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(人教版)高考英语全程复习课件:(必修2)Unit 4 Wildlife protection


Unit 4

Cultural relics



一、重点单词 1.protection 保护的;防护的 2.loss 3.relief 4.mercy mercifully n.损失;遗失;丧失 n.减轻或解除 lose vt.丢失 n.保护 protect vt.保护 protective adj.


vt.解除;缓和 merciful adj.仁慈的

n.仁慈;宽恕;怜悯 adv.

5.importance n.重要性

important harmful

adj.重要的 adj.危害的

6.harm n. & vt.损害;危害 harmless adj.无害的

7.decrease 8.respond 9.contain 10.affect affection

vi. & vt.减少 vi.回答;响应

increase response

opp.增加 n. n.容器 n.影响;效果

vt.包含;容纳;容忍 vt.影响;感动



n.喜爱;钟爱 vt.鉴赏;感激;意识到 n.感激;欣赏 success n.

11.appreciate appreciation 12.succeed successful

vi. & vt.成功;接替;继任 successfully adv.


13.inspect inspector n.检察官 14.secure 安全工作 15.fierce










二、必备短语 1.in peace 2.die out 和平地,和睦地;安祥地 灭亡,逐渐消失 突然笑起来,大声笑了出来

3.burst into laughter 4.according to 5.in danger(of) 6.protect... from 7.come into being 8.long

按照,根据??所说 在危险中;垂危 保护??不受??(危害) 形成;产生

to do sth. 渴望做某事 继续生存 无疑;肯定

9.live on 10.for sure

三、经典句式 1.One day she woke up carpet by her bed. 一天她醒来,发现床边有一块飞毯。 2.As they landed,_things began to disappear. and found a flying

当他们着地时一切就开始消失了。 3.But what an experience!


4.It shows the importance of wildlife protection,but I'd like to help as the WWF suggests.这体现了野生动植物保护的重要 性,不过,我还是想按照世界野生生物基金会的建议来帮助你 们。 5.They lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, long

before humans came into being and their future seemed secure at that time. 千百万年前它们就在地球上生活,比人类的出现要早得多。 并且那时它们的未来看起来是安全的。

6.There were many different kinds of dinosaur and a number of them used to live in China. 过去有许多种类的恐龙并且为数很多的恐龙曾经生活在中 国。 7.There Daisy saw an antelope looking sad.

在那里,戴茜看到一只藏羚羊面带忧郁。 8.We used to be an endangered species.





第一讲 重点单据

1.suggest vt.建议;表明,暗示 ?用法归纳 suggest doing 建议做某事 It is suggested that sb.(should)do sth.建议某人该做某事 suggest that sb. (should) do sth. 建议某人该做某事 on/at sb's suggestion 根据某人的建议 make a suggestion 提建议

I suggest trying it once more. 我建议再试一次。 I suggested that he(should)not do it today. 我建议他今天先不要做。 Her expression suggested that she was angry. 她的表情说明她生气了。

?易混辨析 suggest that...中的 that 从句并非总用虚拟语气: 表示“建议做 某事”, 用虚拟语气; 表示“暗示, 表明??”, 则不用虚拟语气。 suggestion 的同位语从句,和 suggest(建议)引导的宾语从句一样, 要求谓语动词使用(should)do 形式。

即境活用 The results of the medical checkup suggested that my father ________ (be) in poor health, so the doctor suggested that he ________ (give) up smoking and take more exercise.
答案 was; (should) give
解析 第一空前的suggest意为“表明”,其后的宾语从句用

陈述语气;第二空前的suggest意为“建议”,其后的宾语从句用 虚拟语气,should do, should可以省略。句意:医疗检查的结果表 明我父亲健康状况很糟糕,因此医生建议他戒烟,多锻炼。

2.contain v.包含;容纳;容忍;自制 This book contains all the information you need to solve the problem. 这本书里包含你解决这个问题所需要的一切信息。 The ceremony contained lots of fantastic action. 这个仪式包括很多精美的动作镜头。 Hardly can I contain my excitement. 我简直无法控制我激动的心情。

?用法归纳 be contained between/within含于??间,?夹?在??之间?中? ?易混辨析 contain和include contain强调包含的内容,即内含物。 include则侧重指包括整体的一部分。 This kind of wine contains a large percentage of alcohol. 这种红酒含有很高的酒精度。 This total cost includes the telephone bills. 总的费用包括电话费。

即境活用 用contain和include的适当形式填空。 (1)This book ________ ten units, ________ two mainly revisions. (2)The thieves stole a purse ________ two credit cards and 500 yuan. (3)Everyone had something to say, me ________.


