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1. 有的人认为父母亲应该允许青少年有自己的秘密, 对这一点我深表赞同。 青少年正 经历一个特殊的时期,他们对生理和心理上的发展和变化既好奇又困惑。他们喜欢偷 偷地模仿大人的行为,但又害怕父母知道后会误解或生气。而我觉得作为父母,要尊 重孩子的隐私,多同自己的孩子进行心与心地交流,同时还要引导和帮助他们正确地 对待和处理这一时期所面临的各种问题。 Some people hold the view that parents should allow their children to keep their own secrets. I do agree with this. Teenagers are going through a special period. Curious and puzzled about changes of their body and mind, they’re likely to copy/imitate adults’ behavior secretly. But they’re afraid their parents will misunderstand them and be angry. As far as I’m concerned, they should show respect for children’s privacy and have more heart-to-heart talks with them. In the meantime, they need to help their children do with all kinds of problems occurring during this special growing stage. 2. 手机作为一种便捷的通讯工具越来越受到青少年学生的青睐。 而问题在于是否应该 允许学生在校内使用手机。有些家长为了方便随时同自己的孩子取得联系,所以持支 持态度;而更多的家长则担心手机会影响孩子的学习。中学生每天忙于学习和丰富的 课外活动,没有太多时间同外界联系,所以我认为学生在校内没有必要使用手机。 As a convenient communication tool, cell phone is becoming more and more popular with teenage students. But the question is whether students should be allowed to use them at school. Some parents support it just for the need to communicate with their children conveniently; while most others think it a bad idea, worrying that it will disturb normal educational environment and have a bad effect on children’s studies. Occupied with heavy studies and varieties of after-class activities, teens do not have much time to communicate with others. So it’s my opinion that there is no need for teenage students to have cell phones in school. 3. 作为一个高三的学生, 我也时常会为同样的问题感到困扰: 我们高三的学生是否应 该“两耳不闻窗外事,一心只读高考书”?我认为这是不对的。尽管现在学习很忙, 但我仍然坚持每周进行 2-3 次体育锻炼,这使我紧张的情绪得以缓解,身体的疲惫得 以恢复,从而在学习时精力更加充沛,精神更加集中。高三以来我一直坚持着这样的 生活方式,因为我觉得只有做到了劳逸结合我们才能真正积极高效地学习。 As a Senior 3 student, sometimes I also feel confused about the same question: shall we Senior 3 students devote all our time to study and never care about anything else? I don’t think so. Although now we are occupied with our studies, I still insist on doing some sports

twice or three times a week, which eases my tension and makes me restored after tiring study and feel more energetic and concentrate on my lessons. So, I have been sticking to my life style in Senior 3: play happily and study hard. For I think only in this way can we keep active and effective in our studies. 4. 众所周知,动物是我们人类的朋友,我们应该和它们和睦共处。然而,许多自私而 又贪婪的人正试图破坏这种和平。 一些人砍伐了太多的树木, 毁坏了许多动物的家园; 一些人杀死动物来食用; 还有些人捕杀动物仅仅是为了获取毛皮……我真的希望政府 能尽快采取更多的措施来保护它们。要立法禁止人们破坏森林;任何人猎杀野生动物 都要严惩。另外,我们所有人都要意识到保护野生动物的重要性,因为保护动物就是 保护我们自己。 As we all know, animals are our friends and we should live in harmony with them. However, many greedy and selfish people are trying to break this peace. Some people cut too many trees, destroying some animals’ home, and some kill them for food. Moreover, some others kill them just for fur and skin. I do hope that the government can take more measures to protect them as soon as possible. Laws must be made to prevent people from destroying the forest. Whoever kills wildlife ought to be punished severely. What’s more, all of us should be aware of the importance of protecting wildlife, because to protect wildlife is to protect ourselves. 5. 就我而言, 中学生是不应该玩电脑游戏的。 一方面, 玩电脑游戏会影响我们的学习。 尽管有的电脑游戏很吸引人,但我们却不能从中学到任何有用的东西。而长时间呆在 电脑前玩游戏也会伤害我们的眼睛。更糟糕的是,许多电脑游戏都含有暴力和犯罪等 内容,会对学生的成长产生不良影响。另一方面,虽然学习很忙,但我们还是可以找 到很多其他的方式来放松的,例如打篮球、踢足球、听音乐等。归结为一点:对我们 学生来说,玩电脑游戏既影响学习又有害健康,所以我们要远离电脑游戏。 In my opinion, as students, we should not play computer games. On one hand, playing computer games will affect our study. Though so many students are attracted and even addicted, they can’t learn any useful things from the games. And it’s bad for our eyes if we spend too much time playing computer games. What’s worse, many games are full of violence and crimes, which will do great harm to the growth of students’ body and mind. On the other hand, although we are burdened with so much work, we can find other ways to relax ourselves, such as playing basketball, football, listening to music and so on. To sum up, playing computer games is not only bad for our study, but also does harm to our health (playing computer games brings us nothing but harm), so we should get away from them/keep ourselves away from them. 6. 李华和王海都是高三的学生, 他们学习都很刻苦但方法却不同。 李华上课时认真听 讲,抓住老师在课堂上讲的所有要点,而且有问题会经常请教老师。因此,她只需要

