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情态动词与虚拟语气练习与答案 一 1. (2013· 杭州模拟)—Mary’s sister looks very beautiful now. —But she was very ugly before she tidied up her appearance(整容). You believe it! A. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t B. mustn’t D. might not

2. (2013· 包头模拟)—Where is Mr. Smith? I can’t find him anywhere. —He far, for his mobile phone is still here. B. wouldn’t have gone D. shouldn’t have gone

A. mustn’t have gone C. can’t have gone

3. (2013· 太原模拟)—Why didn’t John take part in the race yesterday? —He out of the race because of his serious injury. B. should have dropped D. must have dropped

A. needn’t have dropped C. would have dropped 4. You

the day off from work, which created a burden for everyone else. B. mustn’t have taken D. wouldn’t have taken .

A. shouldn’t have taken C. couldn’t have taken

5. (2013· 凉山模拟)More water and the young trees A. couldn’t have died C. shouldn’t have died

B. needn’t have died D. mustn’t have died

6. (2013· 济南模拟)Although Lily is usually easy-going, she A. must B. need C. can

be sometimes quite annoying. D. should

7. “Nothing in this letter

be considered as a license to use the artist’s personal possessions”,

the judge declared on the court. A. can C. must B. shall D. may

8. —May I take this book out of the reading room? —No, you A. mustn’t . You read it here. B. mightn’t C. won’t D. needn’t

9. —Mr. Smith, Tom is here.

he come in now?

—Oh, yes please. I’ve been expecting him. A. Should C. Might B. Shall D. Must

10. (2013· 哈尔滨模拟)—Why don’t you wear your jogging shorts, Mum? —Well, my legs are too skinny, if you A. should C. need know. B. can D. must

11. (2013· 资阳模拟)—David is always absent from work. —Tell him he A. would C. shall answer for it if he goes on behaving like this. B. can
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D. might

12. (2013· 重庆模拟)—It’s hard to believe that Jack should have fought with the policeman. —Yes. If one A. may C. must ask for trouble, it can’t be helped. B. need D. should

13. —Kate, look after your younger brother this afternoon. — A. May I C. Must I ? Isn’t he old enough to look after himself? He’s twelve years old now. B. Can I D. Should I

14. (2013· 天津模拟)—What is an ideal team leader like? —He A. can C. would be responsible, determined and creative. B. may D. should

15. (2013· 长安模拟)—It was tiring for me to stand in the queue for two hours to get the train ticket. —You . You could have got one online. B. needn’t D. need not to

A. needn’t have C. didn’t need to

16. (2013· 合肥模拟)—Why didn’t you go to Mike’s birthday party yesterday?

—Well, I A. should

, but I forgot it. B. would C. should have D. must have

17. (2013· 成都模拟)—Who is absent from the lecture today? — A. Would you ask? Peter, of course. B. Can C. Could D. Need

18. (2013· 大连模拟)—You look so upset. What’s wrong with you? —The door A. won’t open C. can’t open . Can you help me? B. won’t be opened D. can’t be opened your advice. D. should follow

19. (2013· 西安模拟)Look at the trouble I am in! If only I A. followed B. would follow C. had followed

20. (2013· 哈尔滨模拟)—Pity you missed the concert. —I it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview. B. had attended D. would attend a car when the price was not so high. D. would have bought

A. must have attended C. would have attended

21. (2013· 廊坊模拟)If I had had enough money, I A. bought B. will buy

C. would buy

22. (2013· 成都模拟)Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don’t think we it without you. A. can manage C. could manage B. could have managed D. can have managed so formally.
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23. (2013· 温州模拟)As it turned out to be a small house party, we A. needn’t dress up B. shouldn’t dress up C. couldn’t have dressed up D. needn’t have dressed up 24. (2013· 烟台模拟)The driver of that. A. might B. must C. should D. would

have drunk a lot before the accident, but I’m not quite sure

25. (2013· 乐山模拟)—Shall I inform him of the change of the schedule right now?

