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新人教版必修二Unit1 Cultural Relics单元同步测试

Unit1 Cultural Relics 单元同步测试
I. 选择填空 1. When the rescue workers arrived, they were sad to see what _____ of the relics after the big fire. . A. was remained B. remained C. was made D. made

2. If you want to do well in a examination, you had better get yourself into your best ____just before it. A. condition B. state C. situation D. position

3. Just have little patience. We will _____ the case as soon as we have time. A. look for B. look into C. look up D. look at

4. I have never fancied _____ such a house with such a beautiful garden. A. to have B. having C. to belong to D. belonging to

5. When the people in the area heard the news that a rare vase which was used by an emperor during the Ming Dynasty was buried somewhere near their homes, they all went out _____ it. A. to search B. to look at C. in search for D. in search of

6. Water can be turned into gases if temperature______ high enough. A. is risen B. rises C. is heated D. is raised

7. What else would you like to add _____ what you have already said? A. besides B. except C. except for D. beside

8. The stadium is so _____ that once it is begun, nothing can be changed. A. planned B. made C. designed D. produced

9. You can’t imagine the trouble we had _____ the drowning child. A. to save B. saving C. saved D. save

10. If you want to be a creative writer, you have to form your own ______ of writing. A. manners B. style C. type D. ability

11. Thank you for _____ me of the meeting which I would otherwise have forgotten. A. remembering B. telling C. reminding D. recalling

12. The foreign guests gave us some jewels like precious stones, gold rings and so on as gifts, but we didn’t know what to give them _____. A. in turn B. in return C. in reward D. in honor

13. The student you considered ______hardest failed to pass the important examination. A. to have studied B. having studied C. to study D. studying

14. It is said that if a mirror is broken for no reasons, bad luck is likely to strike, but I really

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____it. A. doubt B. believe C. think D. support

15. It is really a wonder that _____ fell down from a ten-storey building to the ground without getting the least damage. A. your furnitures C. those pieces of your furnitures B. that piece of your furniture D. your that furniture

16. The lazy bone pretended ______ earnestly when his father came into his study to see what he was doing. A. studying B. to study C. to be studying D. to have studied

17. More evidence is needed _____that your maid _____ your money when you were away on business. A. proving; stole C. to be proved; has stolen B. to prove; has stolen D. to prove; stole

18. What seems a treasure to you may _____a useless thing _____ others. A. be proved; to B. prove; for C. be proved; for D. prove; to

19. When the sailors went into the old castle with _____ candles on the lonely island, they were surprised to find its walls _____ with beautiful paintings of different times. A. lighted; covering B. lit; covered C. lighted; covered D. lit; covering

20. Anything _____ public interests has to be decided _____ the opinion of the majority. A. which concerns; in B. that concerns about; in C. concerns; in D. concerning; in

21. Most politicians are not ______ in that country. Which of the following is not OK? A. well thought of B. highly thought of C. thought of well D. much thought of

22. Do you think it possible to _____ a human being apart, e-transmit it to somewhere and then reconstruct it? A. tell B. take C. put D. tear

23. People with different personalities have different learning styles. Some learn best by _____ and error; some learn best by listening and seeing. A. doing B. trial C. try D. testing

24. The two countries are on good terms now. It is five years since they _____war. A. went into B. were at C. were in D. started

25. ______no doubt that someone _____ the wooden box containing the most precious treasures from the carrier under the cover of darkness. A. It is; removed B. There is; removed C. It is; moved D. there is; moved

II. 完形填空

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The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world. It mountains, 28 valleys and finally 29 the sea. 30 years. People began to 31 the wall 32 the 26 from west to east, 2 7

The Great Wall has a history of over two

spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history. In about 221 BC Qin Shihuang had all the walls 33 . 34 ,the Great Wall came to the world. The Great Wall is 6-7 meters high and 4-5 meters wide. In most places it is men to walk 37 along the top. It was very 38 36 35 6,000 kilometers long,

enough for five horses or ten 40 .

to build 39 a great wall in the old

Thousand of men millions of 42 .

41 when they built it. The Great Wall was made not only of stones, but

Today, the Great Wall has become a place 43 also to people all over the world. 44

interest not only to the Chinese but 45

the Egyptians feel proud of their pyramids,

Chinese people also feel proud of our Great Wall. 26. A. comes 27. A. through 28. A. and 29. A. gets 30. A. thousand 31. A. create 32. A. between 33. A. made up B. goes B. along B. from B. comes B. million B. design B. at B. joined up C. lies C. over C. to C. reaches C. hundred C. form C. in C. sent up D. stands D. across D. through D. arrives D. billion D. build D. on D. put up D. After then D. more than D. tall D. step by step D. bad D. such D. enemies D. gone D. living D. about D. Such D. ours

