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2014 高考英语阅读理解抓分练习题(40)及答案
故事记叙型阅读理解 (一) Our Community One Tuesday evening in the beginning of the fall 1996 semester (学期) at Shippensburg University, sirens sounded. These sirens were not in celebration; they were a cry to the university that something was wrong. A house, only one block away, was on fire. Nine of the university’s students lived there. From the minute the word got out that help was needed, it seemed like everyone showed up. The victims (受灾者) of the fire were offered endless invitations for housing for the night. The very next day, everyone got_into_gear to do their part in helping them. Flyers(= handbills) were posted with items that were immediately needed, just to get these students through this next couple of days. Boxes for donations (捐赠品) and money jars were placed in every residence hall (学生宿舍). As a residence director, I went before the students in my hall to ask them to do what they could. I knew that college students don’t have much, but I asked them to do their best: “Every little bit will help.” I really didn’t think they could do much. I was proved wrong. At the hall council meeting the night after the fire, my residents decided to have a wing competition, where each wing of the building would team up to see who could bring in the most donations. I announced that the wing who won would receive a free pizza party. Thursday evening we announced over the PA system that we were beginning the wing competition. Within minutes, the place exploded. The single large box that I had placed in the lobby (大厅) was overflowing. We quickly grabbed more boxes, and we watched in_amazement as they, too, filled to the brim(边 ;沿 ). Members of the resident assistant staff and I began to count the items. I was astonished by what I saw, and I was inspired by these kids. When we came to the final tally(得分), the winners turned to me and announced that they would like to donate their winnings as well. They wanted the victims of the fire to have their pizza party. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had watched these students jump to action, work tirelessly and donate all that they could. And then, as if that were not enough, they handed over their reward. I was touched and so very proud of them.


)1.The writer mainly wanted to________ by the story.

A.tell us nine of the college students suffered from a fire B.sing praise of the college students helping the victims selflessly C.describe how successful the wing competition was D.express he was deeply moved by the college students’ action ( )2.The phrase “get into gear” in the second paragraph means ________. B.take measures C.be ready D.be eager

A.start working (

)3.At first, the residence director thought ________.

A.it was impossible to expect the college students to donate anything B.it was easy to collect a lot of donations from the college students C.the college students would donate something, but not much D.the college students would donate all they could ( )4.The wing competition was held ________. A.several days after the fire C.a week after the fire ( B.the night after the fire D.two days after the fire

)5.The phrase “in amazement” in Paragraph 5 means ________. B.excitedly C.surprisedly D.happily


(一) 本文是记叙文。全文叙述了在救灾捐助活动中,大学生的积极表现,以此赞扬他们正 义的精神。 1.B 主旨大意题。作者写此文章意在通过救灾捐助活动歌颂大学生忘我的助人为乐精

神,描述场面是手段,颂扬精神是目的。 2.A 词义猜测题。整段叙述救灾的紧急行动情况和大家的积极性,四个选项中只有 A

项的意思能和前后文统一起来。 3.C 细节理解题。作者原先的想法在第三段 I knew that college students don’t have much, but I asked them to do their best: “Every little bit will help.”体现出来。 4.D 细节理解题。星期二晚上发生火灾,星期四晚上搞募捐比赛,即募捐比赛是在灾

