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2014高考英语 阅读理解巩固练习(2)

2014 高考英语阅读理解巩固练习(2)及答案
阅读理解 May: Happenings from the Past May 5, 1884 Isaac Murphy, son of a slave and perhaps the greatest horse rider in American history, rides Buchanan to win his first Kentucky Derby. He becomes the first rider ever to win the race three times. May 9, 1754 Benijamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette produces perhaps the first American political cartoon(漫画), showing a snake cut in pieces with the words “John or Die ” printed under the picture. May 11, 1934

The first great dust storm of the Great Plains Dust Bowl, the result of years of drought(干旱),blows topsoil all the way to New York City and Washington, D.C. May 19, 1994 Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former first lady and one of the most famous people of the 1960s, died of cancer in New York City at the age of 64. May 24,1844 Samuel F.B. Morse taps out the first message, “What hath God wrought,” over the experimental long-distance telegraph line which runs from Washington,D.C., to Baltimore, Md. 5. We know from the text that Buchanan is A. Isaac’s father B. a winning horse C. a slave taking care of horse D. the first racing horse in Kentucky 6. What is the title of the first American political cartoon? .


A. Join or Die C. What Hath God Wrought

B. Pennsylvania Gazette D. Kentucky Derby

7. In which year did the former first lady Jacqueline die? A. 1934 B.1960 C. 1964 D. 1994

8. Which of the following places has to do with the first telegram in history? A. Washing, D.C. C. Kentucky. B. New York City. D. Pennsylvania.


C7 [2013·重庆卷] E It is widely known that any English conversation begins with The Weather.Such a fixation with the weather finds expression in Dr.Johnson's famous comment that “When two English meet, their first talk is of weather.” Though Johnson's observation is as accurate now as it was over two hundred years ago, most commentators fail to come up with a convincing explanation for this English weather-speak. Bill Bryson, for example, concludes that,as the English weather is not at all exciting,the obsession with it can hardly be understood.He argues that “To an outsider,the most striking thing about the English weather is that there is not very much of it.” Simply, the reason is that the unusual and unpredictable weather is almost unknown in the British Isles. Jeremy Paxman, however, disagrees with Bryson, arguing that the English weather is by nature attractive.Bryson is wrong, he says,because the English preference for the weather has nothing to do with the natural phenomena. “The interest is less in the phenomena themselves, but in uncertainty.” According to him, the weather in England is very changeable and uncertain and it attracts the English as well as the outsider.


Bryson and Paxman stand for common misconceptions about the weather-speak among the English.Both commentators, somehow, are missing the point.The English weather conversation is not really about the weather at all.English weather-speak is a system of signs,which is developed to help the speakers overcome the natural reserve and actually talk to each other.Everyone knows conversations starting with weather- speak are not requests for weather data.Rather, they are routine greetings , conversation starters or the blank “fillers”. In other words, English weather- speak is a means of social bonding. 72.The author mentions Dr.Johnson's comment to show that ________. A.most commentators agree with Dr.Johnson B.Dr.Johnson is famous for his weather observation C.the comment was accurate two hundred years ago D.English conversations usually start with the weather 73.What does the underlined word “obsession” most probably refer to? A.A social trend. B.An emotional state. C.A historical concept. D.An unknown phenomenon. 74.According to the passage,Jeremy Paxman believes that ________. A.Bill Bryson has little knowledge of the weather B.there is nothing special about the English weather C.the English weather attracts people to the British Isles D.English people talk about the weather for its uncertainty 75.What is the author's main purpose of writing the passage? A.To explain what English weather-speak is about. B.To analyse misconceptions about the English weather. C.To find fault with both Bill Bryson and Jeremy Paxman. D.To convince people that the English weather is changeable. 【要点综述】 本文通过对 Bill Bryson 和 Jeremy Paxman 两人迥然不同的观点的陈述来 阐明作者对英国人以天气为寒暄内容的见解。

72.D 逻辑推断题。通过引用名人名言来说明英国人以天气为寒暄内容的现象很普遍。 73.B 词义推断题。Bill Bryson 认为英国天气单一(there is not very much of it)

不足以引起人们的情感响应,因此该词此处指的是 “情感状态”。 74 . D 细 节 理 解 题 。 倒 数 第 二 段 中 有 “The interest is less in the phenomena

themselves, but in uncertainty.”(意思是:人们对英国气候的关注点不是气候本身,而 是气候的不确定性。)由此可知答案。 75.A 写作目的题。通过对 Bill Bryson 和 Jeremy Paxman 两人迥然不同的观点的陈述 来阐明作者对英国人以天气为寒暄内容的见解。