—I am afraid you A. will

, in case he comes late for the meeting. B. must C. may 二 D. can

1. I ______use a clock to wake me up because at six o'clock each morning the train comes by my house. A.couldn't B.mustn't C.shouldn't D.needn't

2. (2012· 全国高考Ⅱ)I'm going to Europe on vacation together with John if I ______ find the money. A.can B.might C.would D.need

3. We ______ the difficulty together,but why didn't you tell me? A. should face C.could have faced B.might face D.must have faced

4.It's quite warm here;we ______ turn the heating on yet. A.couldn't B.mustn't C.needn't D.wouldn't

5. The new law states that people ______ drive after drinking alcohol. A.wouldn't B.needn't C.won't D.mustn't

6.— ______ you interrupt now?Can't you see I'm on the phone? — Sorry Sir,but it's urgent. A.Can B.Should C.Must D.Would

7. (2012· 江苏高考) Days later, my brother called to say he was all right, but ______ say where he was. A.mustn't B.shouldn't C.wouldn't D.mightn't

8. (2012· 江苏高考)—Happy birthday! —Thank you!It's the best present I ______for. A.should have wished C.may have wished B.must have wished D.could have wished

9. (2012· 江西高考) We ______ have bought so much food now that Suzie won't be with us for dinner. A.may not B.needn't C.can't D.mustn't

10. (2012· 辽宁高考)One of our rules is that every student ______ wear school uniform while at school. A.might B.could C.shall D.will

11. I ______ thank you too much for all your help to my son while we were away from home. A.won't B.can't C.can D.will


12. I got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese,and I said “Ni Hao,”just as I______do in China. A.must B.might C.can D.should

13. If you ______ smoke,please go outside. A.can B.should C.must D.may

14.—I don't really like James.Why did you invite him? —Don't worry.He ______ come.He said he wasn't certain what his plans were. A.must not C. would not B.need not D.might not

15. I ______ worry about my weekend—I always have my plans ready before it comes. A.can't B.mustn't C.daren't D.needn't

16.—I left my handbag on the train,but luckily someone gave it to a railway official. —How unbelievable to get it back!I mean,someone ______ it. A.will have stolen C.should have stolen B.might have stolen D.must have stolen

17.—Shall I inform him of the change of the schedule right now? —I am afraid you ______,in case he comes late for the meeting. A.will B.must C.may D.can

18.—How's your new babysitter? —We ______ ask for a better one.All our kids love her so much. A.should B.might C.mustn't D.couldn't

19. The police still haven't found the lost child,but they're doing all they ______. A.can B.may C.must D.should

20.—Why didn't you come to Simon's party last night? —I wanted to,but my mom simply ______ not let me out so late at night. A.could B.might C.would D.should

21.—Will you read me a story,Mummy? —OK.You ______ have one if you go to bed as soon as possible. A.might B.must C.could D.shall

22.—No one ______ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball. —Oh,you are really his big fan. A.can B.need C.must D.might

23. If you ______ go,at least wait until the storm is over. A.can B.may C.must D.will


24. It ______ be the postman at the door.It's only six o'clock. A.mustn't B.can't C.won't D.needn't

25. (2013· 河北普通高中教学质监)For those who ______ go to college,there are still hundreds of highpaying jobs that only require a high school diploma. A.can't B.mustn't C.shan't D.needn't

26. (2013· 山西第二次四校联考)—Mum,I could hardly keep my eyes open. —But you ______ be so sleepy—you didn't get up until 9 this morning. A.mustn't B.shouldn't C.wouldn't D.needn't

27. (2013· 北京东城区示范校综合练习一)My cousin ______ be really shy at times even though he is cheerful in general. A.shall B.should C.can D.must

28. (2013· 云南昆明摸底)—Mum,could I play outside with my friends? —If you finish your homework,you______do it. A.shall B.should C.will D.would


