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2015名师一号 外研版7-2


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

科学训练 逐层推进 课上课下稳步提升 课本落实型 Ⅰ.用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.Be careful of John if you go camping with him because he is ________ (like) to do something stupid. 答案与解析 likely be likely to do sth. 意为 “ 有可能做某

事”,其主语可以是“人”,也可以是“物”。 2.I think you should consider ________ (do) more exercise because it will help you to lose weight in a healthy way. 答案与解析 doing consider doing sth. “考虑做某事”。

3.Even today I still remember the great fun we had ________ (play) games on the beach in those happy days. 答案与解析 playing 句意:甚至今天,我仍然还记得在那些

快乐的日子里,我们在海滩上尽情地玩游戏的情景。have fun doing sth.“开心、快乐地做某事”。 4.________ (attract) by the toy car in the store window, my son wanted to stay there and was unwilling to leave. 答案与解析 Attracted attract 与逻辑主语 my son 之间是动

宾关系,故用其 v.ed 形式作原因状语。 5.(江苏卷)Thousands of foreigners ________ (attract) to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. 答案与解析 were attracted 句意:上海世博会开幕的那一天,

吸引了数千外国人的参观。attract 与句子主语之间为被动关系,且 根据 opened 可知应用一般过去时。



高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

6.The wind made the girl pull her ________ (wool) scarf tightly around her neck. 答案 woolen

7.Safe driving is good driving because it takes into ________ (consider) the lives of other people. 答案 consideration

Ⅱ.介词填空 1.He plays football at times because he is not keen ________ outdoor sports. 答案与解析 on 句意:他只是有时候会踢足球,因为他不喜

欢户外运动。考查固定搭配 be keen on“喜欢;(对??)着迷”。 2. When I look back ________ the past and think how much time has been wasted, I feel very regretful. 答案与解析 at look back at the past“回顾过去”。

3.— We really have to work hard if we want to succeed. — I'm ________ you on that. No pains no gains. 答案与解析 你的意见”。 4.________ my view, he is an honest man. 答案 In with I'm with you on that“在那一点上我同意

5.________ his great disappointment, Lucy didn't show up at the party. 答案 To 高考目标型 Ⅰ.语法微练(主语从句和表语从句) 用适当的名词性从句的引导词填空


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

1.(2013· 重庆卷)________ struck me most in the movie was the father's deep love for his son. 答案与解析 What 句意:这部电影最打动我的是父亲对他儿

子深深的爱。“________ struck me most in the movie”为主语从句, 从句中缺少主语,表示“什么”,故用 what 引导。 2.(2012· 上海卷)— We've only got this small bookcase.Will that do? — No, ________ I am looking for is something much bigger and stronger. 答案与解析 what 答句句意:我在找的是比这个大而且更结

实的东西。这里用 what 引导主语从句,在从句中作 look for 的宾 语。 3.(2011· 湖南卷)Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious ________ the problem itself is. 答案与解析 what 句意:在解决问题之前,一定要弄清楚问

题是什么。从句中缺表语,且因题目没有给出 problem 的范围,故 填 what。 4. (2012· 天津卷)It doesn't matter ________ you turn right or left at the crossing — both roads lead to the park. 答案与解析 whether 句意:你在十字路口往右拐还是往左拐

都无关紧要——两条路都通往公园。考查主语从句。根据句意及 or 可知此处用 whether 构成固定搭配 whether ... or ... “ 是 ??还 是??”。 5 . (2011· 陕西卷 )I'd like to start my own business — that's ________ I'd do if I had the money. 答案与解析 what 句意:我想创办自己的公司 ——如果我有


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

钱,我就会那么做。本题考查表语从句。表语从句中, I'd do 后面 缺少宾语,故用 what。 6.(2011· 山东卷)I'm afraid he's more of a talker than a doer, which is ________ he never finishes anything. 答案与解析 why 句意: 恐怕与其说他是个实干家不如说他是

个空谈家,这就是他总是一事无成的原因。在 which 引导的定语从 句中, is 后面是一个表语从句,又根据句意可知应填 why。 Ⅱ.完形微练(说明文) If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why. Do you need it for a __1__ reason, such as your job or your studies? __2__ perhaps you're interested in the __3__, films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a __4__ of the language. Most people learn best using a variety of __5__, but traditional classes are an ideal (理想的) start for many people. They __6__ an environment where you can practice under the __7__ of someone who's good at the language. We all lead __8__ lives and learning a language takes __9__. You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a routine. 1.A. technical C. practical 2.A. After C. Though 3.A. literature C. agriculture 4.A. view C. form

