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2011山东高考英语一轮复习巩固提升测试(新人教版)选修9 Units 1—2)

选修 9 Unit s 1—2 基础操练
Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. He is highly respected in (拳击) circles. 2. The house is (不适的) for human habitation. 3. Even Sonya had a different aspect for me ever since I became (被迷住的)

by that book. 4. She reached her decision only after much (熟虑). 5. Islam was inspired by the teachings of the (精神上的)leader Mohammed. 6. There’s a (便携的) CD player in the kitchen. 7. This man had no (怜悯) on the people he killed. 8. I hoped he would stop asking (笨拙的) questions. 9. This math question is difficult to (简单化). 10. Today’s (最低的) temperature was 5 ℃. Ⅱ. 用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式填空 in reality/not at all/from then on/attempt/at the mercy of 1. Henry always seems so self confident, but he’s extremely shy. 2. If you to leave the car, I will kill you. 3. The changes were surprising. 4. They met in 1942 and they were firm friends. 5. After the boat’s not going anyway, they were the weather. Ⅲ. 翻译句子 1. 大山里静谧的氛围是我最喜爱的。

2. 参加这场比赛给我很大的成就感。

3. 在电话上谈话几个小时是我不能理解的事。

4. 聪明的海员利用风来导航。

5. 把这根绳子系在一根圆木上,然后把它抛入海里。

Ⅳ. 单项填空 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. —How about eight o’clock outside the cinema?

—That me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits 2. The disc, digitally in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A. recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded 3. Before building a house, you will have to the government’s permission. A. get from B. follow C. receive D. ask for 4. Her son, to whom she was so , went abroad ten years ago. A. loved B. cared C. devoted D. affected 5. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt for London to attend a meeting. A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left 6. The more I think about him, the more reasons I find for loving him I did. A. as much as B. as long as C. as soon as D. as far as 7. to train his daughter in computer, he put an ad like this in the paper, “ , a computer teacher for a ten–year-old girl.” A. Determined; Wanted B. Determined; Wanting C. Determines; Wanted D. Determining; Wanting 8. In Britain today, women 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work. A. take up B. make up C. pick up D. give up 9. It is said that in Australia, there is more land than the government knows . A. how to do with it B. what to do with C. what to do with it D. how to do with 10. Was it because it rained heavily last night you didn’t come? A. that B. why C. so D. what Ⅴ. 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 With the advent of fast food chains from the West such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut, the Chinese are being introduced to a diet that markedly increases the death rate from certain diseases in any population. Scientific studies from all over the world show that a diet high in animal foods such as pork, beef, including sugar, white flour, white noodles and even white rice, undermines one’s health.Deposits of animal fat cling to the walls of arteries(动 脉), blocking the blood supply to various organs. This causes diseases in almost every organ, but in particular it damages two of the most vital ones, the heart and brain. Compare these problems with the excellent health one may enjoy if one consumes good Chinese food . The cook goes out every day, procures great-tasting, fresh

vegetables, then cooks them for just a few minutes so that their nutritional value is preserved and afterwards serves them in a most artistic and elegant fashion.Please cling to your traditional ways of eating.They are far superior to those of the West. Certainly the fast food chains make lots of money, but who wants to fill the pockets of a foreign food chain that proceeds to ruin the health of the Chinese people? Another reason Western fast food restaurants make money is that the food they serve, which comes from assembly lines, will not attract bugs or spoil easily. How the Chinese could patronize these fast food places when Chinese cook such delectable food, not just in this country but over the entire world, is beyond my comprehension. Western restaurants are clean and tastefully decorated . Moreover, these restaurants also do indeed have “ good service and an inviting dining atmosphere” .However, Chinese food chains could do likewise if they would organize themselves as the Western chains do. These lessons in management and decoration are the only ones worth learning from the invasion of this country by the Western fast food chains.In other words only imitate the style of the restaurants, not the content of the food or the menus in any way, shape or form. Do not let the desire for money destroy the wonderful tradition that China has established in producing absolutely fantastically tasty as well as healthful food. 1. The following are fast food chains from the West except . A. McDonald’s B. Kentucky Fried Chicken C. Pizza Hut D. Chinese food 2. A diet high in animal foods and refined foods will cause diseases, particularly damage . A. the heart and brain B. the walls of arteries C. all organs D. the blood 3. The underlined word“undermines”in the 2nd paragraph may have the similar meaning with“ ” . A. improves B. damages C. affects D. strengthen 4. What will be worth learning from the Western fast food chains? A. The content of the food. B. The menus. C. The lessons in management and decoration. D. Shape or form of the food. 5. In the passage, the author thinks . A. Chinese should learn everything from Western fast food restaurants. B. Chinese should say no to Western fast food. C. Western fast food restaurants offer healthy diets. D. Chinese food don’t contain enough nutrition. Ⅵ. 阅读表达 阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的字数要求) 。 Do you want to work with people or animals or machines or tools? Do you want to

