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【北京特级教师】2014-2015学年高中英语人教版必修二课后练习:Unit1 Cultural relics(一)]

必修 2 Unit1 Cultural relics(一) 课后练习
主讲教师:麻雪玲 北京市英语教师 题一: They ______ the house very carefully for the missing papers. A. searched for B. searched C. in search of 题二: We ______ throughout the city ______ the lost child. A. searched for; for B. searched; for C. in search of; for 题三: We will do everything ______ evidence that would clear him. A. to search B. in search of C. to search of D. in search 题四: Two men volunteered ______ the missing climber. A. to search for B. in search for C. to search of

D. looked for

D. looked for; for

D. in search

题五: I _______have been more than six years old when the accident happened. A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t 题六: You _____ him at the meeting yesterday. He has gone to America. A. couldn’t see B. couldn’t have seen C. mustn’t have seen D. needn’t have seen 题七: I really worried about you. You ________ home without a word. A. mustn’t leave B. shouldn’t have left C. couldn’t have left D. needn’t leave 题八: The weather turned out to be fine yesterday. I ________ the trouble to carry my umbrella. A. shouldn’t have B. could have taken C. needn’t have taken D. mustn’t have taken 题九: 1. 我不能想象他会帮助我。I can’t ______ ______ ______ me. 2. 他想象 Tom 是他最好的朋友。He _______ ________ ___ his best friend. 3. 我不喜欢和他谈话。I don’t __________ ____________ with him. 题十: 1. 我不能想象他忘记我的生日。I can’t ______ ______ ______ my birthday. 2. 她自以为是一位有名的演员。She _______ ________ ___ a famous actress. 3. 我不喜欢和他打交道。I don’t __________ ____________ with him. 题十一: The house ______ the Gates family for over 100 years. A. is belonging to B. has belonged to C. is belong to D. belonging to 题十二:

I realized that he and I ______ different worlds. A. were belonging to B. were belonged to C. were belong to D. belonged to 题十三: I think it’s an animal ______ the cat family. A. belongs to B. belonged to C. belonging to D. to belong to 题十四: Pratt has forgotten something ______ the baby. A. belonging to B. belonged to C. is belong to D. to belong to 题十五: What did you give him ______? A. in return B. in return of

C. in return to

D. in return for

题十六: I wish I could do something ______ the kindness I have received from him. A. in return B. in return of C. in return to 题十七: 1. 他的腰围不小于五十公分。 He is ____ ______ _____ fifty centimeters round the middle. 2. 他喝酒超过两杯就会醉倒在地。 If he drinks _____ _____ two glasses of wine, he will fall over. 3. 她没用一个小时就拿下了这场比赛。 The game took her _____ _____ ___ _____ to finish. 4. 到商业区不过一英里。 It’s ____ ______ _____ one mile to the shops. 题十八: 1. 死亡只不过是从一个房间进入另一个房间。 Death is ____ ______ _____ passing from one room into another.

D. in return for

2. 他们总共占不到总人口的 5%。 Together they account for _____ _____ ___ _____ of the population. 3. 我的工资不少于一万元。 I received ____ ______ _____ ten thousand yuan for my work. 4. 迄今已有 35 万多人返回了家园。 So far _____ _____ 350,000 people have returned home. 题十九: Mr. Wang remained ______ the scene for a long time. A. watching B. watched C. to watch D. to be watched 题二十: The window remained ______. A. closing B. closed C. to close D. to be closed 题二十一: Whether it will do us good remains ______.

A. to see

B. seeing

C. to be seen

D. seen

题二十二: Much work remains ______. A. to do B. doing

C. to be doing

D. to be done

题二十三: This second-hand car is ______ $2000 at the most. A. worthy B. worth C. worthwhile

D. worth of

题二十四: The question is not worth ______ again and again. A. to discuss B. to be discussed C. being discussed

