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限时集训(三) Travel journal

限时集训(三) Travel journal

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Ⅰ.完形填空(共 15 小题,满分 30 分) Organizing for a smooth journey takes a lot of planning.Just a bit of foresight will help you truly rel

ax and enjoy what holidays have to offer. Before you travel, you need to first __1__ your needs.Sit down together with the people with whom you will be traveling.What are the needs this trip __2__?Rest, cultural discoveries, work, or sports?Then, set a(n) __3__ for yourself.Vacations that far exceed the money available will give you stress, which is __4__ to what you're looking for.__5__, think over all those important __6__ you need, and begin somewhat early the steps needed to obtain them before departure.Whether it is your passport, an international driving license, traveler's checks, or train tickets, all these need time to be __7__ for. During the journey, enjoy yourself! There are so many people who __8__ all that they've left back home.What can you do anyway, sitting on your island paradise (乐园)?You can solve problems, if any, when you __9__. Learn to awaken your __10__. Listen to new songs of birds. Touch the __11__ and warm sand. Watch a sunset splitting itself into infinite (无限的) colors. Delight in the good __12__ of the food on your plate. Make the most of every second available to you and consider yourself blessed to be there at that time. If you were __13__ abroad, when you come back, visit your doctor without delay. Above all, don't __14__ the end of the holiday. That'll cause you to lose whatever good you got out of it. Admit you were lucky to have had one, and continue to live a better life. Nothing is stopping you from choosing to continue life a little slower, a little __15__, and much happier! 1.A.plan C.list 2.A.lies in C.results in 3.A.budget C.date 4.A.sensitive C.similar 5.A.Especially C.Finally 6.A.meetings C.clothes B.meet D.realize B.calls for D.waits for B.order D.intention B.opposite D.obvious B.Gradually D.Actually B.tools D.documents

7.A.paid C.arranged 8.A.tell about C.talk about 9.A.leave C.stay 10.A.emotions C.senses 11.A.soft C.hot 12.A.qualities C.designs 13.A.nervous C.ill 14.A.judge C.trust 15.A.calmer C.harder Ⅱ.语法填空(共 10 小题,满分 15 分)

B.applied D.begged B.worry about D.learn about B.come D.return B.happiness D.memory B.wet D.special B.tastes D.feelings B.violent D.sad B.affect D.destroy B.longer D.wealthier

(2013· 广东茂名高三模拟考试)I met my stepmom for the first time when I moved to America.That night before I went to bed she came to my room, __1__ was the first room I had ever had for my own.She told me she was glad to have me and that she __2__ (take) good care of me.Because I was never shown affection __3__ a child, I did not know how to react, so I just stared at her. To this day, I have a hard time __4__ (let) others be affectionate towards me. She asked me for a hug, but I did not know what __5__ word “hug” meant. So, I just looked at her __6__ a questioning expression on my face. But she didn't give up. She called my father into the room and asked him to explain to me what she meant. When he did I looked at my new stepmom and wondered __7__ she wanted to hug me. She then told me it was because she loved me and you hug people when you love __8__. So she opened her arms wide and timidly I opened __9__ and we hugged. That was my very first hug and I was eleven years old at that time. I'm twentythree years old now and, __10__ (thank), I have received many hugs since then. 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________ 7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________

Ⅲ.阅读理解(共 5 小题,满分 10 分) (2013· 广东珠海调研)As I sit at home thinking about my upcoming adventure and the things I need to bring, it makes me even more excited to begin my travel. I will be making my way around the world. The first places on the list are Andalusia and Africa in the book The Alchemist. I will need to pack a lot of stuff and make sure I have enough money to provide myself with food and enough to drink. The Sahara desert is always hot and requires plenty of water. Next I will head to Mexico in the book Born to Run, where I will encounter the Tarahumara Indian tribe. I will need to get into shape and do some jogging if I want to keep up with them while running. I will have to pack my running shoes, though, because the Tarahumarans have mastered the art of running on the tough land. After Mexico, my journey takes me to the Egyptian desert in the novel The Paris Vendetta. There I hope to help uncover an ancient conspiracy (阴谋) that goes back centuries. Just like my trip to Andalusia, I will have to make sure I have plenty of water. Packing the Camelbak products seems like the best idea, so I will have water on hand at all times. I expect this adventure to be quite interesting, and I am very excited about it. Lastly, I will make my way back to America in the book Shattered: Struck Down, But Not Destroyed. This makes me feel excited because like the main character in the book, I also wanted to become a professional athlete when I was younger. For this trip, I will go with an open mind and hopefully meet some friends along the way. I am ready to embark_on my adventure of traveling, and I cannot wait any longer! 1.According to the passage, the Tarahumara Indian tribe ________. A.settles in Africa C.is good at running B.lives in a desert D.needs running shoes

2.The Camelbak products are probably made to ________. A.help people do jogging exercise B.supply people with water C.protect people from the sun D.show people the right direction 3.The writer has decided his destinations depending on ________. A.his friends' suggestions B.his childhood dreams C.their geographical locations D.books he has read 4.The underlined words “embark on” in the last paragraph probably mean “________”. A.start B.prepare



5.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Everyone should travel around the world B.Traveling makes people wise C.My traveling experience D.My travel plan Ⅳ.信息匹配(共 5 小题,满分 10 分) 请阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 首先,请阅读下列各资讯。 A. For some soldiers, returning after their yearlong deployment to Afghanistan was the beginning of new difficulties.