Hearst Castle is a palatial(宫殿式) park on the central California coast and a National Historic Landmark. It was designed by architect Julia Morgan for William Randolph Hearst from 1919 until 1947. In 1957, the Hearst Corporation donated the fortune to the state of California. Since that time it has been maintained as a state historic park where the estate and its considerable collection of art and antiques are open for public tours. In spite of its location far from any urban center, the site attracts roughly one million visitors every year. Guided Tours There are several tours which highlight various parts of the castle and gardens. ? ? Tour One is recommended for first time visitor. It now includes the movie, Hearst Castle Building the Dream. Tour Two gives visitors a closer look at the main house's upper floors, Mr. Hearst's private suite, the libraries, and the kitchen. ? Tour Three looks at the Castle's North Wing, guest rooms and guest house Casa Del Monte. ? ? Tour Four features the impressive gardens and grounds, the largest guesthouse, the wine basement, and the Hidden Terrace. The evening tour is a special tour that allows visitors to experience the Castle at night as one of the Hearst's own visitors might have. Ticket Prices Hearst Castle accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Free day use parking is available for automobiles, motorcycles, tour buses and recreational vehicles.

TOURS Experien ce Tour Tours 2, 3 0r 4 Evening tour

ADULT $ 24

Ages 6-17 $ 12

$ 24




* Children under 6 are free when accompanied by a paying adult. Reservation Information While tickets may be purchased at the Visitor Center upon arrival, tour reservations are strongly recommended and may be reserved online now or by calling 1-800-444-4445, see below for times. Reservation Call Center Hours Dates riday March-Se ptember OctoberFebruary 5PM 6PM. 9AM to 3PM 8AM. to 6PM 9AM to Monday-F -Sunday 8AM to Saturday

Visit www. Hearst castle. org for more information. 8. Who does the Hearst Castle belong to at present? A. William Randolph Hearst. B. Julia Morgan. C. The state of California. D. The Hearst Corporation. 9. If a young couple take Tour One with their 5-year-old son, how much will they pay for the tickets? A. $36. C. $48. B. $60. D. $75.

10. Which of the following is the available time to book tickets by phone? A. At 8 AM on Monday in February. B. At 9 AM on Sunday in March. C. At 7 PM on Friday in September. D. At 6 PM on Saturday in October. 11. What is the purpose of the passage? A. To attract visitors to Hearst Castle.


B. To introduce Hearst Castle. C. To introduce California's scenery. D. To introduce Hearst Castle' scenery.

参考答案----8—11、CCB A

Gaudi Nanda sees a wearable computer as a handbag --- one that's built out of four-inch squares and triangles of fiber, with tiny computer chips embedded (嵌于) in it. It looks, feels and weighs like your typical leather purse. That's where the similarities end: this bag can wirelessly keep track of your belongings and remind you, just as you're about to leave the house, to take your wallet. It can review the weather report and suggest that you take an umbrella. This purse can even upload your favorite songs onto your scarf. Surely, a computing purse and scarf set may seem like the stuff of science fiction. But these devices, part of next generation of wearable computers, could become commonplace within a few years. Dupont created new super strong fibers that can conduct electricity and can be woven into ordinary-looking clothes. And the chipmaker developed chip packaging allowing wearable computers to be washed, even in the heavy-duty (耐磨损的) cycle. As a result, these new wearable devices are different from the heavy and downright silly versions of the recent past, which often required users to be wrapped in wires and type on their stomachs. Unlike their predecessors, these new wearable computers also make economic sense. When her bag becomes commercially available in two to three years, Nanda expects it will cost around $ 150, which is the price of an average leather purse. Here's how the bag works: You place a special radio-signal-transmitting chip onto your wallet. A similar radio in your purse picks up the signal and notifies you that you've forgotten to take your wallet. In turn, sensors on your purse's handles will notify the computer that you've picked up the purse and are ready to go. Already, these new kinds of wearable devices are being adopted for use in markets like auto repair, emergency services, medical monitoring - and even, increasingly, for consumers at large. Indeed, more people will want to cross that bridge in the coming years - making for a booming market for wearable computers that don't look like something out of science fiction.


