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语法填空专项练习(40 篇) 1
It was my first day in Hangzhou, the Chinese city famous for its natural beauty and history and I didn't have much time to spare. I wanted to see __1__ much of the city as possible in the two days __2__ I was to return to Guangzhou. My first task was to decide where to go and __3__ to get there. I took out my guide book in which there was a lot of information about the city's wellknown tourist __4__ (attract) and started to read. At that moment an attractive young lady __5__ noticed my book, came up to me and introduced __6__. She said her name was Miss Bai. She kindly offered to show me __7__ the city. I was delighted and was about to accept her proposal when she suggested we first __8__(go) to the West Lake and walk along the Broken Bridge. I quite liked the idea of visiting the West Lake but wasn't so sure about crossing the Broken Bridge.__9__ it was broken, did she expect me to jump across?And I couldn't swim, so if I fell in then I would drown. That was definitely not an attractive idea so I politely declined her invitation, __10__ (close) my book and walked away.

It was a new chapter for the Paralympics movement in Asia, as the Asian Para Games opened its arms to around 2,500 disabled athletes from all around the continent on December 12, 2010. A visually impaired (弱视) boy __1__(name)He Yuxuan was spotlighted at the beginning of the ceremony. Although he can't see the national flag with his own eyes, __2__eightyear- pupil carried the flag in his hands old with __3__mother walking along, handed the flag to the honor guards and saluted as the flag __4__(raise). Mothers of disabled athletes from different Asian countries and regions entered the stadium, __5__(sing) and cheered for their children as the athletes walked into the stadium. Mothers hugged and kissed their children __6__they passed by, giving flowers and their blessings __7__the athletes. They were also joined by more than 300 mothers of children __8__a disability from all over China. These regional athletes set their goals beyond the medals. They aimed to show not only good __9__(perform) during the seven days __10__their image of selfimproving and highlevel sport moral.

I enjoy doing physical training in my free time. Yesterday, when I was working out at a gym on my lunch hour, I saw __1__elderly lady there riding on a bike. She couldn't walk very well, __2__ she had a cane (手杖) near her, but she was still there __3__(work) hard. After I finished my exercising, I told her that I was going to wait for her __4__ she got done and that I would walk her out to her car. It was a little far to her car and it was a __5__(fog) day yesterday in Missouri. I walked her to the car and opened the car door for her, __6__won me her big smile and gratitude. I know __7__ is a small thing, but I felt so good inside for helping her. __8__ my help, she could have fallen so easily out in the wet parking lot, and no one would have known she __9__(fall). I knew she needed my help, and her smile was enough __10__(make) my day.

One evening, I came across one of my son's papers with a failing grade.I almost started to yell his name __1__ I suddenly remembered he was in bed asleep.It was his __2__ (nine) year of school and his academic career seemed to be in ruins, so I was angry.But I put the paper aside and turned to the __3__ one, at the top of which were written “My dad”. was a poem about me, It __4__ included the time I had to leave work to take him to the hospital because he __5__ (break) his finger.So careless was I __6__ I had forgotten all about that.He talked about how I wrestled with him in the evenings and __7__ good many other things.That paper was suddenly not nearly as important as it had been a few minutes __8__.I don't know if he planted the poem next to the failing grade to __9__ (soft) the blow,but it worked.Instead of a severe lecture, I talked to him about the poem as well as the failed homework, and it began to make sense to me that I could include praise along __10__ constructive criticism.

Each time Elizabeth Moore returns from a supermarket, she expects that her sons can help her unload groceries from the car. Her oldest son, 13year- Jake, is always the first one __1__ (help), while her youngest old 1

son, 8year- Sam, complains the whole time. Meanwhile, her middle son, 10old year- Ben, by any means, tries old to avoid __2__ (leave) his room.“He gets held up looking for his shoes. By the time he turns up, we __3__ (do) it,” says Elizabeth.“It amazes me __4__ different my children are from one another.” Why do three kids __5__ the same parents, living in the same house, develop such distinct personalities? A key reason seems to be birth order. Many experts believe that __6__ child's place in the family may affect the hobbies he chooses, the grades he'll earn in school, and how much money he'll make __7__ an adult. An expert says, “For siblings (兄弟姐妹), the __8__ (differ) in many aspects of personality are about as great as they could be between a brother and a sister.”Birth order isn't the only factor __9__ contributes to how a kid turns out, but giving it consideration can help you understand your kids' personalities — so you can help them succeed in __10__ own unique ways.

Henry Ⅶ was the first Tudor king. He became king after __1__(defeat) Richard Ⅲ at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Henry's __2__(succeed) on the battlefield ended the Wars of the Roses that began in 1455. The Wars of the Roses were battles __3__ were fought between the supporters of the House of Lancaster (Lancastrians) and the supporters of the House of York (Yorkists).The wars were called the Wars of the Roses because the Yorkists __4__ (represent) by a white rose and the Lancastrians by a red rose. Although there were no battles fought until 1455, the cause __5__ the wars dates back to the reign (统治时 期) of Edward Ⅲ __6__ the power struggle between his sons after his death. The first battle of the Wars of the Roses took place at St Albans on May 22,1455.The Yorkists __7__ (lead) by Richard Duke of York easily defeated the king's army. Henry Ⅶ raised a Lancastrian army __8__ Richard Ⅲ and at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, Richard was killed and the Yorkists were defeated. It is said that Henry found Richard's crown on the battlefield and placed __9__on his head.Henry Ⅶ then strengthened __10__ position by marrying Edward Ⅳ's daughter, Elizabeth of York, which was a move to end the Wars of the Roses.

Typing the word “pizza” into your favorite search engine may seem harmless enough. But __1__ you may not know is that with this simple act you're sending information to possibly hundreds of machines __2__ (locate) possibly thousands of miles from where you sit. Each machine that search meets on its journey uses energy. Because there are so many people __3__ (search) at the same time all over the world that energy can really add up. Few people have __4__ day without computers. Most of the computers that people use are connected __5__ the Internet.And it's easy to type, click and search __6__(get) answers to even the silliest question. We enjoy this luxury so much that we can forget each search does in fact use energy. And that energy gives out the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. “Every time you type something into Google, __7__ uses several machines to find those answers for you __8__ display them on your page. All of that requires power,”says Sudhanva Gurumurthi, a computer science professor. Computers and electronics account for about 9 percent of home electricity use, __9__ is a lot less than what the big users, especially heat and air conditioning, take up. But using your computer to search the Web has effects that reach __10__ (far) than your own home.

With the reform of Chinese higher education, more and more colleges and universities put emphasis on nurturing students' abilities.__1__ a result, elective courses are __2__ (avail) not only for excellent academic performers but also for students of the average level.Certainly, students have different reasons __3__ (choose) their own electives.For some, practical skills are the essence of college education,and therefore, courses on computer science, marketing, and finance __4__ (prefer).On the other hand, __5__ may hold the idea of liberal education and electives concerning literature, history, and philosophy are the most welcome. Take me as __6__ example: being a disciple of free education, I stand for the idea __7__ university is not a place for survival skills, __8__ a palace of knowledge and critical reasoning.__9__ my major is chemistry, the 2

electives I attend most frequently are English literature, an Introduction to Classic Music, and Different Schools of Western Painting.__10__ really widen my horizon.

Everyone knows that earthquakes can damage their property.But actually, in some situations, more damage is done after an earthquake than when it __1__ (happen).However, you can do a great many things __2__ an earthquake that may help to protect your home. Firstly, make sure there is no gas leak.The professional __3__ (suggest) is to turn off the gas line if you can.If there is a gas leak and you can't turn it off, __4__ is recommended that you get everyone out of the house __5__ go to a neighbor's to call the fire department. Secondly, make sure none of the water pipes are broken.Even if you don't see any water leaking, you should call the water company to see __6__ the water is safe to drink.You don't want any one of your family members to get sick because he or she has drunk __7__ (safe) water, right? The last thing you should do is __8__(make) sure the foundation of the house is not cracked or sinking.A cracked or sinking foundation can be a sign __9__ the house may collapse.In that case, leave the house and do not enter it until __10__expert looks at the problem.

A local community college professor decided to fight back.“The price of books for our students is just getting higher and higher and, __1__ (combine)with the rising cost of tuition, it's killing these kids,”said Peter Jason, PhD.“Remember, students are one of the poorest groups of people in America.Almost half of__2__have at least one parttime job. In fact, one of my students has three jobs.She is a parttime sales clerk at a clothing store three days a week,works three evenings a week__3__ a pizza cook, and works at a beauty salon on weekends.” Textbook prices are __4__(traditional)high.Many college instructors change textbooks year after year.They either change to a new edition or switch to__5__ entirely different textbook.This further hurts students __6__ if an instructor no longer uses a particular textbook, that book has no resale value.Dr Jason thinks it is important__7__ (make) life a little easier and a lot cheaper for his students by__8__ (write) his own book on public speaking.“Compared to most __9__ textbooks, mine is half the number of pages, and onethird the price.That is, $30 instead of $90.I've had great feedback (反馈意见) __10__ my students about my book.”

