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定时训练 12

定时训练(12) Ⅰ.完形填空

体裁:说明文 话题:友谊 时间:14 分钟 People always say that teenage friendships are the most precious.Kids are too__1__to understand real friendship while adults tend to relate it to fame and wealth. Things are__2__with high school best friends.We share each other's__3__.We discuss news from all walks of life and begin to__4__our values.We__5__each other on the journey to the biggest challenge in our lives.We also share success and failure.The__6__of friendship become deeply rooted. Many of us don't realize this until we enter__7__.One of my friends,Cora,experienced how__8__the bond with high school friends can be.“It was my high school friend who helped me get through the darkest days in my life, ” Cora said. In 2001 Cora__9__her job in New York.Cora's best friend was staying in a college dormitory and took her in.Each night the two girls squeezed(挤) into a__10__single bed,chatting and crying.“I'll never forget her care and encouragement,which supported me out of the__11__, ” said Cora. I still remember my__12__days in Senior 3.At the time,I__13__a 20-page message with my best friend,both of us hoping to keep the friendship going forever. But we didn't realize we were__14__deep in each other's heart.During the past 10 years, whenever I've needed help or wanted to pour out my__15__,she has always been there at the other end of a telephone line. 【语篇导读】 作者通过孩子与成人的比较说明友谊在不同年龄段的认知特点。 1.A.silly B.young C.slow D.naughty 解析 此处指孩子年龄还太小(young),不懂得真正的友谊。 答案 B 2.A.different B.familiar C.simple D.comfortable 解析 上文讲了孩提时期还不懂得真正的友谊, 成年人则常把友谊同名声、 财富联系在 一起。 根据第二段及下文所描述的情况可知, 高中时期最要好的朋友之间的友谊则与上述两 种情形不一样,故用 different。 答案 A 3.A.success B.failure C.values D.secrets 解析 此处指分享彼此的“秘密” 。A、B、C 三项在下文中都做了描述,故可排除,否 则重复。

答案 D 4.A.shape B.change C.design D.discover 解析 此处指讨论生活中方方面面的事情并开始“形成”自己的价值观。 答案 A 5.A.praise B.blame C.inform D.support 解析 根据该空后的“...to the biggest challenge...”及本段中的“We also share success and failure.”可知,本句句意为:在通向我们人生最大挑战的旅途中,我们彼此“支持”。 答案 D 6.A.flowers B.fruits C.leaves D.seeds 解析 本句用了比喻。四个选项中能与句中的 rooted 搭配的只可能是 D 项。此处指在 相互讨论、彼此支持、分享成败的过程中,友谊的“种子”深深地扎根于我们之间。 答案 D 7.A.university B.classroom C.society D.hotel 解析 根据下文讲的 Cora 的例子可知,她是在出了学校进入社会后才体会到高中时期 友谊的珍贵,而作者在下文中讲的自己的经历也是如此。因此,本句句意为:我们许多人直 到进入“社会”后才认识到这一点。 答案 C 8.A.strong B.free C.clear D.weak 解析 Cora 在进入社会后,体会到与高中的好朋友之间的关系是多么紧密。strong 在此 意为“紧密的,牢固的”。 答案 A 9.A.got B.found C.lost D.changed 解析 根据下文讲的 Cora 和她的好朋友挤在一张单人床上以及上文中的 the darkest