work indoors or outdoors, directly serve people in need or serve people behind the scenes? These are the typical questions that a volunteer service agency would ask. Every year, thousands and thousands of people in the west offer volunteer services. Volunteering greatly strengthens the community partly because it helps the old, the young, the weak, the sick, the disabled and the injured to overcome difficulties. Volunteers usually help in many different ways. They may give people advice, offer friendship to the young, drive the elderly to church, counsel kids against drugs. Work as an assistant in a school or nursing home, raise funds, plant trees, help out in local libraries and do many other things. Volunteering can be a few hours a week or a few hours a month, time during the day, evenings or weekends, either part time or full time. Anybody can become a volunteer. The art of volunteering is a process of both giving and receiving. Volunteering allows volunteers to meet new people and make new friends and mix with people from all walks of life. Volunteering is an excellent way to experiment, practice and try out new techniques and skills. It is much more effective to practice a skill than to read about it or study it in a classroom. Volunteering is a great way to develop good teamwork skills, discover your individual talents and explore career choices. Being a volunteer takes individuals on a wonderful journey and helps them learn many important things beyond their school learning. 1.What is the BEST title of the passage? (within 10 words) 2.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? Volunteer service can provide chances for volunteers to make acquaintance of all kinds of people.

3.Please fill in the blank in the fourth paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (within 10 words) 4.What kind of volunteer jobs would you like to take ? why? (within 30 words)

5.Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese.

答案 基础操练

Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. boxing 2. unfit 3. fascinated 4. meditation /consideration 5. spiritual 6. portable 7. mercy 8. awkward 9. simplify 10. minimum Ⅱ. 用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式填空 1. in reality 2. attempt 3. not at all 4. from then on 5. at the mercy of Ⅲ. 翻译句子 1. The peaceful atmosphere of the mountains is the thing I love the most. 2. Participating in the competition gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. 3. Speaking on the phone for hours is something I can not understand. 4. Wise seamen used the winds to direct their sailing. 5. The rope was tied to a log which was then thrown into the sea.

Ⅳ. 单项填空 1. 解析:选 D。由句意可知,说话人在征求对方的意见,而对方对说话人的建议非常满意。 satisfy 不能和 fine 搭配;meet 作“符合”之意时和条件、愿望、要求等搭配而不和某人搭 配;fit 在形状及大小很合适;suit 意为“对……适合” 。 2. 解析:选 A。disc 是被录制的,且已经录制好了,故用被动形式。 3. 解析:选 D。ask for the government’s permission 意为“征求政府的允许” ,其他选 项均与句意不符合。 4. 解析:选 C。考查固定搭配。be devoted to 致力于。句意为:她挚爱的儿子十年前出国 了。 5. 解析:选 C。考查时态。by the time 后面接现在或将来时,句子用将来完成时;后面接 过去时,句子用过去完成时。 6. 解析:选 A。句意为:我越想他我就越找到更多的理由,比过去更爱他。much 修饰谓语动 词 love。 7. 解析:选 A。第一空过去分词作状语,第二空表达“寻求” 。 8. 解析:选 B。make up 在这里是“占据比例”的意思。take up 拿起;从事;pick up 拿起; 接受;学会;give up 放弃。 9. 解析:选 C。do with 意为“处理;应付” ,提问时用 what。 10. 解析:选 A。考查强调结构。句型结构为: “It be... that ...” 。 Ⅴ. 阅读理解 1. 解析:选 D。细节理解题。由第一段“such as McDonald’s...Pizza Hut”可知,Chinese food 不属于西方快餐连锁店。 2. 解析:选 A。细节理解题。由第三段“This causes disease in almost every organ, but in particular it damages two of the most vital ones, the heart and brain ”可知 ,A 项正确。 3. 解析:选 B。词义猜测题。根据情景可知,这里 undermines 是“破坏”的意思。 4. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。文章倒数二段中“These lessons in management and decoration are the only ones worth learning from the invasion of this country by the Western fast food chains”说明了西方快餐店值得学习的地方是管理及店面的装饰。

5. 解析:选 B。主旨大意题。全文讲述西方快餐食品并不是健康食品,由此可推断出作者的观 点是中国人应该对西方快餐说“不” 。 Ⅵ. 阅读表达 1. Volunteer Service in the West 2. Volunteering allows volunteers to meet new people and make new friends and mix with people from all walks of life. 3. who is willing / likes to serve people in need 4. I like to help out in local libraries, because I like books very much. I’ll arrange them in a good order so that readers can easily find what they want.(开放性题目, 答案可有多样性) 5. 从事志愿者工作可以引导人们走向一条理想的人生之路,并帮助人们学会从课堂中学不 到的重要东西。

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