D. discussing

必修 2 Unit1 Cultural relics(一)
题一: B 解析:本句意为:他们仔细地搜查了整个房间,寻找遗失的文件。search 后面跟地点,意思是搜查某地,如 果用 search for 跟地点,意思是寻找某地。 题二: B 解析:本句意为:为了找到那个走失的儿童,我们搜遍了整个城市。此处考查 search some place for sth.的结 构,意思是搜查某地为了找到某物。 题三: B 解析: 本句意为: 我们将做一切来寻找可以洗清他罪名的证据。 in search of 是介词短语, 意思是为了寻找……, C 选项错误的原因在于要用 search for 表示寻找。 题四: A 解析:本句意为:两个人自告奋勇去寻找那位失踪的登山运动员。此处是动词不定式做目的状语,search for 是寻找的意思。 题五: B 解析:本句意为:当那起事故发生的时候,我不会超过六岁。couldn’t have done 用于对过去的否定推测。 题六: B 解析:本句意为:你昨天不可能在会议上看见他的,他去美国了。couldn’t have done 是对于过去的否定推测。 题七: B 解析:本句意为:我真的为你担心,你本来不应该不说一句话就走的。shouldn’t have done 是本来不应该做某 事的意思,含有责备的语气。 题八: A 解析:本句意为:昨天天气最终转好,我本来不应该费力气带着一把雨伞的。shouldn’t have done 是本来不应 该做某事的意思,含有责备的语气。 题九: 1. fancy him/his helping 2. fancies Tom as 3. fancy talking 解析: 1. fancy sb./sb.’s doing sth.想象某人做某事。 2. fancy sb. as 把某人想象为……。 3. fancy 后面跟动词要用动词的-ing 形式。 题十: 1. fancy him/his forgetting

2. fancies herself as 3. fancy dealing 解析: 1. fancy sb./sb.’s doing sth.想象某人做某事。 2. fancy sb. as 把某人想象为……。 3. fancy 后面跟动词要用动词的-ing 形式。 题十一: B 解析:本句意为:这栋房子归盖茨家族所有已经一百多年了。belong to 意思是属于,是动词词组,和一段时 间连用,要用现在完成时。 题十二: D 解析:本句意为:我意识到他和我不是一路人。belong to 意思是属于,是动词词组,根据前面主句的谓语动 词 realized 是过去式可知,从句中要用相应的过去时,所以 belong 要用过去式。 题十三: C 解析:本句意为:我认为这是一个属于猫科的动物。此处是非谓语动词作定语,被修饰的名词 animal 和作定 语的动词词组 belong to 之间构成主动,所以要用-ing 形式作定语。 题十四: A 解析:本句意为:普拉特忘带了孩子的某样东西。此处是非谓语动词作定语,被修饰的代词 something 和作 定语的动词词组 belong to 之间构成主动,所以要用-ing 形式作定语。 题十五: A 解析:本句意为:你给他什么作为报答呢?in return 意思是作为报答,in return for 意思是作为……报答,后 面如果有宾语,就要用 for 引出宾语,此处没有宾语,所以不选 D。 题十六: D 解析: 本句意为: 我希望我能做点什么事来酬谢我从他那儿所得到的好处。 in return 意思是作为报答, in return for 意思是作为……报答,后面如果有宾语,就要用 for 引出宾语,此处宾语 the kindness,所以要选 D。 题十七: 1. no less than 解析: 1. no less than 是不少于的意思。 2. more than 是超过的意思。 3. less than 是少于的意思。 4. no more than 是仅仅或者只不过的意思。 题十八: 1. no more than 解析: 1. no more than 是仅仅或者只不过的意思。 2. less than 是少于的意思。 3. no less than 是不少于的意思。 4. more than 是超过的意思。 2. less than five percent 3. no less than 4. more than 2. more than 3. less than an hour 4. no more than

题十九: A 解析:本句意为:有很长时间王先生一直在观看风景。此处 remain 是系动词,主语 Mr. Wang 和 watch 之间构 成主动,表示一直在看,所以要用 watching。 题二十: B 解析:本句意为:窗户仍然关着。此处 remain 后面跟形容词表示状态,关着的要用 closed。 题二十一: C

解析: 本句意为: 这对我们是否有好处还要观察。 表示将来, 所以要用不定式即 to do, 而且主语 Whether it will do us good 和 see 之间构成被动,所以要用 to be seen。 题二十二: D

解析:本句意为:更多的工作还需要做。表示将来,所以要用不定式即 to do,而且主语 much work 和 do 之 间构成被动,所以要用 to be done。 题二十三: 题二十四: B D

解析:本句意为:这辆二手车最多值 2000 美元。be worth 后面可以直接加表示价值的名词,表示价值多少。 解析:本句意为:这个问题不值得一再地讨论。此处考查 be worth doing sth.(值得做某事) ,在 worth 后面要 用动词的-ing 表示被动。

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