A young mother set her feet on the pathway of life. “Is the way long?” she asked. Her guide said, “Yes, and the way is hard. You will be old __1__ you reach the end of it, but the end will be better than the __2__ (begin). ” The young mother was happy and wouldn't believe that anything could be better than these years. __3__ she played with her children, __4__ (gather) flowers for them along the way and bathing with them in the clear springs. The sun __5__ (shine) on them, and life was good. The young mother cried, “Nothing will be lovelier __6__ this.” Then the night and the storms came, and the path was dark. The children shook __7__ fear and cold. The mother drew them close __8__ covered them with her mantle (披风). “Oh, Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near. We know __9__ harm can come to us. ” said the children. The mother said, “This is better than __10__ brightness of the day, for I have taught my children courage. ”

You may have noticed that you feel hungry a lot even if you eat three meals a day.This is normal.You need to pay attention to __1__ you eat.Stuffing your face with a large package of potato chips after class may give you a quick boost, __2__a snack that is high in fat and calories will only slow you down in the long run.__3__(choose) healthy snacks means shopping smartly.Be careful of the health claims on food packages.The following are some things to watch out for.Just because something says “all natural”or“pure”, __4__ doesn't always mean that it's good for you.For example, “all natural” juice drinks or sodas can be __5__ (fill) with sugar __6__ is natural.If the fat has been cut back, the amount of sugar in the food may have been increased to keep the food __7__(taste) good.Keep __8__ (health) snacks with you.Keep plenty of fresh fruit at home, so you __9__take them with you 3

when you go out.__10__you want something salty, eat whole grain biscuits instead of potato chips.

Robot teachers, who never get angry or make critical remarks,have been a hit with pupils in some South Korean schools, a government report said.Elementary school children responded__1__(positive) to the robotic teachers, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy said, citing a survey made__2__educational researchers. Englishteaching robots were sent to three provincial schools for eight weeks starting in late December.And programmable electronic robots,__3__teach maths, science and art, were used in 10 Seoul schools for five weeks from November. The researchers found that the Englishteaching robots raised the interest of students in the language and improved__4__confidence.The robots are controlled remotely by an English teacher and are equipped__5__a microphone and video camera.Autonomous units use voicerecognition software__6__(interact) with children. The government has expressed interest in robots to give rural school children__7__(many) learning opportunities than before.“The machines inspired creativity and had a positive influence on the attitude of students, ”__8__ministry official proudly told the media.Nowadays, officials in charge of the project__9__(work) to improve the quality of robot teaching__10__solve some small problems before any decision to expand their use is made.

Harvard is one of the most famous educational institutions in the world and many people want to study there. The problem is that most applicants don't follow the advice that will most likely get them __1__(pick). One of the most important things you should remember when __2__ (apply) to Harvard is that THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE A LIFE. This is probably the main requirement after your grades. The best situation is that you are a natural leader with lots of activities and active social life. Another important thing to remember is that you have to promote (推销)__3__ but in a reasonable manner. You should be aware of your strengths and __4__(weak). Grades are very important __5__ they are not everything. Try to gain a great school record from your high school years, take extra courses that are interesting, and enjoy life. __6__ rest will come naturally. Last but not least, let's pay attention __7__ the interview. You should be respectful and most importantly, show real interest in the school (not only the name). __8__ is a matter of luck to get an interviewer who shares common interests with you. The thing with the interview is that Harvard __9__(receive) applications from hundreds if not thousands of students with the same grades. This means the interview is your chance to show __10__ you are unique.

People in many places are digging up the old folk stories and the messages in them. For example, most American storytellers get their tales from all kinds of sources, cultures, and times. They regard storytelling not only __1__ useful tool in child education, but also as a meaningful activity __2__ helps adults understand themselves as well as those whose cultures may be very __3__ (differ) from their own. “Most local stories are based on a larger theme, ”American storyteller Opalanga Pugh says, “Cinderella, or the central idea of a good child getting __4__ (protect)from her goodness, appears in a __5__ (various)of forms in almost every culture of the world.” Working __6__ students in schools, Pugh helps them understand their own cultures and the general messages of the stories. She works with prisoners too, helping __7__know who they are by telling stories that her listeners can write, direct, and act in their own lives. __8__ they don't like the story they are living, they can rewrite it. Pugh also works to help open up lines of communication __9__managers and workers.“For every advance in business, ” she says, “there is a greater need for communication.” Storytelling can have a great effect on __10__ side of the managerworker relationship, she says.

There are moments in life __1__ you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug (拥抱) them for real! When the door of happiness closes, __2__ opens, but often we look so long at the closed door __3__ we don't 4

see the one which has been opened for us. Don't go for looks; they can deceive (欺骗). Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone __4__ makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be __5__ you want to be. The __6__(happy) of people don't __7__(necessary) have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that __8__ (come) along their way. The brightest future will always be based on a __9__ (forget) past. When you were born, you were crying and everyone __10__ you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.

Sports should help a man to learn fairness, not only in games but also in and for life.If two teams play __1__ game, team must lose.If a dozen teams attend an athletic competition, one __2__ team will get the most points and all the __3__ eleven teams will get __4__ points.If a school team comes out last, that is no loss of face.__5__ that team and that school must do is admit that it __6__(lose). The only intelligent reaction __7__ defeat must be: next year we will do our best to come out on top, because from now on our team will devote __8__ to a stricter course of training under competent instructors. Lessons __9__(learn) in sports can help us in our dealing with other people.But even more __10__(value) are the lessons learned in extracurricular activities in school: in speech,dramatic and musical contests, in “house” activities, and, especially, in the student council.

Taking frequent short breaks is better for you than taking one long holiday, research has found. Dan Ariely, __1__ psychology professor, suggested holidaymakers break up extended time away by doing some work in the middle of their break, __2__(say) this would make them more appreciative of their time away from the office. The __3__(explain) is that people's enjoyment is reduced as they become accustomed __4__ their holiday lifestyle. Basil, __5__ teaches at Duke University in North Carolina, said, “On a long vacation, day seven is less good than day one because it's not as exciting. That is __6__ in general, going away four times a year provides more benefit than you would expect, and going away for one week provides less benefit than you would expect.” __7__, other experts disagree. Tim Harford, the author of Dear Undercover Economist, said, “Taking an increased number of trips would only increase the stress associated with traveling to and __8__ a holiday destination. If you pack three times as many holidays into the same amount of leave, you __9__ (expect) three times as much trouble. At least, it is not obvious to __10__ that it's worth it so I prefer taking a long holiday.”

Not knowing __1__ a particular gesture means in different countries or cultures can be __2__(confuse).People do not realize how much significance a gesture can have __3__ it is misunderstood.To nonGermans, an American __4__(tour)at a German hotel giving an “OK” sign by making a circle with his index finger and thumb is “saying” everything is fine.However, for Germans, that particular gesture can cause offence and is certainly not appropriate. Over the years, scientists have studied hundreds of gestures.They note that in some countries __5__ Australia, __6__ is considered rude not to look someone directly in the eyes as they speak __7__ in other countries like Japan, lowering your eyes __8__(be) a sign of respect.Studies have shown that if people are aware __9__ the different ways that gestures are interpreted; they are more likely to have __10__(good) cultural experiences.

Dear Charlene, Sometime after dark on Saturday night you stopped by my home and left a campaign brochure at my front door for me to see. __1__ contained a lot of the usual things — experience, leadership, education, family and the like. __2__ I don't need it, thank you all the same. Unfortunately, it was dark and you didn't notice that my sidewalk __3__ (enter) was blocked off. Never mind 5

that; you apparently walked across the grass from my neighbor's house to do your business with me. The walkway was blocked off for __4__ good reason. Before you came to my house, some workers __5__(finish) pouring a new concrete slab (水泥板). So it was still somewhat soft __6__ you came by. Just before going to bed I stuck my head __7__ the door to admire my new investment and found your literature. In the morning I tried my best to repair the damage, __8__ still looks ugly. Thank goodness that you weren't wearing spike heels (细高跟鞋). I don't mean __9__ (blame) you. But I think you'd better be careful next time you go to others' houses. It will be good __10__ both the two parties. Everything goes well! Paul

In many countries,__1__is not unusual for families of different backgrounds to live together in the shared space.__2__, in the United States, this idea may still be considered odd. But this type of housing,__3__(call) cohousing, is gaining __4__(popular) in the United States, too. Cohousing complexes are popping up across the country. For many people, this way of life is a relief to the busy modern lifestyle. A cohousing community has__5__(private) owned houses and shared land. There is often a “common house” with a kitchen and dining room, meeting room, and maybe a workshop of library or music room. About 25 cohousing communities __6__ (build) in recent years, and 150 more are planned. A cohousing complex is a place __7__ residents shop, cook, and eat together. Residents of a cohousing complex like its sense of shared community. Children have __8__ kids to play with, __9__ many families like. Other residents like the feeling of living in a “village”. Residents also say that they can live in co?housing for __10__ money than they would pay for nearby apartments.

A peek at Chinese rare names.Hello, Mr. Death! Unhappy with your name? Then spare a thought for those rare Chinese families whose surnames mean “zero”, “ghost” __1__even “death”. A man in China's southern province of Jiangxi has spent the last 20 years compiling a list of__2__(usual)family names, according to national__3__(broadcast), the China Central Television. Most Chinese people share a few common surnames, Zhang, Wang, Li, Liu and Chen. The Chinese expression for “ordinary people” literally__4__(mean) “the old one hundred surnames”. __5__ Cheng Yinglian's interest was piqued after reading a newspaper many years ago and__6__(discover) a person with the surname Gui, meaning “ghost”, CCTV said.__7__then, he has scoured newspapers, books and other publications to find similar rare surnames, coming up__8__ about 2,000 to date. Those he has found include Ling, or “zero”, Cu, or “vinegar”, Miao, or “second” and Yi, or “one”.In China, many parents go out of their way to give__9__ children auspicious names __10__ suggest they will grow up to be healthy, strong and rich.

