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Unit 5 Canada

Unit 5

Canada— “The True North”
Period 2: languages points

【学习目标】 1. 能够识、读、记以下认知单词 multicultural,quiz,Canadian,polar,penguin, prime minister, governor, continent, baggage, scenery, eastward,westward, upward, harbor, border, slight, acre, urban, topic, mix, mixture,aboard 2. 能在句中体会以下核心单词的词义与搭配,并能够熟练运用 chat, surround, measure, within 3. 能熟练掌握以下重点短语 rather than,settle down, manage to do, catch sight of ,have a gift for 【重点难点】surround, measure, within,settle down, catch sight of 【自主预习】 预习课本 P34,找出上述单词并注意其在该句中的意思。 【导学流程】 一.自主预习检测 1. b (n.) the cases, bags, boxes, etc. carried by someone who is travelling 2. c (n.) an informal friendly conversation 3. s (adv.) in or by a very small amount, so small that it almost cannot be seen 4. a (prep/adv.)On or onto a ship, plane, bus or train 5.the of Africa 非州大陆 6. 城市的;市镇的(adj.) 7.与其,不愿 8. 设法做 9. 有...天赋 10. 向东 向西 向上地 二.互动研讨: 1. surround (1)People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. (2)Armed police surrounded the building. (3)Last month, he visited the Shanghai World Expo and the 周围的;附近的) (4)We should work in pleasant (n.环境). 短语总结:


2. measure (1)It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring over90 metres. (2)We measured the distance. (3)It is difficult to measure the effect of the drug at this stage. (4)Wealth is not always the measure of happiness. (5)The tailor (给我量尺寸)and made a suit (按照我的尺寸). (6)It is time that the government should to prevent the spread of AIDS.(采取措施) 3. within (1)At school, they had learned that most Canadians live within a few hundred kilometres of the USA border... (2)Don't put the knife within children’s reach. 4. settle down (1)That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. (2)Many people settle down in San Diego because of the fine weather. (3)The teacher tried to settled the students down. (4)He found it hard to settle down to his work. 5. catch sight of (1)Earlier that day ,when they crossed the Rocky Mountains, they managed to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle. (2)I watched the plane go higher and higher until I it .(看不见) (3)I recognized him .(初看时,乍看起来) (4)train was soon .(看不见,在视程之外) 三.随堂检测: 1. It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot easy reach. A.near B.upon C.within D.around 【2009 山东】 2. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train

Was . 【2008 天津】 A. out of reach B.out of place C.out of sight D.out of reach 3. He was sitting on the floor books.(surround) 她坐在地板上, 周围都是书。 4. Our food is running out. I suggest immediately.(take) 我们的食物快耗尽了。 我建议得立即采取措施。 5. (定下心来学习) the lesson, and you’ll achieve what you want.(settle) 四.课外提升: A 组: 1. All the passengers were a the plane and it was ready to take off. 2. Nobody shall keep the book for such a long time. You have to return them w two months. 3. ( 城 市 的 ) development needs scientific planning, while population planning is most important. 4. That the easiest way to grow as a person is to himself with people smarter than he is. 5. Please go the ship quickly. There is only 10 minutes left. A. abroad B.aboard C.board D.broad 6. What made the Chinese joyful was that our first aircraft carrier left the for exercise at sea on August 10th. A. harbour B.dock C.station D. pavilion 7. Customs is the place where you have to handle procedures in order to go across the A. department B.border C.gate D. barrier 8. Thanks to the new traffic policy against drunk driving, the city saw a decrease in car accidents in the last 6 months. A. fundamental B.tiny C. slight D. weak 9. Father didn’t draw the curtain apart for fear that I would the terrifying sight outside. A. take advantage of B.lay hold of C.catch sight of D.get rid of 10. Since he English, he doesn’t need an interpreter in the negotiation with the

foreigners. A. has a gift for B.has a good command of C.has an ear for D.has a taste for 11. It was so noisy outside that he couldn’t down to reading. A. settle B.put C.sit D.lie 12. --will you give up the plan? --- no. No matter what the result is, I will still to do it . A. manage B.try C.allow D.encourage B 组: 13. In much of the animal world, night is the time for sleep —pure and simple. A.set aside B.set down C.set off D.set up 【13 湖北】 14. The furniture, with its modern style and bright colors, suits modern houses and their gardens, but looks in the garden of a traditional home.【12 湖北】 A.out of question B.out of order C.out of sight D.out of place 15. They finished (测量) that piece of land last week. 【2005 全国】 16. Your house is always so neat —how do you it with three children? A.serve B.adapt C.construct D.manage 【10 山东】 17. (他有极佳的...天赋)painting helped him a lot in finding the job.(gift) 18.After seeing (他女儿上火车后 ), John felt relieved and left.(aboard) 19. She did the experiment again to figure out (她的同学是怎样 发现...)the phenomenon.(manage) 20.(为了观鸟) in the forest, you have to go there in the early evening, which is the best time.(sight) 21. Tom decided to quit (而不接受这些新规则).(than) 22. (只有通过测量)tiny changes in temperature can make us know whether the machine is working safely.(measure)


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