12. Which of the following describes a wearable computer? A. It can be washed in washing machines. B. It is much heavier than a leather purse. C. It can download songs from the Internet. D. It is made of clothes conducting electricity. 13. According to the passage, the new wearable computers _______. A. require users to operate on the stomach B. pick up the signals through wires and chips C. are being applied in some different areas now D. are smarter but more expensive than the old ones 14. What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean? A. The new wearable computers have become fashionable. B. People would like to learn more about the new computers. C. New wearable computers promise to sell well in the future D. The idea of the purse-like computers comes from science fiction. 15. The purpose of the passage is to ________ A. introduce a new kind of computer B. explain the functions of computers C. compare different types of computers D. show how high technology affects our life


Two teachers are needed in Jiangsu Province ASAP! 7000-8000 RMB / month (20 lessons / week) plus benefits! The school is located in Sihong Town, which is only two hours away from Nanjing City by bus. Requirements: Native English speakers from Australia, Canada, UK, etc. Bachelor' s degree and teaching experience. We offer: Airfare reimbursement & Travel bonus


A spacious, private and on-campus apartment with the following items included: Computer with free Internet access; Telephone; Color TV; Heater; Washing machine; Refrigerator; Microwave; etc.) Water dispenser; Western-style toilet; Bath-tub; Non-stop hot water To apply for the job, please send your resume to zlO120@163.com. Application: To apply for the job, please don’t forget to include the following information: Personal data (age, place of birth, etc.) Description of your academic history and teaching experience A recent picture Scanned documents, such as diploma(s), passport and current visa (if already in China) A phone number where we can reach you For inquiries, call +86 (871)3803085; 13700641813 5. This advertisement is about____________. A. introducing a school C. attracting foreign students B. taking on English teachers D. arranging the subjects Cooking facilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots and pans,

6. What is Not needed for you to apply for the job? A. your resume C. your academic history B. your personal data D. a recommendation letter

7. If you are employed, you may___________. A. live far away from the campus B. share a room with another teacher C. surf the Internet for free D. enjoy three free meals every day 8. Where can you mostly read the advertisement? A. In a telephone book. C. In a travel guide. B. In a newspaper. D. In a textbook.



C7 [2013·安徽卷] A The Healthy Habits Survey(调查)shows that only about one third of American seniors have correct habits. Here are some findings and expert advice.

1.How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday? ·Finding:A full 33% of seniors brush their teeth only once a day. ·Step:Remove the 300 types of bacteria in your mouth each morning with a battery -operated toothbrush. Brush gently for 2 minutes, at least twice a day. 2.How many times did you wash your hands or bathe yesterday? ·Finding:Seniors, on average, bathe fewer than 3 days a week. And nearly 30% wash their hands only 4 times a day—half of the number doctors recommend. ·Step:We touch our faces around 3,000 times a day—often inviting germs(病菌)to enter our mouth, nose, and eyes.Use toilet paper to avoid touching the door handle. And, most important, wash your hands often with hot running water and soap for 20 seconds. 3.How often do you think about fighting germs? ·Finding:Seniors are not fighting germs as well as they should. ·Step:Be aware of germs. Do you know it is not your toilet but your kitchen sponge(海 绵)that can carry more germs than anything else? To kill these germs, keep your sponge in the microwave for 10 seconds. 56.What is found out about American seniors? A.Most of them have good habits. B.Nearly 30% of them bathe three days a week. C.All of them are fighting germs better than expected. D.About one third of them brush their teeth only once a day.


57.Doctors suggest that people should wash their hands ________. A.twice a day B.three times a day C.four times a day D.eight times a day

58.Which of the following is true according to the text? A.We should keep from touching our faces. B.There are less than 300 types of bacteria in the mouth. C.A kitchen sponge can carry more germs than a toilet. D.We should wash our hands before touching a door handle. 59.The text probably comes from A.a guide book C.a book review B.a popular magazine D.an official document ________.

【要点综述】 这是一份调查报告,是针对美国老年人的健康习惯所做的调查。 56.D 细节理解题。根据第一项调查中“A full 33% of seniors brush their teeth only once a day.”可知,大约有三分之一的美国老年人一天只刷一次牙。 57.D 细节理解题。根据第二项调查中“?4 times a day—half of the number doctors recommend”可知,四次是医生建议次数的一半,也就是说,医生建议老年人每天洗八次手, 故选 D。 58.C 细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二句“Do you know it is not your toilet but your kitchen sponge that can carry more germs than anything else?”可知,厨房里的海绵 比卫生间带有的细菌还要多。 59.B 推理判断题。由文章内容可知,这是一份调查报告,是针对美国老年人的健康习 惯所做的调查。 这样的文章理应不会出现在“旅游指南”“书评”“官方文件”里, 故排除 A、 C、D。流行杂志做这样的调查报告很常见,故选 B。

- 10 -

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