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21.In spite of the trouble, the workers the work on time. A. tried to finish B. managed to finish C. tried finishing D. managed finishing 22. We can express our thoughts and with other people by using both words and body language. A. share B. help C. communicate D. speak 23. You will know what it is like most of your time listening to dull reporters in a meeting room. A. spending B. have spent C. to spend D. to have spent. 24. She always her opinion facts. A. depends; on B. bases; on C. put; into D. bases; by 25. The light went out, so we had to for the door. A. make our way B. crawl our way C. elbow our way D. feel our way 26. The parents felt helpless when they found that their son had love stories for long. A. addicted B. addicted to C. addicted himself D. been addicted to 27. The music the happy days which they spent together in their youth. A. calls on B. calls at C. calls up D. calls back 28. The handsome young man now decorating the house has been Maria, a pretty girl from France. A. engaging, engaged to B. engaged to, engaged with C. engaged in, engaged to D. engaging, engaged with 29.The hotline helps to keep the leader what’s happening at each moment. A. informing of B. be informed to C. is informed that D. informed of 30. Tom was worried seemed obvious to everyone present at the meeting. A. That B. What C. Which D. How 31. Stories spread quickly among his friends Tom had lived on a desert island for over five months after the ship sank. A. if B. what C. that D. as 32. Though money, his parents managed to sand him to university. A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in 33. I am in need of a kind of dictionary now. Would you recommend a good dictionary me? A. great, to B. greatly, to C. great, at D. greatly, at 34. –Would you do me a favor and give me a ride? --______. A. Yes, that’s right B. No trouble C. Never mind D. With pleasure 35. In such dry weather, the flowers will have to be watered if they .
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A. have survived B. will survived C. would survived D. are to survive 36. Tom ought not to ______ me you secret, but he meant no harm. A. have told B. tell C. be telling D. having told 37. ______ be sent to work there? A. Who do you suggest that should B. Who do you suggest C. Do you suggest who should D. Do you suggest whom should 38. It’s time you ______ something or you’ll fall behind the others. A. get down to reading B. get down to read C. got down to read D. got down to reading 39. Half of 250 koori languages have completely disappeared, and many of the ______ languages have been lost. A. remained B. were left C. remaining D. leaving 40. The speaker is giving an ______ speech, as I can judge from ______ look of all the listeners. A. inspiring, inspired B. inspiring, inspiring C. inspired, inspired D. inspired, inspiring

III. 完形填空(共 20 题,每题 1 分,共 20 分)
I was eight years old when I got my first pair of football boots. This may not seem important now, but in (41) days clothing was limited because of the war, and I knew my father had to go without a coat to give them to me (42)my birthday. After school I went to play football in a park on (43) end of the town and after my first (44) I walked across the park to the bus stop. Halfway home, when we (45)the town center, I suddenly looked (46) and saw I was holding one boot. I looked under the (47) but there was no sign of the other one. Of course, I was still very young, and not used to ( 48) boots together. One of them must have come undone(松开的). I could (49) my parents’ faces when I told them I had lost it. I jumped (50) the bus and caught one going in the (51) direction. To my surprise, a lady (52) was a friend of my mother’s was on it, and she was (53),too, because she didn’t understand (54) I was going that way at that time in the afternoon. I told her (55) had happened and she wished (56) good luck. When I got to the (57), I started walking slowly across it, trying to remember all of the various possible routes I had (58). Suddenly, after about 100 meters, I saw the boot (59) all by itself in the middle of the grass. I thought it was a miracle(奇迹) that I had found (60) a small object. 41. A. late B. modern C. these D. those 42. A. for B. during C. at D. in 43. A. another B. the other C. other D. the others 44. A. lesson B. game C. balls D. rest 45. A. walked to B. reached C. set off D. got 46. A. down B. up C. out D. around
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47. A. bus 48. A. tie 49. A. think 50. A. to 51. A. opposite 52. A. whom 53. A. happy 54. a. what 55. A. that 56. A. her 57. A. stop 58. A. broken 59. A. laying 60. A. rather

