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2017年高考英语一轮总复习 31 预测文章后续可能内容课件

这类题要求考生预测作者接着要讲什么内 容。提问方式有: (1)In the next part, the author would most probably discuss __________. (2)What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows? (3)What will the author most probably discuss in the paragraph that follows?

做这类题时应把握作者的写作思路, 如文章可能按事件发展的经过描写,也可 能按因果关系、对比关系来叙述,从而做 出比较科学的、合情合理的预测。 此外,要把握文章主旨,分析框架结 构,注意最后一段的内容,特别留意最后 几句话。


[例1]Time is something from which we can’t escape. Even if we ignore it, it’s still going by, ticking away, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. So the main issue in using your time well is, “Who’s in charge?” We can allow time to slip by and let it be our enemy. Or we can take control of it and make it our ally.?

By taking control of how you spend your time, you’ll increase your chances of becoming a more successful student. Perhaps more importantly, the better you are at managing the time you devote to your studies, the more time you will have to spend on your outside interests.? The aim of time management is not to schedule every moment so we become slaves of a timetable that governs every waking moment of the day. Instead, the aim is to permit us to make informed choices as to how we use our time.

58. In the next part, the author would most D probably discuss with you____________. ? A. how to keep up with the times? B. how to make up for lost time? C. how to have a good time? D. how to make good use of time?

解析:D 第一段第3句(So…)提出观点或主题: 如何用好你的时间的关键是谁主宰谁,你可 以让时间溜走也可以掌控时间。第二段谈主 宰时间的好处;第三段谈主宰时间的目的; 由本文主题可知,接下来的第四段,作者应 是谈如何利用好时间了,故选D。选项A“如 何跟上时代”,选项B“如何补回丢失的时 间”,选项C“如何玩得开心”,均与主题无 关,应排除。

[例2]Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. For example, to absorb heat from the sun to heat water, you need large, flat, black surfaces. One way to do that is to build those surfaces specially, on the roofs of buildings. But why go to all that trouble when cities are full of black surfaces already, in the form of asphalt (柏油) roads? Ten years ago, this thought came into the mind of Arian de Bondt, a Dutch engineer. He finally persuaded his boss to follow it up. The result is that their building is now heated in winter and cooled in summer by a system that relies on the surface of the road outside.

The heat-collector is a system of connected water pipes. …
In winter, the working system is changed slightly. Water is pumped through the heat exchangers to pick up the heat stored during summer. This water goes into the building and is used to warm the place up. After performing that task, it is pumped under the asphalt and its remaining heat keeps the road free of snow and ice.

69. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows?
A. What we shall do if the system goes wrong. B. What we shall do if there are no asphalt roads. C. How the system cools the building in summer. D. How the system collects heat in spring and autumn.

解析:C 第二段中有heated in winter and cooled in summer,而此处的最后一段介绍了 这种系统是如何让建筑物在冬天(In winter) 得到保暖的。由此可知,作者接着可会解释 这种系统是如何在夏天为建筑物降温的了, 故选C。

即学即用 ? 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和D项 中,选出最佳选项 ? 1. Why does the author compare the parent-teen war to a border conflict? A. Neither has any clear winner. B. Neither can be put to an end. C. Both can continue for generations. D. Both are about where to draw the line.

本文作者在指出许多父母存在与子女之间 的矛盾之后,主要分析了产生矛盾的原因 , 并 介绍了几种具体情况。 ? 解析:D 细节理解题。在题干中画出特征 词 parent-teen war ,通过寻读,将答案信息定 位在第一段第二句;然后,理解该句句意“家长 与子女之间的矛盾就像邻国之间的边境冲突一 样,是为了边界线:哪里才是我所控制的与你 能做的之间的线”,对照各选项,可知选D。

? 2. What does the underlined part in Paragraph 2 mean? A. The teens accuse their parents of misleading them. B. The teens agree with their parents on the cause of the conflict. C. The teens blame their parents for starting the conflict. D. The teens tend to have a full understanding of their parents.

? 解析:C 词义猜测题。由in the same way可知, 要理解该句的意思,须理解前文的内容;由本 段第二句可知 “ 双方都不愿为引起矛盾负责 ( 暗 含:是责备对方引起的)”,由第三句可知“在父 母看来,矛盾的根源完全是子女不讲道理”;接 下来的画线句的字面意思“除了恰恰相反外,子 女以完全相同的方式来看待这个问题”;推断隐 含意思:子女们认为矛盾根源是父母不讲理, 故选C。

? 3. Parents and teens want to be right because they want to . A. gain respect from the other B. get the other to behave properly C. give orders to the other D. know more than the other ? 解析:A 根据最后一段倒数第2句both wish to be considered an authority—someone who actually knows something—and therefore to command respect可推知A正确。

? 4. The passage mainly tells us . A. the agreements between parents and children B. the disagreements between parents and children C. both parents and children want peace D. both parents and children want to win the war

? 解析: B 主旨大意题。由各段第一句可知,本 文主要向读者分析了父母同子女之间的矛盾。

? 5. What will the author most probably discuss in the paragraph that follows? A. Examples of the parent-teen war. B. Causes for the parent-teen conflicts. C. Future of the parent-teen relationship D. Solutions for the parent-teen problems

? 解析:D 推断下续内容。因Para 1指出了父母 与子女之是存在矛盾 (the parent-teen war—a long war, a border conflict);Para 2主要分析了 产生矛盾的原因(neither is willing to admit any responsibility for starting it);Para 3列举了三 种不和的情况(three no-win situations);接下来 作者会讨论什么?结合以上三段内容,并结合 第三段第一句提供的重要线索and then suggest some ways out of the trap,可知作者接下来会 提出解决办法。故选D。

复记强化 ? ? ? ? ? arise 1. 出现 a________ peace 2. 和平 p________ quarrel 3. 争吵 q________ admit 4. 承认 a________ 青少年 5. adolescent ________

? ? ? ? ?

分歧 6. conflict ________ 界限 7. boundary________ 8.oppositely________ 相反 9. unreasonableness __________ 不合理 倾向、趋势 10. tendency _____________

? 你认为自己还需强化记忆的词汇、句式有: _____________________________________

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