact same jobs as men.
? Despite official denials, the rumours still persist... ? 尽管官方予以否认,但谣言仍未平息。 ? The Foreign Ministry has issued a flat denial of any involvement. ? 外交部已经坚决否认参与过此事。

Do not confuse deny and refuse.
? If you refuse to do something, you deliberately do not do it, or you say firmly that you will not do it. ...people who refuse to change their opinions... He refused to condemn them.

? You can refuse something that someone offers you. The patient has the right to refuse treatment. ? If someone does not allow you to have something you ask for, or to do something you have asked to do, you can say that they refuse you. He can run to Dad for money if I refuse him.

? 1. N-COUNT 鸽(常作和平的象征) A dove is a bird that looks like a pigeon but is smaller and lighter in colour. Doves are often used as a symbol of peace.

? 2. N-COUNT (政治上的)温和派人物,鸽派 In politics, you can refer to people who support the use of peaceful methods to solve difficult situations as doves . ? A clear split over tactics appears to be emerging between doves and hawks in the party. ? 党内鸽派和鹰派在策略上似乎将要出现明显的分歧。


Do You Love Me ?


? 1. VERB (潮水或海水)退,落 When the tide or the sea ebbs, its level gradually falls. ? They swam till the tide began to ebb. ? 2. N-COUNT 退潮(期);落潮(期) The ebb or the ebb tide is one of the regular periods, usually two per day, when the sea gradually falls to a lower level as the tide moves away from the land. ? ...the spring ebb tide... 春季退潮 ? We decided to leave on the ebb at six o'clock next morning. ? 我们决定第二天早晨6点钟趁退潮时离开。

? 3. VERB 衰退;减退;减弱 If someone's life, support, or feeling ebbs, it becomes weaker and gradually disappears. ? ? Were there occasions when enthusiasm ebbed? ? 会有热情减退的时候么? ? His little girl's life ebbed away... ? 他小女儿的生命一点一点流逝。 ? Their popular support is ebbing away. ? 他们的人气正在衰退。

? 处于低潮;处于衰退状态 be not being very successful or profitable. ? At that time everyone was tired and at a low ebb... ? 每个人都疲惫不堪、处于低潮 ? The Government's popularity is at its lowest ebb. ? 政府的支持率跌到了最低点。 ? 起伏;消长;盛衰 to describe the way that something repeatedly increases and decreases or rises and falls. ? ...the ebb and flow of feeling and moods. ? 感觉和情绪的起伏

? N-VAR 狂喜;极乐 a feeling of very great happiness. ? ? ? ? ? ...a state of almost religious ecstasy. 近乎宗教狂喜的状态 ...the agony and ecstasy of holiday romance. 假日恋情的大喜大悲 My father was in ecstasy when I won my scholarship... ? 我获得奖学金时父亲欣喜若狂。(be very excited) ? She went into ecstasies over actors. ? 她对男演员们着了迷。(become very excited)

? N-UNCOUNT ? Ecstasy is an illegal drug which makes people feel happy and energetic.

? I saw him doing ecstasy in the toilets. ? 我看见他在洗手间吃摇头丸。

? ADJ feeling very happy and full of excitement.狂喜的; 极乐的;欣喜若狂的 ? His wife gave birth to their first child, and he was ecstatic about it... ? 妻子生下了他们的第一个孩子,他欣喜若狂。 ? They were greeted by the cheers of an ecstatic crowd. ? 狂喜的人群欢呼着迎接他们。 ? They gave an ecstatic reception to the speech. ? 他们兴致勃勃地聆听了演讲。

? [C] An emerald is a precious stone which is clear and bright green. ? Alice has an emerald necklace. ? a. bright green in color. ? ...an emerald valley. ? 翠绿的山谷

? a. not strong or clear; weak ? Used to describe sound, colour, mark, feeling, or quality which has very little strength or intensity.
? He became aware of the soft, faint sounds of water dripping... ? 他开始注意到轻微的水滴声。 ? The room held the faint, sweet odour of pipe tobacco... ? 房间内有烟斗烟丝的淡淡馨香。 ? He could see faint lines in her face... ? 他可以看见她脸上的细纹。 ? Their instruments detected very faint radiowaves at a frequency of 3 kilohertz. ? 他们的仪器检测到一个3千赫的微弱无线电波。