B. seat B. make B. consider B. off B. same B. who B. sad B. whether B. the thing B. me B. center B. found B. lying B. quite

C. wheels C. tying C. expect C. onto C. right C. she C. surprised C. why C. which C. to C. park C. chosen C. lie C. so

D. floor D. making D. imagine D. down D. proper D. one D. pleased D. where D. what D. with D. school D. taken D. lain D. such

IV.阅读理解: (共 5 篇,20 小题,每题 1 分,共 20 分)
( A ) The renting of home furnishings( furniture, dishes, and so on ) has become one of America’s fastest growing business. Why do people rent their home furnishings instead of buying them? Many kinds of people: international businessmen, government officials, airline workers, young married couples-the people whose job or business may force them to move frequently from one city (or country) to another—find they can rent better quality furniture than they could afford to buy . Young people with little money do not want to buy cheap furniture they soon grow to dislike. They prefer to wait they have enough money to buy furniture they really like. Meanwhile, they rent. And people whose work takes them from place to place are saved the trouble of moving their furniture each time. They simple rent new furniture when they reach their new home. One family, now settles in a large, beautiful home, likes their rented furniture so much they decide to keep renting it instead of buying new things. But they don’t like to tell people about it. The idea of renting home furnishings is still quite new, and they are not sure what their neighbors might think. 61. Renting furnishings is a business growing fast now because _______. A. it benefits(获利) both sellers and buyers B. it is popular C. it makes people rich D. it is worth doing 62. The people who need rented furnishings are those __________. A. always want something new B. like to follow the fashion C. can hardly live in certain place for a long time D. are very poor 63. One family doesn’t to tell anyone else that keep using the rented furniture instead of buying new ones, because _____. A. they are afraid others would look down upon them B. no one can understand them C. they are not sure of others might accept such a new idea
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D. they know they have4 little in common with others 64. Which of the following is closer to the main idea of the passage? A. The cheaper, the better B. The more convenient, the more welcome C. The more comfortable, the more helpful D. The more expensive, the more useful ( B ) As people continue to grow and age, our body systems continue to change. At a certain point in your life your body systems will begin to weaken. Your strength may become weaker. It may become more difficult for you to see and hear. The slow change of aging causes our bodies to lose some of their ability to bounce back from disease and injury. In order to live longer, we have always tried to slow or stop this change that leads us toward the end of our lives. Many factors decide your health. A good diet plays an important role. The amount and type of exercise you get is another factor. Your living condition is yet another. But scientists studying aging problem want to know: Why do people grow old? They hope that by studying the aging medical science they may be able to make the length of life longer. There is nothing to be afraid of as old age comes. Many consider the later part of lifr to be the best time for living. Physical activity may become less, but often you get better understanding of yourself and the world. What we consider old age now may only be middle-aged some day soon. Who knows, with so many advances in medical science happening so quickly, life length may one day be measured in centuries, rather than in years. 65. When people become aging, they will lose some of their ability to bounce back from disease and injury. ―bounce back‖ here means _______. A. to escape from disease and injury B. to improve one’s health after one’s disease and injury C. to jump backward D. to run fast 66. In order to live longer, ________. A. we have to try to increase our food B. we should try to do more exercise C. we should slow down the change of aging D. we should keep in high spirits 67. Many consider the later part of life to be the best time of living because ______. A. they consider their life has been a successful one B. they have some through the battle of life safely C. they have less misunderstanding of themselves and the outside world D. they have nothing to do all day long only to watch their grandchildren growing up around them. ( C ) Some schools that are not year-round often have summer programs. In many cases, students take summer classes to repeat a subject they failed. This way they get a second chance to succeed. But schools also offer summer classes to students who want to be free of a required class during the next school year. Generally, students in these classes want to take fewer subjects during the year because
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they are involved in a lot of activities. They might be involved in sports or music programs. Or both – and more. These summer school students do the same amount of work as if they took the class during the school year. But they do it in a much shorter time, one to two months. They say it makes for a lot of reading and homework and not much time for anything else. Some education experts are worried about high school students who take summer school because of pressure to attend a top university. The New York Times recently reported about summer classes at one of the best high schools in the United States. New Trier High School is in Winnetka, Illinois. Almost six hundred students are in school this summer. Only twenty are repeating classes that they failed. The others are in difficult courses like physics and history. The students say taking classes like these in the summer means that they can take even more difficult classes next year. They say this shows not only that they are serious about their studies but that they have experienced the most difficult high school program. Another place with a lot of students in summer school is Palo Alto,California. The Mercury News reported that about twenty percent of the students in the city schools are in class this summer. That is more than two thousand teenagers. A third are in classes they failed before. The others are taking subjects they do not have time for during the normal school year. But they are not taking subjects like physics and history. The students in Palo Alto are in classes like creative writing, film studies, literature and cooking. 68. This passage mainly talks about ______. A. summer classes in American schools B. why American schools offer summer classes C. the advantages of American summer school D. experts’ anxiety(担忧)about American summer school 69. Which of the following is NOT the reason for the students’ attending summer classes in America? A. Repeating a subject. B. Completing a required subject ahead of time C. Improving their physical quality D. Learning some special skills 70. What’s the biggest difference between the summer classes in New Trier High School and in Palo Alto? A. There are more students attending classes that they failed before in Palo Alto. B. Some students in Palo Alto learn some special skills instead of taking physics and history. C. Some students in Palo Alto take some subjects so that they can join in sports or music programs later. D. The students’ attitude towards studies in Palo Alto is worse than that in New Trier High School.


