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山东省2014届高三外研版英语单元测试Book6 Module5Word版含解析

2014 届山东外研版一轮复习资料(单元测试题)

Book 6 Module 5
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.We could go now or this afternoon. Whatever time ________ you best? A.fits C.satisfies B.meets D.suits


the vacant post, Smith felt very happy and decided to be up to the job. A.Concerning C.Appointed to B.Concerned about D.Applied to

3.Most female workers in Shanghai suffer from ________ connected to the global financial crisis, according to a recent survey. A.curiosity C.anxiety B.eagerness D.thirst

4.I appreciate your hard work, but I can not have a ________ that you will surely get promoted. A.guarantee C.belief B.result D.swear

5.—Dad, there is a snake at the gate crawling this way. —Don't ________, boys; there's no danger. A.afraid C.terrify B.frighten D.panic

6.The teacher ________ the performance of each student at the end of the term. A.calculates C.examines B.evaluates D.supposes

7.—Waiter! How much will I pay for a night? —Prices ________ from room to room. A.increase C.range B.vary D.divide

8.I'm quite sure that it is ________ impossible for me to fulfill the task in only two days without anyone to help me. A.absolutely C.hardly B.approximately D.desperately

9.—Henry has been learning Chinese in Beijing University for many years. —No ________ he can speak Chinese so well and idiomatically. A.matter C.problem B.doubt D.wonder

10.Videos, recordings and other learning aids are usually used ________ textbooks in language

learning. A.alongside C.despite B.except for D.in comparison with

11.In the past the root of this plant was said ________ magical power which could cure baldness. A.possessing C.to possess B.to be possessed D.possessed

12.________ you want to remember its usage, you'd better make a sentence with the new word. A.Unless C.Now that B.While D.Even if

13.I'm sure this painting is not by Picasso. It's only an unsuccessful fake (赝品) and it's ________. A.priceless C.worthless B.invaluable D.precious

14.If you want to ________ in the world, you must learn to work hard while you are still young. A.make much of yourself B.make the way out C.make you out D.make your way 15.Mr. Jones has been ________ chairman of the conference. Which is WRONG? A.made C.become B.elected D.appointed

Ⅱ.阅读理解(每题 2 分,共 10 分) We bet that on cold wintry days, many of you love to stay in your warm home and, every now and then,come out into the kitchen for a snack. Unfortunately, plenty of creepy-crawly critters (爬行生物) like to do the same thing! Winter is the time when bugs (虫子) invade your house without an invitation. The season can be tough for such creatures. In winter the air is cold, the ground is hard and many trees have no leaves. So bugs do what they have to do to survive. Monarch butterflies head south to warmer climates. Ants crowd in deep underground colonies and eat food they have been storing all year. Many insects go into a deep sleep called diapauses. There’ re different kinds of diapauses, but all are similar to hibernation, a time when bigger animals become inactive in the cold. Insects go into an inactive period, too, but it often isn’ t when the temperature drops. They rely on more dependable signals in the environment. For example, many insects can tell how much sunlight there’ s each day. They use that to tell themselves when to shut down. Bugs are cold-blooded, meaning that their inside temperature is the same as the outside. They can’ t move much when it gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So they search for any warm place. They’ re looking for protection. These guys have been doing this for 300 million years, so they don’ t really know they’ re coming into your house. The home is a recent event in terms of their evolutionary

behavior. They enter through tiny cracks or come in unnoticed on your clothes or shoes. Remember that they may be invading your homes for warmth and food, but they don’t care about humans. 16. What is the purpose of the first paragraph? A. To point out that humans like to stay at home in winter. B. To mean that humans and bugs have the same living habits. C. To mean that bugs will invade humans’ houses for their winter. D. To put forward the idea that bugs are not welcome in winter. 17.According to the text, what is diapauses? A. It is the same as the animals’ hibernation. B. It often appears in warm areas all the year. C. It is done to keep bugs active in winter. D. It is a deep sleep similar to hibernation. 18.What often decides bugs’ diapauses? A. The lower local temperature. B. The amount of sunlight. C. Kinds of environmental signals. D. The insects’ inside temperature. 19.According to the text, bugs invade humans’ homes to________. A. attack humans B. look for enough food C. seek for protection D. show their evolutionary results 20.What would be the best title for the text? A. Bugs’ life on cold wintry days B. Why do bugs invade your home in winter? C. Good relations between humans and bugs D. What does diapauses mean? Ⅲ.书面表达(30 分) 假如你是 2011 年美康“中文桥”Chinese Language Bridge 美国学生来华夏令营的一名中方工作人员李 华,收到了美国营员 Peter 的电子邮件,他在动身来中国之前,想了解一下中方给他安排的寄宿家庭的有 关情况,请你根据下列信息回复邮件: 1.住房宽敞,有私家车; 2.懂英语,乐于交流; 3.2009 年接待过美国学生。 要求: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当增加细节以使行文连贯; 3.信的开头已为你写好,不计入总词数。

Dear Peter, I'm very glad to receive your email asking about something about the host family we have arranged for you to stay.______________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua

