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高中英语《Unit 23 Conflict》Section Ⅰ Warm-up Living in a Community 课时跟踪检测课下作业

Section Ⅰ

Warm?up & Living in a Community

1.It is said that priceless antiques (古董) were destroyed in the fire. 2.The next procedure is to classify (分类)

the information. 3.The government opened up the policy on immigration (移民). 4.The young man has had three accidents in the past fortnight (两周). 5.He said that room was furnished (配有家具的) with beautiful pictures. 6.She felt betrayed (被出卖) when she found out the truth. 7.He didn't want to expose (暴露) his fears to the children. 8.Their decision was based on ignorance and prejudice (偏见). 9.We are not prepared to compromise (妥协) on safety standard. 10.Marriage is, first of all, a contract which must be governed by justice (公 平). Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The interviewers have a(n) ________ against applicants with lower educational level. A.resistance C.prejudice B.boycott D.objection

解析:选 C。句意:面试者对那些受教育水平低的申请者有偏见。resistance“抵抗,反 抗”;boycott“抵制”;prejudice“偏见”;objection“反对”,只有 C 项符合句意,故 选 C 项。 2.I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom ________ so lonely as now. A.have I felt C.I have felt B.I had felt D.had I felt

解析:选 A。句意:我在美国住了 20 年,但是我很少像现在这样感到如此孤独。此处要 用现在完成时,且 seldom 位于第二分句的句首,所以第二分句要部分倒装。 3.The old headmaster ________ his place to the young one. A.handed in C.handed to B.handed on D.handed over

解析:选 D。hand over“移交”。句意:这个老校长将其职位让给了年轻人。hand in“上 交”;hand on“传递”。故只有 D 项符合句意。 4.Only eleven of these accidents were ________ as major.

A.supposed C.classified

B.sorted D.clarified

解析:选 C。句意:这些事故中只有十一例被判定为重大事故。suppose“认为,假定”; sort“分类,整理”;classify“划分,归类,界定”;clarify“澄清”,只有 C 项符合句 意。 5.________, she is quite experienced in the work. A.As she is young C.Young as she is B.As young she is D.Young as is she

解析:选 C。as 引导让步状语从句,用倒装语序,相当于 although she is young。 6.It was not until she got home ________ Jennifer realized she had lost her keys. A.when C.where B.that D.before

解析:选 B。考查 not...until...句型的强调句。强调 until 从句,not 一并提前。 7.________ he realized why he was scolded by the teacher. A.In a way C.In a flame B.In a flash D.In a sudden

解析:选 B。句意:他突然意识到老师为什么批评他。in a flash 表示“突然;立刻”。 8.His sudden ________ was a disadvantage to the campaign. A.distinction C.departure B.division D.separation

解析:选 C。句意:他的突然离开对竞选不利。distinction“特点,杰出,区别”; division“分开”;departure“离开”;separation“分离”。 9.The students hope the fine weather will________ for Sunday's picnic. A.keep up C.carry on B.pick up D.put up

解析:选 A。考查短语辨析。keep up “(天气)持续不变,维持”; pick up“ 捡起; 好转”;carry on“ 继续做”;put up“ 搭建”。根据句意可知应选 A。 10.More than ten people had been badly hurt in the street, and it was obvious that the situation had been ________. A.out of shape C.out of reach B.out of sight D.out of control

解析:选 D。考查介词短语辨析。句意:大街上已经有十多人严重受伤,显然情况已经失 控。out of shape“变形,走样”;out of sight“看不见”;out of reach“够不着”; out of control“失控”。

Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Among various programmes,TV talk shows have covered every inch of space on daytime television. And anyone who watches them regularly knows that each one is different in style. But no two shows are more opposite in content, while at the same time standing out above the rest, than the Jerry Springer and the Oprah Winfrey shows. Jerry Springer could easily be considered the king of “rubbish talk”. The contents on his show are as surprising as can be. For example, the show takes the ever?common talk show titles of love, sex, cheating and hate, to a different level. Clearly, the Jerry Springer show is about the dark side of society, yet people are willing to eat up the troubles of other people's lives. Like Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey takes TV talk show to its top. But Oprah goes in the opposite direction. The show is mainly about the improvement of society and different quality of life. Contents are from teaching your children lessons, managing your work week, to getting to know your neighbors. Compared to Oprah, the Jerry Springer show looks like poisonous waste being poured into society. Jerry ends every show with a“final word”. He makes a small speech about the entire idea of the show. Hopefully, this is the part where most people will learn something very valuable. Clean as it is, the Oprah show is not for everyone. The show's main viewers are middle?class Americans. Most of these people have time, money, and ability to deal with life's tough problems. Jerry Springer, on the other hand, has more of a connection with then young adults of society. These are 18?to?21?year?olds whose main troubles in life include love, relationship, sex, money and drug. They are the ones who see some value and lessons to be learned through the show's exploitation. 1.Compared with other TV talk shows, both the Jerry Springer and the Oprah Winfrey are ________. A.more interesting C.more detailed B.unusually popular D.more formal

解析:选 B。细节理解题。根据文中的“Jerry Springer could easily be considered the king of ‘rubbish talk’”和“...Oprah Winfrey takes TV talk show to its top.”两

句可以看出这两个电视谈话节目主持人受到了观众不寻常的欢迎。 2.Though the social problems Jerry Springer talks about appear unpleasant, people who watch the shows ________.