后两天搞的。 5.C 词义猜测题。作者原以为大学生没什么东西可捐,对他们的捐献本没抱多大的期

望。但捐献现场的气氛却是那样热烈,这大大出乎其意料,所以感到“惊讶”是很自然的。 本段最后一句中的 “astonished” 对此题也可起到提示和印证的作用。


BEIJING—Apple Inc is one step closer to beginning sales of iPad2 tablet computers with cellular (手机) network compatibility (兼容) for the first time in the Chinese mainland, where the consumer-electronics giant is in the midst of an aggressive expansion. According to China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, a device by Apple with third-generation high-speed wireless data capabilities was issued the network access license needed for the company to begin official sales in China. The device, listed under model number “A1396”, is compatible with the 3G standard WCDMA, and would work with the cellular network operated by Apple’s local iPhone partner, China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. China Unicom declined(谢绝)to comment. Apple already offers the 3G iPad2 in Hong Kong through its partners, but currently only offers Wi-Fi versions of the device in the Chinese mainland. Still, consumers in China, which according to research firm IDC surpassed(超过)the US as the world’s largest PC market in the second quarter, have been purchasing 3G tablets through unofficial channels. Separately, Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu said Sept 6 that the company’s first Hong Kong store, set to open this quarter, will be located in the city’s central shopping and business district in the International Finance Center’s upscale(高 档的)IFC mall, a commercial center and sightseeing spot along the city’s waterfront. Wu also said that Apple is planning a new store in Shanghai later this quarter, which will be its biggest store in China. She declined to give more details or to comment on the 3G iPad2. Apple currently has four full-service Apple stores in the mainland, which receive the most traffic of any Apple stores in the world. The company otherwise relies on resellers to get its products into the market. The new stores reflect Apple’s confidence in rising demand for its products such as smart phones and tablet computers.Sales in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan helped boost (增长) company’s third-quarter results, newly appointed Chief the Executive Tim Cook said in July.China revenue(收益)surged(激增)six-fold to about $3.8 billion during the three months ended June 25. “This has been a substantial(重大)opportunity for Apple and I firmly believe that we’re just scratching the surface right now,” Cook said at the time, referring to strong sales in China. “I see an incredible opportunity for Apple there.” From China Daily 2011-09-08 【1】 According to the news, which of the following statements is true? A. WCDMA is not the only 3G standard in the world. B. Apple Inc sells its products in the market of the Chinese mainland all by its own stores. C. The consumers in China can only get iPad2 of Wi-Fi versions. D. Chinese mainland is the second largest PC market in this year’s second quarter.


【2】How many full-service Apple stores in China? A. 4. B. 6. C. 8. D. Unknown. 【3】 What’s the probable meaning of “six-fold” in the last but one paragraph? A. one-sixth B. six times C.60 percent D. 2 times

【4】 Cook said “we’re just scratching the surface right now” because ________. A. they don’t know much about China’s market B. they will sell more products and gain more profit in China C. they need to obtain more permission from China’s government D. they ignored the rural market in China

(二) Martin was returning to work in his London office after spending two weeks with his brother in New York. He was coming back with a heavy heart. It was not just that


it was the end of a wonderful holiday; it was not just that he invariably suffered badly from jet lag; it was that Monday mornings always began with a team meeting and, over the months, he had grown to hate them. Martin was aware that colleagues approached these meetings with hidden agendas; they indulged(纵容) game?playing; and he knew that people were not being honest and open. The meetings themselves were bad enough—there was all the moaning afterwards at the meeting like “I could have improved on that idea, but I wasn’t going to say”. As this morning’s meeting began, Martin prepared himself for the usual dullness and boredom. But, as the meeting progressed, he became aware of a strange background noise. At first, he thought that he was still hearing the engine noise from the aircraft that had brought him back to London. But, as he concentrated on the noise, it became a little clearer. He realized—to his amazement—that he could actually hear what they were thinking at the same time as they were speaking. What surprised him, even more than the acquisition(获得) of this strange power, was that he discovered that what people were saying was not really what they were thinking. They were not making clear their reservations. They were not supporting views which they thought might be popular. They were not contributing their new insights. They were not volunteering their new ideas. Martin found it impossible not to respond to his new knowledge. So he started to make gentle interventions, based more on what he could hear his colleagues thinking than on what he could hear them saying. “So, John are you really saying?” “Susan, do you really think that?” “Tom, have you got an idea on how we could take this forward ? ” They looked at him, puzzled. In truth, he felt rather proud of his_newly?acquired_talent. As the meeting progressed, it was clear to him that each member of the meeting was learning how to hear the thoughts of the others. The game?playing started to fall away; people started to speak more directly; views became better understood; the atmosphere became more open and trusting. The meeting ended. As people left the room, Martin found that he could still hear what they were thinking. “That was the best meeting we’ve ever had.” “All meetings should be like that.” “In future, I’m going to say what I think”. ( )11.It is known from the first paragraph that Martin ________. A.just came back from his business trip in New York

