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一、 完形填空 (30%) People of Burlington are being disturbed by the sound of bells. Four students from Burlington College of Higher Education are in the bell tower of the 1 and have made up their minds to 2 the bells nonstop for two weeks as a protest against heavy trucks which run 3 through the narrow High Street. “They not only make it 4 to sleep at night, but they are doing damage to our houses and shops of historical 5 ,”said John Norris, one of the protesters. “If we must have these noisy trucks on the roads,” said Jean Lacey, a biology student, why don't they build a new road that goes round the town? Burlington isn't much more than a 6 village. Its streets were never 7 for heavy traffic. Harry Fields also studying 8 said they wanted to make as much 9 possible to force the government officials to realize what everybody had to 10 .“Most of them don't 11 here anyway,” he said, “they come in for meetings and that, and the Town Hall is sound proof, so they probably don't 12 .It high time they realized the problem.” The fourth student, Liza Vernum, said she thought the public were mostly on their side, and even if they weren't they soon would be. I asked if they were 13 that the police might come to stop them. “Not really,” she said, “actually we are 14 bell ringers. I mean we are assistant bell ringers for the church. There is no law against practising.” I 25 the church with the sound of the bells ringing in my ears. (更多高考复习资料,请上 tb 网搜“广东考神” ) 1. A. college B. village 2. A. change B. repair 3. A. now and then B. day and night 4. A. terrible B. difficult 5. A. scene B. period 6. A. pretty B. quite 7. A. tested B. meant 8. A. well B. hard 9. A. effort B. time 10. A. stand B. accept 11. A. shop B. live 12. A. notice B. mention 13. A. surprised B. afraid 14. A. proper B. experienced 15. A. left B. found C. town C. ring C. up and down C. uncomfortable C. interest C. large C. kept C. biology C. trouble C. know C. come C. fear C. pleased C. hopeful C. reached D. church D. shake D. over and over D. unpleasant D. sense D. modern D. used D. education D. noise D. share D. study D. control D. determined D. serious D .pass

二、语法填空 (15%) Although it could not compete with the speed of email today, the 1800?s experienced a revolution in communication that played an important role in creating the tradition of the Christmas greeting card. ____16____(help) by the new railway system, the public postal service made corresponding a popular past time. In England, Sir Henry Cole recognized the advantage of ___17____ more efficient mail service and initiated (开始) the practice of sending Christmas greeting cards __18_____ friends. The first card ___19___ (design) by J.C. Horsley as a commercial endeavor. One thousand copies were sold in London, ____20____ soon others followed suit. An English ____21____(art), William Egley, produced a popular card in 1849. Louis Prang, a German born printer, working from ___22____ shop in Massachusetts, printed his first American cards in 1875. Even more ____23____ (importance) than his printing was the fact ____24____ he did more than anyone else to popularize the cards by instituting nationwide contests for the best Christmas designs, __25______ were awarded cash prizes.

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阅读理解 (40%)

