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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 强化练习(新课标专用)Book 1 Unit 4

Unit 4


1.Being able to afford ________ drink would be ________ comfort in those tough times. (2012· 山东,29) A.the;the 答案 B 解析 句意为:在那些艰苦的岁月里,能买得起一杯

饮料都会是一件令人安慰的事。本 B.a;a C.a;/ D./;a

题容易误选 C 项,认为 comfort“安慰”是不可数名词,其实此处为抽象名词的具体化, a comfort 令人感到安慰的一个人或一件事;a drink 一杯饮料。故 B 项正确。 2.After the new equipment was introduced,they produced ________ machines this year as the year before. A.as twice many 答案 C 解析 考查“倍数+as+形容词+名词+as...”结构。 3.The precious manuscripts were hopelessly________by long exposure in the cold,damp cellar. A.damaged 答案 D 解析 ruin 毁坏,损坏,指经过长时间的侵蚀而毁坏;damage 一般是部分毁坏;destroy B.destroyed C.harmed D.ruined B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as

指彻底的毁坏、摧毁;harm 损害,多指对肉体、精神方面的伤害。 4. Some parents are just too protective.They want to________their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined. A.spot 答案 C 解析 句意为:一些父母保护性太强。他们想保护孩子不受任何的危险,不管是真的危 B.dismiss C.shelter D.distinguish

险还是想象的。shelter sb. from sth.保护某人不受(危险)。 5.I’m calling to enquire about the position________in yesterday’s China Daily. A.advertised C.advertising 答案 A B.to be advertised D.having advertised

解析 考查非谓语动词。选项与逻辑主语 the position 是动宾关系,且动作已发生,故选 advertised。 6.On hearing the news that her son had won the game,she________laughter. A.burst out C.burst upon 答案 D 解析 burst into laughter 大笑起来,为固定搭配,等于 burst out laughing。句意为:听到 B.burst with D.burst into

她儿子赢了比赛的消息,她大笑起来。 7.Frankly speaking, I agree with Shirley, though not________. A.entirely 答案 A 解析 考查副词词义的辨析。entirely 完全地。句意为:说实话,我大体上同意 Shirley 的话,尽管不完全同意。 8.It took me half an hour to________the book.I even thought I might have lost it. A.dig out 答案 A 解析 考查动词短语辨析。dig out (费力地)翻找出来,掘出;take out 取出,拿出;hold out 伸出;find out 查明,发现(事情的真相)。句意为:我花了半个小时才翻找出这本书 来。我还以为我把它丢了呢。 9.________in the newspaper,I didn’t notice he came in. A.Having buried C.Buried 答案 C 解析 考查非谓语动词的用法。 be buried in 专心致志于, 埋头于, 作状语时常省略 be 动 词。若选 B 项,则其后应加 myself。句意为:由于在专心致志地看报纸,我没有注意到 他进来。 10.________the happy look on her face when she received the call,it must be good news. A.Judged from C.To judge from 答案 B B.Judging from D.Judge from B.Burying D.To be buried B.take out C.hold out D.find out B.exactly C.extremely D.finally


judging from 根据……来判断,是一种固定的表达方式。句意为:从她接电话的

高兴的表情可以判断出一定有好消息。 11.I will have a good rest once all the things are________. A.at the end C.in the end 答案 D 解析 be at an end 表示“结束, 终结”, 符合句意。 at the end (of)在(……的)末端; by the end (of)到(……)结束时;in the end 最后。 12.As you can see,the number of cars on our roads________rising these days. A.was keeping C.keeps 答案 C 解析 句意为:正如你所见,目前道路上汽车的数量在不断增加。the number of 作主语 时,谓语动词用单数,可排除 B、D;再根据时间状语 these days 可知描述的是现在的 情况,所以选 C。 13.—Hello, I’m calling to complain about one of your sales staff. —Oh,________ A.you must be kidding! C.why not? 答案 D 解析 考查交际用语。说话人是在电话投诉销售员,答话人自然应该首先了解发生了 什么事情。You must be kidding!“你一定是在开玩笑!”;What a shock!“太令人震 惊了!”;Why not?“为什么不呢?”,都不符合常识。 14.Mary has a very good memory and can remember everything exactly as if it________ yesterday. A.was happening C.had happened 答案 D 解析 考查虚拟语气。由 as if 引导的从句通常用虚拟语气,再结合前面的 remember 可 知与现在事实相反,因此从句用一般过去时。 B.happens D.happened B.what a shock! D.what happened? B.keep D.were keeping B.by the end D.at an end