1.【解析】选 C。考查情态动词表示推测。句意: ——玛丽的姐姐现在看上去非常漂亮。——但 是她在整容前是非常丑陋的。你不会相信这事情。根据语境“前后丑、漂亮”的对比, 推知人们 “不愿意; 不会”相信; wouldn’t 意思为“不情愿”符合题意。 2. 【解析】 选 C。 考查情态动词表示推测。 句意: ——史密斯先生在哪里? 我到处找不到他。 —— 他不可能走远, 因为他的手机还在这里。根据语境 “到处找不到他”推知是对过去情况的猜测, 故 can’t have gone far 意思为“不可能走远”符合语境。 3.【解析】选 D。考查情态动词表示推测。句意: ——约翰昨天为什么没有参加比赛? ——他因 为受伤严重肯定退出比赛了。 由此处语境“受伤严重”推知对于“退出比赛”的推测语气比较强烈, 有“肯定??”之意, 并且是对过去情况的推测故用 must+have done 形式。 4.【解析】选 A。考查情态动词的用法。句意: 你不应该休班, 这给其他所有的人都造成了负 担。 由句子语境分析, 句子谓语动作发生在过去, “过去不应该做某事”要用 shouldn’t have done, 故选 A。must 表示推测意义不可用于否定形式, 故 B 项不存在; couldn’t have done 不可能做某 事; wouldn’t have done 过去不会做某事。 5. 【解析】选 A。考查情态动词表推测。句意: 多浇一点水, 小树苗就不会死了。根据句意可 知是对过去事情的推测。couldn’t have done 指过去肯定不会做某事; needn’t have done 表示没 必要做某事但做了; shouldn’t have done 表示本不应该做某事但做了。根据句意可知选 A 项。 6. 【解析】选 C。考查情态动词表示推测。句意: 尽管 Lily 通常很随和, 但有时也相当讨厌。 can 意思为“有时会”符合题意。 7. 【解析】选 B。考查情态动词表示允许。句意: 法官在法庭上宣布: “在这封信里使用艺术家 的个人财产不会考虑在内。”根据语境此处为“不允许??”, shall 用在二、三人称的陈述句中 表示“允诺”符合语境。
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8. 【解析】 选 A。 考查情态动词表示允许。 句意: ——我可以把这本书带出阅览室吗? ——不, 不 可以。你要在这里阅读。根据 may 的问句语气, 此处对 may 的请求作了否定回答, 意思为“不 可以; 不允许; 禁止”, 故答案 A 合适。 9. 【解析】选 B。考查情态动词表示请求。句意: ——史密斯先生, 汤姆在这里。他现在可以 进来吗? ——噢, 是的。我一直等着他呢。根据语境“来了; 一直在等”推知“没有进来”, 此处“征 求进来”的同意。shall 用在一、三人称的句子中表示请求。 10. 【解析】选 D。考查情态动词表示警告。句意: ——妈妈, 你为什么没有穿你的慢跑短裤呢?


——如果你非要知道的话, 我告诉你, 我的腿太瘦。 根据语境“告诉了不穿慢跑短裤”的原因, 推 知“非要; 一定”想知道的迫切心情, 故答案 D 合适。 11. 【解析】选 C。考查情态动词表示警告。句意: ——戴维总是不上班。——告诉他如果他继 续这种行为的话, 他要为此负责。 shall 用在二、 三人称的陈述句中意思为“命令; 警告; 允许; 威 胁”。根据语境此处为“警告”。 12. 【解析】选 C。考查情态动词表示必要性。句意: ——难以相信杰克竟然和警察打了起来。 ——是的。如果有人非要找麻烦, 那也是无法避免的。根据语境推知“一定要找麻烦”, must 有 此意。 13. 【解析】选 C。考查情态动词表示必要性。句意: ——凯特, 今天下午照顾好你的弟弟。—— 我一定要这样吗? 他的年龄还不足以照顾自己吗? 他现在已经 12 岁了。 根据语境“大到可以照 顾自己; 12 岁”推知“不愿意去照顾弟弟”, 故意思为“非要; 一定”答案 C 合适。 14. 【解析】选 D。考查情态动词表示必要性。句意: ——理想的团队领导者是什么样子? —— 他应该是一个有责任心、有决心、有创造力的人。根据常识此处指领导人的素质, 故推知“应 该具备??”, 答案 D 合适。 15.【解析】选 A。考查情态动词+have done 用法。句意: ——为了买到火车票, 我站在队伍中 等了两个小时, 太累了。——你本不需要这样做。你本可以在网上买一张。根据语境“You could have got one online. ”推知为“过去发生情况的必要性”答案 A 合适。 16.【解析】选 C。考查情态动词+have done 用法。句意: ——为什么昨天你没有去参加迈克的 生日晚会? ——啊, 我本该去的, 但我忘记了。根据语境“我忘记了”推知“本该做??”, 故答 案 C 合适。 17.【解析】选 D。考查情态动词及其他。句意: ——今天谁没有参加演讲? ——还需要问吗? 当 然是彼得。根据语境“当然”推知“需要??”, 答案 D 合适。 18.【解析】选 A。考查情态动词及其他。句意: ——你看上去这么沮丧。发生什么事情了? —— 门打不开了。 你能帮我吗? 根据语境表示某种倾向“总会; 老是”, 故推知用 will 合适; open 意思 “打开”为不及物动词。 19.【解析】选 C。考查虚拟语气。句意: 瞧我所处的困境! 要是我听从了你的劝告该有多么好 啊。if only 后接虚拟语气, 表示与过去事实相反。 20. 【解析】选 C。考查混合型虚拟语气。句意: ——可惜的是你错过了这场音乐会。——我本 想参加的, 但是我忙于准备一次工作面试。此处“想参加”但事实是没有参加, 为对过去情况相 反的假设; 后面的主句则为真实句, 用了一般过去时。