Jay was born to ride. Just after learning to walk, he got his first tricycle. A year later, he was on a bicycle __1__ training wheels. At the age of 5, he was a skilled bicyclist. His father made sure he did everything __2__ (safe). Jay wore a helmet, a chest pad, elbow pads, and knee pads. He fell a lot, __3__ he was never hurt badly. It was when he was 7 years old __4__ he got his first motocycle. He entered motocross races all over the country. By the time he was 15, he __5__ (win) thirty races. His future looked bright. When he was 17, Jay took his girlfriend out for __6__ ride on his motorcycle. A truck ran a red light, and Jay and his girlfriend fell off the motorcycle, __7__ (crash) into the side of the truck. Jay went into the hospital for three months. His girlfriend died immediately, for __8__ Jay felt guilty all the time. Jay didn't ride a motorcycle again for 10 years. Then one weekend he bought a used motorcycle. He took __9__ out for a test run at dusk. It was a great feeling __10__ (ride) again. He got it up to 110 miles an hour on the local freeways. That was fun, he thought. 6

Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at Stanford Hospital, I got to know a little girl __1__ (name) Lisa who was suffering from a rare and serious disease.Her only chance of recovery appeared to be a blood transfusion __2__ her fiveyear- brother, __3__ had miraculously (奇迹般地) survived the same disease and old had developed the antibodies (抗体) needed to fight the __4__(ill). The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the boy __5__ he would be willing to give his blood to his sister.I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking __6__ deep breath and saying,“Yes, I'll do it if it can save Lisa.” As the transfusion progressed, he lay in a bed next to his sister and __7__ (smile), as we all did, seeing the color returning __8__ her cheeks.Then his face grew pale and his smile faded.He looked up at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice,“Will I start to die right away?” Being young, the boy had__9__ (understand) the doctor; he thought he was going to have to give her all __10__ blood.

A friend of mine is a very successful sales manager.After he had__1__(careful) interviewed and then selected a new salesman, he would require the salesman__2__(buy) a new Cadillac, which is a luxury car__3__(produce) by General Motors.The salesman would be__4__ the idea.He would be frightened of the cost of the car and the huge monthly payment involved.But the sales manager would insist that he buy the Cadillac as__5__ condition of employment. Afterwards, the salesman would drive the car home and his wife would most probably have a heart attack when she saw the car.Then he would take her for a ride around the neighborhood__6__ the new car.He would park his new Cadillac in front of his house or in the driveway.People would come over and admire it.Gradually,__7__ attitude toward himself and his earning potential would begin to change. Within a few days, he would begin to see himself as the kind of person__8__drove a new Cadillac.And time after time, almost without fail, the salespeople in this organization became sales superstars.Their sales performance jumped and they earned more than they__9__(earn) before.Soon the payments on the new Cadillac were of no concern__10__ their incomes were so much greater.

I do a lot of management training each year for the Circle K Company. Among the topics, what we discuss in our classes is the keeping of quality employees. “__1__ has caused you to stay enough to become a manager?” I asked. After a while __2__ new manager took the question and said slowly, “It was a baseball glove.” Cynthia said she used to take a Circle K clerk job as an interim (临时的) one while she looked for something __3__(well). On her second day behind the counter, she received a call from her nineyear- son, Jessie. He old needed a baseball glove for the little League. She explained that____4___ a single mother, money was tight and her first check would have to go for ___5__ (pay) bills. When Cynthia arrived for work the next morning, Partircia, the store manager asked her to come to her small office and handed her a box.“I overheard you talking to your son yesterday,” she said,“and I know that it is hard __6__ (explain) things to kids. This is a baseball glove for Jessie. I know you have to pay bills __7__ you can buy gloves. You know we can't pay good people like you as __8__ as we would like to; but we do care and I want you to know __9__ you are to us.” Cynthia's story shows vividly that people remember more how much a manager cares __10__ how much he pays.

Maria had to buy food for herself and her son. Divorced for ten years, she was used to __1__ (do) everything by herself for her son. He was a junior in high school, which meant that he __2__ (enter) college in two years. Then she would be shopping only for herself. She felt sad __3__ she thought of this. She loved him, and feared that he would no longer be her daily company. 7

Maria drove to Costco, a chain store __4__ sold food in bulk packages. By selling in bulk only, the store helps its customers save money. She parked far __5__ the entrance. That meant a longer walk, but also a faster exit from the parking lot. She grabbed one of the big shopping carts outside and pushed __6__ into the store. Her purse stayed tightly __7__ (hang) over her shoulder. Surprisingly, the store wasn't too __8__ (crowd). She carefully selected some bananas, apples, and other fruit, __9__ she couldn't find her son's favorite brand of oranges. On the way home, she planned to stop at __10__ chain store or two until she found them.

We are all in the position of the farmer. If we plant a good seed, we __1__ (get) a good harvest. If our seed is poor and full of weeds, we'll get a __2__ (use) crop. If we don't plant anything, we'll harvest nothing at all. I want the future to be better __3__ the past. I don't want it __4__ (pollute) by the mistakes and errors __5__ which history is filled. We should all __6__ (concern) about the future because that is __7__ we will spend the rest of our lives. The past is gone and static. Nothing we can do will change it. The future is __8__ us and it is dynamic. Everything we do will affect it. Each day it will bring us new frontiers in our homes and in our businesses as long as we recognize __9__. We are just at __10__ beginning of the progress in every field of human efforts.

Nowadays, global warming has become a hot topic.It affects many aspects of our life, one of __1__ is the food we eat.It includes fruits, vegetables, and other crops that are sensitive to changes __2__ climate. People in Japan are __3__ (especial) worried about the effects of global warming on rice,a staple food (主 食).According to research,since 2008 farm __4__ (observe)some problems in the brown rice crop.These problems are thought to appear __5__ temperatures are too high during the growth period and are believed to be linked __6__ global warming. Oranges are a favorite winter fruit among Japanese people.__7__, recently farmers have been finding some oranges with their skin separated from their flesh.This phenomenon is said to be caused by high temperatures and heavy rainfall in __8__ period after the fruit has ripened (成熟). Other effects that have been reported include pale color in grapes __9__ sunburn marks on apples. According to a survey __10__ (carry) out by the Japanese National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, people in Japan have become aware of the effects of global warming.

Extremely hot weather is common in many parts of the world. Although hot weather just makes most people feel. hot, it can cause serious medical problems — even__1__(dead). Floods, storms and other natural events kill thousands of people every year. So__2__ extreme heat. Experts say heat may be the __3__ (frightening) killer in nature. A common health problem, linked__4__ hot weather is heat stress.The causes of heat stress include __5__ (wear)heavy clothing, physical work or exercise, or hot weather.If several of these conditions are present at the same time, a person's body temperature__6__ (rise)about safe limits.Then the body will release water to cool the skin through perspiration (出汗).And this is __7__ the body defenses against heat. However, too much perspiration can lead to too much loss of body water and salt. Most people suffer only muscle pain as a result of heat stress. The pain is a warning__8__ the body is becoming too hot. Doctors say those suffering muscle pain should stop all activities and rest in a cool place.__9__ should also drink cool liquids. Do not return __10__ (do) physical activities for a few hours because more serious conditions could develop.

I previously signed up with my local mall to fill out email surveys. Recently, the mall sent me an email saying it would give me a free gift card __1__ I printed out the email and brought it to the mall at a certain date and time. When I arrived at the mall with the printed email, a young girl ahead of me __2__(try) to get her gift card, but she didn't succeed at last. She was told that only those people __3__ were older than 18 could get a gift card, but she wasn't.She was rather __4__ (disappoint). 8

I took note of the direction she headed off, and __5__ receiving my card, I headed that way. I saw her entering __6__store, so I walked up to her and handed her my card. At first, she turned down my gift, but I just smiled, said “Happy Holidays”__7__ walked off. It was so nice __8__(see) the surprise and pleasure on her face. I didn't have the $10 gift card before entering the mall, so it wouldn't hurt to give __9__ away. In fact, rather__10__ “not hurting”, it brought me much joy!

I often walk from work to the Embarcadero BART station, where I catch a train back to the East Bay. Several times, I passed a gentleman__1__ I thought was homeless. He had a lot of his things tied down to his bike __2__ held a cardboard sign that said he was __3__ vet who didn't drink or smoke, but would appreciate anything that could __4__ (give). He usually had headphones on and was listening __5__ the radio. Several times, __6__ I passed him, I realized I had some food with me. So I turned around and offered__7__ that food (most recently, a hamburger). He took __8__ his headphones, and said,“Umm, hamburgers are my favorite!” with a big smile. He thanked me so __9__ (warm). In the past, I met homeless people who turned down the food I was offering, __10__(say) that they wanted only money instead. So this wonderful gentleman being so open to receiving touched me.

This morning I was walking my dogs in the yard with my daughter. Just then I noticed a very large thing __1__the trees across the street from my house.When I got to the right angle I could see that it was a very large owl __2__ (sit) on the top of the branches. This afternoon when I came home, it was there again. Hoping to take __3__ picture of it, I hurried into my room and grabbed my camera. However, by the time I came outside, it __4__ (fly) away. A few hours later, my daughter and I were taking the dogs __5__ their afternoon walk when I saw the owl for the third time.This time it was on the edge of a very large nest. I had wondered all winter long if it was actually a nest __6__ if was a large clump (簇) of leaves. This nest is huge, about three times as large __7__ a usual one. I suppose __8__ you were a large owl, you'd need a large nest, too. We stood on the sidewalk and watched as __9__ we can only imagine was little heads bobbing up (冒出) from the nest. My husband took a few pictures __10__(excited)— thank goodness for the camera.