B.was found to suffer from a serious heart disease during the trip C.had a good time during his fortnight’s stay in New York D.didn’t like his work in his London office ( )12.Why did Martin hate his company’s team meeting? A.Because it had to be held every Monday morning. B.Because he was tired of hosting such a meeting. C.Because he couldn’t control the meeting that was out of order. D.Because the meeting atmosphere wasn’t open and trusting. ( )13.The underlined part “his newly?acquired talent” in Paragraph 5 means

that he could ________. A.still hear the engine noise of the plane though he was back B.clearly hear what the members of the meeting were saying C.actually control the thoughts of the members of the meeting D.express what the meeting members were thinking based on their words and their thoughts ( )14.What do we know about this Monday morning’s meeting from the passage?

A.Martin made people say what they were thinking immediately the meeting began. B.Martin was angry at the dullness of the meeting at the beginning of the meeting all the time. C.Martin led people to express their real thoughts with the meeting progressing. D.Many members of the meeting played games and told lies at the meeting all the time. ( )15.It is inferred from the last two paragraphs that towards the end of the

meeting Martin would hear such words as “ ________”. A.I was thinking of making a suggestion—but I couldn’t be bothered B.I have got an idea on how we could take this forward. I think we should? C.The usual people say the usual things, so I have no other new ideas D.I could have improved on that idea, but I wasn’t going to say

(二) 度假归来,马丁又要组织会议了。他原本准备忍受会议的乏味,但随着会议的进行, 他发现自己能根据别人所说的话知道他们心里的真实想法,因此他试着说出他们的真实想法, 引导与会人员学着理解他人的想法,并坦诚地说出自己心里的想法。因此,会议成为了一场

开诚布公而让人信任的会议。 11.C 细节理解题。根据第一段 It was not just that it was the end of a wonderful holiday 中的 a wonderful holiday 可判断,他在纽约的两周过得很愉快,由此判断答案选 C。 12.D 细节理解题。根据第二段可判断,与会人员口是心非,表里不一,这种不公开、 不诚实的会风使他厌烦,由此判断正确答案选 D。 13.D 词义猜测题。第四段提到马丁能根据与会人员所说的话而得知他们心里的真实想 法,之后第五段接着说,他说出与会人员的真实想法,使别人都迷惑地看着他,由此判断, “他新获得的能力”即意为:他能根据别人的话说出他们心里的真实想法。 14.C 细节理解题。会初,马丁准备着忍受会议的乏味,而后随着会议的进行,他发现 自己能根据别人所说的话而得知他们心里的真实想法,对此他做出反应,即试着说出他们心 里的真实想法,从而引导人们学会理解他人的想法,并坦诚地说出自己心里的想法。由此判 断正确答案选 C。

American culture is unique because it is formed and developed under certain conditions. The major factors contributing to the making of this new nation and the forming of a new culture are the hard environment, ethnic diversity and plural religion, which is quite different from other nations in the world. What is more, these elements are still influencing the American culture. The early immigrants who were English Puritans settled down in northeast part of America from 1607 to 1892. Frontiers were pushed further west. The frontiersmen looked for a land of rich resources and a land of promise, opportunity and freedom. Actually they looked for a better life. So individualism(个人主义), self-reliance, and equality of opportunity have perhaps been the values most closely associated with the frontier heritage of America. In history, people from different countries in the world rushed to America three times. They brought their own culture to America and later on, different cultures were mixed together. Thus the unique American culture was formed, a common cultural life with commonly shared values. The fundamental American belief in individual freedom and the fight of individuals to practice their own religion is at the center of religious experience in the United States. The great diversity of ethnic backgrounds has produced religious pluralism; almost all of the religions of the world are now practiced in the United States. Nowadays, we can see the continual influence of the three elements in the current American society. American family is typically parents and their unmarried children. Middle-aged and elderly people generally do not live with their married children. The people in America have a very strong desire to start a new life in a new place. Quite a number of people change residences every year. The average American moves fourteen times in his lifetime. 【1】 We can learn from this article that ________.