15.I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with________. A.everything C.something 答案 A 解析 考查部分否定。 句意为: 我同意你说的大部分, 但是我不同意全部。 not...everything 并非都。 16.It is possible that one day we will ________ disability,so we shouldn’t look down upon the disabled. A.end up with C.come up with 答案 A 解析 句意为:将来有一天,我们也可能以残疾而告终,因此我们不应看不起残疾人。 end up with 以……告终,符合句意。 17.________deep down in the earth, the dead forests rotted away and became coal. A.Buried C.To bury 答案 A 解析 句子的主语和 bury 之间是被动关系,且动作发生在谓语动词之前,故用过去分 词形式。 18.Her books were all over the dining table,________meant we had to eat in the kitchen. A.which 答案 A 解析 考查定语从句。句意为:她的书摆满了餐桌,这就意味着我们不得不在厨房吃饭 了。which 引导的是非限制性定语从句,指代主句所表达的整个内容。故选 A 项。 19.Mary has a very good memory and can remember everything exactly as if it________ yesterday. A.was happening C.had happened 答案 D 解析 考查虚拟语气。由 as if 引导的从句通常用虚拟语气,再结合前面的 remember 可 知与现在事实相反,因此从句用一般过去时。 B.happens D.happened B.what C.that D.it B.Burying D.Being buried B.put up with D.catch up with B.anything D.nothing

20. A party was held________the heroes who had helped save thousands and thousands of lives in the big earthquake. A.in time of C.in danger of 答案 B 解析 句意为: 为了纪念在大地震中为帮助挽救数以千计的人的生命而牺牲的英雄举办 了这次晚会。in honour of 为了纪念……,符合句意。 Ⅱ.完形填空 The story I’m going to tell truly happened in my life. The other day,I met a man outside the gym who__1__a movie star.He was handsome and smiling.His upper body was muscular and he__2__to be on top of the world. “How are you?” I__3__with a smile.“I’m doing really well, ” he replied in a cheerful voice.His enthusiasm and big smile__4__the parking garage.__5__as he walked up,I__6__his long legs were thin and I saw he had a silver cane(手杖).“Why do you need that cane?” I couldn’t__7__thinking he had a minor injury.“I have Multiple Sclerosis(多发性硬化症), ” he answered in a__8__voice too,as his broad smile__9__left his face.MS is a very serious disease and often painful.I looked at him from my little red sports car and said,“You__10__it very well.You seem like a happy man__11__MS.” Without losing a bit of his smile he replied, “I am a happy man,”and then added,“I’d be even happier if I had that sports__12__.” It was ironic(讽刺的). Just__13__we spoke, I’d been sitting in that little sports car, feeling sad about my painful shoulder over the last 11 months although I was__14__after an operation.Here’s a man with a far tougher__15__than mine,but his positive attitude made him feel no__16__happiness.He went on with his enjoyment of life as usual,which moved me deeply. It was also a wonderful reminder of that old__17__,“I cried because I had no shoes.Then I met a man who had no feet.”__18__your problems are,just keep in__19__that no one goes through life__20__and like the man with MS,make the most of what you have.Count your blessings. 1.A.stared at C.agreed with 答案 D 解析 根据下文对男子外貌的描述可推知,作者在体操馆外面碰到一个长得像电影明星 的男子。 2.A.conducted B.appeared B.talked about D.looked like B.in honour of D.in place of

C.performed 答案 B


解析 他帅气,面带微笑,上身肌肉发达,显得非常自信。appear 看来,显得,似乎, 符合语意。 3.A.questioned C.complained 答案 D 解析 根据上文中的“How are you?”可知,作者微笑着向他打招呼,故用 greeted。 4.A.lit up C.held up 答案 A 解析 根据上下文可知,该男子非常爽朗,他的热情和微笑照亮了(lit up)整个停车库。 put up 搭建;hold up 阻止,阻碍;keep up 保持,都不符合语境。 5.A.So C.But 答案 C 解析 根据上下文可知,作者原本不知道他身患疾病,当他走近的时候作者才注意到 (noticed)他的腿很瘦,而且拄着拐杖,所以此处表示语意上的转折,应用 But。 6.A.diagnosed C.examined 答案 B 解析 参见上题解析。 7.A.want C.wait 答案 D 解析 作者很吃惊他为什么需要拐杖,所以作者情不自禁地想他可能有点儿小毛病。此 处 couldn’t help doing sth.是常用句式,表示“情不自禁做某事” 。 8.A.cheerful C.low 答案 A B.sad D.painful B.set D.help B.noticed D.checked B.And D.Though B.put up D.kept up B.advised D.greeted