? VERB to lose consciousness for a short time, especially because of hunger, pain, heat, or shock. ? She suddenly fell forward on to the table and fainted... ? 她突然向前栽倒在桌上,晕了过去。 ? I thought he'd faint when I kissed him. ? 我以为吻他的时候他会晕倒呢。 ? The young soldier fainted in the hot sun. ? 那个年轻的士兵在炎炎烈日下晕了过去。

? She slumped to the ground in a faint. ? 她一阵晕眩,跌倒在地。 ? Other symptoms are sweating, feeling faint and shortness of breath.

? 1.VERB If you fling something somewhere, you throw it there using a lot of force.猛掷;用力抛 ? ? ? ? ? The woman flung the cup at him... 那个女人使劲把杯子朝他扔去。 Peter flung his shoes into the corner... 彼得把他的鞋子甩到角落里。

? 2. VERB 突然冲向;突然跳向 If you fling yourself somewhere, you move or jump there suddenly and with a lot of force. ? He flung himself to the floor. ? 他突然跳到地板上。 ? She flung herself down on the sofa. ? 3. VERB If you fling a part of your body in a particular direction, especially your arms or head, you move it there suddenly.急伸,猛动(尤指头或手) ? She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me. ? 她突然张开手臂搂住我的脖子,然后吻了我一下。

? 4. VERB If you fling someone to the ground, you push them very roughly so that they fall over.把摔倒 ? The youth got him by the front of his shirt and flung him to the ground. ? 年轻人抓住他的衬衫前襟,把他摔在了地上。 ? 5. VERB If you fling yourself into a particular activity, you do it with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. ? She flung herself into her career... ? I flung myself into poetry. ? 我全身心投入诗歌创作。

? VERB If you flush, your face goes red because you are hot or ill, or because you are feeling a strong emotion such as embarrassment or anger. 脸红;(脸)发烫,发红 ? Do you sweat a lot or flush a lot?... ? 你常出汗或是脸上常发烫吗? ? He turned away embarrassed, his face flushing red. ? 他难为情地扭过头去,羞红了脸。

? N. blush; a red appearance of the face ? There was a slight flush on his cheeks. ? 他脸上泛起一丝红晕。
? flushed ? Her face was flushed with anger. ? 她气得满脸通红。

? 'Hello, Maria,' he said, and she blushed again... ? “你好,玛丽亚,”他说,这让她脸上又泛起了红晕。 (your face becomes redder than usual because you are ashamed or embarrassed. ) ? I blushed scarlet at my stupidity. ? 我为自己的愚蠢羞愧得满脸通红。

? 'The most important thing is to be honest,' she says, without the trace of a blush. ? “最重要的是要诚实,”她毫不脸红地说。

? VERB If something light such as a small bird or a piece of paper flutters somewhere, it moves through the air with small quick movements. (小 鸟)振翅飞翔;(纸片)飘飞,翩翩飞舞
? ? ? ? The paper fluttered to the floor... 纸飘落到地板上。 The birds were active, fluttering among the trees. 鸟儿们很活跃,在树林中呼呼地飞来飞去。

? V-ERG 颤动;飘动;挥动 If something thin or light flutters, or if you flutter it, it moves up and down or from side to side with a lot of quick, light movements. ? ? ? ? Her chiffon skirt was fluttering in the night breeze. 她的雪纺裙在晚风中飘动着。 ...a butterfly fluttering its wings. 挥动着翅膀的蝴蝶

? N-UNCOUNT ? a mass of small bubbles that are formed when air and a liquid are mixed together. ? The water curved round the rocks in great bursts of foam. ? 水流撞击岩石,产生大量泡沫。 ? a glass of beer with a good head of foam ? 上面有厚厚一层泡沫的一杯啤酒
? The beer foamed up and overflowed the glass. ? 啤酒冒着泡沫, 溢出了玻璃杯。

? Stewart was foaming at the mouth about an incident the previous afternoon.
? be very angry ? 斯图尔特正为头天 下午的事件而大发脾气。

? VERB When someone frowns, their eyebrows become drawn together, because they are annoyed, worried, or puzzled, or because they are concentrating.

