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一、单选题 1. Being dressed in traditional clothe “chi-pao”makes her look more confident and elegant when she visits foreign countries with her husband B . A.for B .as C.on D.because of 2. --hey,

lucy,You look D . -- Yeah,I can’t go to wuyuan with my friends for a 7-day vacation. A. kind B .relaxed C.excited D.sad 3. --hey,Tom let’s go swimming . --Just a momrnt. I C a message. A .send B .sent C.am sending D.have sent 4. --When did you decide to be an English teacher ? --Let me.See I am twenty and I A to be one since ten. A .have wanted B .wanted C.had been wanting D.was wanting 5. Mr. White the principal has made a great A to the growth of the school. A. contribution B . progress C. invention D.protection 6. B the word of English songs a good way to learn English. A. Memorize; is B . Memorizing; is C. Memorizing; are D.Memorize; are 7. The teacher did all she could B us. A. help B . to help C.helping D.helped 8. --You’ve made big progress, but it is not good enough. --Yes,so I should try C . A. hard B . Hardly C.harder D.hardest 9. --Are you interested in shopping online ? --No, so muchu..We A see real products but pictures. A .can’t B .shouldn’t C. mustn’t D.needn’t 10. --Would you mind my sitting her ,sir? -- C It’s for my wife. A . Not at all B .Certainly not C.I’m of raid you can’t D.All right 11. Knowing how to think clearly and to speak correctly B one confidence. A . give B .gives C. Has gives D.is given 12.As large number of Chinese flocked to Japan to pay thousands for toilet seats, it was a surprise to many people D the smart toilet lids.On sale in Japan were actually made in China. A .whether B . how C. which D.that 13.Teaching isn’t for everyone , A I know I made the right careet choise. A .but B . as C.or D.and 14.--I think student shouldn’t use mobile phones at school. -- D .If they do so,they won’t concentrate an their studies. A . I hope so B . I don’t thinks C.I’m afraid not D.I aggress with you 15. It was soon after the economic crisis D sales of e-business stared to grow. A . why B . how C. where D.that 16.Life is full of ups and downs and if I can help students avoid some potholes(坑洼) on the road of life, I wand to do B . A .it B . so C. one D.any 17. A study showed that classroom management A a teacher’s early organization skills. A . Depended on B .moved on C. have on D.any 18. ---Philip has gone to Net Zealand. ---oh,can you tell me C ? A .when did he leave B .when he is leaving C.when he left D.when is be leaving 19. I might speak English fluently if I C the chance stay in America for some time. A . am being given B .will be given C. were given D.would be given 20.Not until yesterday D anything about the new English teacher. A . have I learned B .I learned C. that I learned D.did I learn 二、完形填空 You may be surprised to see children never suffered as a mistake.She following_21_may help you understand how rescuing children from all suffering creats weakness.

A little boy as felt sorry for a butterfly struggling to emerge from its chrysalis(蛹)。 He decided to_22_the butterfly .So he peeled (拨开) the chrysalis open for the butterfly. The little boy was so_23_ to watch the butterfly spread its_24_ and fly off into the sky. Then he was horrified as he watcher the butterfly fall to the ground and die, because it did not have the muscle _25_to keep flying. In fact, the butterfly’s struggle to break away from the chrysalis, helps the butterfly become Stronger. Like the little boy_26_ to often want to protect their children_27_struggle in the name of love .They don’t realize that their children needs to struggle to experience hardships,too deal with disappointment and to solve their own problems. _28_in the way can children struggle their emotional strengh, become strong-willed and develop the skills necessary for the even bigger struggles. The will meet thought their lives. Children experiencing suffering can _29_the ups and downs of life. However it isn’t helpful either in this case _30_parents and blame and shame to what the child is experiencing. Instead,parents can offer loving support. Then comes the toughpart-norescuing and no lectures.Simply allow him to discover that he can got ever his disappointment and carry out ,when he can do to get what he wants in the future. 21.A.saying B.story C.proverb D.experiment 22.A.kiss B.feed C.resure D. Help 23.A.excited B.moved C.puzzled D.depressed 24.A.bit B.fact C.wings D.festher 25.A.power B.energy C.force D.strength 26.A.parents B.relative C.teachers D.friends 27.A.of B.from C.for D.with 28.A.because B.bud C.only D.always 29.A.survive B.predict C.expect D.avoid 30.A .away B.whose C.which D.when 三、阅读理解 A “You look like you’ve had a toothache for the last six weeks”.Said Nancye .“Are you OK?”“Oh,sure.I’m just tired,”I lied ,unwillling to admin that my becoming a teacher was a mistake and that I doubted where .I woula last that first year ,making it to November looked uncertain. During the job interview ,interview,I impressed the principal and the English supervisor with confidence and enthusiasm even when they explained that the.Students assigned to me would be difficult and the program lacked books.The supervisor promised ,“Don’worry ,I’ll mentor you well work together”. On the eve of my first day ,my mentor handed me box old books,and said , “you might find something useful here .Dorothy,I’m sorry ,I’ve accepted another job .I won’t be here ti help you”.She headed to her office to pack,leaving me surprised. But Day one shook me teachers,say the first weeks are easy.With students eager to make a good impression .My student’s glazed eyes,angry faces and rude responses hinted we would have no honey moon.Still ,I believed my positive attitude would carry me.But it held no sway(控制) over kids biding their time until they could quit .School forever,I shopped for motivational strategies and educated myself on teaching at risk children. But the struggles only increased Within two weeks, a lamp in my throat. One Sunday I was reading the following words, “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry. So there was food everyday for everyone”. In those words,I found a sign that translated into “Don’t worry. You’ll make it until June. At school the kids and the job did not change that much . But I did as I faced each day with confidence .Nancy even noticed that ,I was smiling again several weeks later ,the principal to say, “I am impresses. Yesterday. I stood outside your door. I never saw a teacher pears much out of those kids as you did. “Thank you ,sir,” I answered . I know I have the power to change myself and complete my teaching and become a better teacher in the process. 31.what DIDNF Dorothy want Nancy to know? A. Hey plan to give up teaching B. Her suffering from a toothache C. Her regret for becoming a teacher D. Her mistakes in the teaching courser 32.When the mentor left Dorothy D .