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71. What can we infer from the passage? A. American students in schools don’t have any pressure to attend top universities. B. Summer school students don’t do the same amount of work as they do during the school year. C. American students attend summer schools in order to relax themselves very much. D. American students in high schools face great pressure to attend top universities. ( D ) E-mail systems at thousands of companies and government offices around the world were attacked by a virus called ―Melissa‖ that disguises itself as an ― important message‖ from a friend. Even though there was a weekend warning, more than 50,000 companies at about 100 places around the world have been attacked by the virus, computer experts said on Monday. The virus began to show up last Friday and spread rapidly the next first work day by making computers sand off dozens of e-mails containing the virus. Although the virus has no long-lasting damage to a computer, its effects were far-reaching. Michael Vatis, a senior US official said military and government computers were damaged, along with thousands of the other institution’s systems. The body of the e-mail message says, ―Here is what you ask for-‖ Once the user opens it, the virus digs into the user’s address book and sends out messages to the first 50 addresses. The reason the virus spreads so rapidly is that you’re getting it from people you know and trust. So anyone who gets an expected e-mail with ―Important Message‖ subject line is advised not to open it and to delete it immediately. 72. The virus spreads rapidly because _______. A. it makes computers work without stop. B. it carries words ―Important Message‖ C. it sends out message to dozens of computers at one time D. it attacked military and government offices 73. The underlined word ―disguise‖ most probably means _____. A. dress up B. cover up C. paint D. notice 74. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The computer attacked by the virus won’t work properly. B. Thousands of computers are attacked by the virus one by one. C. The ―Important Massage‖ carries an important message from a friend. D. Any computer with an E-mail system will be attacked by the virus. 75. Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. Keep an Eye Open for the Virus B. Important Message is Virus C. Virus Melissa Strikes Hard and Fast D. Message from Friends Contains Virus ( E ) ― All your life you heard that, if you touch a butterfly, they die.‖ he said, holding a Monarch butterfly at his Pennsylvania farm show stand, asking a group of children to pet it. ― That’s just not true. They taste with their feet, breathe through their stomach and have two tongues that are
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as long as they are.‖ And removing the colorful powder from a butterfly’s wings won’t prevent it from flying, he said to the amazement of at least one parents. ― I always thought that if you took the powder off they wouldn’t be able to fly,‖ said Terri Williams, who had her four children with her. ―I used to tell my kids that all the time.‖ Mikula, whose butterfly cage fought for attention at the farm show with shiny tractors and barnyard animals, has been fascinated by butterflies ever since a ― Question Mark Buttery‖ landed on his shirt while he was fishing 19 years ago. Today, the 49-year-old Hazleton man gives speeches and writes about butterflies. And he raises 30 different types at his Hole-In-Hand Butterfly Farm. Mikula became kind of famous 15 years ago when he came up with the idea of releasing butterflies at weddings instead of throwing rice. A dozen butterflies costs about $100. ―Are you the fellow that sells butterflies for weddings?‖ asked 18-year-old Tanya Erb Of Lancaster Country. ―I hared about that and I’m going to have that at my wedding-when I get married.‖ Erb bought Mikula’s latest book, which she had signed, and proudly showed him the image of a butterfly she has tattooed(刺花) on her stomach. Mikla raises his butterflies in a large greenhouse, which is filled with plants for the caterpillars to feed on as they develop into butterflies. ―Out in nature, nine out of ten caterpillars never become butterflies,‖ he said ―That’s because they get attacked or eaten.― The number of people wanting butterflies has become so great that Mikula said he has helped start 35 butterfly farming businesses over the last three years. Butterflies, which also are released at funeral, are believed by some people to be very special. ―In a lot of languages , the word soul and butterfly are same word,‖ he said, saying that many societies believe that when a person dies their soul becomes a butterfly. And what about just being around them? ―Make you feel real mellow,‖ Mikula said. 76. Mikula became interested in butterflies ________. A. when he was twenty years old B. after he met with a very unusual one of them C. because he wanted to release some of them at his wedding D. because he had to give speeches and write about them 77. In Mikula‖s opinion, _________. A. butterflies can’t be touched or they will die B. the colorful powder can’t be removed from their wings C. some people have wrong ideas of butterflies D. raising butterflies is much more interesting than fishing 78. We may infer from the text that Terri Williams _______. A. taught her children at home B. also knew a lot about butterflies C. didn’t believe what Mikula told her
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D. learned something about butterflies at the farm show 79. From the text, we learn that Mikula encourages children to _______. A. raise butterflies in greenhouse B. write about butterflies C. pay attention to butterflies at the farm show D. keep butterflies as they keep dogs or cats at home 80. The word ―mellow‖ in the last sentence means _______. A. wise and cheerful B. sad and lonely C. happy but noisy