A Short people, studies have shown, are more likely to have a stroke( 中风 ),suffer from high blood pressures and heart disease and be bullied in school. Now, researchers report that short people—at least in the past—were also more likely to die at a younger age than their taller peers. Their study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology(流行病学)and Community Health, found that short bones have something to do with short life for more than 1,000 years. The conclusion was based on 490 sets of adult skeletal(骨架的)remains from an archaeological site in northeastern England dating from the 9th century to about 1850. About 55% of men and 73% of women died before the age of 45,and 39% of men and 56% of women died before age 30.The risk of death before age 30 declined as bone length increased. “This study provides evidence from an archaeological sample that long bone length is connected with age at death-those with smaller bones tend to die younger,” according to Dr.D.J.Gunnell of the university of Bristol in the UK and colleagues. While it is not clear why short stature(身材)might be linked to earlier death, the researchers point out that height is an indicator of childhood nutrition, which may have a long lasting effect on health. “Mechanism(身体结构)for height mortality(死亡)associations in the past may differ from those today, for example, short stature may have increased the risk of death in childbirth and this may explain the higher risk of premature(未成熟的)mortality in women,” Gunnell and colleagues write. “However, short bones, it would appear, have always been a marker of a short life, ” the authors conclude. 26.The title of the passage should be ___________. A.Short people and their taller peers B.Short stature and short life C.Men and women D. Long life and short life 27. “An indicator” in Paragraph 6 means ___________. A.a study B.a risk C.a marker D.an age 28.Which of the following statements is Not true according to the passage? A.Most people were more likely to die at the age of 30 in the past. B.Women were more likely to die at a young age. C.Women with smaller bones were more likely to die younger. D.People with smaller bones were more likely to die younger. 29.Short stature may be caused by ___________. A. high blood pressure B. heart disease C.some illnesses D. less childhood nutrition 30.The topic in this passage is probably connected with ___________. A.space medicine B.social medicine C.sports medicine D. industrial medicine B Given Australia’s size and the fact that early settlements were far apart, Australian society is remarkably homogeneous (同种的 ). Its citizens are fundamentally prosperous and the way of life in the major cities and towns is much the same however many miles d ivide them. It takes a sharp ear to identify regional accents. However, there is some difference in lifestyle between city dwellers and the country people. Almost 90 per cent of the population lives in the fast-paced cities along the coast and has little more than a passing familiarity with the desert. The major cities preserve pockets of colonial heritage, but the overall impression is moder n, with new buildings reflecting the country?s youth. In contrast, the rural communities tend to be slow -moving and conservative. For many years, Australia was said to have “ridden on the sheep?s back”, a reference to wool being the country?s main money earner. However, the wool industry is no longer dominant. Much of Australia?s relatively sound economy is now achieved from natural coal and wheat, and by being the largest diamond
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producer in the world. Newer industries such as tourism and wine making are a lso increasingly important. Australians are generally friendly and relaxed, with a self-deprecating sense of humor. On the whole, Australia is a society without hierarchies (等级制度), an attitude generally held to stem from its prisoner beginnings. Yet, contrary to widespread belief, very few Australians have true prisoner origins. Within only one generation of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, Australia had become a nation of immigrants. Originally coming almost entirely from the British Isles, today one in three Australians comes from elsewhere. Australia?s liberal postwar immigration policies led to an influx of survivors from war-torn Europe, most notably Greeks, Italians, Poles and Germans. The emphasis has shifted in recent years and today the majority of new immigrants are from Southeast Asia. Today Australia is a ?blend of nations? and although some racism exists, it has generally been a successful experiment and the country is justifiably proud to have one of the most harmonious multicultural communities in the world. 31. What does the writer mean by saying “It takes a sharp ear to identify regional accents.” in the first paragraph? A. Australians speak Standard English with no local accents whatsoever. B. You have to practice a lot to learn to understand the different accents. C. The Australian regional accents are very difficult to understand indeed. D. There is not much difference between the accents in different areas of Australia. 32. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Most Australians have ancestors who were prisoners. B. The Australian economy is dependent on sheep exports. C. The majority of people living in Australia come from Europe. D. The pace of life is different in the city and in the co untry. 33. The underlined pronoun ?it? in the final paragraph refers to “_______”. A.community B. racism C. blend of Nations D. Southeast Asia 34. We can infer from the passage that _____. A. there are no signs of Australia?s colonial past in its modern cities B. Australia?s recent immigration policy encourages immigrants from Southeast Asia C. immigrants from Southeast Asia have brought racial problems D. “riding on sheep?s back” resulted in slow development in rural communities 35. This passage mainly focuses on Australia?s ______. A. society B. economy C. racial problems D. history C The British National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 and was designed to provide equal basic health care, free of charge, for everybody in the country. Before this time health care had to be paid for by individuals. Nowadays central government is directly responsible for the NHS although it is administered by local health authorities. About 83 percent of the cost of the health service is paid for by general taxation and the rest is met from the National Insurance contributions paid by those in work. There are charges for prescription and dental care but many people, such as children, pregnant women, pensioners, and those on Income Support, are exempt from payment. Most people are registered with a local doctor (a GP, or General Practitioner) who is increasingly likely to be part of a health centre which serves the community. As the population of Britain gets older, the hospital service now treats more patients than before, although patients spend less time in hospital. NHS hospitals — many of which were built in the nineteenth century — provide nearly half a million beds and have over 480, 000 medical staff. The NHS is the biggest employer in Europe although Britain actually spends less per person on health care than most of her European neighbors. During the 1980s there was considerable restructuring of the Health Service with an increased emphasis on managerial efficiency and the privatization of some services (for example, cleaning). At the end of the 1980s the government introduced proposals for further reform of the NHS, including allowing some hospitals to be