(1)contains; including

(2)containing (3)included

3.affect vt.影响;感动;侵袭 The climate affected his health. 气候影响了他的健康。 The condition affects one in five women. 每五个妇女就有一个人患有这种病。 He was much affected by the sad news. 这个悲惨的消息使他非常难过。 ?短语归纳 effect n.效果;作用,与其构成的短语通常有: have an/no effect on sth.对某物有?无?影响?=affect? take effect生效;奏效 come into effect生效;实行 be of no effect无效的;无用的

The advertising campaign didn't have much effect on sales. 这些广告攻势对销售额并没有起到多大作用。 The aspirins soon took effect. 服下的阿司匹林药片很快见效了。

This book affected a change in my opinion. 这本书使我的看法起了变化。 Influenced by a highschool biology teacher,he took up the study of medicine. 在一位中学生物教师的影响下,他从事医学研究。

即境活用 完成句子 (1)天气稍有变化就会影响她那虚弱的身体。 A slight change of weather can ______________. (2)他去世的消息使她深感悲痛。 She ________________ the news of his death. (3)她患有癌症。 She ________________ cancer.

(4)屋里所有的人都被感动得流下了眼泪。 All the people in the room were ________.
答案 (1)affect her poor health (4)affected to tears (2)was deeply affected by

(3)is affected with

4.employ vt.雇用;用;使用;采用;聘用 This motor plant is employing three thousand workers. 这家汽车工厂雇用着三千名员工。 We employ different technical tools. 我们使用不同的技术工具。 How do you employ your spare time? 你是怎样利用你的空余时间的?

?短语归纳 employ sb. as雇用某人为 employ sb. to do雇用某人去做某事 employ oneself in doing/be employed in doing 花时间做某事,忙于 employee n.职工,雇员,店员 employer n.雇主,老板 employment n.雇用,使用,利用,工作,职业

即境活用 语法填空 (1)He has been employed ________ writing a new book these days. (2)When I employ people ________ advisors I will occasionally listen to their advice. (3)There is a problem even for people ______ employment.
答案 (1)in (2)as (3)in

5.mercy n.仁慈;宽恕;宽容;恩惠;幸运 ?短语归纳 without mercy毫不同情 at the mercy of sb./sth.任由某人?某事物?摆布或控制 have mercy on sb./show mercy to sb.怜悯/同情/可怜某人 It's a mercy that...幸运的是?? with mercy仁慈地 out of mercy出于仁慈

They showed mercy to their enemies. 他们对敌人很仁慈。 It's a mercy that she wasn't hurt in the accident. 她在事故中未受伤,真幸运。

即境活用 用mercy的相关短语填空 (1)They were lost at sea, __________________________ wind and weather. (2)The policemen shot the crocodile __________________. (3)She is a kindhearted woman and often _________________ people who are in trouble.
答案 (1)at the mercy of (2)without mercy (3)has/takes

mercy on或shows/gives mercy to

6.appreciate vt.鉴赏;感激 ?用法归纳 appreciate?doing?sth.感激做某事 I would appreciate it if...如果??我将不胜感激。 appreciation n.感激 I appreciated his help when we moved. 我很感激他在我们搬家时所给予的帮助。 I would appreciate it if you would turn the music down. 如果你把音乐关小一些,我将不胜感激。

?易混辨析 ①appreciate 后接 v.ing 形式。 ②其后只能接“事”作宾语,而不能接“人”作宾语(注意: 这与 thank 的用法恰恰相反)。 ③其后不直接跟 if 或 when 引导的从句, 若语义上需要接这类 从句,需借助 it。

即境活用 用所给词的适当形式填空 (1)I don't appreciate ______________ (treat) like a

secondclass citizen. (2)He expressed his ________ (appreciate) for what she had done.


(1)being treated


第二讲 必备短语

1.die out(指物种)死光;灭绝,火慢慢熄灭 ?短语归纳 die away 减弱(以至察觉不到) die down 逐渐降低;减弱 be dying for/to do sth.渴望 die of 死于(饥饿;病) die from 死于(外界引起的) die hard 很难改变;顽固 The moth's habitat is being destroyed and it has nearly died out. 这种蛾子因栖息地正受到破坏,几乎绝种了。 be dying 垂死的

即境活用 完成句子 (1)很多生物正濒临绝迹。 Many of the living things ________. (2)那种风俗许多年前就消失了。 That custom ________ years ago.

(3)他们的笑声逐渐消失了。 The sound of their laughter ________. (4)火焰终于减弱了。 The flames finally ________. (5)我真想大吃一顿。 I __________________a big meal.