Many patients who don't want to tell their doctor how much they really drink are often more honest with a computer. The computer __1__ (use) for this purpose is programmed to be friendly. For example, if a patient called Ann says that __2__ her parents are dead, the computer will say:“I'm sorry to hear that, Ann.” Apart from expressing sympathy, the computer __3__ also question and remind. If a patient says he __4__ drinks alcohol, the computer can ask him, “Never? Not even at parties or at Christmas?” Does this direct contact __5__ the patient and the computer mean that we do not need doctors any more? It depends. Computers are useful __6__ they do not look shocked if you say you drink two bottles of whisky __7__ day. And they do not stop to talk on the phone as doctors often do. But __8__ a doctor said, “We smile and we give a patient a handkerchief or put arm around her shoulder if she __9__(cry). That is __10__ people will always want us.”

Customs for saying goodbye in different countries may be different.Before you come to France, you should know __1__ to express it here as it is very important. According to proper French etiquette (礼节), it is customary to shake hands when greeting someone as well as when saying goodbye. Therefore,on formal occasions, when__2__(leave), one should shake hands once again and say “Goodbye, sir/madam”. In some places, people even wish each other farewell (再会)__3__shaking hands every day when departing from work. Saying goodbye in __4__ formal manner is also common in restaurants or stores.Actually, in an informal situation, the goodbye__5__(accompany) with hugging or kissing. To behave well in front of the French, you'd better remember the fact __6__ the French are very proud of 9

their language. Using simple words __7__ hello, thank you and goodbye in French can help you make a positive impression on __8__.Moreover, in order to have the right effect, you must use the correct __9__ (pronounce) of these words.Therefore,__10__ you want to be popular with French people in the near future, you'd better learn some simple French words first.

No one knows what would happen in the future for sure. __1__ we often think of the future and wonder what the world would be __2__ in a hundred years' time. Think of space. Perhaps __3__ permanent station on the moon will have been set up. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon __4__ tourists. Cheap rockets for space travel will have been developed, __5__ (permit) long journeys throughout the solar system.__6__ that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space __7__ visiting other planets, such as the Mars Colony and the Venus Exploration Outpost. Scientists of the future will almost certainly find other ways to make life last __8__ (long). __9__ probably will find cures for most diseases. Hospitals will probably have “body banks” that can give you almost any new part you need to keep on __10__(live). People of the future may live to be a lot older than 100 years.

Cars are too expensive for many people around the world to own. Not only that, many cities are already full of traffic, and many country areas have rough roads. So __1__ do people travel those distances that are too far to walk? They use public transportation. If you ride the subway or bus __2__ you live, you can appreciate some of the benefits of public transportation. With many people __3__ (share) one bus or train, there is less traffic and, more __4__ (importance), less pollution. Which of the types of mass transit __5__ (describe) below are you familiar with? If a regular bus can hold dozens of people, imagine what a bus __6__ (two) the size can hold! In Great Britain, there are many buses that are known as doubledeckers (cars with two floors). Buses in Haiti are often very crowded. It's not __7__ (common) for passengers to actually sit on the rooftops. Buses are sometimes called “tap?taps”, because the __8__ (ride) on the roof tap (敲击) when they want to be dropped off. Many large cities around the world take advantage of the space beneath the streets and run underground trains. People in Paris, Mexico City and Tokyo may use the subway system to get to school, to work, or to visit friends in other __9__ (neighbor). Both the Japanese and French have developed Highspeed trains to link various cities. The French TGV (highspeedtrain ) is the world's fastest, __10__ (average) over 270 kph!

Mr.Smith used to be in prison for three years, which may have you think he is not a good man.But as a matter of fact, he is kindhearted as well as honest.The reason why he was put into prison was not that he __1__ broke the law, but that his sixyear- son blew up the bridge near his home, imitating __2__ he had seen on TV. __3__ this old little boy did break the law, he was too young to be put into prison.According to the local law, the boy's parents had to __4__ (punish).As a result, Mr.Smith received __5__ punishment.He was arrested and taken to the police station finally.Most of the people in the town showed pity on him, but it was __6__ (use).After all, law is law.Everybody is to obey __7__.As the proverb “When it rains, it pours” goes, Mrs.Smith was out of work __8__ long.She had to move to a southern state, __9__ she was born and grew up.Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.What the Smiths have experienced __10__ teach us a good lesson.

One Sunday morning in August I went to a local music festival. I left it early because I had an appointment __1__(late) that day. My friends walked me to the bus stop and waited with me __2__the bus arrived. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man__3__(sit) at the front. He __4__ (pretend) that a tiger toy was real and giving it a voice. He must be __5__ (mental) disabled. Behind him were other people to__6__he was trying to talk, but after some minutes__7__walked away and sat near me, looking annoyed. I didn't want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn't like leaving him__8__ his own either. 10

After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself. We had__9__ amazing conversation. He got off the bus before me and I felt very happy the rest of the way home. I'm glad I made the choice. It made__10__of us feel good.

There was once a beautiful girl who hated herself because she was blind. She also hated everyone else __1__ her loving boyfriend, who was __2__ (consider) and was always there to help her. One day she told her boyfriend, “You are so kind to me and if I could only see the world, I __3__ marry you.” One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages (绷带) came __4__, she was able to see everything, her boyfriend __5__ (include), of course. He asked her, “Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?” the girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind, too. The sight of __6__ ugly closed eyelids shocked her and made her feel sick. She __7__ (not expect) that, and the __8__ (think) of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and a few days later sent a note to her, __9__ said, “Please take good care of your eyes, my dear, for __10__ they were yours, they were mine.” 答案详解
1 1.解析:这是 as ...as possible(尽可能??)结构。 答案:as 2. 解析: “参观这个城市的尽可能多的地方”应是在“返回广州” 之前。 答案:before 3.解析:指“如何”到达要去的地方。 答案:how 4.解析:作介词 about 的宾语,表示“旅游景点”,用名词,且 不止一个,用名词的复数形式。 答案:attractions 5.解析:引导定语从句并在从句中作主语。 答案:who/that 6.解析:那位年轻漂亮的女孩过来作“自我介绍”。 答案:herself 7.解析:因 show sb.around ...(带某人参观??)是固定搭配。 答案:around 8.解析:表示“建议”的 suggest 后的宾语从句的谓语动词用 “(should+)动词原形”。 答案:(should) go 9.解析:引导原因状语从句,又在句首,故用 since 或 as。 答案:Since/As 10.解析:与前面的 declined 和后面的 walked 是并列关系,所以 也用一般过去式。 答案:closed 2 1.解析:过去分词作后臵定语,一个名叫何宇轩的弱视男孩。 答案:named 2.解析:定冠词,此处特指这个弱视的男孩。 答案:the 3.解析:形容词性物主代词,这个 8 岁男孩的妈妈。 答案:his 4.解析:被动语态,国旗被升起。 答案:was raised 5.解析:动词,由 and 可知此处是平衡结构,前后时态以及词性 一致。 答案:sang 6.解析:状语从句,when/as 表示为当。 答案:when/as 7.解析:固定搭配,give sth. to sb.“把某物给某人”。 答案:to 8.解析:介词,介词短语作后臵定语,with 这里表“有”的意思。 答案:with 9.解析:名词 performance(s)作动词 show 的宾语。 答案:performance(s) 10.解析:连词,not only ... but also ... “不但??而且??”。 答案:but 3 1. 解析: lady 为可数名词, 在此处无特指, 且前面有 elderly 修饰, 故本空应填不定冠词 an。 答案:an 2.解析:因为老妇人腿脚不好,“所以”她旁边有一根手仗,故 本空应填 so。 答案:so 3.解析:本句中,现在分词短语 working hard 作伴随状语。 答案:working 4.解析:连词 until 在本句中引导时间状语从句,意为“直到”。 答案:until 5.解析:分析句子结构,此处缺少一个形容词作定语, 修饰 day, 故本空应填名词 fog 的形容词形式 foggy。 答案:foggy 6.解析:本句中,which 引导的是非限制性定语从句,指代前面 整个句子,并在从句中作主语。 答案:which 7.解析:代词 it 在这里指代的是上文描述的“作者扶老妇人到停 车场并帮她开车门”这件事。 答案:it 8.解析:根据句意“没有我的帮助,她有可能会在湿滑的停车场 摔倒”可知,此处应填介词 without。 答案:Without 9.解析:此处使用 had done 形式表示与过去事实相反的虚拟语 气。 答案:had fallen 10.解析:本句中,不定式 to make 作结果状语。