34. A. Since then on B. Now and then C. From then on 35. A. no more than B. not more than 36. A. wide 37. A. one by one 38. A. easy 39. A. like 40. A. times 41. A. killed 42. A. life 43. A. of 44. A. Just as 45. A. us B. long B. day by day B. difficult B. look B. history B. died B. live B. with B. As if B. we C. less than C. high C. side by side C. good C. so C. countries C. murdered C. lives C. for C. Look like C. our

III. 阅读理解:

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A In cities across the United States, old factories, schools, railroad stations and other buildings are being renovated(翻新)for new uses. City planners and private inventors are finding that good buildings, no matter how old , can be remodeled for new purposes. “If you’d asked someone four or five years ago whether he’d rent an apartment in an abandoned piano factory or clothing warehouse(大商店), he’d have thought you were crazy,,” says a New York architect. “Today, many people are eager to do it.” Only a few decades ago, renovation was unpopular and generally far more expensive than taking down abandoned9(抛弃) buildings and starting from the beginning. A change began in the 1990s with a number of well-advertised projects. They included Chirardelli Square in San Francisco, where an old chocolate factory was renovated and made into shops and restaurants, Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, where an abandoned car warehouse became a shopping centre. What caused the change? “ One reason is nostalgia(怀旧),” a san Francisco builder suggests. “Maybe old is better than new, many people are saying. Feelings about preserving attractive or historic buildings have changed a great deal.” A second cause is economy. The cost of tearing down an old building and constructing a new one from nothing now has risen to the point where it is often less expensive to fix a solid older structure. Even when the costs of renovation are the same as or a bit more than the costs of putting up a new building, fixing the old building may be better. Gradually, architects and builders are developing knowledge about renovation and preservation, bringing imagination and creativity to the job. 46. In the United States, renovating old creativity to the job___________. A. has a long history B. is a new trend C. is still unpopular D. is out of date

47. What’s the purpose of this passage? A. Call on people to renovate old buildings B. Report a change—renovation in America C. Encourage people to make use of old building D. Introduce a new method of renovating old buildings 48. Why did the passage mention Ghirardelli Square and Trolley Square? A. To introduce us some successful building renovations. B. To make them known to the public. C. To discuss whether they were worth restoring. D. To tell us any old buildings can be renovated. 49. Renovating old buildings in the US needs architects who ______. A. are skilled at tearing down old buildings B. are good at designing a new building

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C. have rich imagination and creativity

D. have nostalgia of the city

50. From the passage we can learn that________. A. building renovation is a better choice even if it costs more than building a new one B. renovating a building is surely cheaper than putting up a new one C. the main reason for building renovation is for economic purpose D. there will be less new buildings in the world B Disposing(处理) of waste has been a problem since humans started producing it. As more and more people choose to live close together in cities, the waste-disposal problem becomes increasingly difficult. During the eighteenth century, it was usual for several neighboring towns to get together to select a faraway spot as a dump site. Residents or trash haulers(垃圾托运者) would transport household rubbish, rotted wood, and old possessions to the site. Periodically(定期的) some of the trash was burned and the rest was buried. The unpleasant sights and smells caused no problem because nobody lived close by. Factories, mills, and other industrial sites also had waste to be disposed of. Those located on rivers often just dumped the unwanted remains into the water. Others built huge burners with chimneys to deal with the problem. Several facts make these choices unacceptable to modern society. The first problem is space. Dumps, which are now called landfills, are most needed in heavily populated areas. Such areas rarely have empty land suitable for this purpose. Property is either too expensive or too close to residential neighborhoods. Long-distance trash hauling(垃圾托运) has been a common practice, but once farm areas are refusing to accept rubbish from elsewhere. Cheap land within trucking distance of major city area is almost nonexistent. Awareness of pollution dangers has resulted in more strict rules of waste disposal. Pollution of rivers, ground water, land and air is a price people can no longer pay to get rid of waste. The amount of waste, however, continues to grow. Recycling efforts have become commonplace, and many towns require their people to take part. Even the most efficient recycling programs, however, can hope to deal with only about 50 percent of a city’s reusable waste. 51. The most suitable title for this passage would be ______. A. places for Disposing Waste C. Ways of Getting Rid of Waste B. Waste Pollution Dangers D. Waste Disposal Problem

52. During the 18 th century, people disposed their waste in many ways EXCEPT for _____. A. burying it B. recycling it C. burning it D. throwing it into rivers

