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导学案 高中英语外研版 必修四Module6

授课教师 备课时间 课 题 2012 年 11 月 8日 主备人、校对人 授课时间 司慧卉 年 月 日 审核人 年级、科目


王锦龙 高三英语

Book4 Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World


1. exist

2. claim

3. unlikely 4. adapt

5. fortune

6. die out 7. due to

8. come straight to the point

1.exist vi. _________________ ①exist in ___________________ 联想 : lie in ; consist in They ______________very little money. ④go _________existence 不存在

②exist on = live on ______________________ ③come into existence/ being ______________________

Scientists have many theories about how the universe first __________________________(产生) 2.claim v.主张;声称;认领;索赔 n. 要求;所有权;索要之物

① claim to do sth. 声称/主张做… The girls claim to have seen the thief. __________________________ ②make a claim for 要求/(因…的损害)提出赔偿要求 Eg: The victims in the accident decided to ___________________________damages. 事故中的受害者决定提出损害赔偿。 Has anyone _____________the wallet I turned in yesterday? 有人认领我昨天交的那个钱包吗? He claimed that he is innocent, but nobody believed him. ____________________________________ The lawyer claimed that the defendant(被告)was not guilty. __________________________________ 3. unlikely adj. 不可能的 likely adj.可能的 _____________________________

① sb./sth. is likely/unlikely to do

② It is unlikely/likely/possible/probable that… 注:likely 与 unlikely 可用 sb./sth.做主语,而 possible 与 ③ Not likely _____________________ probable 一般只用 it 形式主语

联想: Not really. ________________________ Not exactly._________________________ 4. adapt v. 适应;适合;改编;改造 ① adapt to = adapt oneself to _____________________ 联想:adjust (oneself)to ; accommodate (oneself) to ② adapt …from… ____________________ 区别: adopt ___________________

(to 是介词) be adapted from ______________________

5. fortune n. 运气;命运;财富 ① try one’s fortune ________________________ ②seek one’s fortune __________________________ ③ tell one’s fortune ________________________ ④ 发财 __________________fortune fortunate adj. 幸运的 fortunately adv. 幸运地 unfortunately adv. 不幸地

完成句子:__________________, he was hit by a car when crossing the street. I had the good _____________to be chosen for a trip abroad. 6. die out 灭绝; (风俗习惯等)消失 ①die away (声音、感情) 慢慢变弱;渐渐消失 (由近及远) ②die down (风/噪声/掌声/火焰/情绪等) 逐渐变弱;逐渐降低;逐渐平息(由高到低) ③die off ______________________④ die of/from _____________________ ⑤die for __________________⑥ be dying for ___________________ 联想:(1)表示渴望/想要 be thirsty / hungry /eager / longing / anxious / crazy for (2)die v. 死;死亡 (die-died-died-dying) dead adj.________________ 7. ①due to (介词)_____________ death n. ______________

deadly adj.& adv. ____________________ due adj. 应得的;正当的;应付的;预定的;到期的

When does the bill become due? ____________________________ Most of the problems were ____________ human error. ②be due to do sth. _______________ Her son is due to start school in January._________________________ The repair work ____________in November. 修理工作预期在 11 月份完成。 联想:表示因为/由于 : because of; on account of; thanks to; owing to; as a result of 8. come straight to the point ________________________ ① come to/ get to/ reach the point _____________________ ② get/ miss the point ______________________③ 做某事没意义_____________________________ ④ to the point_____________________ ⑤ off the point _________________________ ⑥ on the point of doing sth.__________________________ point 做先行词,定语从句一般用 where 引导 We are just trying to reach a point __________both sides will sit down together and talk. A: that B: where C: when D: which



1.教材原句 He claims to have seen a round black creature moving quickly through the water. 他声称他看见一个黑黑的、圆圆的动物在水中快速游动。 (1) see sb./sth. + doing/do 看见某人/某物 正在做/做了某事

When crossing the street, I ____________________out of a well. 当穿过马路时,我看到水正从一口井中流出来。 联想:能接省略 to 的不定式做宾补的常用动词 五看:___________ ____________ ___________ _____________ ___________ 两听: _________ ____________ 半帮助: ____________

三使:________ __________ ___________ 一感觉:__________ (2)形容词排列顺序 修饰性形容词+大形新颜国材性

The beautiful small white Chinese paper kite is my favorite. 这个漂亮的白色的中国生产的小纸风筝是我的最爱。 (3)动词不定式


to do (主动) to be done (被动)

强调不定式动作与谓语动作 (几 乎)同时发生 强调不定式动作与谓语动作同 时发生, 并强调此动作的延续性


to be doing


to have done (主动) to have been done (被动)

强调不定式动作发生在谓语动 作之前

练习: 1. His first book ________________(publish)next month is based on a true story. 2. He pretended ________________________(finish) his homework in order to go out to play. 为了能出去玩,他假装已经完成了他的作业。 3.She pretended __________________(sleep) when her mom came in. 当她妈妈进来的时候,她假装在睡觉。


编写人 课 题 司慧卉 编写时间 2012 年 8日

编号 11 月

审核人 王锦龙

Book4 Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World

A 级 一、单词记忆 1.运气_______________ 2. 生物,动物________________3. 不见;消失___________________ 4.象征;暗示___________________5. 大方的;有雅量的_________________________ 6.声誉__________________________7. 毁坏_________________8.积极的_____________________ 9.表面;水面__________________10. 怀疑的;不相信的_____________ 11.声称_______________ 12.边境___________________13 身份;特性______________14 存在_____________________ B 级 二、短语回顾 1. 突出;伸出;显眼________________ 2. 和…有联系;有关系________________________ 3. 消失;灭绝______________________ 4. 切掉;割断;切断__________________________ 5. throw light on _____________________ 6. 谈正题;开门见山_________________________ 7.due to ___________________________ 8.源于;来自_______________________________