A. lost heart for lack of help B. therw the box of old books away C. hesitated about whether to continue teaching D. was still confident to teach kids 33. What can we infer from the fourth paragraph? A. Dorothy didn’t get along well with her student B. Dorothy left a good impression on her students C. Dorothy would spend her honey moon in two weeks D. Dorothy had a physical conflict with her students 34. What impressed the principal most. A. Dorothy’s smiling face B. Dorothy’s success in motivating the kids C. Dorothy’s power to change herself D. Dorothy’s calmness in teaching naughty kids 35. What may be the best title of the passage? A. The Teaching strategy B. The secret to learning C. The New Teacher D. The challenging Job According to a recent survey, teachers art not more considered as good examples for students. The latter consider that the basis in their education is given by their parents at home .The education children receive in family is the must important for their life and the one that they should get in school is of less importance. At school,students have other things which they care than listening to the advice some teachers try to give them.They are much more interested in being well-dressed. In skipping classes and having a juice or a coffee in a nearby bar ,Teachers are just person s who should interfere in students education. One cause of this attitude students have can be represented by the fact that young teachers don’t know to put their respect among their students. There are students who like to make fun of their teachers because they find weak point in their behavior, students even notice the face that some of their teachers are not well prepared and take this in their a dvantage that’s why they say these teachers can’t be examples in their lives. But on the other hand. It’s not only about the degree of knowledge teachers hat it seems that students are not int erested in receiving education at school. They consider this is not at home in family from an early age . They see school as an environment where they find other attractions ,making friends .seeing the latest trends in fashion being away from home part of the day and at last learning somethi ng and being able to solve some test papers. As to this situation in education the minister of education wants to take some decisions in order to change this . He considers has to be a major factor in children’s education. 36. What is passage mainly about? A. BHow to make students respect their teacher B. Some bad performances of students in school C. What teachers do has a great effect on their students D. Why don’t students consider their teachers as good examples any more? 37. Which of the following is NOT REASON that causes this condition? A . Parents are students main teachers B. Some teachers make mistakes in teaching C. The govemment dons’t care about education D. Students aren’t interested in study 38. What does the underlined phrase “skipping classes” in pare 2 problen mean? A. Not having classes B. Having classes at home C. Studing in the library D. Having classes in higher grodes

39. What can we get from the passage ? A. Parents now play a very importent role in teaching their children B. Students have some misunderstandings about teachers role C. Teachers don’t need to care about students opinions about them D. Teacher should be strict with their students 40.which of following is TRUE according to the passage? A . The education children get in family is more importent that at school B. The govermment has paid less attention to the role of school C. Some teachers negative attitudes to their work made students not respcet them D. The environment at the school is very importent to students growth C John Hewitt studies the biology of itell igence. He’s also a parent .Over the years. Hewitt has drawn on his scientific knowledge in making parenting decisions. I’m a father of four children myself.I never worried too much about the environments t hat I was providing for my children , because I thought it would all work out in the end anyway heng-aren’t the genes especia lly powerful?” Hewitt says. He knew intell igence has a strong biological part. If your parents are smart You’ll probably be smart. But recently . Hewitt discovered something that surprised him.”well,I may have been wrong,”he amdits .It is the environmental increase you can get. Or the harm you can suffer though hard times that may be a little more important in adole scence(青春期)than I had thought. Howitt and other was an extened sensitive period in the higher IQ inpiduals or another way of looking at it is that the sensitivity to the environment which is characteristic of earlier childhood seems to end earlier for in piduals with a lower IQ ,Hewitt says smart kids may tend to take part in challenging activities and this keeps them ready to consider learning or it could be that lead to a high IQ also cause an extended leaming period. An extended learning period does not neccssarily mean a further increase in the IQ .But a very smart teenager with an extended “sensitive period” of learning might be able to pick up a new language or a musical instrument. Such lear ning can have long term benefits. “even if in the end IQ ends up being determined to a large extent by the genes ,if t here’s bee aperiod where the environment makes a difference ,that could have lifelong consequences ,”Hewitt says. 41.Hewitt originally though the most important thing affecting kid’s intellingence was . A. the gene B.the environment C.the parenting decision D.the scientific knowledge 42. What has H ewitt discovered recently about kid’s intelligence? A. The environment maybe more important for kids intelligence B. Adolescence is a importance period for kid’s intelligence C.Biology plays a big part in one’s intelligence D. Hard times are bad for kid’s intelligence 43.Hewitt firds that kids with a higher IQ. A. End their sensitive periads earlier B. Have a longer period of adolescence C. Behave just like much younger children D. Are sensitive to the environment in adolescence 44. The underlined part “this” in paragraphs refers to A.smart kids B.cause an extened leaming period C. Inpiduals wit a lower IQ D.take part in challeng activities 45. We can infer form the passage that an extended learning period A.determines the IQ in the end B.May benefit teens all their lives C. Has nothing to do with the genes D. Is often found inthe lower IQ inpiduals

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