答案:to make 4 1.解析:根据该句句意得知,when 在此相当于 just at that time。 答案:when 2.解析:他的“第九”年学业,应填序数词。 答案:ninth 3.解析:“另一张或下一张”试卷。 答案:other/next 4.解析:先行词为 a poem。 答案:which 5.解析:弄破手指的动作发生在“过去的过去”,所以应用过去 完成时。 答案:had broken 6.解析:此处为 so ...that ...结构用于倒装句。 答案:that 7.解析:固定搭配,a good many 意为“许多”。 答案:a 8.解析:由该句的时态而定。 答案:before/earlier 9.解析:根据句意,此空前的 to 为不定式符号。 答案:soften 10.解析:“我”既表扬了儿子,又批评了儿子。along with 意为 “和??一起;既??又??”。 答案:with 5 1.解析:本句中不定式 to help 作定语修饰 one。 答案:to help 2.解析:avoid 意为“避免”,其后跟动名词作宾语。 答案:leaving 3.解析:根据句中的时间状语从句 by the time he turns up 可知, 此处应用现在完成时态。 答案:have done 4.解析:本句中,it 是形式主语,how 引导的感叹句是真正的主 语。 答案:how 5.解析:介词 with 在这里意为“有”,此处表示“三个孩子的父 母相同”。 答案:with 6.解析:child 为可数名词,且此处无特指,故应用不定冠词 a 修 饰。 答案:a 7.解析:介词 as 在这里意为“作为”。 答案:as 8.解析:分析句子结构,此处应填入一个名词作主语,故应使用 动词 differ 的名词形式 differences。 答案:differences 9. 解析: 本句中, 引导的是限制性定语从句, that 修饰先行词 factor, 并在从句中作主语。由于先行词前有 only 修饰,故该定语从句只能用 that 来引导。 答案:that 10.解析:their 在这里指代上文中提到的 your kids'。 答案:their 6 1. 解析: 考查现在分词。 此处用现在分词短语作介词 after 的宾语。 答案:defeating 2.解析:考查动词变名词。Henry's 后要接名词形式,此处意为 “成功”。 答案:success 3.解析:考查定语从句。关系代词引导的定语从句修饰先行词 battles,且关系代词在从句中作主语。

答案:that 4. 解析: 考查被动语态。 此处意为“白玫瑰作为约克王朝的象征”, 故要用被动语态。 答案:were represented 5.解析:考查介词。此处用介词 of 意为“战争的起因”。 答案:of 6.解析:考查连词。the reign of Edward Ⅲ和 the power struggle 是并列关系。 答案:and 7.解析:考查过去分词。The Yorkists 和 lead 是被动关系,故此 处用过去分词作后臵定语,修饰 The Yorkists。 答案:led 8.解析:考查介词。根据下文“Richard was killed and the Yorkists were defeated” 可知,Henry Ⅶ的部队是反对 Richard 的。 答案:against 9. 解析: 考查代词。 此处用代词指代上文提到的 Richard's crown。 答案:it 10.解析:考查代词。此处用 his 指代 Henry Ⅶ's。 答案:his 7 1. 解析: 考查主语从句。 what 引导主语从句, 并在从句中作 know 的宾语,本句意为“你也许不知道的是??”。 答案:what 2.解析:考查过去分词。machines 和 locate 是被动关系,故此处 用过去分词短语修饰 machines。 答案:located 3.解析:考查现在分词。people 和 search 是主动关系,故此处用 现在分词短语作后臵定语修饰 people。 答案:searching 4.解析:考查冠词。此处用不定冠词 a 泛指“一天”。 答案:a 5.解析:考查介词。be connected to sth. 意为“与某物连接”。 答案:to 6.解析:考查不定式。此处用不定式作目的状语。 答案:to get 7.解析:考查代词。此处用 it 指代 Google。 答案:it 8.解析:考查连词。“find those answers for you” 和“display them on your page”是并列关系。 答案:and 9.解析:考查定语从句。which 引导的非限制性定语从句修饰前 面的“about 9 percent of home electricity use”, which 在从句中作主 语。 答案:which 10.解析:考查副词比较级。根据后面的“than your own home” 可知,此处要用比较级 farther 或 further。 答案:further 8 1.解析:as a result 是一个固定搭配的短语,意思为:结果。 答案:As 2.解析:前面有系动词 be,故后面应接形容词,故填 available。 答案:available 3.解析:reason to do sth.故此处填不定式。 答案:to choose 4.解析:因为前面的科目是受到偏爱,故用被动。 答案:are preferred 5.解析:前面有“For some”,所以这里应填 others。 答案:others 6.解析:这是一个固定短语:take ...as an example。 答案:an


7.解析:the idea 后面是一个同位语从句,引导词只能用 that。 答案:that 8.解析:考查 not ...but ...结构。 答案:but 9.解析:虽然“我”的专业是化学,但“我”最常去的选修课 是??这里有转折的意思,故填 Although。 答案:Although 10.解析:这里要填的词应为代词,代替前面提到的选修课,故填 They。 答案:They 9 1.解析:本句是在比较地震后与地震发生时所产生的损害大小, 因此应用现在进行时表示该动作正在进行。 答案:is happening 2.解析:强调在地震之后做大量的保护家庭的工作。 答案:after 3.解析:分析句子结构可知,此处应用 suggest 的名词形式 suggestion(建议)作句子的主语。 答案:suggestion 4.解析:it 在本句中是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的从句。 答案:it 5.解析:get everyone out of the house 和 go to a neighbor's to call the fire department 是两个并列的动作,同为主语 you 发出,因此应用 并列连词 and 连接。 答案:and 6.解析:if 在本句中引导宾语从句,意为“是否”。 答案:if 7.解析:生病(get sick)应该是因为喝了不安全的(unsafe)水,因此 本空应填 safe 的否定形式 unsafe。 答案:unsafe 8. 解析: make sure the foundation of the house is “to or sinking”在本句中作表语。 答案:to make 9.解析:that 在本句中引导同位语从句,解释说明 sign 的具体内 容。 答案:that 10.解析:expert 为可数名词,且此处无特指,故应用不定冠词 an 来修饰。 答案:an 10 1.解析:考查过去分词。it (the price of books)与动词 combine 是被动关系,故此处用过去分词作状语。 答案:combined 2.解析:考查代词。此处用 them 指代 students。 答案:them 3.解析:考查介词。此处用介词 as 表“作为??”,意为“从 事??工作”。 答案:as 4.解析:考查形容词变副词。此处要用副词修饰后面的形容词 high。 答案:traditionally 5.解析:考查冠词。此处用不定冠词 an 意为“一个”。 答案:an 6.解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,后面是解释前一句的原因。 答案:because 7.解析:考查不定式。it 在句中作形式主语,此处用不定式短语 作真正的主语。 答案:to make 8.解析:考查动名词。介词 by 后接名词、动名词、代词作宾语。 答案:writing not cracked

9.解析:考查代词。此处用代词 other ,指代其他那些教材。 答案:other 10.解析:考查介词。本句意为“我已经从学生那里得到了有关我 的书的良好反馈”。 答案:from 11 1.解析:在达到人生终点之时,人“就”老了,故应该用引导时 间状语从句的连词 before 来表示。 答案:before 2.解析:the 后接名词。 答案:beginning 3.解析:于是,她与孩子们玩耍,承接前句。 答案:So 4.解析:与下面的 bathing 一起作伴随状语。 答案:gathering 5.解析:这里用过去式,与文章时态相应。 答案:shone 6.解析:空前为形容词比较级,应用 than 引起比较项。 答案:than 7.解析:shook with fear “吓得发抖”。 答案:with 8.解析:连接 drew 和 covered 两个动词。 答案:and 9.解析:不会有什么来伤害我们。 答案:no 10.解析:这里将黑暗与白天的光明作对比。 答案:the 12 1.解析:what 引导一个名词性从句,作 pay attention to 的宾语。 答案:what 2.解析:前后两个分句之间有转折意思,故填 but。 答案:but 3.解析:这里是动名词作主语。 答案:Choosing 4.解析:it 在这儿指代前面提到过的“all natural” or “pure”。 答案:it 5.解析:这是一个固定搭配的短语:be filled with。 答案:filled 6.解析:因先行词是物,故填 which 引导一个定语从句。 答案:which 7.解析:keep the food tasting good 意思是“让食物有好味道”。 答案:tasting 8. 解析: snacks 是名词, 名词前面应用形容词修饰, 故填 healthy。 答案:healthy 9.解析:当你出门的时候可以带着它们。 答案:can 10.解析:这里用 if 表条件。如果你想吃咸的东西,请吃谷物饼 干,而不要吃薯片。 答案:If 13 1. 解析: 此处需要填入一个副词修饰动词 respond, 故应用 positive 的副词形式 positively。 答案:positively 2. 解析: 介词 by 在此处意为“由??”, 跟动词的过去分词 made 连用,说明 make 动作的发出者。 答案:by 3.解析:关系代词 which 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 robots,并在从句中作主语。 答案:which 4.解析:their 在此处指代上文提到的 students'。