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self-governing, and encouraging GPs to compete for patients. Patients would be able to choose and change their family doctor more easily and GPs would have more financial responsibility. The political questions continue of how much money should be provided to support the NHS and where it should come from. 36. We can know from the first paragraph that ______________. A. the original aim of the NHS was to provide equal basic health care for everybody B. people didn?t have to pay for health care since the NHS was set up C. patients were charged for receiving health care before 1948 D. the NHS was an organization which gave free advice to villagers 37. What do we know about the NHS? A. It?s managed by the central government. B. Its cost is mainly paid for by the National Insurance contributions. C. It hires more people than any other unit in Europe. D. Fewer patients go to its hospitals than before because they spend less on health care. 38. All the following statements about GPs are true except that they ____________. A. take care of the local people?s health B. often take part in competitions to see who is the best C. work under high pressure nowadays D. have more responsibilities than before 39. What does the underlined word “exempt” probably mean? A. suffering B. different C. prevented D. free 40. The biggest problem for the NHS is ______________. A. many hospitals are too old to be used B. some services are in the charge of individuals C. more and more patients go to GPs for treatment D. there is not enough money for further reform D One day last September, as Britney Spears was about to board a flight to Los Angeles from London, a blue bottle fell out of her purse. She quickly put it back in, but not before the camera recorded the event. Neither Spears nor her spokesman was willing to comment on the contents of the bottle, but the next morning London?s Daily Express published a page of pictures under the headline “EXCLUSIVE: POP PRINCESS SPOTTED AT AIRPORT WITH POT OF SLIMMING TABLETS.” Spears was apparently carry ing Zantrex-3, one of the most popular weight- loss pills now sold in the United States. The pill, which is sold at about fifty dollars for a month?s supply, contains a huge amount of caffeine, some green tea, and three common South American herbs that also act as stimulants (兴奋剂). It hit the U.S. market last March and has had a success that would be hard to overstate. Millions of bottles have been sold, and during the Christmas season it was displayed in the windows of the nation?s largest chain of vitamin shops, G.N.C. (It is so highly sought after that many of the stores keep it in locked counters.) Zantrex-3 is also sold at CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and other chains, and over the telephone and on the Internet. If you type “Zantrex” into Google, more than a hundred thousand pieces of information about it will appear. At any moment, there are scores of people sell it on eBay. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the success story of Zantrex-3, however, is that it is far from unique. There are hundreds of similar products on the market today, and they are bought by millions of Americans. And though Zantrex?s producer makes some exciting statements (“the most advanced weight control compound (化合物)period”), so do the people who sell Stacker 2 and Anorex alon g with those who sell Carb Eliminator and Fat Eliminator. Almost all of these compounds suggest that they can help people lose weight and regain lost energy, and often without diet, exercise, or any other effort. 41. Britney Spears is a / an______. A. dancer B. singer C. athlete D. chemist 42. Which of the following is also a kind of weight- loss pill? A. CVS B. Rite Aid C. Wal-Mart D. Anorex 43. The underlined part of the sentence in the first paragraph is most likely similar in meaning to ______. A. it is difficult to say how successful Zantrex-3 is
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B. you can?t overstate the success of Zantrex-3 C. you can?t think too highly of the success of Zantrex-3 D. Zantrex-3 is not very successful 44. From the second paragraph we know that ______ . A. Zantrex-3 is one of the successful weight- loss pills on the US market B. Zantrex-3 is the most successful weight-loss pills on the US market C. Zantrex-3 is the only weight- loss pill on the US market D. there are five kinds of weight-loss pills on the US market 45. The text mainly tells us ______. A. when Britney Spears was found taking weight- loss pills with her B. how Zantrex-3 became successful in the USA C. weight- loss pills are very popular in the USA D. Zantrex-3 is forbidden to be sold on the US market 四、基础写作 (15%) 中国民工学校状况越来越受到人们的关注,假设你是李华,你和你的同学共同对你所在的城市的民 工学校进行了调查。了解情况之后你写信给英语周报,呼吁全社会关注民工学校,帮助民工子弟。 [写作内容]: 民工学校的现状 1、设施简陋 2、师资缺乏 3、民工子弟热爱学习 政府方面:资金的投入[ 学生方面:...... (至少提两个建议) 呼吁全社会的人关注民工学校

改善民工学校现状的 建议 [写作要求]:

1、只能使用 5 个句子表达所有 写作内容,信的开头与结尾已经给出,不计入句子个数。 2、文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [参考词汇]: 民工学校:migrant school Dear Editor, Recently, my classmates and I made a survey about the migrant schools in our city. Problems do exist. _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua

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完形填空 1—15 DCBBC 语法填空 16. Helped 21. artist 基础写作: Dear Editor , Recently, my classmates and I made a survey about the migrant schools in our city. Problems do exist. Owing to the lack of money, most migrant schools have no modern equipment, no playground, no libraries, and even not enough teachers. However, we find that the migrant kids are just as keen on study as us. In order to improve the situation, w e think our government should take measures to pour more money into migrant schools. As for us, the local students, can help to collect money or donate books to them. We do hope that the whole society can care more about migrant kids, because if everyone contributes a bit, migrant kids can surely enjoy equal education opportunity. Yours sincerely, CBCDA BABAA 20. and 25. which。 41-45 BCDAA 24. that 17. a 18. to 19. was designed 22. his 23. important

阅读理解 26-30B C A D B

31-35 D D C B A 36-40 ACBBD

Li Hua

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