days 可知,Cora“失去”了工作。 答案 C 10.A.new B.narrow

C.warm D.large 解析 根据该空前的 squeezed(挤) into 及该空后的 single bed 可知,床应该很“窄”。 答案 B 11.A.circle B.marriage C.darkness D.loneliness 解析 根据上文中的 the darkest days 可知,Cora 把失业那一段时间称为人生中最黑暗 的日子,故此处指她的好朋友的关心和鼓励帮助她走出了“黑暗”。 答案 C 12.A.lonely B.busy C.sad D.last 解析 两人交换着信息, 希望能长久保持相互之间的友谊, 由此情景可判断出应是在高 三“最后的”日子里。 答案 D 13.A.sent B.completed C.wrote D.exchanged 解析 作者和好朋友交换(exchange)了长达二十页的信息,希望友谊能够长存。 答案 D 14.A.already B.even C.instead D.still 解析 根据本文讲述的重点“高中时期的友谊是最珍贵的” 可知, 此处指当时她们还没 有意识到她们“已经”在彼此的内心深处了。 答案 A 15.A.excitement B.breath C.unhappiness D.joy 解析 此处应指在作者想倾吐内心的“不快”时也会给她最好的朋友打电话。 答案 C Ⅱ.语法填空 Each story is different.Some are detailed;others are unclear.Some have a beginning,middle and end;__1__ wander without a clear conclusion.Yet all those things do not really matter.__2__ matters to the storyteller is that the story is heard—without __3__ (interrupt),statement or judgment.Listening to someone's story costs __4__(little) than expensive diagnostic testing but is key to healing and analysis. I often thought of what a woman once taught me,and I reminded __5__ of the importance of stopping,sitting down and __6__(true) listening. I am a doctor.And,not long after,in __7__ unexpected twist(扭伤),I became the patient,

with a judgment of numerous sclerosis(细胞壁硬化) at age 31.Now,20 years later,I sit all the time—in a wheelchair.For as long as I could,I continued to see patients from my chair,__8__ I had to quit when my hands __9__ (affect).I still teach medical students and other health care professionals, but now __10__ the viewpoint of a physician and patient, I tell them I believe in the power of listening and tell them I know that vast healing takes place within me when someone stops,sits down and listens to my story. 答案 1.others 2.What 3.interruption 4.less 5.myself 6.truly 7.an 8.but 9.were affected 10.from Ⅲ.阅读理解 A

体裁:说明文 话题:西方文化 时间:6 分钟 In my opinion,Halloween is the most misunderstood holiday of the year.I am aware that the word “holiday” implies holy day.Unfortunately,most things that people don't understand can become fearful. The biggest misunderstanding about Halloween is that it is a day for devil worshipping.Halloween is now celebrated on October 31 as a costume and candy holiday,but those traditions have actual meaning in history. October 31st was celebrated as a holiday with great festivals because it marks the end of the harvest year.It also marks the end of the lighter half of the year and the beginning of the darker half of the year,because the light of day gets shorter and the dark of night gets longer.In ancient cultures,this was a really meaningful event. Also it is believed that on this day,the veil between the worlds(dead and alive) is at its thinnest point and that the spirits can most easily pass through it.It is a very special day to honor spirit.Many people in ancient times believing that the dead would walk among us became fearful and designed strange costumes to fool the dead,which is where the tradition of Halloween costumes comes from.Besides,because Halloween marks the beginning of the darker half of the year,many people saw that as evil and became frightened and therefore had such negative associations with this time of year. Halloween, for me, is a deeply personal holiday.It is a time to reflect on the spiritual nature of myself.It is a day to reconnect to the magical things in life,such as how the love that I feel for my grandmother,who passed away over ten years ago,is still as strong now when I think of her as it ever was when I could be with her in person.My husband and I exchanged our wedding vows(誓 言) on Halloween because I couldn't think of a more meaningful or romantic day to pledge our love and life to each other. 【语篇导读】 本文介绍了万圣节为什么让人们产生负面的联想。 1.In ancient cultures,people celebrated October 31st because________. A.they felt extremely frightened on this day B.this day marked the end of the harvest year C.this day marked the beginning of a new year D.they thought this day had a magical power

解析 细节理解题。根据第三段第一句和最后一句可知,在古代文化习俗中,人们庆祝 10 月 31 日是因为这一天是一年收获结束的标志,故选 B 项。 答案 B 2.How do people come to misunderstand Halloween nowadays? A.They regard it as a special harvest holiday. B.They think it'll bring them bad luck. C.They think the dead will trouble them on this day. D.They regard it as a day to worship the dead. 解析 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句“The biggest misunderstanding about Halloween is that it is a day for devil worshipping.”可知,人们误解万圣节是因为人们认为这一天是来敬奉 死者的。 答案 D 3.Why did people in ancient times wear strange costumes on Halloween? A.To attract people's attention. B.To threaten the children. C.To fool the dead. D.To cheat others. 解析 细节理解题。 根据第四段第三句可知, 人们穿上怪异的服装是为了欺骗死人的灵 魂。 答案 C 4.In the author's opinion,Halloween is a day to______. A.enjoy delicious foods B.show our love to others C.recall the wonderful times D.check our past behavior 解析 推理判断题。根据最后一段第二、三句可推知,作者认为万圣节是回忆人生美好 时光的时候,故选 C 项。 答案 C 5.What is the passage mainly about? A.How to celebrate Halloween. B.How Halloween became popular. C.The special meaning of Halloween. D.Why Halloween has a bad reputation. 解析 主旨大意题。 本文介绍了人们对万圣节存在误解的缘由, 即介绍了万圣节为什么