21.【解析】选 D。考查虚拟语气。句意: 如果我有足够的钱, 当价格不太高时, 我就买一辆车 了。 此处语气为对过去情况相反的假设, 事实是没有买, 价格现在也高, 故从句用 had done; 主 句用 would have done 形式, 答案 D 合适。 22.【解析】选 B。考查虚拟语气。句意: 感谢你上周的辛勤工作。我想没有你的话, 我们就不 可能完成。without you 常用于表示虚拟语气的句子中, 主句根据情况用相应的虚拟语气形式。 根据前文的语境可知 without you 相当于一个虚拟条件句 if we hadn’t had your help, 表示与过 去事实相反的虚拟语气, 故主句使用 B 项。 23.【解析】选 D。考查情态动词+have done 形式。句意: 由于原来是一个很小的家庭聚会, 我 们不需要打扮得那么正式。根据“a small house party”推知“打扮正式”是“不需要”的, 此处为过 去情况, 故答案 D 合适。 24.【解析】选 A。考查情态动词表示推测。句意: 司机出事前或许喝了很多酒, 但是我不很确 定。根据语境“不很确定”推知“或许”语气较弱。must 意思为“一定; 必须”不符合语境。 【误区警示】本题不注意理解语境“but I’m not quite sure of that”, 句子语气把握不准确, 往往 会误选 B。本题主要考查学生对语境的理解, 通过语境把握语气, 从而得出猜测的可能性的大 小。 25.【解析】选 B。考查情态动词表示必要性。句意: ——现在我要告诉他时间表变了吗? ——恐 怕你必须这样做, 以防他开会迟到。表示“必须”要用 must。

1.D A 项意为“不能够,不可以”;B 项意为“禁止,绝对不可”;C 项意为“不应该”;D 项意为“不必,不需要”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,句意:我没有必要使用闹钟把我叫醒,因 为每天早晨六点钟火车都要从我的房子旁边经过。 2.A can“能够”;might “可能”;would “愿意”;need “需要”。句意:如果我能找到那笔

钱,我打算和约翰一起去欧洲度假。故选 A 项。 3. C 句意: 我们本可以一起面对困难的, 但是你为什么不告诉我?could have done sth “本 可以做某事”;should do sth “应该做某事”;might do sth “可能做某事”,must have done sth “一 定做了某事”,表推测。根据句意可知选 C 项。 4. C 句意: 这里现在很暖和, 我们还没有必要打开供暖设备。 couldn't “不能”; mustn't “禁 止,不许”;needn't “不必”;wouldn't “不愿,不想”。 5.D 句意:这项新法律说,人们在喝酒之后禁止开车。故此处用 mustn't 表示“禁止”。 6.C 由第一句可知说话者正忙着,不满意对方的打搅,must 表示与说话者主观愿望相 反或表示一种不耐烦的情绪,常译成 “偏要,偏偏”。can 表示可能性;should 表示“应该”;