1.D 句意:我们可以现在或者今天下午走,哪个时间更适合你?suit“适合某种安排、需要和目的”, 符合句意。fit 多指“(大小、形状)适合,适宜,吻合”;meet“满足(愿望、要求),达到(目的)”;satisfy“满足(欲 望);使某人满意”。 2.C 句意:因为被委任到这个空缺的职位上,史密斯很高兴,并决定要胜任这份工作。appointed to 是过去分词短语作状语。concerning“鉴于;考虑到”;be concerned about“关心”。be applied to“被应用 到……”。 3.C 句意: 最近一项调查显示, 上海的大部分女性员工都承受全球性金融危机带来的焦虑。 anxiety“焦 虑。curiosity“好奇心”;eagerness“渴望,热切”;thirst“口渴;渴望”。 4.A 句意: 我很欣赏你努力工作, 但我不能保证你会得到提升。 guarantee“保证; 担保”。 result“结果”; belief“相信;信仰”;swear“发誓”。 5.D Don't panic“不要惊慌”。afraid 为形容词;frighten 和 terrify 是及物动词。 6.B 句意:老师在学期末对每位同学的表现进行评价。evaluate“评估;评价”。calculate“计算”; examine“检查”;suppose“设想;认为”。

7.B 句意:——服务员,房价一晚多少钱?——房间不同价格也不同。vary“(彼此)相异;存在不同之 处”,符合句意。increase“增加”;range“处于某范围内;在某范围内变化”;divide“分开”。 8.A 句意:我确定对于我来说,在没有人帮助的情况下仅在两天内完成这项任务是绝对不可能的。 absolutely“绝对地,完全地”,符合句意。approximately“近似地,大约”;hardly“几乎不”;desperately“绝 望地”。 9.D 句意:——Henry 多年来一直在北京大学学汉语。——难怪他汉语说得那么好,那么地道。no wonder...“难怪/怪不得……”。 10.A 句意:在语言学习中视频、录音和其他学习辅助设备通常与教材一起加以利用。alongside “与……一起;与……同时”。 11.C 句意:过去,据说这种植物的根有一种魔力能治疗脱发。此处是 It's said that 的一种变化形式, 表示一种实际情况,用动词不定式的一般式即可。 12.C 句意:既然你想记住这个生词的用法,你就最好用它造个句子。now that“既然”,符合句意。 unless“除非”;while“当……时候”;even if“即使”。 13.C 句意:我确定这不是毕加索的画作。这只是一件不成功的赝品,不值钱。worthless“不值钱的”, 符合句意。priceless“无价的”,invaluable“极有用的,极宝贵的”;precious“珍贵的”。 14.D 句意:如果你想成功,就必须在年轻时学会努力工作。make one's way 除了表示“去;前往; 到……地方去; 前进”之外, 还可以表示“获得成功, 有出息”。 make much of sb.“重视某人”; make sth. out“看 清/辨认清楚某事物”;make sb. out“看透/弄懂某人”。故选 D 项。 15.C make/ elect/ appoint sb. sth.选举/任命某人做……。C 项不能用于被动语态。 [语篇解读] 本文主要介绍的是:为什么虫子在冬天会入侵人类住所。 16. C.推理判断题。根据文章第一段可知,虫子和人类一样,也会喜欢待在温暖的屋里,再结合文章 的后面几段可知,本段暗示虫子在冬天会入侵人类住所。 17. D.细节理解题。根据文章第三段可知答案为 D。 18. C 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的“They rely on more dependable signals in the environment”可 知,虫子的“diapauses”是由多种环境可依赖性因素决定的,不一定全靠温度或者光照。 19. C.细节理解题。根据文章最后一段可知,虫子进屋是为了寻求保护,把自己置身于安全形势之下, 而不仅仅是为了寻求食物。 20. B.标题概括题。整篇文章主要告诉读者的是:在冬天里,为什么虫子会入侵人类的住所。 [长难句解读] (1)There’re different kinds of diapauses,but all are similar to hibernation,a time when bigger animals become inactive in the cold. 此句是 but 连接的并列复合句,but 后的部分中 a time 是 hibernation 的同位语,而且后面接了 when 引导的定语从句。 (2)Bugs are cold-blooded,meaning that their inside temperature is the same as the outside. 句中的 meaning 相当于 which means;meaning 后接 that 引导的宾语从句,在此宾语从句中含有 the same as 结构。

范文: Dear__Peter, I'm__very__glad__to__receive__your__email__asking__about__something__about__the__host_ _family__we__have__arranged__for__you__to__stay. Located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood, a large fullyequipped apartment answers all your needs. Apart from the convenient public transportation, the family's own car can also take you to some nearby places of interest. Because all the members of the family can speak fluent English and have outgoing personalities, I'm sure you will have no difficulty communicating with them. Above all, they hosted two American students last year, through which they've gained lots of experience. In addition, the hostess' expert cooking can guarantee you a wonderful chance of tasting delicious Chinese food. Now they are fully prepared to host you and make friends with you. And I hope you will have a pleasant time in China. See you soon. Yours, Li Hua

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