B. political D. physical B. So D. Or B. transport D. medicine B. knowledge D. database

名师一号 5.A. paintings C. methods 6.A. protect C. respect 7.A. control C. guidance 8.A. busy C. simple 9.A. courage C. energy 答案与解析 1. C

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语 B. regulations D. computers B. change D. provide B. command D. pressure B. happy D. normal B. time D. place


的,比如工作或学习?technical“技术的”; political“政治的”; practical“实际的;实用的”; physical“身体的”。 2. D 前一句提到两种原因,这一句又提到另外一种可能,所

以用 or 表示选择。 3.A 该空应该和后面的 films 和 music 是同一类的事物,故选 A 项 literature(文学)。transport“交通”; agriculture“农业”; medicine“医学”。 4.B view“观点”; knowledge“知识”; form“形式”;

database“数据库”。 have a knowledge of the language“掌握这门语 言”。 5. C 后面说传统的课堂学习是一种理想的开始方法,所以该

空应该是说大家用“各种方法”去学习。故选 C 项。 6.D 本句中的 They 指的是前文中的 traditional classes,它们 “提供”给人们学习的环境。故选 D 项。

名师一号 7. C

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

“在擅长这种语言的人的指导下学习 ”,也就是在老师

的指导下学习。under the guidance of sb.“在某人的指导下”。 8. A 句意:我们都过着繁忙的生活,学习语言也需要花费时

间。lead a ... life=live a ... life“过着一种??生活”。 9.B 根据前半句可以得知学习语言需要花费时间,故选 time。 解题技巧 在说明文型完形填空题中, 作者一般是首先提出一个

要说明的对象,如某种理论、某种方法、某种技巧、某项活动,然后 按照从时间、空间、事情发展的顺序,再运用举例、对比、演绎、归 纳等一定的方式进行介绍或说明。 说明文型完形填空常就某一个问题 从不同的角度来加以说明,文章可以用来说明某一个存在的社会现 象,一个产品的制作过程,一种产品的使用方法,某个科学成就或人 类生活中所面临的某个具体的难题。 对于这一类型的完形填空, 就考 生而言最重要的还是抓住作者说明的中心。 说明文所呈现的方式往往 较为单一, 作者往往一开始就交代说明的对象, 然后再从不同的角度 进行说明。 由于以上特点, 这类文章的每一段往往就是其中的一个角 度或侧面, 所以考生一般要注意概括每一个段落的主旨大意, 尤其是 文章第一段的开头或结尾,作者往往对说明的话题进行概括说明。 备课信息储存店 【试题补充】 教师可根据实际教学需要进行习题补充。 1.With the Diaoyu Islands' dispute worsening between China and Japan, ________ is called the Far East has again come into the world's attention. A. which C. that 答案与解析 B. what D. it B 句意:随着中日之间钓鱼岛争端的升级,被称


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

为远东的这个区域再次引起了全世界的关注。 分析句子结构可知, 空 处引导主语从句且在从句中作真正的主语,故排除 C 项和 D 项; which 在名词性从句中表示“哪一个”, 不合句意。 所以本题选 what。 2. Although he is a leader, ________ all his group members think is right is always accepted by him. A. what C. which 答案与解析 B. as D. that A 句意:虽然他是领导,但所有他的团队认为是

正确的东西他都接受。 从句中的“all his group members think”可以看 作是插入语, 这样就比较明显地看出从句缺少主语, 故选用连接代词, 再结合句意,选 what。as 不能引导主语从句。 3.________ men earn less, the same or more than their wives has little effect on their reported level of family satisfaction. A. Whether C. That 答案与解析 B. Whenever D. Whatever A 句意:和妻子相比,无论男人挣得少、一样多

还是挣得多, 这都不影响他们对家庭满意度的反馈。 分析句子结构和 句意可知,该从句应用 whether 引导。 4.It is still a question, ________ is not easily answered ________ drove our ancestors to move from the trees into the plains, and on into all possible areas and environments. A. which; that C. which; what 答案与解析 B. what; that D. that; which

C 句意:这依然是个不容易回答的问题,是什么

驱使我们的祖先从树上来到平地,进而进入各种可能的区域和环境。 第一空引导非限制性定语从句,该从句缺少主语,故用 which;第二



高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

空引导主语从句,从句缺少主语,再根据句意可知,选 what。 5.It is true ________ the lifestyle to live on other planets would be different, but human life and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future. A. that C. whether 答案与解析 B. which D. how A 句意:毋庸置疑,在其他星球的生活方式将会