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53. What can be inferred from the fourth paragraph? A. Farm areas accept waste from the city in modern society. B. There is a cheap land to bury waste in modern society. C. It is difficult to find space to bury waste in modern society D. Ways to deal with waste in modern society stay the same. 54. The main purpose of writing this article is to _____. A. draw people’s attention to waste management B. warn people of the pollution dangers we are facing C. call on people to take part in recycling programs D .tell people a better way to get rid of the waste C Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it. People naturally want to follow a good leader. After meeting with an effective leader it is not unusual to feel uplifted(情绪高涨), inspired, and motivated to work towards a common goal. An effective leader makes others feel good about themselves, as well as the work they are doing. The leader has a vision(幻想)of what he or she wants to achieve, and can communicate that vision to others in a way that makes people want to be part of it. One thing a good leader typically does is to communicate the big picture, so that each employee can see how the particular role he or she plays makes a contribution to the final result. Good leaders are positive and optimistic when they speak about the future. Their enthusiasm wins them plenty of supporters who help make their vision a reality. Good leaders also understand that different people are motivated by different things. For employees motivated by a need for achievement, a leader explains how the task offers an opportunity to take on a challenge with an achievable goal. And employees are motivated by hearing how they will be part of a team of people working together. Good leaders will introduce employees by name first, rather than job titles. They refer to employees as team members, companions, or colleagues, never as “servants”. Words have power, including the power to make people feel whether or not they are important to the success of an organization. Good leaders believe that every team member matters and set up environments that make everyone feel important. It is no wonder they can attract the support they need to help them achieve their goals. 55. What’s the author’s purpose of writing this passage? A. To tell us how to be a good leader at work.

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B. To describe the proper relationship between leaders and employees. C. To inform us of how leaders and employees should communicate. D. To show the optimism of a leader. 56. What is the most important to be a good leader? A. A good leader learns art very well. B. A good leader can promote employees. C. A good leader can satisfy all his or her employees. D. A good leader can make employees happy and willing in their work. 57, What should a good leader do for an employee who wants to succeed at work? A. To promote the employee to a leadership role. B. To draw a beautiful picture of the employee’s future. C. To encourage the employee to meet the challenges of his work. D. To let the staff know the important role the employee plays. 58. What is Paragraph 6 mainly about? A. The importance of making introductions by name. B. A way of remembering others’ names. C. The key to the success of an organization. D. How to create a harmonious relationship between leaders and employees. 59. We can infer from the passage that_________. A. a good leader is always good at creating comfortable working conditions B. the support of employees is necessary for a leader to reach his goal C. names are much easier to remember than job titles D. the motivation of the employees all comes from the leader

IV. 短文改错: At the end of last month, I attended at a celebration meeting hold in our school. At the meeting, 25 advanced teachers were praised and those had completed 30 years of teaching were given medals. Mr Yang was one of those praised. After the meeting, our classmates and I went to see him. Seeing us, the grey-haired teacher looked exciting, when some of us said we wanted to be teachers but devote ourselves to education in the future, he nodded with satisfactions. He said in a very firmly voice, “Teaching is a noble job. Man would be very stupid without education.” We were all agreed 60.__________ 61.__________ 62.__________ 63.___________ 64.___________ 65.___________ 66.___________ 67.____________ 68.____________ 69. ____________

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and were greatly encouraged by his words.

V. 书面表达 请你根据所给材料、提纲以及要求写一篇英文稿件。 背景材料: English Horizons 第 25 卷 总 228(5/2007)期

编者按:本期刊出 Lora 的来信,欢迎读者就信中谈到的问题逆互动空间 行分析并提出建议。 Dear editor. I’m a senior high school student, and I want to work part-time this summer. I think it is good to do so,but my parents don’t agree with me I just can’t understand them I need your advice. Lara 要求: 1.短文词数不少于 80(不含已写好的部分) 。 2.内容充实,结构完整,语意连贯。 3.书写须清晰、工整。 提纲: 第 1 段:Lora 利用暑假打工的理由 第 2 段:Lora 父母不同意的理由 第 3 段:你给 Lora 的具体建议








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_______________________________________________________________________________ Unit one 答案: I. 单项选择: 1-5BBBBD II. 完形填空: 26-30BCDCA III. 阅读理解: 46-50BBACA IV. 短文改错答案: 60. drop “at” 61.hold—held 62. those had---those who had 63. right 64.our---my 68. firmly---firm 51-54DBDA 55-59ADCAB 31-35DCBCD 36-40ACBDA 41-45BCAAB 6-10DACBB 11-15CBAAB 16-20CDDCD 21-25CBBBB

65. exciting----excited 69.drop “were” V. 书面表达:

66. but---and

67. satisfactions---satisfaction

I think that Lora wants to work part-time for these reasons. First,she can make some pocket money to meet pet daily needs and thus develop a sense of independence. Second. she can learn how to deal with various problems in the workplace. Third,she can build up new friendships and improve her social skills. But her parents may regard learning as an increasingly important task for Lora. This holiday should be a catch-up time for independent study. Besides,personal safety may also be one of their major considerations. My advice for Lora is this:make a detailed plan for her study and work;ask her friends to work together with her, and tell her parents that she ean manage things properly. I wish Lora a pleasant summer.

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