9.开始存在;产生___________________ 10.要求;提出赔偿要求_______________________ 11.claim to do sth.____________________ 12. sb/sth is ________to do 很可能……. 13.根据…改编________________________ 14.make a fortune ____________________________ 15. 适应______________________=__________________________=_________________________ 16. 碰运气____________________________17.die off _________________18. die out_____________ 19. die away___________________________20.to the point _______________________ 21. 做某事没意义_______________________22. be dying for_____________________________ C 级 三、根据意思完成句子 1.The noise of the train ___________(渐渐消失)in the dark night. 2.It took a long time for the excitement to die ______________(兴奋的情绪消失、平复) 3.This kind of plant is ________________(灭绝) 4.Many old customs are gradually _________________(消失) 5.I’m _________________a cup of coffee.(非常想要) 6.The message was short and ________________(这条消息简短扼要) 7. Let’s __________________(谈正题)because we don’t have enough time. 8. Our happy childhood is _____________(归因于)our father’s hard work. 9.Some species of animals have _________because they could not ___________a changing environment.

编写人 课 题 司慧卉 编写时间

11 月

编号 审核人


2012 年 8日

Book4 Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World

1.There______ a number of natural mysteries in the world that even make scientists ______. A. exists; confusing B. are existed; confused C. exist; confused D. exist; confusing 2.---How long has the United Nations ________? --- ______1945. A. come into existence; In B. been in existence; Since C. been in existence; From D. come into existence; For 3.You can make a _______ on your insurance policy for your loss in the fire. A. claim B. decision C. mind D. change 4.To everyone’s surprise, Michael claimed _____ all his homework in just one hour. A. having finished B. to have finished C. that finished D. finishing 5.Don’t be taken in by products to help you lose weight in a week. A.to claim B.claiming C.claimed D.claim 6.Susan is ____ to come and see me this Sunday evening. A. possible B. likely C. impossible D. scarcely 7.—Which team is _______ to win the game? —I don’t know, but I’ve found _______ for ours to win. A. probable; it unlikely B. likely; it possible C. possible; it possible D. likely; it possibly 8. —Ken, why do you look so tired? —I _____ myself _____ the climate since I came here. A. hadn’t adapted; to B. haven’t adapted; to C. don’t adapt; from D. didn’t adapt; from 9.The couple decided to ____________ a child because they couldn’t have babies. A. adapt B. adopt C. receive D. keep 10.Many people went to the southern parts of China to ________their fortune. A. find B. search C. make D. receive 11.Hundreds of people leave their village to seek their _________ in cities. A. luck B. chance C. fortune D. future 12.It is high time for us to take measures to protect these old traditions and customs before they _____. A. die out B. die away C. die off D. die down 13.On the Eve of the Spring Festival, we Chinese people like to play with fireworks, and the noise doesn't ____ until after midnight. A.die away B.die off C.die out D.die down 14.We all hope that the flame will not _____ in such cold weather. A. die out B. die off C. die down D. die away.


15.Tigers of this kind are _____ hunting because hunters are ______ their skin. As a result, they will be ______ soon. A. dying from, dying of, dying off B. dying of, dying from, dying out C. dying from, dying for, dying out D. dying of, dying for, dying off 16.Our team’s success was ________ the efforts of Mr. Mark, who is ________ arrive here in ten minutes. A. because; due to B. because of; about to C. due to; due to D. as a result; going to 17.His remarks on the subjects are much ___. A. in the point B. to point C. to a point D. to the point 18._____no point in beating around the bush. Let’s ________. A. It’s ; come straight to the point B. There’s; come to the point C. This is; get to the point D. That is; reach the point 19. The form and pictures introduced in the book ________ the content of the article. A. throw light at B. throw light on C. throw light back D. throw light off 20.Jane was made _____ the truck for a week as a punishment. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing 21.Tom pretended______ it but in fact,he knew it very well. A. not listen to B. not to hear about C. not to have heard about D. not to be listening to 22.I noticed ___ at those beautiful flowers. A. him looking B. his looking C. he looking D. him to look 23.He had learned ___ such things, so he refused ___. A. to do, being taught to B. doing, to be taught to C. to do, to be taught to D. doing, being taught to 24.He claimed _________ in the supermarket when he was doing shopping yesterday.? A. being badly treated B. treating badly C. to be treated badly D. to have been treated badly? 25.-----What is Tom doing now?------He is preparing a report for the conference tomorrow. A held B being held C to be held D having been held 26.Li Ming is said ______ the experiment in the lab, but I can’t find him there. A. to have done B. to do C. to be doing D. doing 27.They all appeared ___ this song before. A . to learn B. to have learned C. to not have learned D. not learning from 28. a college or university in the USA, Chinese and other international students must show and prove their strong ability in spoken and written English. A.Having been admitted to B.To be admitted to C.Admitted to D.To admit to 29.The American soldiers_______ Iraq kissed their family goodbye and left in a hurry. A. are sending to B. sending to C. to be sent to D. are sent to 30.Henry can’t attend the party _____ at Tom’s house at present because he is preparing the speech at the party _____ at Marie’s house tomorrow. A. held; being held B. to be held; to be held C. to be held; held D. being held; to be held 31.Most students expect ____more review classes before the exams. A. it to be B. there to be C. that to be D. to be


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