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2015 届高考英语二轮专题训练:阅读理解(11)
A There are two basic ways to see growth: one as a product, the other as a process. People have generally viewed personal growth as an external (外在的) result or

a product that can easily be identified and measured.The worker who gets a rise, the student whose grades improve, the foreigner who learns a new language— all these examples of people who have measurable results to show for their efforts. By contrast (对照) , the process of personal growth is much more difficult to determine, since it is a journey and not the specific signposts or landmarks along the way.The process is not the road itself, but the attitudes, feelings people have , and their caution or courage, as they meet with new experiences and unexpected difficulties.In this process, the journey never really ends; there are always new ways to experience the world, new ideas to try, new challenges to accept. In order to grow, to travel new roads, people need to have a willingness to take risks, to face the unknown, and to accept the possibility that they may “fail” at first.How we see ourselves as we try a new way of being is necessary for our ability to grow.Do we see ourselves as quick and curious? If so, we tend to take more chances and be more open to unfamiliar experiences.Do we think we’re shy and indecisive? Then our sense of fear can cause us to hesitate, to move slowly, and we think we are slow to adapt change or that we’re not smart enough to deal with a new challenge.Then we are likely to take a more passive role or not try at all. These feelings of insecurity and self-doubt are both unavoidable and necessary if we are to change and grow.If we protect ourselves too much, then we stop growing.We become trapped inside a shell of our own making.


53 . In the author’ s eye, one who views personal growth as a process would ______. A.succeed in climbing up the social ladder B.grow up from his own achievements C.face difficulties and take up challenges D.aim high and reach his goal each time 54.Which of the following can be viewed as the process of personal growing? A.Our manager was always willing to accept new challenges. B.Jane won the first prize in the speech competition. C.Jerry picked up French during his stay in Paris. D.Father’s salary rose from 5, 000 to 7,000. 55.For personal growth, the author is in favor of all the following EXCEPT _______. A.being curious about more changes B.being quick in self-adaptation C.having an open mind to new experiences D.staying away from failures and challenges 56. The best title for this passage should be ______. A.Facing New Challenges C.Two Basic Ways of Growth B Growth—Product or Process D Overcoming Internal Fear B In the United States, there were some well-constructed houses for native Indians, ranging from the simple brush shelter to the five-storied pueblo. In the eastern United States, one of the existing types was that commonly know under the Algonkian name of wigwam in which the Iroquois Indians lived. The wigwams were of wagon-top shape with straight sides and ends, made by bending young trees to form the round shape. Over this shape pieces of tree bark were laid to protect the Indians from bad weather. Over the bark dried grass was added. A small hole allowed smoke to escape from the top. Doorways at each en served also as windows, The Iroquois Indians built trunk walls all around their villages.

The wall had only one opening, They could quickly close this opening if their enemies came near. Interestingly, the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi also lived in a wigwam of a most primitive(原始的) construction, but different from those of the Iroquois Indians. The Choctaw Indians’ wigwams, made from mud, cane and straw, were in the form of a bee-hive. The covering was made of a long, tough grass. A post in the centre supported the roof. A hole in the top admitted the light, and allowed the smoke to pass out. The tipi tent-housing of the upper lake and plains area was put up with poles set lightly in the ground, tied together near the top, and covered with bark and grass in the lake country. It was easily portable, and two women could set it up or take it down within an hour. The Pawnee, Mandan and other Indian tribes (部落) along the Missouri built solid ring-shaped structures of trunk, covered with earth and dried grass, housing a dozen families. The Wichita and other tribes of the Texas border built large ring-shaped houses covered with dried grass. Apart from the regular housing, almost every tribe had some style of housing. 72. Which of the following pictures shows the house for the Iroquois Indians?