让人们产生负面的联想,因此 D 项正确。 答案 D B

体裁:说明文 话题:现代科技 时间:8 分钟 Plastic is one of the most important technological discoveries of the 20th century.However, it may soon be replaced.The new development—liquid wood—can replace plastics in all branches of modern industries. Plastic as a material enjoys the biggest demand in the modern world,but it does have a number of drawbacks.First and foremost,plastic isn't recyclable.Secondly,it contains toxins (毒 物) helping develop cancerous diseases.Finally,it's made of oil and oil reserves aren't endless. The liquid wood technology is likely to replace plastic and provide mankind with new materials for many years ahead.Norbert Eisenfreich , a senior researcher at the Faunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Germany,said that arboform,the new material,is made of lignin (木质素),which can be obtained from soft tissues of wood.Once mixed with several other materials,it turns into solid and non-toxic alternative for plastics. ICT team leader Emilia Regina Inone - Kauffmann said the wood - working industry separates wood into three basic components,including lignin.Lignin isn't used for the production of paper.Specialists of ICT mixed lignin with several natural materials and thus invented the material which could be melted and molded (铸型). When solid,arboform looks like plastic and possesses the qualities of polished wood.It can be used for the production of any items.Arboform is already used for the production of car parts which require extra strength.In addition,liquid wood can be recycled repeatedly.The material preserved all of its qualities even if it's reprocessed ten times. However, the new invention doesn't enjoy an extensive use due to the high content of sulphur (硫) in it.German researchers are sure to reduce the amount of sulphur by 90 percent very soon to make arboform usable for home needs. 【语篇导读】 塑料制品是 20 世纪最重要的发明之一,但因为其缺点与不足,将被另 外一种全新的材料所取代。 6.According to the passage,plastic________. A.plays a big role in the modern world B.helps to protect our environment in some way C.has been replaced by the newly discovered material D.helps us to reduce the use of petrol 解析 细节理解题。 由文章第一段第一句和常识可知, 塑料是现代社会中不可或缺的原 材料。 答案 A 7.The underlined word “alternative” in Paragraph 3 refers to________.

A.lignin or arboform B.plastics C.mixture of several materials D.soft tissues of wood 解析 词义猜测题。由上文的条件状语从句可知,arboform 和其他几种材料混合以后, 就变成了不含毒的固体,成为塑料的 alternative,也就是说 alternative 指的就是 arboform 和 几种材料的混合物。 答案 C 8.What's the advantage of arboform over plastics? A.It is easily made from natural oil. B.It is more widely used in household. C.It is recyclable and friendly to the environment. D.It contains no poisonous materials. 解析 细节理解题。由文章倒数第二段可知,arboform 是可以被重复循环利用的,因而 对环境也有利。 答案 C 9 . It can be concluded that German researchers will focus their future work firstly on________. A.the material's extensive use B.the content of sulphur in arboform C.the production cost of arboform D.the qualities of liquid wood 解析 推理判断题。 由文章最后一段可知, arboform 之所以还没有得到广泛应用是因为 它的硫含量太高,故德国的研究者会首先把研究重点置于降低硫含量上。 答案 B 10.The main purpose of the passage is to________. A.advertise the new material—arboform B.introduce liquid wood which will replace plastic C.advertise new products made of arboform D.show readers how to produce arboform 解析 推理判断题。文章通过拿 arboform 和塑料作比较,一是为了介绍 arboform 这种 新材料,同时也为了说明 arboform 即将取代塑料这一趋势。 答案 B

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