? ? ? ? ? ?

Nancy shook her head, frowning... He frowned at her anxiously. 他不安地朝她皱了皱眉。 ...a frowning man. 皱着眉头的男子 The teacher frowned at the class of noisy children.

? Billy's eyebrows knitted together in a little frown. ? 比利眉头微皱。 ? His forehead knotted in a frown. ? 他眉头紧锁。 ? There was a deep frown on the boy's face.

? If something is frowned upon or is frowned on, people disapprove of it.反对;不赞成;不同意 ? This practice is frowned upon as being wasteful...
? 这种行为被认为是浪费而不获认可。 ? Many teachers frown on such practices. ? 许多教师不赞同这样的做法。

? a place that has permanent exhibitions of works of art in it. ? Today his picture goes on show at the National Portrait Gallery. ? an area high above the ground at the back or at the sides of a large room or hall. ? A crowd already filled the gallery.

? N-COUNT a piece of women's underwear that fits tightly around the stomach and hips. (女子的)紧身褡,束腹紧身衣

? [C] A grove is a group of trees that are close together.树丛;小树林 ? ? ? ? ...open fields and groves of trees. 开阔的田野和片片树林 ...an olive grove. 一片橄榄林

? forest: 多指树木高大,面积大、人迹罕至的原 始森林。 ? woods: 指面积不大的树林或小块的树林。 ? jungle: 特指热带的丛林。 ? grove: 通常指面积较小,树木整齐,地面干净 的小树林,尤指果林。 ? plantation: 指人造林。 ? bushes: 指灌木丛,矮树林。

? [C] a channel at the edge of a road next to the pavement, where rain water collects and flows away. ? It is supposed to be washed down the gutter and into the city's vast sewerage system. ? 它应该是被沿排水沟冲入城市庞大的排水系统。 ? The gutter was blocked and it was really inconvenient.

? [C](屋檐的)雨水槽;檐沟 a plastic or metal channel fixed to the lower edge of the roof of a building, which rain water drains into.
? A rainwater gutter ? Did you fix the gutter? ? 你修过排水槽了吗?

? A harp is a large musical instrument consisting of a row of strings stretched from the top to the bottom of a frame. You play the harp by plucking the strings with your fingers.
? Nell was plucking a harp.

? [C] a precious stone used to decorate valuable things that you wear, such as rings or necklaces.宝石 ? ...a golden box containing precious jewels. ? 盛放贵重宝石的金盒子

? [U] ornaments that people wear, for example rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is often made of a valuable metal such as gold, and sometimes decorated with precious stones.珠宝;首饰 ? "It's a nice piece of jewellery though, isn't it?" ? “可这是一件漂亮的首饰,不是吗?” ? A thousand pounds worth of jewellery and silver has been stolen. ? 价值1,000英镑的珠宝和银饰被盗。

? jewel: 多指贵重的宝石,是经过切削打磨, 通常镶嵌在胸针、项链或其它装饰物上的 玉。
? jewellery: 是珠宝的总称,泛指各类珠宝, 既指佩带或衣服的珠宝饰物,又指用普通 金属、塑料或假宝石制作的装饰物。

? I myself enjoy cinema, poetry, eating out and long walks. ? 我本人喜欢电影、诗歌、外出吃饭和远途散步。 ? I think we lack a citizenry that is adequately willing to take responsibility. ? 我觉得我们缺乏非常愿意承担责任的公民。 ? The Russian peasantry stood on the brink of disappearance. ? 俄罗斯农民濒临消亡

? To move or bend one’s body in a particular direction. ? ? ? ? He leaned forward to give her a kiss... They stopped to lean over a gate. To lean across the table She was feeling tired and was glad to lean against him... ? Lean the plants against a wall and cover the roots with soil... ? The table lurched as a young man leant his weight on it. ? He had to lean on Dan to keep from falling.