不同,但人类的生活和文化适应了过去,也肯定能适应未来。It 作形 式主语, 真正的主语是空处引导的从句, 从句不缺成分, 句意也完整, 所以用 that。 6.Recent research has proved that ________ parents say and do usually has a lifelong effect on their children. A. that C. what 答案与解析 B. which D. as C 句意:最近的研究表明,父母们所说的和所做

的通常会对他们的孩子产生终生的影响。 空处引导主语从句, 且在从 句中作宾语,再结合句意可知,应选 what。 7.— ________ he won the first pot of gold is a secret to me. — That's ________ we want to know too. A. That; what C. Why; that 答案与解析 B. What; that D. How; what

D 句意:——他是如何赢得第一桶金的对我来说

是个谜。——那也是我们想知道的事情。第一空引导主语从句,从句 主干成分完整,结合句意可知,应选 how;第二空引导表语从句,从 句缺少宾语,故选 what。 8.________ shocked me most was ________ I could earn from


名师一号 the new position. A. How; what C. What; what 答案与解析

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

B. How; that D. What; whether

C 句意:让我吃惊的是我的新工作给我带来的薪

水数目。 第一空引导主语从句, 从句缺少主语, 故选择连接代词 what; 第二空引导表语从句,从句中 earn 缺少宾语,故也填 what。 9.________ has been annoying her poor little mind in the last days is how soon she will have to leave her new friend. A. Why C. Whether 答案与解析 B. That D. What D 句意:在过去的几天里一直让她不安的是,还

要多久就不得不离开她的新朋友。 空处引导主语从句, 从句缺少主语, 故用 what。 10.Of course, it is not necessary ________ you apply for a special permit if you have a passport. A. whether C. that 答案与解析 B. why D. what C 句意:当然,如果你有护照,你便不必申请特

殊通行证。it 作形式主语,真正的主语是空处引导的从句,从句不缺 成分,句意也完整,所以用 that。 11. ________ a telephone works is a question which not everyone can answer. A. Why C. That 答案与解析 B. How D. Whether B 句意:电话是怎样工作的,这个问题并不是每

个人都能回答。空处引导主语从句,分析句子结构和句意可知应选 how。


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

12. ________ fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences. A. What C. This 答案与解析 B. That D. Which B 句意:国与国之间的时尚差异可以反映出其文

化的差异。因为该主语从句是一个完整的句子,不缺少句子成分,所 以要用 that 引导。 13.________ measures you want to take in educating children must not change their pure natures. A. What C. Whoever 答案与解析 B. Which D. Whatever D 句意:在教育孩子过程中,无论你采用何种方

法 都 不应 该 改变孩 子 纯真 的 天性。 空 处引 导 主语从 句 且从 句中 measures 缺少定语,再结合句意可知应选 whatever,表示“无论什 么样的”。 14 . ________ mankind should explore space is a question ________, understandably, is very often asked. A. Why; that C. Why; what 答案与解析 B. That; what D. That; that

A 句意:可以理解的是,为什么人类应该探索太

空是一个经常被问及的问题。 第一空引导主语从句, 句子不缺主谓宾, 根据句意应用 why;第二空引导限制性定语从句,从句缺少主语,故 用 that 或 which,understandably 为插入语。 15.The train was crowded with too many cold and unfriendly people, and ________ made matters worse was ________ the entire train can started to fill with smoke.

名师一号 A. that; what C. which; that 答案与解析

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语 B. what; that D. it; that

B 句意:火车车厢里挤满了太多冷漠和不友好的

人,更糟的是整个车厢里开始弥漫起烟雾来。第一空引导主语从句, 从句缺少主语,故用 what;第二空引导表语从句,从句不缺主干成 分,意思也完整,所以用 that 引导。 16.It doesn't really matter ________ flower seed you plant, so long as you plant it. A. what C. if 答案与解析 A B. whether D. which 句意:你种什么花种无所谓,只要你种它。 it

作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的从句。分析句子结构和句意可知, 从句中 flower seed 缺定语,故用 what。 17 . ________ contributes nothing directly or indirectly to production, is an unproductive consumer. A. Whatever C. Whomever 答案与解析 B. What D. Whoever D 句意:谁对生产既没有直接贡献也没有间接贡