解析 根据上下文可知, 这个男子并没有因为自己得了多发性硬化症而感到沮丧或难过, 相反,他仍然非常乐观和积极向上,所以,在回答作者问题的时候他带着一种愉快的语 气,故用 cheerful。而且下文也提到,微笑从来也没有(never)离开过他的脸庞。 9.A.sometimes C.never 答案 C 解析 参见上题解析。 10.A.need 答案 B 解析 作者称赞他做得非常好。handle 在此处表示“处理,对付” ,可作及物动词,直接 接宾语;deal 常与 with 搭配,表示“处理(问题等)” 。 11.A.in spite of C.thanks to 答案 A 解析 此处是作者说的内容“尽管(in spite of)你得了多发性硬化症,但你看起来非常快 乐” 。in return for 作为……的回报;thanks to 幸亏,由于……;but for 要不是……,都 不符合语意。 12.A.training 答案 D 解析 根据语境可知,这里是该男子在调侃“要是我有你那样的跑车(sports car)的话, 我会更快乐” 。 13.A.when 答案 C 解析 根据语意可知, 在他们谈话前, 作者还在为 11 个月来一直疼痛的肩膀感到难过, 故用连词 before。 14.A.recovering C.repairing 答案 A 解析 尽管作者正处在手术后的恢复(recovering)阶段,但还是因自己所受的疼痛而难 B.suffering D.benefiting B.until C.before D.since B.coach C.coat D.car B.in return for D.but for B.handle C.demand D.deal B.regularly D.always

过。 15.A.direction C.situation 答案 C 解析 作者碰到的这个男子的处境远比作者的糟糕, 但他积极的生活态度没让他少体会 一点儿人生的快乐。 16.A.fewer 答案 B 解析 根据语境可知此处应填 less,此处表示“不少于……的快乐” 。 17.A.story 答案 C 解析 这让人想起一句话,应用 saying 谚语,格言。 18.A.Whatever 答案 A 解析 Whatever 在这里引导让步状语从句,表示“无论你碰到什么困难……” 。 19.A.head C.heart 答案 D 解析 一定要记住(keep in mind),每个人的人生都不易(easily)。 20.A.completely C.hardly 答案 B 解析 参见上题解析。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 The WorkStudy Program gives you the chance to work parttime on campus.If you need more money to cover all of your educationrelated costs,you may be eligible for this program. Advantages Work experience : Last year , more than 1,400 positions were available across all departments.The jobs vary from one department to the next,and in most cases.Participants find a position in their chosen field. · Money:During the regular academic year(September to April),you can work parttime and earn $3,200—sometimes more—while you take courses!During the summer time,you work B.easily D.lightly B.brain D.mind B.However C.Whichever D.Whenever B.news C.saying D.lesson B.less C.further D.more B.location D.position

fulltime and can earn around $6,000 over 18 weeks. · Easy access : Applying for the program is easy.There is no need for facetoface interview.All the forms you need are online; just fill in the forms and email us; we accept no letter or phone application! Did you know? At the University of Ottawa, it is not essential to receive government assistance to qualify for our WorkStudy Program.You simply need to demonstrate(说明)financial need.You could have one of these great WorkStudy jobs: · Student ambassador · Computing and network technician · Marketing assistant · Sports team manager · Researcher/translator · Writer And more! The Admission Section receives and evaluates applications to undergraduate programs,in addition to answering applicants’ questions. Phone:6135625315 Tollfree:18778688292(#53 15) Financial Aid &Awards Service Section: Phone:6135625734 Tollfree Phone:18778688292 Regular office Hours:Monday to Friday September to May:9 a.m.to 4∶30 p.m.;June to August:9 a.m.to 3∶30 p.m. 1.What does the underlined word “eligible” in Paragraph 1 probably mean? A.Skilled. C.Qualified. 答案 C 解析 词义猜测题。qualified 合格的,适合的;skilled 有技能的,熟练的;helpful 有帮 助的;familiar 熟悉的(不与 for 搭配)。根据前一句“If you need more money to cover all of your educationrelated costs...”(如果你需要更多的钱去支付你所有的教育费用),可知此 处介绍适合(be qualified for)这个计划的情况。 2.To earn most each month,you may choose to work________. A.from April to September B.from May to August B.Helpful. D.Familiar.

C.during the daytime 答案 B

D.most of the weekends

解析 事实细节题。由 Advantages 部分的第二段可知:从 9 月到来年 4 月(September to April)做兼职可以挣$3,200 ,有时多一些;但在夏季 18 周做全职就可以挣$6,000,因此, 若想月收入达到最多,需要在夏季这段时间,故选 B。 3.How can students apply for a working position? A.By letter. C.By personal interview. 答案 D 解析 事实细节题。 由 Advantages 部分的第三段中的“online”, “email”以及“accept no letter or phone application”可知用互联网。 4.To be admitted by the program,you need to ________. A.get some government assistance first B.explain your financial need first C.perform well in your studies D.have much working experience 答案 B 解析 事实细节题。由 Did you know? 部分中“You simply need to demonstrate(说 明)financial need.”(你只需说明你的经济需求)可知答案为 B 项。 5.If you want to get more information about working positions,you should________. A.phone 6135625315 B.phone 6135625734 C.phone at any time D.ask every department about them 答案 A 解析 事实细节题。由 And more!后面提供的电话可知 A 项正确。 B.By phone. D.By the Internet.

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