Lean on/upon
? To depend on them for support and encouragement. ? She leaned on him to help her to solve her problems. ? 她靠他帮忙解决自身问题。 ? They always lean upon us when they're in trouble. ? 他们有麻烦时总是依赖我们。

? 1. VERB 继续存留 When something such as an idea, feeling, or illness lingers, it continues to exist for a long time, often much longer than expected. ? ? ? ? The scent of her perfume lingered on in the room... A guerrilla war has lingered into its fourth decade... 一场游击战已经持续了30多年。 He was ashamed. That feeling lingered, and he was never comfortable in church after that... ? 他深感羞耻。这种感觉一直萦绕在心头,并且自那以 后他在教堂总是觉得不自在。

? 2. VERB 留恋;不愿离开;继续逗留 If you linger somewhere, you stay there for a longer time than is necessary, for example because you are enjoying yourself. ? Customers are welcome to linger over coffee until around midnight... ? 客人尽可以喝着咖啡逗留到午夜左右。 ? I lingered on in Atlanta for a few days, spending much of my time with an artist friend... ? 我在亚特兰大又逗留了几天,大部分时候都和一位搞 艺术的朋友在一起。

? Confident in its camouflage, being the same colour as the rocks, the lizard stands still when it feels danger. [?k?m?fl ɑ :? ] ? 由于和岩石颜色一样,蜥蜴对自己的保护色充满 信心;遇到危险时,它便一动不动。 ? A chameleon is a kind of lizard whose skin changes colour to match the colour of its surroundings. [k??mi:li?n]

marvellous: very good or wonderful.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? He certainly is a marvellous actor... She made marvellous fish pie... He looked marvellous. 他看上去容光焕发。 Despite the unsettled weather, we had a marvellous weekend. 尽管天气一会儿好一会儿差,我们仍然度过了一个美 好的周末。 I warmly congratulated him on the marvellous achievement. 我热烈祝贺他取得了惊人的成就。 What you said is a marvellous idea.

? Her fellow members marveled at her seemingly infinite energy... ? 她的同事们对她似乎无穷的精力大为惊叹。(express your great surprise, wonder, or admiration.) ? She almost died, but the hospital's skill achieved great marvels... ? 她已经奄奄一息,但是医院的技术却创造了伟大的奇 迹。 very unexpected or surprising things

? [C] A meadow is a field which has grass and flowers growing in it.草地;牧场 ? In the spring, the meadow is a mass of daffodils. ? 春天,草地上开满了黄水仙。 ? had a picnic in a meadow. ? 在草地上举行野餐。

? A lawn is an area of grass that is kept cut short and is usually part of someone's garden or backyard, or part of a park.

? Pasture is land with grass growing on it for farm animals to eat. ? The cows are out now, grazing in the pasture. ? 牛现在已经放出去了,正在牧场上吃草。
? Grassland is land covered with wild grass.草原

? [C] In fairy stories and legends, a mermaid is a woman with a fish‘s tail instead of legs, who lives in the sea. (童话和传说中的)美人鱼 ? A mermaid's tail turns to legs when it's dry.

? A nightingale is a small brown bird.夜莺 ? The male, which can be heard at night, sings beautifully.

? ? ? ? ? Many large oaks were felled during the war. 很多高大的橡树在战争中遭到了砍伐。 ...forests of chestnut and oak. 一片片栗树和橡树林 The cabinet was made of oak.

? An opal is a precious stone.蛋白石 ? Opals are colourless or white, but other colours are reflected in them.