would 表示“将要,要”,都不符合题意。句意:——你现在偏要打搅我,难道你没看见我正在 打电话吗?——对不起,先生。但是有急事。故选 C 项。 7.C mustn't 意为“禁止,绝对不可”;shouldn't 意为“不应该”;wouldn't 意为“不愿意, 不想”;mightn't 意为“可能不,也许不”。句意:几天后,我弟弟打电话说他很好,但是就是不 说他在哪里。 8.D should have done 意为“本应该做”;must have done 意为“一定做过”;may have done 意为“可能做过”;could have done 意为“本能够做,本可以做”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,表示 “这是我能够希望得到的最好的礼物”。 9. B 句意: 既然苏西不与我们一起吃晚饭, 我们原本不必买那么多食物。 needn't have done 表示原本不必要做某事,但事实上已经做了。 10.C 句意:我们有一项规定,每位学生在校期间都要穿校服。此处 shall 表示按照法 律、条文、规定必须要做的事情。其他选择项均无此用法。 11. B 句意: 在我们不在家期间, 你对我儿子的帮助我感激不尽。 can not 或 can never 与 too much 连用表示“再??也不过分”。故选 B 项。 12.B might 表示可能性。句意:我走近了,听见他们在说汉语。然后我就以在中国可

能的打招呼方式说了声“你好”。must“必须,偏要”,can“能够,可能”,should“应该”,均不符 合句意。 13.C 此处 must 表示“偏偏,非要”。句意:如果你非要吸烟,请到外面去。 14.D 句意:——我真不喜欢詹姆斯,你为什么邀请他?——不要担心,他有可能不来, 他说过他对他的计划不确定。might “可能”,可能性较小。由句意可知,选 D 项。 15.D 句意:我不必担心我的周末,我总是在周末到来之前做好计划。 can't“ 不能”;

mustn't“禁止,不许”;daren't“不敢”;needn't “不必”。 16.B 根据语境可知,手提包失而复得。这里是猜测,但并不确定,意为 “这个手提包

可能会被偷”。might 的可能性小。 17.B will “愿意,要”,用来表示一个人的意愿;must “必须,一定”,用来表示必要性; may “可以”;can “能够,会”。由空前的 I'm afraid 可知,此处应侧重必要性。句意:——我现 在通知他日程表的变动吗?——恐怕你必须通知他,以免他开会迟到。故选 B 项。 18.D 句意:——你们的新保姆怎么样?——我们不可能再请到更好的了。我们的孩子 非常喜欢她。 “We couldn't ask for a better one.”中 couldn't 与 better 连用表示“不可能更好”。 如 I couldn't agree more.表示“我非常同意”。故选 D 项。 19 . A 句意:警察仍然没有找到那个失踪的孩子,但他们在尽他们所能去寻找他。

can“能”, 与句意相符。 do all they can“做所有他们能做的”。 本句完整结构为: they're doing all they can do to look for him。 20.C 句意:——昨天晚上你为什么不去参加西蒙的晚会?——我想去,但我妈妈不让
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我晚上那么晚出去。根据句意可知此处考查一种语气,表示“不会”用 wouldn't。could not “不 能”;might not “可能不”;should not “不应该”。故选 C 项。 21.D shall 用于二、三人称肯定句中,表示说话人的允诺、威胁、命令、警告等语气。

此处表示允诺,意为:如果你尽快上床睡觉我就给你读一个故事。 22.A can 表示能力,意为 “能够,会”。句意:——在打篮球方面没有人能够跟姚明

相比。——哦,你真是他的超级粉丝。故选 A 项。 23.C can “能,可以”;may “可能,可以”;must“必须,一定”;will“愿意,要,会”。

If you must(do sth.)“(表示虽不赞同但可允许)如果你一定要(那么做)”,是固定句型。 句意:如果你一定要去,至少也要等到暴风雨停了。故选 C 项。 24.B 根据题中“It's only six o'clock.”可知,时间太早,不可能是邮递员来敲门,所以答 案为 B 项 can't,表示针对现在的非常有把握的否定推测。 25.A 句意:对于那些不能上大学的人来说,仍然有数以百计的只需高中文凭的高薪工 作。can't“不能”。 26. B 从后面的 you didn't get up until 9 this morning 可知, 这里的意思“你不应该这么困”, 故选 B 项。 27.C 句意:我堂兄有时候会非常害羞,尽管他通常非常欢快。can 表示特定情况下的 可能性。 28.A 答语句意:如果你做完了作业,你就可以出去跟朋友玩。此处表示允诺,且主语 为第二人称,故只有 A 项正确。

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