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Lie to Me台词

Lie to Me 1
1. I’ve instructed my clients to remain silent. 我要求当事人保持沉默。 2. I don’t have much faith in words myself. 反正别人说话我也不太相信。 3. Statistically speaking,the average person tells three lies per ten minutes’ conversation. And granted, it’s just regular people. 数据显示,一般来说人在每 10 分钟的谈话中要说 3 次谎。但那只是普通人。 4. We haven’t studied people who are planning to firebomb a black church. 对那些企图想黑人教堂投燃烧弹的人我们还没研究过。 5. We went at him for four hours, got nothing. 我们已经问了他四小时还不是一无所获。 6. Now, the FBI knows you want mass casualties. So right ow ATF is searching every inch of the two largest black churches in the state. 联调局知道你想制造大规模的伤亡。烟酒火器局正在对州内最大的两座黑人教堂展开搜索。 7. Well, there’s a shocker. It’s not one of those two churches. 真意外。你的目标并不是这两个。 8. What do you say ATF starts with Southbridge? 让烟酒火器局从南桥开始查你看如何? 9. No, i’m only kidding. We’ll skip that one. 不是,我在开玩笑。排查这个。 10. That accusation has no basis. 这样的指控毫无依据。 11. DOD friend of mine said this guy’s a total nutjob. 国防部的哥们说这人完全不务正业。 12. It lasted for less than a fifth of a second. 这个表情之持续了不到五分之一秒。 13. The suspect is secretly happy about the locations we are searching,which tells me we have the wrong locations. 嫌疑犯对我们要搜的那个地方暗自窃笑。所以说,我们搜错了地儿。 14. Classic one-sided shrug. Translation:”i’ve absolutely no confidence of what i just said.” 经典的单肩耸动。表示他对所说的话极不自信。 15. The body contradicts the words. 身体和语言不一致。 16. One personal tip. You see this micro-expression in your spouse’s face, your marriage is coming to an end. Trust me. 友情提示。在伴侣脸上看见了这个“微表情”说明你们的婚姻即将玩儿完。相信我。 17. These expressions are universal. 这些表情全球通用。 18. You’re the shrink. I’m not big on self-affirmation. 你是神经病专家。我可不喜欢自我肯定。 19. No offense taken. 我不介意。 20. I don’t go for married women.

我对已婚女士没兴趣。 21. This case is a land mine. We got a juvenile offender. 这个案子很棘手。凶手是少年犯。 22. Been in custody here ever since. 之后就一直被羁押在此。 23. He wants you to provide an independent assessment of intent. 他想要你们队犯罪动机做出独立评估。 24. We’ll need the crime scene photos and the autopsy report. 给我们犯罪现场的照片和尸检报告。 25. Rigid repetition like that is typical of a lie. 这样生硬的重复是典型的谎言。

Lie to Me 2
1. The problem with all polygraph tests is false positives. 所有测谎仪都有虚报的问题。 2. Innocent people can fail if they feel an increase in any emotion. 无辜的人若因某种情绪突然上升则会被测为说谎。 3. 43 muscles combine to produce a possibility of 10,000 expressions. 人脸的 43 块肌肉能组合出 10000 个表情。 4. I’m sure we can recoup most of our costs. 我确信我们能收回大部分投资。 5. She’s a natural. She’s got phenomenal instincts. 她很有天赋, 有非凡的直觉。 6. Specialist Sheila Lake has served with the 23 rd mountain division for three years. 希拉·雷克军士在第 23 山地师服役三年了。 7. Lake is asserting that she was raped by her platoon leader. 雷克宣称她被烫的排长强奸。 8. Is sergeant Scott being court-martialed? 司各特上士有没有被送交军事法庭? 9. Why waste taxpayers’ money if that’s not what you’re after? 不想知道真想的话又何必浪费纳税人的钱? 10. I would not have pegged you for a hoops geek. 我真没想到你居然是篮球狂热者。 11. Plus, he’s gonna go pro this spring. And you don’t want any more bad press for the “one and done” rule. 而且,今年春天他要进职业队。你希望媒体不要炒作此事。 12. Loker here has a hard time with half-truths. 洛克尔对一切半真半假的话都很讨厌。 13. You finish the psych profile on the guy she’s accused? 你完成她指控的那家伙的心理分析了吗? 14. That suggests a power assertive rapist, somebody who is obsessed with masculinity, who needs others to see him as a man. 这显示是一名过分自信的强奸者是一个为男子气概烦扰的人,需要别人把他当作男子汉。 15. Yeah, but he showed no deception leak age.