答案:their 5.解析:be equipped with 为固定搭配,意为“装配;配备”。 答案:with 6.解析:本句中动词不定式 to interact 作目的状语。 答案:to interact 7.解析:根据句中的 than 及句意可知,此处应用 many 的比较级 形式。 答案:more 8.解析:official 作“官员”讲时为可数名词,且此处无特指,故 应用不定冠词 a。 答案:a 9.解析:根据句中的时间状语 nowadays 及句意可知,work 这个 动作是 officials in charge of the project 在现阶段正在进行的一个动作, 故应用现在进行时。 答案:are working 10. 解析: improve the quality of robot teaching 和(to)solve some to small problems 为两个并列的不定式短语,故应用 and 连接。为避免重 复,第二个不定式短语中的不定式符号 to 被省略。 答案:and 14 1.解析:考查过去分词。此处考查 get sth.done 结构,them (most applicants) 与 pick 是被动关系,故用过去分词作宾补。 答案:picked 2.解析:考查现在分词。when applying 在句子中作时间状语,相 当于时间状语从句 when you are applying to Harvard。 答案:applying 3. 解析: 考查代词。 根据语境可知此处意为“推销你自己, 自荐”。 答案:yourself 4.解析:考查形容词变名词复数。根据前面的 strengths 可知此处 要填名词复数形式。 答案:weaknesses 5.解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,前后是转折关系。申请哈佛 大学时学业成绩很重要,但不是唯一的标准。 答案:but 6. 解析: 考查冠词。 此处填定冠词, The rest 意为“剩下的事情”。 答案:The 7.解析:考查介词。pay attention to sth.意为“注意某事”。 答案:to 8.解析:考查代词。此处用 it 指代 if 从句的内容。 答案:It 9.解析:考查时态。根据语境可知哈佛大学每次都会收到成百上 千的具有相同成绩的申请,因此用一般现在时。 答案:receives 10.解析:考查宾语从句。本句意为“这意味着面试将是一次展现 你自己为什么与众不同的机会”。 答案:why 15 1.解析:useful 是辅音音素开头,因此不能填 an。 答案:a 2.解析:activity 后面跟定语从句,that 或 which 在定语从句中充 当主语。 答案:that 或 which 3.解析:用形容词作 be 的表语。 答案:different 4.解析:过去分词作 child 的定语,表示被动。 答案:protected 5.解析:a variety of 意思是“各种各样的”。 答案:variety 6.解析:“和学校学生一起工作”。 答案:with

7.解析:指前面的 prisoners。 答案:them 8.解析:引导一个条件状语从句。 答案:If 9.解析:两者之间用 between 而不用 among。 答案:between 10.解析:表示“两者当中任何一个”。答案:either 16 1.解析:引导定语从句,先行词是 moments,在从句中充当时间 状语,故用 when。 答案: when 2.解析:句意:当幸福之门关闭时,另一扇门打开了。 答案: another 3. 解析:此处是 so ...that ...句型。句意为:但是我们常常眷恋着 那扇关上了的门,而看不见另一扇已经为我们打开了的门。 答案:that 4. 解析:引导定语从句,先行词是 someone,在定语从句中作主 语,指人,故用 who。 答案:who 5.解析:引导表语从句并在从句中作表语,故用连接代词 what。 答案:what 6. 解析:由后文的 the best of ...可知,这里用形容词最高级,表示 “最幸福的人”。 答案:happiest 7. 解析:修饰动词 have,作状语,要用副词。 答案:necessarily 8. 解析:由前面的 have, make 等谓语动词可知,用一般现在时; 又 因 该 定 语从 句 中 的主 语 that 是 替 代 先 行 词 everything 的 , 而 everything 是第三人称单数, 答案:comes 9. 解析: past 在这里是名词, 因 前面需要定语; 又因 past 与 forget 是被动关系,故用过去分词 forgotten 作定语。 答案: forgotten 10.解析:表示“在??周围”,用介词 around。 答案:around 17 1. 解析: 在单数可数名词前用不定冠词表示泛指, a 这里泛指“任 何一场比赛”。注意,play 后接球类运动的名词时不用冠词。 答案:a 2.解析:由最高级 the most points(最多分)可以推知,12 个队参 加比赛,分数最多的只能是其中的一个队。 答案:one 3.解析:指 12 个队中除一个最多分之外的“另外的”11 个队。 答案:other 4.解析:与得分最多的那个队相比,另外的这所有的 11 个队的得 分都会“更少”。 答案:fewer 5.解析:引导主语从句,并在主语从句中作 do 的宾语。句中系动 词后作表语的不定式省略了 to,因为主语部分有 do,作表语的不定式 的 to 可以省略。 答案:What 6.解析:指承认曾经“失败过”。 答案:lost 7.解析:表示“对??作出反应”是 reaction 后加介词 to,固定 搭配。 答案:to 8.解析: devote oneself to(致力于)是固定搭配,又因主语是 our 因 team,故用 itself。 答案:itself 9.解析:因 learn 与 lessons 在逻辑上是动宾关系,即 lessons 与 故填 comes。


learn 是被动关系,故用过去分词作定语。 答案:learned 10. 解析: 这句是为避免头重脚轻而使用了倒装。 因主语 the lessons 的定语 learned in ...in the student council 太长,将其放在后面了,are 前面空格处是作表语的,故用形容词。 答案:valuable 18 1.解析:professor 是可数名词,且此处无特指,故应使用不定冠 词 a 修饰。 答案:a 2.解析:主语 Dan Ariely 是 say 动作的发出者,故此处应使用现 在分词作伴随状语。 答案:saying 3. 解析: 此处应使用动词 explain 的名词形式 explanation 作主语。 答案:explanation 4.解析:be(become)accustomed to 为固定搭配,意为 “习惯 于??”。 答案:to 5.解析:who 在此处引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中作主语。 先行词为 Basil。 答案:who 6.解析:why 在此处引导表语从句,并在从句中作状语。 答案:why 7.解析:该空白之后的段落陈述了与之前完全相反的观点,故此 处应填 however 表示转折。 答案:However 8.解析:根据前面的介词 to 和并列连词 and 可知,此处应填介词 from,表示“去旅行目的地和从旅行目的地返回”。 答案:from 9.解析:if 引导的条件状语从句使用的是一段现在时代替将来时, 故主句应使用一般将来时。 答案:will expect 10.解析:根据前后文语境可知,此处作者是说“至少对我来说这 不值得”,故此处应填第一人称的宾格代词 me。 答案:me 19 1. 解析: 动名词 knowing 后面应是一个宾语从句, 而从句中 means 缺宾语,填连接代词 what。主句主语是 knowing 短语作主语,谓语是 can be ...。 答案:what 2.解析: 作表语应填形容词,表示“令人困惑的”,用 confusing。 答案:confusing 3.解析:两分句之间应用连词连接,句子结构才完整,由句意可 知,填 until 以构成 not ...until(直到??才)句型。 答案:until 4.解析:在“冠词+形容词”后用名词,表示“旅游者”,故填 tourist,因前面有 an,用单数。本句作主语的短语很长,an American tourist ...and thumb 是主语,谓语是 is saying。 答案:tourist 5.解析:意指“像澳大利亚一样的国家”;表示“像??一样” 用介词 like。 答案:like 6.解析:作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式短语。 答案:it 7. 解析: in some countries ...与 in other countries ...是对比关系, 因 用并列连词 while。 答案:while 8. 解析: 因动名词短语 lowering your eyes 作主语时, 谓语用单数; 指一般情况用一般现在时。 答案:is

9.解析:因 be aware of sth.(明白;意识到)是固定短语。 答案:of 10.解析:在名词前作定语需要形容词,无需变词性,考虑级的变 化,由句意可知用比较级。句意:如果人们懂得不同身势语的意思,他 们就更有可能有更好的文化体验。 答案:better 20 1.解析:it 在此处指代前面提到的 a campaign brochure。 答案:It 2.解析:“我不需要它”和“仍然感谢你”之间应为转折关系, 故此空应填 although。 答案:Although 3.解析:分析句子结构,在这个 that 引导的从句中缺少主语,故 应使用动词 enter 的名词形式 entrance 作主语,意为“入口”。 答案:entrance 4.解析:reason 为可数名词,且在此处无特指,故应使用不定冠 词 a 修饰。 答案:a 5.解析:根据句中的时间状语从句 Before you came to my house 可知,finish 这个动作发生在“过去的过去”,故应使用过去完成时。 答案:had finished 6.解析:when 在本句中引导时间状语从句。 答案:when 7.解析:stick sth. out 为固定搭配,意为“(有意)伸出(身体的一 部分)”。 答案:out 8.解析:本句中,which 引导的是非限制性定语从句,并在从句 中作主语。 答案:which 9.解析:mean to do sth.意为“打算做某事”。 答案:to blame 10.解析:be good for 为固定搭配,表示“对??有好处”。 答案:for 21 1.解析:作形式主语。 答案:it 2.解析:此处表转折。 答案:However 3.解析:过去分词作后臵定语。 答案:called 4.解析:gain 是动词, 后面接名词作宾语。 答案:popularity 5.解析:动词前面用副词修饰。 答案:privately 6.解析:后面有状语 in recent years,谓语用现在完成时, 此处 还要用被动语态。 答案:has been built 7.解析:关系副词引导定语从句,修饰 place。 答案:where 8.解析:孩子有别的伙伴与他们玩耍。 答案:other 9.解析:关系代词引导非限制性定语从句, 在从句中作宾语。 答案:which 10.解析:根据语境可知, 与人合住花费更少。 答案:less 22 1.解析:一个人只有一个名字,是“零”“鬼”,还是“死”。 答案:or 2.解析:根据意思,应是“那个江西人花了 20 年时间收集不寻常 的或少见的姓”。