花较少的时间完成作业,晚上可以很早睡觉,白天学习时精力充沛。而王海的学习方 法就大不一样。他习惯晚上熬夜做作业,所以白天上课常常打瞌睡。结果,他错过了 很多要点以致于又要花更多的时间去完成作业,这使他很难集中精力学习。我个人认 为李华学习效率更高而且可以有更多的自由支配时间,所以我倾向于她的学习方法。 Li Hua and Wang Hai are two students of Senior Three. Both of them work hard but they have different learning methods. Li Hua listens to her teachers attentively, tries to catch everything that the teachers say in class and consults her teachers/asks her teachers for help as often as possible if she has some problems. Because of this, she spends less time doing her homework, so it is certain that she can go to bed earlier and she always keeps energetic in the day. However, Wang Hai has quite a different way of learning. He likes to stay up late at night doing his homework, so he often feels sleepy in class. As a result, he misses lots of key points and it usually takes him more time to finish his homework, which makes it difficult for him to concentrate on what he is doing. In my opinion, Li Hua learns more effectively in class and has more free time to enjoy herself. So I prefer her learning method. 7. 在现代生活中,人们因为种种原因面临着许多的压力,包括失业、不好的人际关系 等等。显然,缓解压力是很有必要的。首先,我认为一种正确的态度非常重要。众所 周知,人无完人,所以我们不要期望太高。第二,一些有益的活动,如同亲密的朋友 交谈、体育锻炼、听喜爱的音乐等等,可以帮助人们从思想上减压。旅游,如果有可 能的话,也是一个不错的想法。最后,如果情况很严重的话,可以去向心理医生求助。 就我来说,作为一个高三的学生,我的压力主要来自于学习,我常常担心明年可能考 不上我理想的大学。然而尽管压力如此之大,我还是会充分利用剩下的时间努力为高 考做好准备,正如一句谚语所说的那样: “Opportunity always favors the prepared minds”。所以,在取得最后成功之前我决不会放弃。 In modern life, people are faced with a great amount of stress and pressure for various reasons, including unemployment, bad relationships with others and so on. Obviously, there is a need to release the tension. First of all, I think, a right attitude is of great importance. As we know, nobody is perfect, so don’t expect too much. Secondly, some beneficial activities, like chatting with close friends, doing sports, listening to favorite music, etc, can help take the pressure off people’s minds. Traveling, if possible, is also a good idea. Finally, if the situation were serious enough, it would be necessary to turn to a psychologist for help. As for me, a Senior 3 student, my present stress mainly comes from study. I always worry that I can’t be admitted to my ideal college next year. But however great the pressure is, I will make full use of every remaining day to prepare for the coming College Entrance


Exam. As a saying goes, “Opportunity always favors the prepared minds”. So I won’t give up every effort till I make it. 8. 与同他人合作学习相比, 我个人认为还是独自学习好。 因为我发现这样做更具有挑 战性, 也更令人激动。 每当经过长时间的思考得出一个好的思路时, 我会很有成就感。 不仅如此,独自学习还允许我发展独立思考能力。这种能力是非常重要的,因为随着 我慢慢长大,我必须学会在不依靠父母和老师的帮助下解决一些问题。老师常常鼓励 我们要合作学习,我也很喜欢和同学们在一起。但我发现当我们在一起学习时,我们 真正用在学习上的时间很少,而更多的时间是在玩乐。正是因为这些原因我才相信最 有效的学习方式是独自学习。 Compared with studying in groups (或 cooperative/group study), I prefer to study alone. Because I find studying alone more challenging and exciting. Each time I come up with a good idea after a long time thinking, I feel a great sense of achievement. Besides, studying alone also allows me to develop independent thinking which is a very important skill I need as I grow older and must solve some problems (by) myself (或 alone/on my own) without the help of parents and teachers. Our teachers often encourage us to study in groups. I also enjoy my friends’ company, but in group study, I find we spend far less time studying and more time playing games and having fun. It is for these reasons that I believe the most effective way to learn new knowledge is by studying alone. 9. 就我个人而言,我喜欢与他人合作学习。因为在合作学习时我们可以互相学习,一 起分享我们解答难题的经历,还可以在较少的时间里学到更多的东西。过去我几乎没 有信心和同学们一起讨论学习,对学习也缺乏热情因为我觉得它很乏味。但是在接受 了老师们的建议之后,我加入了一个学习小组,令我吃惊的是我在课堂上的表现很快 就有了很大的提高。学习变成了一件愉悦和让人期待的事情。因为我既可以向别人学 习又可以帮助有困难的同学。因此对于我来说,与他人合作学习是到目前为止最有效 的学习方法。 Personally I like studying in groups. Because when studying in groups we can learn from each other, share our experiences in solving difficult problems and learn more in less time. In the past I seldom had the confidence to discuss study topics with my classmates. I also had little enthusiasm for studying as I found it very boring. But following my teachers’ advice I joined a study group and to my surprise my performance in class improved greatly after a short time. Studying became more enjoyable and something I looked forward to doing as I was able to learn from as well as help others. So for me, studying in groups is by far the most effective way to learn.