D. lively but hopeless

第二卷 (共计 30 分) V.短文改错:
Good afternoon, and welcome you to England. We hope 81_________ that your visit here will be pleased. Today, I would like to 82_________ draw your attention to a few our laws. 83.________ The first one is about drink. You may not buy alcohol in 84.________ this country if you are over 18 years old, nor may your 85.________ friend buy for you. 86.________ Secondly, noise. Enjoy yourself by all means, but please 87.________ don’t make unnecessary noise, particular at night. 88.________ Thirdly, crossing the road. The traffic move on the 89.________ left side of the road in the country. 90.________ Now, are there any questions? VI.根据括号内的英语提示翻译下列句子。 (共 10 题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 91.他们的共同点就是把娱乐和学习的机会结合在一起了。( in common) ______________________________________________________________________ 92. 昨天在学校举办的英语晚会结果证明是很成功的。 ( turn out ) _____________________________________________________________________ 93. 媒体常常能够帮助解决问题,让大家关注需要帮助的情况。 (draw attention to) ______________________________________________________________________ 94.身势语就像口语一样,因文化的差异而有所不同。 ( vary ) _______________________________________________________________________ 95. 每 个 人 都 有 自 己的 专长 和 兴 趣 , 只 有 发 现自己 的 专 长 , 我 们 才 能期望 达 到 自 己 的目标,真正有所为。 ( make a difference ) _____________________________________________________________________ 96. 忍受癌症使我认识到了生命的可贵,认识到了抓住一切机会充实 生活的重要。 (live with) ______________________________________________________________________ 97.根据你的情况,我们愿意给你提供一些必要的帮助。( in one’s case ) _______________________________________________________________________ 98.这个问题也能够使对方镇定下来,让他或她知道援助就要到了。 (on the way) ________________________________________________________________________ 99.李明工作很努力。他要充分利用公司提供给他的机会向他人学习。 (make the most of) _________________________________________________________________________ 100.报纸和其他媒体不仅仅是记录已发生的事。( more than )


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