献,谁就是非生产性消费者。空处引导主语从句,且从句缺少主语, 再结合句意可知应用 whoever。注意:whomever 不能作主语。 18.It's possible ________ some boys will use their fists to solve problems when they lack the negotiation skills to help deal with a conflict. A. that C. why 答案与解析 B. if D. which A 句意:当缺乏帮助其解决冲突的交流技巧时,

有些男孩会使用拳头解决问题。it 作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

从句,从句不缺成分,句意也完整,所以用 that。 19.As a matter of fact, ________ family conflict happens at an early age will cast a certain shadow on infants. A. wherever C. whichever 答案与解析 B. whatever D. whenever B 句意:事实上,早年不管什么样的家庭冲突都

会给幼儿留下一定的阴影。空处引导主语从句,且从句中 family conflict 缺少定语,排除 wherever 和 whenever,再分析句意可知应 选 whatever。 20. It makes no difference ________ you connect to the company server from the next room or the next country. A. that C. when 答案与解析 B. which D. whether D 句意:如果你要连接公司的服务器,无论你近

在隔壁还是远在邻国,都没有任何影响。It 作形式主语,真正的主语 是后面的从句,根据句意,从句应用 whether 引导。 21.The time ________ I will remember forever is ________ my grandfather told me the heartbreaking but touching family story. A. that; when C. when; that 答案与解析 B. that; that D. when; when

A 句意:我会永远记住的时间是祖父给我讲述令

人心酸却又感人至深的家族史的那一刻。 第一空引导定语从句, 从句 缺少宾语,所以用 that;第二空引导表语从句,根据句意用 when 作 时间状语。 22.— Hi, Hanks. I am losing weight. — Well, working hard day and night and no enough sleep are

名师一号 ________ you are becoming thinner. A. how C. what 答案与解析

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

B. when D. whether A 句意:——嗨,汉克斯,我的体重正在下降。

——没日没夜地工作,再加上睡眠不足,这就是你消瘦的原因。空处 引导的从句不缺主干成分,故排除 what;根据语境,选 how 作为方 式状语,when 与 whether 都不符合语境。 23.Although I haven't seen my aunt for many years, she looks just ________ she looked when she was young. A. as C. who 答案与解析 B. that D. which A 句意:尽管我已经多年没有见过我的姨妈,但

她看起来跟年轻时一样。根据句意用 as,表示“像??一样”。 24 . The singer presented the entertainment industry's view, ________, of course understandably, is ________ copyright is not different from traditional property. A. which; that C. which; what 答案与解析 B. that; which D. that; that

A 句意:这位歌手表述了娱乐界的观点,当然这

可以理解,这个观点是:版权和传统产权是没有任何区别的。第一空 引导非限制性定语从句,从句缺少主语,故用 which;第二空引导表 语从句,从句不缺主干成分,句意完整,所以用 that。 25 . This house is conveniently situated but the trouble is ________ it is too small for my large family. A. what C. if 答案与解析 B. that D. how B 句意:这幢房子地理位置便利,但麻烦的是它


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

对我的大家庭来说太小了。从句的句意和结构都完整,所以选 that。 26. The growing fear is ________ wins the leadership contest will face a split party. A. whoever C. that whomever 答案与解析 B. that whoever D. that B 句意:人们越来越担心,无论谁在党魁斗争中

获胜都将面临一个分裂的党派。 通过分析句子的整个结构可知, 本题 有两个从句,因此需要两个连接词,排除 A 项和 D 项。空处引导表 语从句,表语从句中又有一个主语从句,主语从句缺少主语,根据句 意应用 whoever;主语从句引导词确定后,表语从句的句意和结构都 完整,所以表语从句的连接词应选 that。 27.Since I won the prize, it feels ________ I am under a social microscope. I'm not myself, but an observer. A. what C. which 答案与解析 B. whether D. as though D 句意:自从我获得了这个奖项,我就感觉被置

于社会显微镜下,我不是我自己了,而变成了一个被观察者。空处引 导的从句不缺主干成分,故排除 what 和 which,再分析句意可知, 应选 as though。 28.The first time I began to show interest in Mo Yan's works was ________ I was in the local middle school. A. where C. when 答案与解析 B. how D. why C 句意:我第一次开始对莫言的作品感兴趣是我

在当地上中学时。由 the first time 可知空处表示时间,故用 when 引 导表语从句。


高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

29.Sometimes, I could not remember clearly what I heard from the storytellers, so I had to create stories myself. That was ________ I started to create stories. A. what C. how 答案与解析 C B. that D. whether 句意:有时候我记不清讲述人所讲的是什么

