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2014高考英语 完形填空精英训练题(8)

2014 高考英语完形填空精英训练题(8)及答案
完形填空练习 Learning to Accept I learned how to accept life as it is from my father. 1 , he did not teach 2 and ill.

me acceptance when he was strong and healthy, but rather when he was My father was 4 3

a strong man who loved being active, but a terrible illness

all that away. Now he can no longer walk, and he must sit quietly in a chair all 5 . One night, I went to visit him with my sisters. We started 7 . I said that we must very often

day. Even talking is 6

about life, and I told them about one of my 8

give things up 9

we grow --- our youth, our beauty, our friends --- but it always

that after we give something up, we gain something new in its place. Then suddenly 10 up. He said, “But, Peter, I gave up 11 ! What did I gain?” I 12 , he answered

my father

thought and thought, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. his own question: “I 13

the love of my family,” I looked at my sisters and saw

tears in their eyes, along with hope and thankfulness. I was also 14 by his words. After that, when I began to feel irritated (愤 15 remember his words and become 16 . If he could replace 17 to give

怒的) at someone, I

his great pain with a feeling of love for others, then I should be up my small irritations. In this father. Sometimes I 19

18 , I learned the power of acceptance from my

what other things I could have learned from him if I had

listened more carefully when I was a boy. For now, though, I am grateful for this one 20 .

1. A. Afterwards 2. A. tired 3. A. already 4. A. took

B. Therefore B. weak B. still B. threw

C. However C. poor C. only C. sent

D. Meanwhile D. slow D. once D. put


5. A. impossible Hopeless 6. A. worrying 7. A. decisions beliefs 8. A. as 9. A. suggests 10. A. spoke 11. A. something 12. A. Surprisingly 13. A. had 14. A. touched 15. A. should 16. A. quiet 17. A. ready 18. A. case 19. A. doubt 20. A. award

B. difficult

C. stressful


B. caring B. experiences

C. talking C. ambitions

D. asking D.

B. since B. promises B. turned B. anything B. Immediately B. accepted B. astonished B. could B. calm B. likely B. form B. wonder B. gift

C. before C. seems C. summed C. nothing C. Naturally C. gained C. attracted C. would C. Relaxed C. free C. method C. know C. lesson D. way

D. till D. requires D. opened D. everything D. Certainly D. enjoyed D. warned D. might D. happy D. able

D. guess D. word

完形填空练习(九十四) 1~5 CBDAB 6~10 CDACA 11~15 DACAC 16~20 BDDBB

完形填空(记叙文) When Wynne, my daughter, asked if I would go with her to a display at one of our local hospitals called Threads of Life, my first thought was that I had 1 things to do on a Sunday afternoon. And then I saw the look on her face and realized this was something 2 to her. Wynne’s husband, Mike, died 3 over two years ago from a massive heart attack, at

the age of 44. I was sitting across the room from her 4 the doctor came into the

hospital waiting room and gave her that 5 news. I’ll always remember the look on her face. And then, she 6 almost immediately, “I would like Mike to be a donor.”

It became most 7 to her when she received thank-you notes from the donor programs telling her that many people were 8 . Because she and Mike had made this 9 , someone could see again and others were helped with skin and bone grafts (移植物). Wynne and I walked into the Providence Hospital 10 to discover an overflow crowd. We 11 in and were given a ribbon that said, “Donor Family.” We saw other ribbons that said, “Donor” and “Recipient”. I was 12 at the upbeat (欢快的) feeling in the air. There was a short program where two recipients talked about 13 their new hearts. We all 14 when one person said that her first 15 when the hospital called and told her they had a new 16 for

her, was“I have to wash my hair,” as she knew it would be some time 17 be able to do that.

she would

We were amazed when a young woman told how she received her new heart and ten months later she had a baby—something she thought would 18 happen. And we all fought back a 19 when she also told how several months before her own transplant her mother had 20 and had become a donor.

1. A. busierB. moreC. betterD. quicker 2. A. importantB. attractiveC. urgentD. secret 3. A. eventuallyB. quietly C. instantlyD. unexpectedly

4. A. untilB. whenC. onceD. while 5. A. terribleB. briefC. suddenD. passive 6. A. took controlB. took overC. spoke upD. looked up 7. A. appreciatingB. upsetting C. confusingD. comforting

8. A. rewardedB. helpedC. acceptedD. chosen 9. A. decisionB. contributionC. differenceD. project 10. A. measureB. momentC. eventD. deed 11. A. pushedB. movedC. checkedD. signed 12. A. amazedB. relievedC. inspiredD. amused 13. A. recoveringB. receivingC. touchingD. feeling