是的,但是他没有表现出丝毫欺骗。 16. That’s a classic gestural slip. 经典的模棱两可动作。 17. We should be seeing a lot of activity in the forehead, but there isn’t any. 在她的额头上本应该表现更多变化,但并无变化的踪迹。 18. Does your radical honesty pledge mean you have to say everything you think? 你那个彻底诚实的誓言并不包括口无遮拦吧? 19. But we’ve seen no uptick in Earl’s spending habits. 但我们看不出厄尔最近花钱有特别的地方。 20. You made a false accusation against your sergeant. 你给了你的上士一个莫须有的罪名。 21. Studying the psychological influence of uniforms on credibility. 我在研究穿制服的人给别人的可信度心里。 22. I may have lied, but I was doing the right thing. 或许我是说了谎,但做的没错。 23. Lightman wanted to see how they affect people’s ability to spot lies. 莱特曼想看看这对人们识别谎言有什么影响。 24. You haven’t been asked to focus on verbal skills, so you focus on body language. 没有人要求你展示口才,所以你更注意于肢体语言。 25. That’s very un-loker of you. 这话真不像是你说出来的。

Lie to Me 3
1. Looks like national geographic exploded on your desk. 看起来像是《国家地理》在你桌子上爆炸了。 2. I’m gonna sleep over at Katie’s house. 我还打算在凯蒂家过夜。 3. She died from ablow to the head. 她的死因是头部被重击。 4. As you can imagine, we have to proceed carefully, before we start pointing fingers at a presidential appointee. 你也想象得到,在此之前,我们必须小心行事,因为我们要侦办的这位是受总统任命的人。 5. She was everything you could hope for in a daughter. 她是人人都期望拥有,完美的女儿。 6. Someone who’s obsessed with image. 有人被表面给迷惑住了。 7. Now watch it with the sound off. 现在把声音关了在看。 8. Well, her face doesn’t match the grief of her words. 她说这些悲伤的话时没有相应的表情。 9. She could be reading from a grocery list. 也许她是看着一张购物单在说话。 10. Judge Stark has asked for a brief mourning period, but she’ll be available after tomorrow’s memorial service.

斯坦克法官要求去送别她女儿,明天的葬礼后她会有空。 11. Apparently they tried to bring her to your house first, but... 一开始的时候他们试图把她带到你家,但··· ··· 12. Still no action in the forehead, or around the eyes, even though she’s startled. 前额始终没有任何迹象,眼睛周围也没有,尽管她真的受到惊吓了。 13. Most definitely hiding something. 一定隐藏着什么。 14. No wonder I couldn’t pick anything up. 怪不得我什么也看不出来。 15. It paralyzes the facial muscles. 它会使脸部肌肉麻痹。 16. I got disoriented, lost track of time. 我失去了方向感,也不知道时间过了多久。 17. Next thing I knew, the aircraft was pointed at the ground. 下一件记忆清晰的事,就是飞行器落地坠毁。 18. I managed to get to the ejection handles and punch out. 我设法拉到了驾驶员弹出控制弹了出去。 19. The more popular the kid, the better the liar. 越受欢迎的孩子,越会撒谎。 20. Sucking up is really not your strong suit, is it? 拍马屁貌似不是你的强项。 21. But you didn’t mean a word of it, did you? 不过没有一个字发自内心,对吧? 22. Why were you being faking being sad then? 那为何你的悲伤是装出来的? 23. I can assure you we have no drug problem at Strivers Magnet School. 我能保证 Strivers 学校没有毒品问题。 24. We have a strict honor code. 我们有非常严格的诚信制度。 25. One infraction and you’re out. 一旦违反就会被逐出校门。

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