A.remain interested in them B.are ready to face up to them C.remain cold to them D.are willing to get away from them 解析:选 A。细节理解题。文中的“Clearly, the Jerry Springer show is about the dark side of society, yet people are willing to eat up the troubles of other people's lives.”说明观众对于人们生活上的难处还是很感兴趣的,因为它确实比较真实地反映了人 们日常生活中的实事,容易引起观众的共鸣。 3.Which of the following is likely to be a topic of the Oprah Winfrey show? A.A new type of robot. B.Nation hatred. C.Family income planning. D.Street accident. 解析: C。 选 推理判断题。 文中的“ The show is mainly about the improvement of society and different quality of life.”说明这一档节目报道的都是社会的正面。而 A 项是科技 报道,属不带感情色彩的客观报道。B、D 属负面的东西,所以此题答案选 C。 4.We can learn from the passage that the two talk shows ________. A.have become the only ones of its kind B.exploit the weaknesses in human nature C.appear at different times of the day D.attract different people 解析:选 D。推理判断题。“ The show's main viewers are middle?class Americans.” 和“ Jerry Springer, on the other hand, has more of a connection with the young adults of society.”暗示这两个节目分别适应不同年龄、不同层次的观众需要。 B E?mail has brought the art of letter writing back to life, but some experts think the resulting spread of bad English does more harm than good. E?mail is a form of communication that is changing, for the worse, the way we write and use language, say some communication researchers. It is also changing the way we interact (交流) and build relationship.

These are a few of recently recognized features of e?mail, say experts, that should cause individual and organizations to rethink the way they use e?mail. “E?mail has increased the spread of careless writing habits,” says Naomi Baron, a professor of linguistics at American University. She says the poor spelling, grammar, punctuation (标点符号) and sentence structure of e?mails reflect a growing unconcern to the way we write. Baron argues that we should not forgive and forget the poor writing often shown in e?mails.“The more we use e?mails and its tasteless writing, the more it becomes the normal way of writing,” the professor says. Others say that despite its poor prose (文字), e?mail has finished what several generations of English teachers couldn't: it has made writing fashionable again. “E?mail is a critical new communication technology,” says Ian Lancashire, a University of Toronto professor of English. “It fills the gap between spoken language and the formal methods of writing that existed before e?mail. It is the purest form of written speech.” Lancashire says e?mail has the mysterious ability to get people who are scared by writing to get their thoughts flowing easily onto a blank screen. He says this is because of e?mail's close similarity to speech. “It's like a circle of four or five people around a campfire,” he says. Still, he accepts that this new?found freedom to express themselves often gets people into trouble. “Almost every day I get e?mails that apologies of previous e?mails,” he reports. In the U.S., the number of e?mails sent in a day exceeds (超过) the number of letters mailed in a year. But more people are recognizing the content of a typical e?mail message is not often exact. 5.The passages mainly shows us that ________. A.people should stop using e?mail to communicate B.experts hold different opinions about e?mail C.Americans only use e?mail to communicate D.e?mail makes people lose interest in English 解析:选 B。主旨大意题。根据第一段及第五段等处可以归纳出:本文阐述了对电子邮件 不同的观点。 6. In Lancashire's opinion, e?mail is a wonderful technique because ________. A.it can be used all over the world

B.it is the fastest way to communicate C.we can express ourselves in a free way D.we can save a lot of paper 解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据倒数第二段可以看出 Lancashire 的观点,他认为电子邮 件可以使人自由地表达思想和情感,类似于口头语言。 7.Which of the following is NOT true about e?mail? A.It is changing the way of communication. B.It is used more than letters in the U.S. C.It helps us write better. D.It causes us to write more. 解析: C。正误判断题。 选 根据第三段第一句可知, 电子邮件促使了不良写作习惯的形成, 故 C 项不正确。 8.The author discusses e?mails by ________ in this passage. A.giving examples B.giving others' remarks C.using arguments D.objective description 解析:选 B。推理判断题。作者在整篇文章中都在引用别人对于电子邮件的评价,并没有 表达自己的态度。故选 B。


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