B. Spain's Mediterranean beaches offer a different kind of paradise.

C. Why did Apple preannounce its announcement?

D. A lone male king eider (绒鸭) is flying over calm water.

E. This granola is not too sweet, but it must be baked at a low temperature.

F. A good night's sleep isn't a luxury. It is necessary. 以下是一些资讯的背景介绍,请将其与对应的资讯进行匹配。 1.Early in the season, bird sightings were few: glaucous gulls

were sighted first, then black guillemots in increasing numbers. The first flocks of king eiders showed up in midApril, with a few common eiders following soon after. For the past several weeks flock after flock darkened the sky. Like the whales, these birds migrate sometimes, just above the water. 2.At the company's recent announcements, billboards and products were covered in black sheets and protected by Apple employees until Steve Jobs, the company's chief executive, unveiled his latest products. Yet on Tuesday, in an unusual move for the company, Apple preannounced what it would showcase next week at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. The company said it would unveil new software for its desktop operating system and for its mobile iOS devices. 3.According to the Caribbean Resort Theory of Paradise, the perfect beach is an endless stretch of powdery white sand lined with coconut palms, staffed by Mojitototing waiters and lapped by blue water warm enough to feel like a big salty bathtub. 4.Captain Adrian Bonenberger made plans for his final patrol (巡逻) to Imam Sahib. But inside, he was sweating over the details of a different mission: going home. At home soldiers would drunkdrive, get into fights or struggle with emotional demons, he thought. What would it take to keep them safe in America? 5.The benefits of a good night's sleep include improvements in concentration, shortterm memory, productivity, mood, sensitivity to pain and immune function. If you care about how you look, more sleep can make you appear attractive. Perhaps more importantly, losing sleep may make you fat — or at least, fatter than you would otherwise be.

答 案 限时集训(三) Ⅰ. 语篇解读:本文介绍了假期旅行前、旅行中和旅行后的注意事项。 1.选 C 根据下文“What are the needs”可知,是把旅行中的需求列一个清单。 2. 选 B 根据后句中“Rest, cultural discoveries, work, or sports?”可知, 这里指旅行需 要哪些项目。 3.选 A 根据后句中“exceed the money available”可知,这里指给旅行做个预算。 4.选 B 根据句中“give you stress”可知,这与你所想要的相反。 5.选 C 前两点建议是用 first 和 then 衔接的,故最后一条建议用 finally。 6.选 D 根据后句中“your passport ... or train tickets”可知,这些是重要的票证。 7.选 C 根据语境可知,这里用 be arranged for,表示“做好安排”。 8. 选 B 根据前句中“enjoy yourself”和本句中“all that they've left back home”可推断, 很 多人都很担心有的东西落在家里了。

9.选 D 这里表示要解决任何问题,也要等到回来才行。 10.选 C 根据后文中的几个动作可知,要唤醒你的感知。 11.选 A 根据句中“warm”和语境可推断,这里用 soft 来修饰 sand。 12.选 B 根据句中“delight”和“of the food on your plate”可推断,这里指食物的味道。 13.选 C 根据句中“visit your doctor”可知,去看医生应该是生病了。 14.选 D 根据后句中“lose whatever good you got”可知,不要毁了假期的末尾。 15.选 A 根据句中“a little slower”和“much happier”可推断,这里表示过一种更缓慢、 更平静、更开心的生活。 Ⅱ. 语篇解读:一个胆怯、很少得到爱的孩子,在继母那儿得到了第一个拥抱和爱。他很感 激,从此他有了更多的拥抱。 1.解析:which 引导定语从句,代指前面的 room。 答案:which 2.解析:句意:她告诉我她将好好照顾我。 答案:would take 3.解析:句意:作为一个孩子,我从未被展示过爱,我不知道(对别人的爱)如何作出 反应,所以我就盯着她看。affection n.“爱慕;感情”。 答案:as 4 . 解析: have difficulty/trouble/a hard time (in) doing sth.“ 干某事有困难 ” ; have difficulty/trouble/problem/a hard time with sth.“在某事上有困难”。 答案:letting 5.解析:定冠词特指。 答案:the 6.解析:句意:带着疑问的表情,我看着她。该句为 with 复合宾语结构。 答案:with 7.解析:句意:我想知道为什么她想拥抱我。 答案:why 8.解析:指句中的 people 一词。 答案:them 9.解析:mine = my arms。 答案:mine 10.解析:副词修饰整个句子。 答案:thankfully

Ⅲ. 语篇解读:作者坐在家中构想即将开始的旅行,对未来充满了期待。 1. 选 C 细节理解题。 从第三段的“If I want to keep up with them ... the Tarahumarans have mastered the art of running on the tough land”可知答案。 2. 选 B 推理判断题。 从第四段的“Packing the Camelbak products seems like the best idea, so I will have water on hand at all times.”可知 Camelbak 的产品应该是为客户提供水。 3.选 D 推理判断题。作者挑选的目的地都是出现在某本书中的,因此作者是以他所 读的书为基础而做的决定。 4.选 A 词义猜测题。从最后一段的“I cannot wait any longer”可知作者已经准备好要 开始旅行了。 5.选 D 主旨大意题。文章主要描述的是作者即将开始的旅行的计划,以 D 项为标题 最合适。 Ⅳ.1~5 DCBAF

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