答案:unusual 3.解析:这里是“根据中央电视台的播音员说的话 ”,故填 broadcaster。 答案:broadcaster 4. 解析: 根据前后的时态此空应填一般现在时, 再根据主语是 The Chinese expression for “ordinary people”是单数,因此谓语动词要用单 数。 答案:means 5.解析:此空承接上一段,与上一段是转折关系。 答案:But 6.解析:根据句意,此空是与 reading 并列,故填 discovering。 答案:discovering 7.解析:根据句子的时态,这里应填 Since then,表示“从那时 起”。 答案:Since 8.解析:根据意思,这里是“迄今为止他找到了 2, 000 个罕见的 姓氏”用 come up with。故填 with。 答案:with 9.解析:给他们的孩子吉兆的名字,故填 their。 答案:their 10.解析:根据句子结构,此空应填关系代词 which/that,修饰先 行词 auspicious names, which/that 在从句中作主语。 答案:which/that 23 1.解析:介词 with 在本句中意为“带有”。本句中的介词短语作 后臵定语修饰名词 bicycle,意为“带训练轮子的自行车”。 答案:with 2.解析:分析句子结构,此处缺少一个副词修饰谓语动词,故应 填形容词 safe 的副词形式 safely。 答案:safely 3.解析:he fell a lot 和 he was never hurt badly 两个分句在语意 上存在转折关系,故本空要填表示转折关系的并列连词 but。 答案:but 4.解析:本句使用了“It was ...that ...”的强调句式,强调时间状语 从句 when he was 7 years old。 答案:that 5.解析:根据时间状语从句 by the time he was 15 可知,主句应 使用过去完成时态,表示该动作发生在“过去的过去”。 答案:had won 6.解析:本句中,ride 意为“(骑车)旅程”,为可数名词,且在 此处无特指,故应用不定冠词 a 修饰。 答案:a 7. 解析: 本句的主语 Jay and his girlfriend 是 crash 动作的发出者, 故此处应用现在分词作伴随状语。 答案:crashing 8.解析:本句中,which 引导的是非限制性定语从句,先行词为 His girlfriend died immediately 这个句子。 答案:which 9.解析:本句中,it 指代上一句中提及的 motorcycle。 答案:it 10.解析:本句中,it 是形式主语,动词不定式 to ride 是真正的 主语。 答案:to ride 24 1.解析:过去分词短语作后臵定语。 答案:named 2.解析:从她 5 岁的弟弟身上输血。 答案:from 3.解析:关系代词引导非限制定语从句并在从句中作主语,先行 词是前面的 her fiveyear- brother。 old

答案:who 4.解析:定冠词后面应是名词,她的弟弟曾经也患过此病,已经 形成了抵抗这种疾病的抗体。 答案:illness 5.解析:连接词引导宾语从句的用法,根据句意为“是否”。 答案:if/whether 6.解析:冠词在固定搭配中的用法,take a deep breath 意为“做 一次深呼吸”。 答案:a 7.解析:由上下文时态可知,这里为并列谓语。 答案:smiled 8.解析:搭配 return to“返回到??;重新恢复??”。 答案:to 9.解析:根据上下文可知他误会了医生。 答案:misunderstood 10.解析:这里指小男孩以为要把自己所有的血捐给姐姐。 答案:his 25 1.解析:考查形容词变副词。此处要用副词修饰后面的动词 interviewed。 答案:carefully 2.解析:考查不定式。require sb.to do sth.意为“要求某人做某 事”。 答案:to buy 3.解析:考查过去分词。此处用过去分词短语作定语修饰前面的 名词。 答案:produced 4.解析:考查介词。根据语境可知,本句意为“销售员会反对这 个主意”。 答案:against 5.解析:考查冠词。单数可数名词前用不定冠词,意为“一个”。 答案:a 6.解析:考查介词。in the new car 意为“乘坐新车”。 答案:in 7.解析:考查代词。此处填 his 指代 the salesman's。 答案:his 8.解析:考查定语从句。关系代词引导的定语从句修饰先行词 person,且关系代词在从句中作主语,从句可由 that 或 who 引导。 答案:who 9.解析:考查时态。本句意为“他们赚的比以前多”,根据前面 的 they earned 可知,此处要用过去完成时。 答案:had earned 10.解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,此处是在解释不用担心买新 车的费用的原因。 答案:because 26 1.解析:因 what 引导主语从句,并在从句中作主语。 答案:What 2.解析:指“一位新经理”,表示“一(个)”用不定冠词。 答案:a 3.解析:由语境推断,Cynthia 过去把 Circle K clerk 的工作视为 临时的,而她正在寻找“更好的(better)”工作。 答案:better 4.解析:由语义知“作为(as)一个单亲母亲”,故填 as。 答案:as 5.解析:因 for 是介词,介词后面要接名词、代词或动名词,故 用 paying。 答案:paying 6.解析:因“it is hard to do sth.(做某事不容易)”是固定句型, 真正的主语是不定式。


答案:to explain 7.解析:由常识可知,买手套之前付款。 答案:before 8.解析:指我们支付不了我们希望的那样多的钱给像你一样的好 雇员。由于“钱(money)”不可数,故用 much。 答案:much 9.解析:指我想要你知道你对我们是多么(重要)。 答案:how 10.解析:由前面的 more 可知这里填 than,意思是与经理所给的 报酬相比,雇员更铭记于心的是他的关心。 答案:than 27 1.解析: be used to doing sth .为固定搭配,意为“习惯做某 事”。 答案:doing 2.解析:根据时间状语 in two years 可知,该从句应使用将来时 态,又由于主句使用了一般过去时,故从句应使用过去将来时。 答案:would enter 3.解析:本句句意为“每当她想起这些时,她都很难过”,因此, 此处应填 whenever 引导时间状语从句。 答案:whenever 4.解析:本句中, that 引导的是限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 chain store, 并在从句中作主语。 答案:that 5.解析:far from 为固定搭配,意为“离??远”。 答案:from 6.解析:本句中,代词 it 指代上文中提到的 shopping cart。 答案:it 7.解析:本句的谓语动词为 stayed, 故此处应填非谓语形式。又 由于句子的主语 purse 是 hang 动作的承受者,故此处应使用过去分 词形式。 答案:hung 8.解析:分析句子结构,此处缺少一个形容词作表语,故应填名 词 crowd 的形容词形式 crowded (拥挤的)。 答案:crowded 9.解析:she carefully selected some bananas, apples, and other fruit 和 she couldn't find her son's favorite brand of oranges 两个分 句之间存在语意上的转折关系,故应填表示转折的并列连词 but。 答案:but 10.解析:上文描述了 Maria 在一家连锁超市买东西的情景,但 是没有买到想要的东西, 故此处应该说的是再去另外的一家或两家。 因 此,本空应填 another。 答案:another 28 1.解析:条件状语从句中用了一般现在时, 与之相应的主句要用 一般将来时。 答案:will get 2.解析:从 seed is poor and full of weeds 可知, 应表示 “没有 用的”。 答案:useless 3.解析:比较级后用 than。 答案:than 4.解析:后面有 by, 填入过去分词表示被污染。 答案:polluted 5.解析:fill ...with 是固定词组。 答案:with 6. 解析: concerned about 是固定词组, 表示“对??关心”。 be 答案:be concerned 7.解析:where 引导表语从句, 在从句中作状语。 答案:where 30 29

8.解析:未来就在我们面前。 答案:before 9.解析:此处指前面提到的 frontiers。 答案:them 10.解析:词组 at the beginning of “在??开始的时候”。 答案:the 1.解析:本句中,one of which 引导非限制性定语从句,先行词 为 aspects of our life,并在从句中作主语。 答案:which 2.解析:changes in climate 意为“在气候方面的变化”。 答案:in 3.解析:分析句子结构,此处应使用副词修饰形容词 worried, 故应填入 especial 的副词形式 especially。 答案:especially 4.解析:根据句中的时间状语 since 2008 可知,应用现在完成时。 答案:have observed 5.解析:when 在本句中引导时间状语从句。句意为“当生长期温 度太高时,这些问题就会出现。” 答案:when 6.解析:link to 为固定搭配,意思是“与??相关”。 答案:to 7.解析:该空白前后两句之间语意上存在转折关系,故该空应填 however。 答案:However 8. 解析: 此处特指“水果成熟后的那段时间”, 故应填定冠词 the。 答案:the 9.解析:pale color in grapes 与 sunburn marks on apples 为并列 成分,因此用 and 连接。 答案:and 10.解析:survey 是 carry out 动作的承受者,故应使用过去分词 作定语。 答案:carried 1.解析:分析句子结构,此处缺少一个名词作宾语,故应填形容 词 dead 的名词形式 death。 答案:death 2.解析:“so+助动词+名词”表示该倒装句中提到的主语与上 文说到的人或事处于相同的状况或做同样的动作, 由于上文的谓语动词 为 kill,本句中的主语为 extreme heat,故此处应填助动词 does。 答案:does 3.解析:根据该空白前面的定冠词 the 及后面的表示范围的介词 短语 in nature 可知,本空应填 frightening 的最高级形式。 答案:most frightening 4.解析:be linked to 为固定搭配,意为“与??有关的”。 答案:to 5. 解析: 本句中, 现在分词 wearing heavy clothing 作动词 include 的宾语。 答案:wearing 6.解析:根据 if 引导的条件句中使用的一般现在时可知,主句 要用一般将来时。 答案:will rise 7.解析:根据前文的描述可知,作者介绍的是“身体如何抵抗高 温”,故应填 how 引导表语从句。 答案:how 8.解析:本句中,that 引导的是同位语从句,解释说明名词 warning 的具体内容。 答案:that 9.解析:此处 They 指代上文中提到的 those suffering muscle pain。


