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His story

His story
--Chinese History
By Yan Xiaojun 13120156

Xia,Shang and Zhou
The Xia Dynasty was founded in 2070 B.C. With the Xia Dynasty, China entered slave society . The following Shang (1600-1046 B.C.) and Western Zhou (1046-771 B.C.) dynasties saw further development of slave society.




A Story of Shang Dynasty
Fu Hao(妇好) is the wife of the Shang King Wu Ding who has more than 60 wives.However,the most significant status of her is the first female general in Chinese history.

She presided over some important ritual activities, and led the troops to conquer Tu Fang, Qiang Fang, Ren Fang, Ba Fang many times. In a war of conquering Qiang Fang, she led a large team of thirteen thousand soldiers.This is recorded as the largest foreign conquest of Shang Dynasty in the time.

This era was followed by the Spring and Autumn (770-476 B.C.) and Warring States (475-221 B.C.) periods. During the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods,producing many famous philosophers, such as Lao Zi, Confucius, Mencius and Mo Zi, and the well-known military scientist Sun Wu.

what is the chinese meaning
By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart. 性相近也,习相远也 Keep what you say and carry out what you do. 言必信,行必果 Don't impose on others what you don‘t desire 己所不欲,勿施于人 The superior man on grounds of culture meets with his friends, and by their friendship helps his virtue. 君子以文会友,以友辅仁

Qin Dynasty
Qin Shi Huang (259 - 210 B.C.) and His Empire ? In 221 B.C., Ying Zheng(the other name is Zhao Zheng), ruler of the State of Qin and a man of great talent and bold vision, established the first centralized, unified, multi-ethnic feudal state in Chinese history—the Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.). He called himself Qin Shi Huang or “First Emperor of Qin.”

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A famous love story
Three days after Meng Jiangnv and Fan Xiliang's marriage, officials suddenly broke in and took Fan Xiliang away to build the Great Wall.Meng Jiangnv missed her husband and cried nearly every day after her husband was taken away.She climbed over mountains and went through the rivers day and night,and fell down many times.But finally she reached the foot of the Great Wall. However,Fan Xiliang had already died of exhaustion and buried into the Great Wall!

A famous love story
Meng Jiangnu could not help crying. She sat on the ground and cried and cried. Suddenly with a tremendous noise, a 400 kilometer-long (248mile-long) section of the Great Wall collapsed over her bitter wail. The workmen and supervisors were astonished. She loved her husband deeply and jumped into the nearby Bohai Sea.

In memory of Meng Jiangnu, later generations built a temple, called the Jiangnu Temple, at the foot of the Great Wall in which a statue of Meng Jiangnu is located.

Tang Dynasty
? After the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Period (220-265), the Jin Dynasty (265-420), the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589) and the Sui Dynasty (581-618) were succeeded by the Tang Dynasty, established by Li Yuan in 618.

The idiom story
Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile In the Tang Dynasty, there was a minister called Li Yifu who was always affable and smiling. But in his heart he was very sinister and ruthless. He constantly schemed against people he saw as possible rivals. He was called 'The knife in the smile'.

? Zhao Kuangyin, a general of ? the State of Later Zhou, established the Song Dynasty (960-1279), historically known as the Northern Song Dynasty.

When the Song Dynasty moved its capital to the south, historically called the Southern Song Dynasty, it brought advanced economy and culture to the south, giving a great impetus to economic development.


The idiom story
Having a Ready Formed Plan In the Song Dynasty, an artist called Wen Tong was especially fond of drawing bamboos. He planted a lot of bamboos in his garden so that he could observe the process of their growth and appearance in different seasons. He knew bamboos so well that whenever he took up the paintbrush he already had a picture in his mind, and thus he could always paint bamboos in a vivid and lively way.

The idiom story
Failing to Pass an Examination In the Song Dynasty (960-1279) there was a joker called Sun Shan. One year he went to take the imperial examination, and came bottom of the list of successful candidates. Back in his hometown, one of his neighbours asked him whether the neighbour's son had also passed. Sun Shan said, with a smile: "Sun Shan was the last on the list. Your son came after Sun Shan."

Ming Dynasty
? Zhu Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty (13681644) in Nanjing, reigning as Emperor Taizu. When his son and successor Zhu Di (1360-1424) ascended the throne, in 1360, he built and expanded the palaces, temples, city walls and moat in Beijing on a large scale.

A Great Man
During his reign, he dispatched a eunuch named Zheng He to lead a fleet of many ships to make seven far-ranging voyages. Zheng He was a Hui Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat and fleet admiral, who made the voyages collectively referred to as the travels of "Eunuch Sanbao to the Western Ocean" (Chinese: 三保太监下西洋) or "Zheng He to the Western Ocean", from 1405 to 1433.

Achievements of Zheng He
– Explored the islands of Cape Verde(佛得角), the Azores( 亚 速尔群岛), the Bahamas(. 巴哈 马群岛), and the Falklands(福克 兰群岛) – Introduced horses to the Americas, chickens to South America, coffee to Puerto Rico(波多黎各), South American sloths( 树懒) to Australia, sea otters(海獭) to New Zealand, and maize( 玉米) to the Philippines. – The Interesting invention : Zheng He invented the mahjong during navigation

The last feudal dynasty - qing
qing dynasty ,with its captial Beijing,was the last feudal ruling of China from 1644 to 1912

Emperors and English
Guangxu's enthusiasm for learning English is very high。Four o'clock in the morning,he started to learn English.Besides,he was quite gifted for reading and writing,but his spoken English is terrible. Johnston,a scotsman,instructed Pu Yi English.In 1945, in the Tokyo Trial,PuYi answered in English fluently under the judge's inquiry.

Pu Yi's writing

How to Memorize China's Major Dynasties

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