答案 down

(1)are dying out

(2)died out

(3)died away


(5)am dying for

2.in danger 处境危险;有危险 He realized that he was in danger. 他认识到自己处境危险。 He was in danger of losing his life. 他有生命危险。

?短语归纳 ①out of danger 脱离危险 full of danger 充满危险 ②“in+n.”结构的短语还有: in trouble 在困境中 in surprise 吃惊地,惊讶地

in order 妥当的,能用的,有条不紊 in peace 和平地,和睦地 in total 总共 in practice 勤于练习

?用法归纳 in case 以防万一 in public 在公众面前 in turn 轮流;反过来 in despair 处于绝望中 in time 及时;总有一天 in charge 负责??;掌管??

in reality=in actual fact 事实上;实际上 Tell them this world is full of danger. 告诫他们这世界是凶险的。 He never stands aside when others are in trouble. 别人遇到麻烦时,他从不袖手旁观。

The man is in danger. 此人处境危险。 This kind of animal is in danger of dying out. 这种动物有灭绝的危险。 The man is dangerous. 此人很危险。(可能会伤害别人)

?特别提示 danger 作“危险”讲时,为不可数名词;若指代具体“可能 引起危险的人或物时”,为可数名词。

即境活用 完成句子 (1)手术成功了,她现在已经脱离危险。 The operation was a success and she is now ______. (2)简言之,会议不成功。 ________, the meeting was a failure. (3)别人遇到麻烦时,他从不袖手旁观。 He never stands by when others are ____________.

(4)这是今天的简要新闻。 Here are today's headlines ________.
答案 brief (1)out of danger (2)In short (3)in trouble (4)in

3.pay attention to注意 You must pay attention to what your teacher says in the class. 上课的时候,你必须注意老师讲的东西。 Everyone should pay attention to keeping healthy. 每人都应注意保持健康。 May I have your attention,please? =Attention,please!

请注意! ?短语归纳 attract/catch/draw one's attention吸引某人的注意 fix/focus one's attention on将注意力集中于?? turn one's attention to...将注意力转向?? I've got to try to focus my attention on work. 我必须努力把注意力集中在工作上。

即境活用 完成句子 (1)你应该注意听老师讲课。 You should ____________________________. (2)你应该注意改正拼写错误。 You should pay attention to ___________________________. (3)我必须努力把注意力集中在工作上。 I've to try to ________________ on work. (4)我尽力使别人觉察不到我的弱点。 I try not to ______________ to my weak point.


(1)pay attention to the teacher

(2)correcting the

spelling mistakes

(3)focus/centre/fix my attention

(4)draw/attract others' attention

4. come into being 形成; 产生(不可用于被动语态或进行时态) ?短语归纳 come into operation开始运行;生效 come into office就职 come into power当权;执政 come into use投入使用 come into force生效;实施 come into effect生效 come into view/sight在视野内;看见 come into fashion开始流行;风靡

Dinosaurs lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, long before humans came into being. 千百万年前,恐龙就在地球上生活,比人类的出现要早得 多。

即境活用 完成句子 (1)The new law ____________ (开始实施) next week. (2)The new machines bought last month ________ (投入使用) tomorrow. (3)The president of this country ________ (上台执政) in 2010.
答案 (1)will come into effect (2)will come into use

(3)came into power

第三讲 经典句式

1.There were many different kinds of dinosaur and a number of them used to live in China. 过去有许多种类的恐龙并且为数很多的恐龙曾经生活在中 国。

?用法归纳 There is reported to be...据报道有?? ④There be句式的非谓语动词形式 There being/There to be There is a man smoking there. 那儿有个人在吸烟。 There is little time left.Let's hurry. 时间不多了,我们快点吧。 There is a pen,a pencil,and two books on the desk. 在桌子上有一支钢笔,一支铅笔和两本书。

There are two books,a pen and a pencil on the desk. 在桌子上有两本书,一支钢笔和一支铅笔。 There have been great changes in my hometown since 1978. 自从1978年以来,我的家乡有了很大变化。

即境活用 There suicide.
答案 解析 being hope 后面为逗号,逗号后没有连词,说明逗号前面不

________ (be) no hope , the old man committed

是一个句子,故不可填谓语动词。there being 为 there be 的非谓语 动词形式。

2 . That's good news. It shows the importance of wildlife protection, but I'd like to help as the WWF suggests. 这是个好消息,它表明了野生动植物保护的重要性,不过我想 按照世界野生生物基金会的建议帮助你们。 ①would like 后接名词、代词、动词不定式或带不定式的复合 结构, 其后不能接动名词。 即可用在肯定句中, 也可用于疑问句中。 ②would like 后可接不定式的完成式作宾语或宾语补足语,都 表示希望做但并未做某事。

③would like sb. to do sth.表示“想让某人做某事, 希望某人做 某事”,其中不定式在句中作宾语补足语。有时也可说 would like sth. done,即用过去分词作补语。 ④would like 后通常保留 to 来代替前面提到的动词不定式, 以 避免重复整个动词不定式。

即境活用 Would you like ________ (go) with me or would you rather ________ (stay) here and wait?

to go; stay
would like to do sth.和 would rather do sth.均为固定用法。

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