14. A. doubtedB. cheeredC. laughedD. cried 15. A. speechB. pleasureC. experienceD. thought 16. A. heartB. babyC. hopeD. doctor 17. A. afterB. beforeC. asD. unless 18. A. oftenB. onceC. stillD. never 19. A. tearB. dirt C. hairD. sweat

20. A. leftB. diedC. disappearedD. promised


完形填空(记叙文)I went to see the band New Found Glory in San Francisco on Sunday night. I brought with me my new iPhone 3G, (联系) with the 2 world! 3 was forced up against my left pocket, and I felt no 4 all pockets on me, and it wasn’t there. 6 thoughts of what may happen to my 1 , well, it’s my means of contact

During their 4th song, my

bump where there should be an iPhone 3G. I I tried to continue 5 the show, but

less-than-1-week-old iPhone 7 coming to me. I stood behind the main swell of the crowd and looked on the floor when there was enough 8 to see. Nothing. I decided there was only one thing to do: 9 . Wait until after the band finished and look for it. But, my own looking for it wasn’t 10 so well. So, when the show

was finished, I came up as 11 as I could to the front. I 12 my hands around my mouth, and yelled the following: “ 13 find it on the 14 ?” Pretty much everyone right in front of me started looking down. It was less than 10 seconds 15 I heard someone shout, “I found it! ” Someone unknown returned my ! I just lost my brand new iPhone. Can anyone

iPhone to me! After the show, I went outside to New Found Glory’s bus so I could 16 the guys

to get an autograph or take a picture. About 15 other people were 17 waiting. I

struck up a 18 with some people, and it 19 that this girl in the group was the one who had found my iPhone! I immediately gave her a hug and told her I loved her! And that was the 20 of a beautiful friendship. 1. A. becauseB. althoughC. onceD. unless 2. A. innerB. higherC. outerD. bigger 3. A. faceB. handC. footD. head 4. A. reachedB. emptiedC. turnedD. checked 5. A. interruptingB. avoiding C. enjoyingD. understanding 6. A. possibleB. wrongC. carefulD. horrible 7. A. keptB. stoppedC. lastedD. resisted 8. A. spaceB. lightC. luckD. chance 9. A. standB. shoutC. waitD. advertise 10. A. goingB. provingC. improvingD. happening 11. A. wellB. soonC. earlyD. close 12. A. raisedB. cuppedC. putD. moved 13. A. Don’t moveB. Attention C. Excuse meD. Do me a favor 14. A. groundB. ceilingC. seatD. stage 15. A. whenB. untilC. sinceD. before 16. A. catchB. meetC. thankD. join 17. A. yetB. alwaysC. stillD. also 18. A. conversationB. discussion C. quarrelD. cooperation 19. A. stuck outB. came out C. turned outD. burst out 20. A. beginningB. story C. themeD. appearance


Prince Charles yesterday promised to reduce the royal impact on the environment through sweeping changes to his personal lifestyle and official schedule. The prince

will replace carbon-heavy private jets and helicopters with scheduled flights and train services. The move came as Prince Charles urged business leaders to publish the environmental pact of their activities. He said, “Few accountants and business decision-makers ask, ‘How much of our critical natural resource is left? How many miles of polar ice cap has our business helped melt this year? By how many inches have we raised sea levels? How many species have we put at risk? How many homes will be flooded, how many people will die of thirst or starvation because of our activities? ’ These are not comfortable questions, but, by God, they need to be asked. ” He added, “At the moment these costs do not appear in anyone’s books? Yet they are real, they are incurred now and in a relatively short time, the damage being caused may be beyond remedy. ” He said the world was “running up the biggest global credit card debt in history, but with little or no thought for how the bill will ever be paid”. Flanked by the prime minister and business and community leaders at St James’ Palace, the prince said his new “accounting for sustainability” project would give consumers the power to choose products that caused less damage to the planet. Duchy Originals, the prince’s food company, is taking steps to work out how much carbon dioxide and other green-house gas are emitted in growing, processing and distributing its products. The changes to the prince’s travel arrangements announced yesterday are part of a wider review of the carbon footprint associated with activities at all three of his residences. Clarence House in London, Highgrove and Birkhall on the Balmorals estate(庄园), as well as the activities of his 21 personal and 105 full-time staff. Measures include a review of electricity use, commuter and other staff travel and are intended to identify further reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. The review will report in June , when Clarence House will announce annual targets to reduce carbon emission. 72. How does Prince Charles feel about business leaders in terms of environmental protection?