答案:They 10.解析:本句中,不定式短语 to do physical activities 作目的状 语,说明 return 的目的。 答案:to do 31 1.解析:考查状语从句。连词 if 在本句中引导条件状语从句,意 为“如果”。 答案:if 2.解析:考查动词的时态。根据 when 引导的时间状语从句及后 一个分句 but she didn't succeed at last 可知,此处应用过去进行时,表 示在过去一个动作发生时,另一个动作正在进行。 答案:was trying 3.解析:考查定语从句。who 在本句中引导限制性定语从句,修 饰先行词 people,并在从句中作主语。此题也可以用 that。 答案:who 4.解析:考查动词变形容词。分析句子结构,此处应填入一个形 容词作表语,表示“失望的”,故应填动词 disappoint 的形容词形式 disappointed。 答案:disappointed 5.解析:考查介词。I headed that way 应该发生在 receiving my card 之后,故使用介词 after。 答案:after 6.解析:考查冠词。store 为可数名词,此处填不定冠词 a 表示 “一个”。 答案:a 7.解析: 考查连词。本句中 smiled, said 和 walked off 是并列关 系。 答案:and 8.解析:考查动词不定式。本句中 it 是形式主语,动词不定式短 语 to see ...是真正的主语。 答案:to see 9.解析: 考查代词。it 指代上文中提到的$10 gift card。 答案:it 10.解析:rather than 是固定词组。 答案:than 32 1.解析:考查定语从句。先行词是 gentleman,故用 who/that 引导,并在从句中作主语。 答案:who/that 2.解析: 考查连词。此处用 and 连接两个并列成分。 答案:and 3.解析:考查冠词。第一次提到的单数可数名词,用 a 修饰表泛 指。 答案:a 4.解析:考查语态。anything 与 give 之间是被动关系,故此处要 用被动语态。 答案:be given 5.解析:考查介词。listen to 是固定搭配,意为“听??”。 答案:to 6.解析:考查时间状语从句。根据语境可知句意为“有几次, 当我从他身边经过时,我意识到我有一些食物。” 答案:when 7.解析: 考查代词。offer sb. sth.意为“提供给某人某物”。 答案:him 8.解析:考查副词。take off 意为“取下”。 答案:off 9.解析:考查词形转换。修饰谓语动词用副词形式。 答案:warmly 10.解析:考查非谓语动词。homeless people 与 say 之间是主动 关系,故此处要用现在分词。 35 34 33

答案:saying 1. 解析:in the trees 意为“在树上”,是指非树本身所生长出 的物体落在或停在树上。 答案:in 2.解析: a very large owl 是 sit 动作的发出者,故应使用现在分 词作定语。 答案:sitting 3.解析:picture 为可数名词,且文中首次提到,无特指,故应 用不定冠词 a 修饰。 答案:a 4.解析:根据时间状语从句 by the time I came outside 可知, 表示的时间是“过去的过去”,因此应用过去完成时。 答案:had flown 5. 解析:for 在本句中表示目的,意为“为了”。 答案:for 6.解析: 根据句中的两个 if 可知,本空应填 or 表示选择,意为 “或者”。 答案:or 7.解析:“数词+times +as +形容词或副词的原级+as”是一 种倍数表示法。 答案:as 8. 解析:if 在此处意为“如果”,表示一种假设。 答案:if 9.解析:本句中 what 意为“??的事”,引导主语从句,并在 从句中作宾语。 答案:what 10.解析:句中此处缺少一个副词修饰 took,因此应使用 excited 的副词形式 excitedly。 答案:excitedly 1.解析:因 the computer 与 use 是被动关系,用过去分词短语 作定语。 答案:used 2.解析:由 her parents 可知用表示两者的 both。 答案:both 3.解析:主语 the computer 是第三人称单数,谓语动词却是原 形,因此,此处可能是填情态动词;由句意可知电脑也“能”提问和提 醒。另外,从下文 the computer can ask him 也可得到启示。 答案:can 4.解析:由下文电脑的问话 Never?可知。 答案:never 5.解析:指在病人和电脑这两者之间。 答案:between 6.解析:因后一分句与前一分句之间是因果关系。 答案:because 7.解析:表示“每一”。 答案:a 8.解析:引导非限制性定语从句,表示“正如??的”。 答案:as 9.解析:医生应当在病人“正在哭时”,递给她手巾。 答案:is crying 10. 解析: 因前面已讲清了原因, 要引出结果, 用“That is why ...(表 语从句表示结果)”。 答案:why 1.解析:“特殊疑问词 how +动词不定式”在本句中作 know 的宾语。how 表示一种方式。 答案:how 2.解析:when 后跟现在分词 leaving ,相当于省略的时间状语从


句,表示在离开的过程中再次握手并说“再见”。 答案:leaving 3.解析:考查介词的用法。by 意为“通过”,表示通过某种方式 做某事。 答案:by 4.解析:manner 在本句中意为“方式;方法”;为可数名词,且 此处无特指,故用不定冠词 a 修饰。 答案:a 5.解析:句子的主语 the goodbye 是 accompany 动作的承受者, 且此处描述的是一般状况,故应使用一般现在时的被动语态。 答案:is accompanied 6.解析: 本句中,that 引导的是同位语从句,解析说明 fact 的具 体内容。 答案:that 7.解析: 介词 like 答案:like 8.解析:them 在此处指代前文提到的 the French。 答案:them 9.解析:分析句子结构,此处应填入一个名词作宾语,故应使用 动词 pronounce 的名词形式 pronunciation。 答案:pronunciation 10.解析: if 在本句中引导条件状语从句,意为“如果”。 答案:if 36 1.解析:除了爱她的男友,双目失明的女孩讨厌所有人。 答案:except 2.解析:她的男友对她体贴入微,用形容词作表语。 答案:considerate 3.解析:这里用了虚拟语气,主句谓语用 would +动词原形。 答案:would 4.解析:绷带被拆了, 用 off 表示“脱落;离开”。 答案:off 5.解析:男友被包括在内,用过去分词表示被动。 答案:included 6.解析:这里指男孩的眼睛。 答案:his 7.解析:女孩在恢复视力前没有预料到这种情形,恢复视力发生 在过去,“没有料到”应为过去的过去,用过去完成时。 答案:hadn't expected 8.解析:冠词后面应跟名词。 答案:thought 9.解析:关系代词引导非限制性定语从句。 答案:which 10.解析:在它们成为你的眼睛前,他们是我的眼睛。 答案:before 37 1.解析:本句与上一句是转折关系,故用转折连词 but。 答案:But 2.解析:be like 是固定词组,我们都想知道 100 年后世界是什么 样子。 答案:like 3.解析:station 是可数名词且表示泛指,前面应用不定冠词 a。 答案:a 4.解析:as 表示“作为”,符合题意。 答案:as 5.解析:cheap rockets 与 permit 之间是主动关系,用现在分词短 语作伴随状语。 答案:permitting 6.解析:此处表示将来的时间,应用 when 引导时间状语从句。 答案:When 40 39 在本句中意为“如;像”,表示列举。 38

7.解析:因两个动作表示并列关系,应用并列连词 and 连接。 答案:and 8. 解析: 由意义可知, 此处表示找到延长人类寿命的方式, long 故 应用比较级形式。 答案:longer 9.解析: they 用来指代上句中主语 scientists。 答案:They 10.解析: keep on doing sth.是固定词组,意为“继续??”。 答案:living 1.解析:上段讲到小汽车太贵,一般人买不起,城里交通拥挤, 乡下路况太差,接着提出问题:人们怎样去那些太远的地方? 答案:how 2. 解析:where 引导状语从句。 答案:where 3.解析:选择公交,许多人同乘一辆车,people 是 share 的执行 者, 用现在分词。 答案: sharing 4.解析:更重要的是,选择公交可以减少污染。 答案:importantly 5.解析:过去分词作后臵定语。 答案:described 6.解析:这里表倍数,想想看一辆比常规车大两倍的公交车可以 容纳多少人? 答案:twice 7.解析:not uncommon: 表示很常见。 答案:uncommon 8.解析:这里意为 “乘客”。 答案:riders 9.解析:这里指周边地区。 答案:neighborhoods 10.解析:法国的高铁是世界上最快的, 平均每小时 270 公里。 答案:averaging 1.解析:he himself“他本人”。 答案:himself 2.解析:引导宾语从句。 答案:what 3.解析:引导让步状语从句。 答案:Though/Although 4.解析:被惩罚。 答案:be punished 5.解析:特指大家都知道的这个惩罚,所以用定冠词。 答案:the 6.解析:毫无用处的。 答案:useless 7.解析:指前面的 law。 答案:it 8.解析:before long 为固定结构,意为“不久;很快”。 答案:before 9.解析:定语从句。 答案:where 10.解析:强调动词。主语为从句,所以用 does 进行强调。 答案:does 1.解析:later 在此表示“随后”。 答案:later 2.解析:until 表示“直到”,即朋友们陪着我一直等到车到站。 答案:until 3.解析:分析句子结构可知,这里应该用 sit 的现在分词 sitting


作宾语补足语。 答案:sitting 4.解析:根据全文内容可知,这是描述过去的事情,因此要用一 般过去时。 答案:pretended 5. 解析: mentally 是 mental 的副词形式, 用来修饰形容词 disabled。 答案:mentally 6.解析:whom 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 other people。 答案:whom 7.解析:根据前半句话中的 he 可知,这里应该用 he 作主语。 答案:he 8.解析:leave sb. on one's own 意思是“让某人单独留下”。 答案:on 9.解析:conversation 是可数名词,其前的形容词 amazing 是以 元音音素开头的,因此这里要用不定冠词 an。 答案:an 10.解析:根据文章内容可知,这里填 both 符合语境。这让我们 两个人都很快乐。 答案:both


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