? A ruby is a dark red jewel.红宝石 ? ...a ruby and diamond ring. ? 红宝石钻戒

? A sundial is a device used for telling the time when the sun is shining. The shadow of an upright rod falls onto a flat surface that is marked with the hours, and points to the correct hour.日 晷

? 1. [C] 谜;神秘的事物;难懂的事物 A mystery is something that is not understood or known about. ? The source of the gunshots still remains a mystery. ? 枪炮声来自何处仍是个谜。 ? The Italian economic miracle has always been a mystery. ? 意大利的经济奇迹一直是个谜。 ? We set out to find the truth behind the mystery. ? 我们开始着手揭开谜团背后的真相。 ? ...the mysteries of mental breakdown. ? 精神崩溃之谜

? 2. [U] 神秘;谜一样的特质 ? If you talk about the mystery of someone or something, you are talking about how difficult they are to understand or know about, especially when this gives them a rather strange or magical quality.
? ? ? ? She's a lady of mystery... 她是个神秘的女人。 It is an elaborate ceremony, shrouded in mystery. 仪式是精心筹划的,笼罩着一层神秘的色彩。

? 3. ADJ 神秘的;身份不明的 ? A mystery person or thing is one whose identity or nature is not known.
? The mystery hero immediately alerted police after spotting a bomb. ? 那个无名英雄发现炸弹后马上报了警。 ? ...a mystery prize of up to ?1,000. ? 高达1,000英镑的神秘奖品

? 1. ADJ strange and not known about or understood. ? He died in mysterious circumstances... ? 他死得很蹊跷。 ? A mysterious illness confined him to bed for over a month... ? 他得了一种神秘的怪病,卧床有一个多月。 ? The whole thing seems very mysterious... ? 整件事情看起来都很蹊跷。 ? A couple of messages had mysteriously disappeared. ? 几条信息神秘地消失不见了。

? 2. ADJ 爱故弄玄虚的;神秘的 ? If someone is mysterious about something, they deliberately do not talk much about it, sometimes because they want to make people more interested in it. ? As for his job — well, he was very mysterious about it. ? 至于他的工作,他总是显得非常神秘,从不多说。

nip v.
? remove by pinching or snipping; take off
? to nip off the flowers ? She nipped off the dead leaves. ? 她剪掉了枯叶。

nip v.
? If an animal or person nips you, they bite you lightly or squeeze a piece of your skin between their finger and thumb.

? I have known cases where dogs have nipped babies... ? 我知道有一些狗咬婴儿的事情。 ? He nipped Billy's cheek with two rough fingers. ? 他用两个粗糙的手指捏了捏比利的脸蛋。

nip v.
? nip something such as bad behaviour in the bud
? to stop it before it can develop very far; (stop/keep sth. from developing or growing) ? It is important to recognize jealousy and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

? 重要的是要甄辨出嫉妒情绪并尽早消除这种心理, 以免其一发不可收拾。

nip v.
? I do not want drugs in this school. It’s essential that we nip the problem in the bud so I want a meeting with all the parents next week. ? 我不希望学校里出现毒品。关键在于防患于未然,下 周我要召开全体家长会。 ? The scheme to allow all pensioners a free travel pass was nipped in the bud by the government, who said it would cost too much. ? 政府认为为所有领养老金者提供免费旅游通行证的计 划耗资过大,因此刚有人提出就被否决了。

? ADJ 完全的;彻底的;全部的 complete and total.
? She had failed to win an outright victory... ? 她没能大获全胜。 ? The response of the audience varied from outright rejection to warm hospitality.

? 观众反应不一,有人完全不能接受,也有人击掌叫 好。

? Outright is also an adverb. ? The peace plan wasn't rejected outright. ? 和平计划没有遭到全盘拒绝。
? If someone is killed outright, they die immediately, for example in an accident. ? My driver was killed outright. ? 我的司机当场身亡。

? ADJ 直率的;公开的;直截了当的 (of behaviour and actions) open and direct, rather than indirect. ? He finally resorted to an outright lie. ? 最后干脆睁着眼睛说瞎话。 ? I determined that I would ask him outright. ? 我下定决心要直截了当地问他。 ? ...outright condemnation. ? 公开谴责 ? Outright is also an adverb. ? Why are you so mysterious? Why don't you tell me outright?...