A. Dissatisfied. Impatient.

B. Disappointed.

C. Doubtful.


73. In response to Prince Charles’ calls, Duchy Originals will ______. A. make as much green food as possible B. cut down its cost C. figure out its greenhouse gas emission D. continue its greenhouse gas emission 74. The underlined phrase in paragraph 4 probably refers to ______. A. the great amount of waste produced by industry B. the great damage caused to the environment C. the great amount of debts of the royal family D. the high cost of industry in their producing process 75. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Prince Charles promised Greener Royal Lifestyle B. Better Late than Never C. Prince Charles and His Concern for Environment D. The Royal Family Has a Role to Play in Environment Protection

参考答案 72---75 BCDA

渝东七校名校联盟高三下期第一次联合考试 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑。 A I know what you're thinking: pizza? For breakfast? But the truth is that you can

have last night's leftovers in the a.m. if you want to. I know lots of women who skip breakfast, and they have a ton of different excuses for doing it . Some say they don't have time. others think they're "saving" calories, still others just don't like breakfast food. But the bottom line is that eating in the morning is very important when you're trying to lose weight. "Eating just about anything from 300 to 400 calories would be better than nothing at all," says Katherine Brooking, R.D., who developed the super-easy eating plan for this year's "SELF CHALLENGE". And even pizza can be healthy if it's loaded with vegetables, and you stick to one small piece. Breakfast is one meal I never miss, and the same goes for most weight loss success stories. Research shows that eating breakfast keeps you from overeating later in the day. Researchers at the University of Southem California found that breakfast skippers have a bigger chance of gaining weight than those who regularly have a morning meal. So eat something in the morning, anything. I know plenty of friends who end up having no breakfast altogether, and have just coffee or orange juice. I say, try heating up last night's leftovers -- it may sound crazy, but if it works for you, do it! I find if I tell myself, "You can always eat it tomorrow," I put away the leftovers instead of eating more that night. Try it... you may save yourself some pre-bedtime calories. And watch your body gain the fat-burning effects. 56. The word "leftovers" in Paragraph 1 probably means ________. A. food remaining after a meal C. meals made of vegetables 57. What can we infer from the text? A. Working women usually have breakfast in a hurry. B. Many people have wrong ideas about breakfast. C. There are some easy ways of cooking a meal. D. Eating vegetables helps save energy. 58. According to the last paragraph, it is important to ________. A. eat something for breakfast C. heat up food before eating it B. be careful about what you eat D. eat calorie-controlled food

B. things left undone D. pizza topped with fruit

59. The text is written mainly for those ________. A. who go to work early C. who stay up late B. who want to lose weight D. who eat before sleep



Madame de Stael says that only the people who can play with children are able to educate them. For success in training children, the first condition is to become a child oneself. It means to treat the child as really one’s equal, that is, to show him the same consideration, the same kind of confidence one shows to an adult. It means not to affect the child to be what we ourselves want him to become, but to be affected by the impression of what the child himself is; not to treat the child with cheating, or by force, but with the seriousness and true love suitable to his own character. Not leaving the child in peace is the greatest problem of present methods of training children. Parents do not see that during the whole life, the need of peace is never greater than in the years of childhood, an inner peace under all outside liveliness. But what does a child experience? Corrections, orders, interference(干涉), the whole livelong day. The child is always required to leave something alone, or to do something different, to find something different, or want something different from what he does, or finds, or wants. He is always guided in another direction from the true inner will that is leading him. All of this is caused by our so-called enthusiasm in directing, advising, and helping the child to become the same model produced in one assembly line(流水线). Understanding, the deepest characteristic of love, is almost always absent. To bring up a child means carrying one’s soul in one’s hand; it means never placing ourselves in danger of meeting the cold look on the face of the child. It

means the truth that the ways of injuring the child are limitless while the ways of being useful to him are few. How seldom does the educator remember that the child, even at four or five years of age, has already had a sharp feeling! The smallest mistrust and unkindness, the least act of injustice, leave wounds that last for life in the heart of the child. While, on the other hand, unexpected friendliness and kindness make quite as deep an impression on those soft senses. 72. The passage mainly talks about _______. A. misleading zones and right ways in educating children B. current problems in training children C. what should be taught to children D. the importance of educating children 73. Children, according to the passage, are experiencing _______. A. corrections, orders and peace B. orders, interference and peace C. interference, orders and corrections D. peace, guide and praise 74. If you were a parent, which of the following methods is TRUE according to the text? A. You could treat your children not so seriously for they don’t understand many things. B. You could train your children as you wish them to be since you are parents. C. You should sometimes leave your children in peace as they wish in their childhood. D. You should correct your children immediately if their behavior is not what you want. 75. We may conclude that the author believes people should _______. A. play with the children with enthusiasm all day long just to please them B. try to give an order, advice and suggestions to their children at any time C. treat their children just as the way they treat an adult in their daily life D. regard their children as an equal to them and have understanding of the inner
- 10 -

peace of them



- 11 -

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