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湖北省黄冈中学 2011 届高三五月模拟考试英语参考答案掌门 1 对 1 参考答案
听力录音原稿 Text 1 W: What a hot day ! Do you always have weather like this in May? M: ① Generally it’s much better than this. And I can’t remember when we had such a rainy day. Text 2 W: To teach those students English, do you have to speak their language quite well? M:② No, quite the contrary. They benefit most when the class is organized entirely in the foreign language. Text 3 W: ③ Americans tend to think from the particular and small to the general and large. M: For example? W: We’ve just seen an example of this in the fact that they progress from personal and local matters to the state and finally the nation—not the other way around. Text 4 W: I need a picture for my passport. Can you recommend a photographer? M: Yes, ④Anderson’s over on Main Street is excellent, fast and inexpensive. Text 5 M: Are you taking a night class? I heard the new teacher speaks three foreign languages. W: Yes. ⑤ I registered for the Spanish class on Wednesday and Friday. Text 6 M: Hi! It’s me again! W: Hi! What’s up? M: Well, since I talked to you about an hour ago, ⑥ I’ve found out that I won’t be able to go bowling with you as we had planned. Something important has just come up. W: Oh? M: Yes. ⑦ My boss is insisting that I work a double shift today, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope you understand. W: Of course I do. Let’s plan on going bowling some other time. Text 7 M: Hello, Jane. This is Jack. W: Jack! How are you? W: Oh, not bad. M: Listen, Jane. ⑧I’m phoning because I want to invite you to a party at our new house. W: New house? M: Yes. We’ve just moved. That’s why we’re giving this party. We know you’re very busy but we’d love you to come. W: Yes, I’d like to. When is it?
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M: This Saturday evening. W: Well, I’ll have a test next Monday and an essay due on Tuesday. Will the party go on very late? M: ⑨ Until one in the morning. But you don’t have to stay that long. What about it? W: All right. I’ll come. Oh, when does the party start? M: Come any time after eight. W: Good. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been a long time. M: Yes, it has. Here is my new address. Text 8 M: Miss Maggie? W: Yes, sir? M: Did you speak to Mr Robinson? W: Yes, I did. I asked him to call later. He said he would call again in about an hour. M: That’s fine. By the way, has Charlie photocopied my report yet? I need it this after-noon. W: Not yet. I told him to finish it by 11 this morning. M: Good. Did you tell Miss Martin not to call her boyfriend from here? ○ I told her not to use the office phone for personal call. She says she won’t do it W: Oh, yes, 11 again. ○ Her boyfriend lives in France! M: I hope she won’t. 13 W : I’m sure she won’t. Is there anything else, Mr French? M: Humm. Could you bring me a cup of tea? W: Sure. Text 9 W: Now let’s go back to your first novel, Rag Doll. When did you write that? ○ Rag Doll, yes. 14 ○ I wrote that in 1960, a year after I left school. M: 16 W: How old were you then? M: Um, eighteen? Yes. Eighteen, because a year later I went to Indonesia. W: Um. And of course it was your experience in Indonesia that inspired your film Eastern Moon. M: Yes, that’s right, although I didn’t actually make Eastern Moon until 1978. W: And you worked in television for a time too? M: Yes, I started making documentaries for television in 1973, when I was thirty. That was after I gave up farming. W: Farming? M: Yes, that’s right. You see, I stayed in Indonesia for eight years. I met my wife there in 1965, 15 ○ and after we came back we bought a farm in the west of England in 1970. A kind of experiment, really. W: But you gave it up three years later. M: Well, yes. You see, it was very hard work and I was also very busy working on my second ○ The Cold Earth, which came out in 1975. novel, 16 W: Yes, that’s was a best-seller, wasn’t it? M: Yes, it was, and that’s why only two years after that I was able to give up television work and 15 ○ concentrate on films and that sort of thing. And after that… Text 10 ○ Now I am on my first bus trip and I’m quite surprised at Hello, I was once a hostess. 17 ○ Included our meals on the way, rest rooms and public the services offered during the trip. 18