? [C] a sudden strong feeling or emotion, for example of sadness or pain.一阵剧痛;突然而强烈的情感 ? For a moment she felt a pang of guilt about the way she was treating him. ? 有一阵子,她为自己那样对他感到内疚。 ? She felt sudden pangs of regret. ? 她突然感到痛悔不已。 ? ...hunger pangs. ? 阵阵饥饿感

? [C] The petals of a flower are the thin coloured or white parts or segments which together form the flower.花瓣
? dried rose petals. ? 干玫瑰花瓣

? [U] the study or creation of theories about basic things such as the nature of existence, knowledge, and thought, or about how people should live.
? He studied philosophy and psychology at Cambridge. ? 他在剑桥大学学习哲学和心理学。

? [C] a particular theory that someone has about how to live or how to deal with a particular situation.人生哲学; 生活信条 ? The best philosophy is to change your food habits to a low-sugar, high-fibre diet... ? 最好的生活方式是改变饮食习惯,食用低糖、高纤维食品。 ? When I interviewed Shakira I felt in tune with her philosophy of life... ? 采访莎基拉时,我觉得自己和她的人生哲学很合拍。 ? Annie's work reflects her philosophy that life is full of mysteries. ? 安妮的作品反映了她的人生哲学,即生活充满神秘色彩。

? ...the Greek philosopher Plato. ? 希腊哲学家柏拉图 ? If you refer to someone as a philosopher, you mean that they think deeply and seriously about life and other basic matters.思想家;哲人

? He was not accustomed to political or philosophical discussions.
? 他不习惯政治或哲学讨论。 ? Lewis has grown philosophical about life. ? 对于生活,刘易斯变得豁达洒脱了。 (not getting upset when disappointing or disturbing things happen. )

pluck V.
? 1. If you pluck a fruit, flower, or leaf, you take it between your fingers and pull it in order to remove it from its stalk where it is growing. = pick / gather
? I plucked a lemon from the tree... ? 我从树上采了一个柠檬。 ? to pluck feathers from a chicken

pluck V.
? 2. If you pluck sth. from somewhere, you take it between your fingers & pull it sharply from where it is. ? He plucked the cigarette from his mouth and threw it out into the street... ? 他从嘴里抽出香烟,把它扔到街上。 ? He plucked the baby out of my arms... ? 他从我怀里夺过宝宝。

? 3. If you pluck a guitar or other musical instrument, you pull the strings with your fingers and let them go, so that they make a sound. ? Nell was plucking a harp.

pluck V.
? 4. If a woman plucks her eyebrows, she pulls out some of the hairs using tweezers. (用镊子)拔,修 (眉毛) ? You've plucked your eyebrows at last! ? 你终于修了眉毛! ? 5. If you pluck up the courage to do something that you feel nervous about, you make an effort to be brave enough to do it. ? It took me about two hours to pluck up courage to call her.

? ADJ If you say that someone is sincere, you approve of them because they really mean the things they say. You can also describe someone’s behaviour and beliefs as sincere .诚恳的;真挚的;真诚的

? ? ? ? ?

He's sincere in his views... 他的观点很诚恳。 He accepted her apologies as sincere... 他接受了她真诚的道歉。 There was a sincere expression of friendliness on both their faces. ? 他们俩的脸上都流露出真挚友好的表情。

? ? ? ? ? I was impressed with his deep sincerity... 他的无比真诚让我印象深刻。 The film is made with sincerity. 这是部非常诚挚的电影作品。 Nobody that I spoke to doubted his sincerity as a politician.

? 和我谈过话的人中没有一个怀疑他作为一个政治 家的诚意。

? 1. VERB If something such as a bird soars into the air, it goes quickly up into the air. (鸟等)高飞,翱翔, 升腾

? If you're lucky, a splendid golden eagle may soar into view... ? 幸运的话,会有一只光彩夺目的金雕飞入你的视野。 ? Buzzards soar overhead at a great height... ? 秃鹰在高空翱翔。

? 2. VERB If the amount, value, level, or volume of something soars, it quickly increases by a great deal. (数量、价值、水平、规模等)急升,猛涨

? Shares soared on the stock exchange... ? 股市的股票价格暴涨。 ? ...figures showed customer complaints had soared to record levels and profits were falling. ? 有数字表明,顾客投诉已经达到历史最高水平,利润 正在下降。