A. the population of the United States includes a large variety of ethnic groups B. the early immigrants brought about the unique American culture C. people in the world once rushed to America because of its unique culture D. the American family members don't get along well with each other 【2】 What's the author's attitude towards American culture? A. He is critical of it. B. He admires it very much. C. He just states the facts. D. He looks down upon it. 【3】What might be the most suitable title of this article? A. The Immigrants in America B. Why American Culture is Unique C. The Influence of American Culture D. Plural Religion and American Culture

社会生活型阅读理解(一) (一) School meals are junk and don’t provide the nutrition a body needs to grow, says Jamie Oliver, and he decides to do something about it. Schoolchildren in France who eat school dinners are likely to have a well?balanced, four?course meal with fresh ingredients (成分) costing up to £1.10 to make. But British schoolchildren are fed

mainly cheap?processed meat, frozen pizzas and potato smiley faces, costing on average just 37 pence per meal. In fact the money spent on school dinners is so small that schools can afford only whatsome people describe as junk food rather than fresh natural ingredients. This means that their meals don’t provide the nutrients and goodness children’s bodies need to develop properly. No wonder there’s growing concern about the health of the nation’s schoolchildren. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was so concerned about school dinners that he decided to try to improve them by teaming up with the kitchen staff at Kidbrooke School in Grenwich. He took a lot of time to learn how to get the kids to stop eating the junk and move to healthy food. This is not easy! But it is possible with some hard work and determination! After a lot of hard work from both Jamie and the school’s cooks, Kidbrooke is now serving some of the best school food in Britain. The menu includes fresh butcher’s sausages with creamy mash and onion gravy, chilli corn with basmati rice and fresh fruit salad. Incredibly, Jamie and the staff managed to create this healthier menu with the same 37 pence budget. But the school chefs admit cooking healthy food isn’t as easy as simply putting burgers and chips in the oven. Then came the good news! The government has promised to spend £280 million to improve school dinners across the country. Well done Jamie! This means that the national average cost will rise from 37p to 50p in primary schools and from 37p to 60p in secondary schools. ( )1.What does the author try to tell us in the first paragraph? A.School meals in France are the most expensive in the world. B.British schools don’t provide the students with healthy food. C.School meals in Britain are cheaper than those in France. D.British school meals include many kinds of healthy food. ( )2.British schools provide students with such meals because________. A.most of the school children are too fat B.people show little concern about the health of schoolchildren C.schools don’t have enough money D.schools don’t want to spend much money ( )3.From the passage we can see that________. A.the British government ignores schoolchildren’s health B.Jamie creates a healthy menu with the help of the government

C.schoolchildren in Britain will have the best meals D.cooking healthy food is not an easy job ( )4.The good news for the British is that________. A.schoolchildren will have the best food in Britain B.the menu Jamie Oliver created is the best C.parents have begun to pay attention to children’s food at school D.the government has begun to do something about the fact ( )5.What is the best title for this newspaper story? A.A Healthier Menu for School Dinners B.Schoolchildren in Britain Can’t Develop Properly C.Dinners Lacking Nutrients in School D.Schools with the Best Food

(一) 在英国,学生在学校的饮食健康问题令人担忧。令人欣慰的是,政府已经意识到问题的 严重性,并着手改进。 1.B 根据第一段开头 School meals are junk and don’t provide the nutrition a body needs to grow 判断可知。 2.C 第二段的第一句谈到主要的原因是学校没有足够的钱。 3.D 根据第三段结尾?cooking healthy food isn’t as easy as simply putting

burgers and chips in the oven 判断可知。 4.D 5.A 选 A 项。 由最后一段可知选 D。政府已意识到了这个问题并许诺提高学校饭菜的质量。 本文讲述一个厨师精心研究出一套健康食谱以解决英国学校较差的饮食状况,故

- 10 -

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