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-address announcements. Just now, I introduced myself to the hostess on the bus, and we told each other about experiences with air and ground travel. At lunchtime, she gave out menus offering a choice of sandwiches. As she began filling orders, she found that there weren’t enough egg-salad sandwiches. She quickly went to whisper to the driver. The bus soon stopped. The hostess ran to another bus that had been following ours, and ○ soon she returned with a box of egg-salad sandwiches. As she passed my seat, she asked, 19 “Could you do that on a plane?” 1-5. BACBC 6-10. BAAAA 11-15. ACCCB 16-20. BABBC 21-25. DCCBA 26-30. CABDC 31—35 CBCDB 36—40 ADCAD 41—45 BACCB 46—50 CDBCD 51-54 CBDA 55-58 CACA 59-62 BBDD 63-66 DBCD 67-70 CABD 解析: 31. C 根据 mixing with nobody 可知她们不与任何人来往,完全与别人隔离了。 32. B acknowledgement 意为“致意;打招呼”。 33. C 根据 music played too loud, dogs barking…等信息可知她们向当地警局反映情况,故用 reporting. 34. D “petty affairs”意为“琐事”。 35. B 邻居们非常不喜欢这对母女,作者一搬到这里就有人告知他这些情况。warn sb of sth (警告某人某事)符合语境。 36. A 根据 more than once either the mother or the daughter would knock on my door and blast me 可知,作者要和她们好好相处是个挑战。 37. D 上文讲到这对母女喜欢投诉,可知她们找作者来抱怨。 38. C 根据下文,作者想用自己的行动感动这对母女,故经常很有礼貌地同她们讲话。 39. A 当她们经过时,作者向她们打招呼。 40. D make a kind remark 意为“说好话;赞扬”。这也是作者友善的示意。 41. B 尽管作者一再表示友好,她们的态度仍然没有改变。 42. A add… to…“把……加进来”。作者决定把她们也列入要送礼物的名单中。 43. C 根据语境,作者把饼干放在她们家门口。 44. C 根据… at my gate and jokingly said … 可知她们出现在作者家门口, 说话态度很好, 让 作者感到惊讶。 45. B 根据上下文,她们在作者家门口停留。 46. C 她们从作者的善意中受到了感悟,开玩笑说正在“考虑”在即将到来的圣诞节在门口挂 上圣诞袜来接收更多的礼物。 47. D 根据 You may never know just what this … to others 可知,不要放弃对别人的善意,不 经意的善意会对人产生很大影响。 48. B 一个人的善意对别人意味着很多。 49. C 文章告诉我们,这对母女开始很固执,铁石心肠,后来在作者的感化下态度发生了改 变。 50. D 用善意之举改变别人,故用介词 with. 51. C 由第二段第一句 The new kind of music began… 以及后面段落中出现的“wizard rock” 可知本文主要介绍一种由作品 Harry Potter 衍生的音乐:巫师摇滚。 52. B 可从上下文推断词义。如:The songs can be funny, but the music is not a joke.和 The
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themes of their music are … love and friendship, upset and struggle. 53. D 由第四段中 The themes of their music are the same as those of Rowling’s books… 可知 D 正确。 54. A 由最后一段 Wizard rock is just one more by-product in the Harry Potter craze.可知在 Harry Potter 的热潮下已经衍生出很多副产品,由此可推断 Harry Potter 在许多方面都产生了 重大影响。 55. C 由 Johns 话中的 TV seems to break the ice 以及他作的进一步解释可知,电视给他行骗 提供了一个很好的平台,人们过于相信电视里所说的。 56. A 文章第三段首句说到 Jones had an imagination that wouldn't quit,接下来列举了三个他 运用想象力去骗人的案例。由此可知 Johns 的想象力非同一般。 57. C 由第五段中 a product that gets rid of calories,结合过多热量会使人发胖的常识可知, Nocal 是一种减肥药。 58. A 由末段的 he was already developing an instructional CD … in scams 可知, 法官加刑是因 为他又设计了一个骗局,那就是贩卖他自制的防骗 CD。 59. B 由文章第一段第二句和第二段第一句可知 B 为正确答案。 60. B 由第三段… the higher death rates for teenage drivers have less to do with “really stupid behavior” than with just a lack of driving experience 可知驾驶经验的缺乏是关键原因。 61. D 本段最后一句说明,驾驶执照的颁发者应该提高要求,而不是限制发放数量。 62. D 倒数第二段 the way to reduce the harm is to have so-called graduated licensing systems 可 知正确答案。 63. D 从最后一段 For the sake of ourselves and those who will come after us, we must now set about correcting the mistakes of our forefathers 以及下文的具体建议可知作者对长期以来不合 理使用资源的方式是持有批评态度的。 64. B 从文章第一段可以归纳:我们的祖先认为资源是取之不尽用之不竭的,也不了解生态 平衡的概念,所以没有什么环保意识。 65. C 文章最后一段表明, 解决问题的关键是了解各方面的环保知识, Conservation should be made part of everybody’s daily life. 66. D 从划线部分… not only in square measure of surface but also in cubic (立方体的) volume above the earth 可以看出,我们要保护的不仅是地面上的生物,还有生活在空中的鸟类。 67. C 第 一 段 有 关 键 信 息 提 示 : a question that would otherwise have been completely unthinkable. 68.A 从… we see a column (柱子) there that used to be part of that building 可得知正确答案。 69. B 文章倒数第二段 Good framing systems may provide a simple, but reliable strategy for blast resistance 可得出此结论。 70. D 最后一段指出,关于抵抗恐怖袭击的建筑设计是源自抗震设计的灵感,并非全新的科 学理念。 71. will turn up 76. whoever is in charge of 72. may / might have gone 77. made it difficult for us 73. where I put my shoes 78. has contributed 74. had we declared the ceremony 79. Where there is little water 75. not saving / not having saved 80. could have enjoyed Making Friends Selectively or Extensively?

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When it comes to whether we should make friends selectively or extensively, there is no complete agreement among people. Some people take it for granted that we should make friends selectively and carefully. However, others maintain that making friends extensively should be regarded as the better choice. Those people who hold the first opinion believe that it’s sensible to look for friends who have similar ideal and outlook on life as well as temperament. In addition, they needn’t waste time dealing with the people they don’t like and prevent themselves from being affected by those people. However, still others think differently. In their opinions, the more friends we make, the easier our life will be. Besides, they argue that we can absorb and learn from the advantages of different people. Weighing up these two arguments, I prefer the former one. For one thing, not all friends are suitable for us and easy to get along with. For another, friends with similar goals will help us sweep off difficulties. Considering these, we may reasonably conclude that making friends selectively can bring us a true friend.

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