10. Just as each coin has two sides, traveling by air has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of high speed and convenience, air travel becomes many people’s favorite, while some people avoid air travel, due to the high price and people’s worry about accident. There are a number of travel methods in the modern world. Nowadays, many people prefer plane travel, because now fares on taking a plane are decreasing. Yet after the day of disaster, September 11th, people’s worry of hijacks became strong even though many actions have been taken to guarantee passengers’ safety. At the same time, train travel and driving cars are still popular because of the low cost and enjoyable sceneries along the road. So people now have a variety of means to travel. When it comes to me, I would prefer traveling on a comfortable train, reading a novel, tasting milk tea and enjoying a relaxing morning on it. 11. 人们对于应该更多地关注细节还是主要目标有不同的看法。有人认为关注细节是 取得成功的关键;然而也有人认为太过关注细节会导致迷失主要目标。 我认为尽管太过关注细节可能会浪费时间,但它们却不应被忽视。一般来说,关 注细节的人更可能会对自己所做的事情负责。另外,我们都知道许多科学和技术的成 就部分地是基于认识到了细节的重要性。如果一个科学家有关注细节的习惯,那么他 就更有可能取得成功,这正如一句谚语 “Details make the difference” 所说。所以足够地 关注细节其重要性不容忽视。 People hold different opinions about whether we should pay more attention to details or the main objectives. Some people emphasize that attention to details is of great importance to one’s success. However, some others think that paying too much attention to details may lead to the loss of major objectives. In my opinion, although too much attention to details may be costly, they should not be overlooked. Generally speaking, people who pay attention to details are responsible for what they do. Besides, as we know, the achievement of science and technology is partly based on realizing the importance of details. If a scientist has the habit of paying attention to details, large rewards will follow. Just as a saying goes, details make the difference. So the importance of enough attention to details should never be neglected. 12. 尽管诚实被认为是一种美德(virtue) ,但是社会上还是有很多不诚实的人。例如, 有的商人出售假货给消费者;有的学生在考试中作弊。但是,那些讲真话和信守承诺 的人不仅使得别人相信他们, 而且还会赢得人们的尊敬, 这样的人肯定有很多的朋友。 因为他们是值得信任和尊敬的,所以每个人都渴望和他们交朋友。不仅如此,有良好 信用记录的人更容易找到一份好工作。总的来说,任何诚实的人最终一定会有回报。