? [C] A spray of flowers or leaves is a number of flowers or leaves on one stem or branch. (一根枝条上的)花簇(或叶片)
? ...a small spray of freesias. ? 一小簇小苍兰

? [C] The strings on a musical instrument such as a violin or guitar are the thin pieces of wire or nylon stretched across it that make sounds when the instrument is played. (乐器的)弦 ? ? ? ? He went off to change a guitar string. 他出去换一根吉他弦。 ...a twenty-one-string harp. 21 弦的竖琴

? A stringed instrument is a musical instrument that has strings, such as a violin or a guitar.弦乐器

a string of…
? She wore a string of pearls around her neck. ? 她脖子上戴着一串珍珠。 ? A string of five rowing boats set out from the opposite bank. ? 5 只划艇排成一行从对岸出发了。a number of them that form a line ? Between 1940 and 1943 he had a string of 62 consecutive victories. ? 他在 1940 年至 1943 年间连续 62 次获胜。a series of things that happen one after the other.

? [C] A sunbeam is a ray of sunlight.阳光光束;一道 日光 ? A sunbeam slants through the west window. ? 一束阳光从西边的窗户斜射进来。 ? A sunbeam brightened her hair to gold. ? 一束阳光将她的头发照成金黄色.

? [C] Thorns are the sharp points on some plants

and trees, for example on a rose bush. (某些植 物、树木上的)刺,棘刺
? ? Roses will always have thorns but with care they can be avoided. ? 玫瑰花上都有刺,不过只要小心就碰不到。 ? He removes a thorn from the lion’s paw.

? [C] A tomb is a large grave that is above ground and that usually has a sculpture or other decoration on it. 坟墓;冢

? He put flowers on his mother's grave. ? She tore the rose apart and scattered the petals over the grave. ? 她掰开玫瑰花,将花瓣撒在坟墓上。 ? They used to visit her grave twice a year. ? 他们以前每年去她的墓前凭吊两次。

? The magazine isn't trying to ruin his career, the man's digging his own grave by refusing an interview. ? 这份杂志并非想断送他的事业,而他拒绝接受采 访就是在自毁前程。
? Darwin must be turning in his grave at the thought of what has been done to his works. ? 达尔文在九泉之下一定不得安宁。

related words:
? A tombstone/gravestone is a large stone with words carved into it, which is placed on a grave.
? An epitaph is a short piece of writing about someone who is dead, often carved on their grave. ?

? ADJ The topmost thing in a number of things is the one that is highest or nearest the top.最高的;最上面的;顶端的
? ...the topmost branches of a gigantic oak tree. ? 一棵巨大橡树的梢枝

? ADJ (of an object, idea, or course of action) not sensible or realistic, and does not work well in practice. ? It was totally impractical to think that we could finish the job in two months. ? 认为我们能在两个月之内完成这项工作,这完全是不 切实际的。 ? It became impractical to make a business trip by ocean liner. ? 乘坐远洋班轮进行商务旅行变得不合时宜了。

? the thin tubes in your body through which your blood flows towards your heart. ? Many veins are found just under the skin.

? Arteries are the tubes in your body that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body.
? ...patients suffering from blocked arteries. ? blood vessel

wretched a.
? ? ? ? very unhappy.苦恼的;难过的;哀伤的 FORMAL I feel really confused and wretched... 我觉得十分迷惘,难过极了。 The wretched look on the little girl's face made him sorry. ? 小女孩脸上痛苦的表情让他很难受。 ? to describe someone or something that you dislike or feel angry with.讨厌的;混账的;该死的 ? Wretched woman, he thought, why the hell can't she wait?... ? 他想,可恶的女人,她怎么就不能等一等呢?

wretch [C]
? someone who you feel sorry for them because they are unhappy or unfortunate.不幸的人;可怜的人 ? Before the poor wretch had time to speak, he was shot. ? 这个可怜的人还没来得及开口就中了枪。 ? someone who is wicked or has done something you are angry about.坏蛋;恶棍;卑鄙小人 ? Oh, what have you done, you wretch! ? 噢,你都干了些什么,你这个混蛋!

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