了,所以只好我自己编下去。这就是我怎么开始故事创作的。空处引 导表语从句,从句不缺主干成分,分析句意可知,应用 how 作方式 状语。 30.At last, we had to live in a cave. That's ________ we could shelter from the snowstorm. A. where C. when 答案与解析 B. what D. which A 句意:最后,我们在一个山洞住了下来。那儿

是我们躲避暴风雪的地方。从句不缺主干成分,排除 what,分析句 意可知,选 where。 31.Seven years later, when Robert met Joanna, he realized Joanna was no longer ________ the familiar girl had been, ________ he had deeply loved. A. what; who C. what; whoever 答案与解析 B. who; who D. whoever; that

A 句意:七年后,当罗伯特遇到乔安娜,他意识

到她不再是他熟悉的那个女孩了, 那个他曾经深爱过的人。 第一个空 引导表语从句, 引导词在从句中作表语, 所以用 what; who 和 whoever 虽然在语法上讲得通, 但意思不符合。 第二个空引导的是非限制性定 语从句, 其先行词是 the girl, 故选 who; whoever 不能引导定语从句。



高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

32.Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is ________ they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. A. that C. where 答案与解析 B. when D. why D 句意:许多人相信,和男人相比,女人能成为

更好的家长, 而且他们也相信这就是为什么在许多社会, 女人在抚养 孩子方面扮演更重要的角色。 空处引导表语从句, 根据句意应用 why 引导。 33. Today I suddenly felt painful somewhere in my body, and lost selfcontrol, so I thought of this sentence: we feel painful, and it is ________ we are alive. A. that C. what 答案与解析 B. where D. because D 句意:今天我突然觉得身体某个地方很疼,不

能控制, 于是就想起了这句话: 我们感受到痛苦, 这是因为我们活着。 空处引导的表语从句不缺主干成分,再根据句意可知应选 because。 34.A major reason for the bald mountain was ________ most trees, unlike annual plants, can not readily be reproduced from cuttings. A. what C. why 答案与解析 B. that D. whether B 句意:山顶光秃秃的一个主要原因是大多数林

木经过砍伐之后, 不能像一年生植物那样马上再生长。 空处引导的表 语从句不缺成分,且句意完整,因此用 that 来引导。 35.The socialists describe many difficulties to the new comers, for whom the biggest problem is ________ they get along with the

名师一号 local people. A. what C. that 答案与解析

高考总复习 模块新课标 外研版英语

B. how D. which B 句意:社会学家向新来者描述了种种困难,其

中最大的问题便是如何和当地人相处。 空处引导的表语从句不缺主干 成分,再根据句意可知应选 how。 36.This is a good car. Its only drawback is ________ it uses a lot of petrol. A. that C. where 答案与解析 B. when D. why A 句意:这是一辆好汽车,它的唯一缺点是耗油

较多。从句的句意和结构都完整,所以选 that。 37 . Capello understands that confidence is everything — confidence is ________ makes nothing impossible in his life. A. that C. it 答案与解析 B. what D. which B 句意:卡佩罗明白自信就是一切——自信能让

他生活的一切变得皆有可能。空处引导表语从句,从句没有连接词, 故排除 it; 从句缺少主语, 排除 that; which 在名词性从句中表示“哪 一个”,不符合句意。故选 B 项。 38.The reason ________ she had dropped her previous major was ________ she found no hope in the field. A. which; because C. why; that 答案与解析 B. why; because D. that; because C 句意:她放弃以前宝贵的专业是因为她在这个

领域看不到希望。第一空引导定语从句,先行词 reason 在从句中作 原因状语,故选 why;第二空引导表语从句,从句不缺主干成分,句

名师一号 意完整,故用 that 引导。

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39.— Whatever happens, we should smile to the future life. — Smile to the future. This is ________ I couldn't say “YES” more. A. why C. where 答案与解析 B. what D. which C 句意:——无论发生什么,我们都应该笑对将

来的生活。——笑对未来,我最同意不过了。空处引导表语从句,从 句不缺主干成分,因此排除 what 和 which;根据句意我们可以理解 为“在这一点上,我同意你的话”,所以选 where。 40.It seems ________ he knew everything, but in reality, he is as stupid as he can be. A. what C. which 答案与解析 B. as if D. even if B 句意:他似乎是个万事通,但实际上他再愚蠢

不过了。空处引导表语从句, It 为形式主语, It seems as if 是固定 搭配,表示“看起来似乎”。even if“即使;纵然”。


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