Although honesty is believed to be a virtue, there are still many dishonest people in our society. For example, some businessmen sell fake product to their consumers; some students cheat in the exams. However, those who always tell truth or keep to their promise not only let others trust them but also gain respect from other people as well. Such persons are sure to have a lot of good friends. Because they are trustable and respectable, everyone is eager to make friends with them. Besides, it is easier for a person with a good record to get a good job. Generally speaking, anyone who is honest will be paid back later. 13. 亲爱的朋友们,你们想要生活在一个美丽的世界上吗?那么维护生态平衡是我们 每个人应尽的责任和义务。为了实现这个目标,作为学生我们应该牢记以下几点:第 一,在坚持每天步行上学的同时,我们应该每天吃至少五种水果和蔬菜;第二,尽可 能回收利用一切可以回收利用的东西;第三,通过捡拾垃圾、关水龙头、关灯等来珍 爱校园环境。让我们行动起来,一起为我们母亲—地球的繁荣昌盛(prosperity)做贡 献。 My dear friends, do you want to live in a beautiful world? So it is our responsibility and duty to keep/maintain the ecological balance. To fulfill/achieve this task/goal, we should bear the following points in mind. First, while sticking to the habit of walking to school, we should eat at least five kinds of fruits and vegetables a day. Second, it’s also important to recycle everything recyclable. Third, we need to cherish our school’s environment by picking up any litter and turning off the taps and the lights. Let ’s all take action now and contribute to the prosperity of our mother—the earth. 14. .乘坐飞机出行既有优点也有缺点。 因为速度和便利, 飞机越来越受到人们的青睐; 但是也有些人考虑到价格和安全因素不选择乘坐飞机出行。 如今,人们出行的方式有很多。许多人选择乘坐飞机,因为飞机除了速度快和非 常便利之外,票价也不断下降。然而“9〃11”事件发生以后,人们对乘坐飞机的安 全忧虑变得非常强烈,尽管政府已经采取了许多措施来确保乘客的安全。同时,火车 和汽车仍然是人们主要的出行方式,因为它们不仅价格便宜,而且还可以欣赏沿途美 丽的风景。 所以说现在人们的出行方式的选择真的很多。就我而言,我喜欢乘坐火车,边看 小说边喝奶茶,还可以在火车上度过一个轻松愉快的早晨。 When it comes to fast food, it’s quite natural for you to think of KFC and McDonald’s, because they have won worldwide popularity. The most remarkable advantages of fast food are that you needn’t wait for long and it can be taken away, which is pretty convenient and time-saving. Besides, fast food is delicious and the quality of the food is guaranteed. However, as far as nutrition is concerned, fast food is far from satisfactory/leaves much to be desired and a typical disadvantage is that fast food is mainly of cream and fried meat, which can do harm to our health if eaten too much. Therefore, fast food may only be a good choice when you are in a hurry.

15. 今天下午三点,高三全体师生及家长参加了在学校礼堂举行的成人宣誓仪式,主 题是“成长、责任” 。首先,我们进行了宣誓,然后,有个学生代表了我们所有人发 言,表达了我们对父母和老师的感激之情以及我们的理想。之后,一些老师和父母祝 贺我们并表达了他们对我们的未来的期望。最后,我们观看了由不同的班级所带来的 精彩的节目。仪式虽然结束了,但它让我们意识到我们已经长大了,我们应该肩负起 社会所赋予我们的责任。 At 3:00 this afternoon, all teachers and students in Senior Three as well as our parents attended the grown-up ceremony held in the school hall, whose theme is “Growth and Responsibility”. First, we made an oath, and then a student, representing all of us, made a speech, showing our thanks to not only our parents but also our teachers and talking about our great ideals. After that, some teachers and parents offered us their congratulations and expressed their expectations for our future. Last, we watched wonderful performances put on by students from different classes. The ceremony was over, but it has made us well aware that we have grown up and we’re supposed to shoulder the responsibility for our society. 16. 中学是我一生中最美好的时光,除了学业之外,还有许多我珍惜的事物。为了不 带任何遗憾地离开校园,我将充分利用有限的时间好好复习。同时,我想向所有在这 三年里给了我那么多帮助的老师们表达感激之情。另外,我还有必要同曾经对我有误 解的同学谈谈,因为我真的很在乎我们之间的友情。为了完善自我,我会向我的同学 们寻求一些对我很有价值的忠告。最后,我还计划为我的同学们再做一件好事。做完 了这些,我就可以无悔地毕业了。 Days in high school is regarded as the best time of my life. Besides classes and homework, there’s something more that I especially treasure. In order to leave school with no regrets, I’ll make the best of my limited time to go over the lessons I’ve learned. At the same time, I’d like to show my gratitude to all the teachers who have given me so much help in the past three years. In addition, it’s necessary for me to have a talk with whoever might have misunderstood me, for I do care about the friendship between us. For the purpose of improving myself, I’ll ask my classmates for some advice which may be of great value to me. Last but not least, doing another good deed for my class is also my plan. With these things done, I will have no regrets in my high school life. 注: 我们两个班已经要求所有学生将以上文章抄下来并每次周末放假回家背诵一篇回 来统一默写,对于不会默的同学除要求抄写一定的次数(约 5-20 次每篇不等,根据 默写错误多少而定)外,还要单独叫到办公室补默,直到会默为止。除以上篇目外, 还有一些好的篇章来源于测试报和课时训练上的作文参考答案(因此无电子版) 。背 诵篇目不在多,在于要督促每个学生都会背会默,贵在坚持!英语成绩再差的同学, 只要能背熟以上篇章并能准确默写,然后老师指导学生经常进行复习并组织默写检 查,最终不仅是作文,而且整体英语应试水平都会有所提高!以上是我的一点点心得 体会,写出来希望就正于各位方家!


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