73. According to the passage, the Pawnee Indians built their houses _____.

A. with openings in the trunk walls C. in a ring shape with bark and mud shape

B. large enough for several families D. by bending young trees to form the

74. All the native Indian houses described in the passage were_____. A. of the same shape C. built with a post in the centre 75. The passage suggests that ________ A. all the native Indians built trunk walls all around their houses B. all the native Indian houses were built with poles tied together C. the Iroquois Indians took safety into account while building their wigwams D. the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi built their wigwams with straight sides and ends C Doctor are known to be terrible pilots. They don't listen because they already know it all. I was lucky: ] became a pilot in 1970, almost ten years before I graduated from medical school. I didn't realize then, but becoming a pilot makes me a better surgeon. I loved flying. As I flew bigger, faster planes, and in worse weather. I learned about crew resource management (机组资源管理), or CRM, a new idea to make flying safer. It means that crew members should listen and speak up for a good result, regardless of positions. I first read about CRM in 1980. Not long after that, an attending doctor and I were flying in bad weather. The controller had us turn too late to get our landing ready. The attending doctor was flying; I was safety pilot He was so busy because of the bad turn, he had forgotten to put the landing gear (起落 架) down. He was a better pilot - and my boss - so it felt unusual to speak up. But I had to: Our lives were in danger. I put aside my uneasiness and said, "We need to put the landing gear down now!" That was my first real lesson in the power of CRM, and I've used it in the operating room ever since. CRM requires that the pilot/surgeon encourage others to speak up. It further

B. covered with grass D. built with doorways at each end

requires that when opinions are from the opposite, the doctor doesn't overreact, which might prevent fellow doctors from voicing opinions again. So when I'm in the operating room, I ask for ideas and help from others. Sometimes they're not willing to speak up. But I hope that if I continue to encourage them , someday someone will keep me from ”landing gear up”. 56.What dose the author say about doctors in general? A. They like flying by themselves. B. They are unwilling to take advice. C. They pretend to be good pilots. D. They are quick learners of CRM. 57.The author deepened his understanding of the power of CRM when_______. A. he saved the plane by speaking up B. he was in charge of a flying task C. his boss landed the plane too late D. his boss operated on a patient 58. In the last paragraph “landing gear up” probably means ______. A. following flying requirements. B. overreacting to different opinions. C. listening to what fellow doctors say D. making a mistake that may cost lives 59. Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A.CRM:A New Way to Make Flying Safe B.Flying Makes Me a Better Doctor C.The Making of a Good Pilot D.A Pilot-Tumed Doctor D Many people think that listening is a passive business. It is just the opposite. Listening well is an active exercise of our attention and hard work. It is because they do not realize this, or because they are not willing to do the work, that most people do not listen well.

Listening well also requires total concentration upon someone else. An essential part of listening well is the rule known as ‘bracketing’. Bracketing includes the temporary giving up or setting aside of your own prejudices and desires, to experience as far as possible someone else’s world from the inside, stepping into his or her shoes. Moreover, since listening well involves bracketing, it also involves a temporary acceptance of the other person. Sensing this acceptance, the speaker will seem quite willing to open up the inner part of his or her mind to the listener. True communication is under way and the energy required for listening well is so great that it can be accomplished only by the will to extend oneself for mutual growth. Most of the time we lack this energy. Even though we may feel in our business dealings or social relationships that we are listening well, what we are usually doing is listening selectively. Often we have a prepared list in mind and wonder, as we listen, how we can achieve certain desired results to get the conversation over as quickly as possible or redirected in ways more satisfactory to us. Many of us are far more interested in talking than in listening, or we simply refuse to listen to what we don’t want to hear. It wasn’t until toward the end of my doctor career that I have found the knowledge that one is being truly listened to is frequently therapeutic(有疗 效的) In about a quarter of the patients I saw, surprising improvement was shown during the first few months of psychotherapy(心理疗法), before any of the roots of problems had been uncovered or explained. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, but chief among them, I believe, was the patient’s sense that he or she was being truly listened to, often for the first time in years, and for some, perhaps for the first time ever. 66. The phrase “stepping into his or her shoes” in paragraph 2 probably means _______. A. preparing a topic list first B. focusing on one’s own mind

C. directing the talk to the desired results

D. experiencing the speaker’s inside world 67. What is mainly discussed in Paragraph 2 ? A. How to listen well. C. Benefits of listening. B. What to listen to. D. Problems in listening

68. According to the author , in communication people tend to ________. A. listen actively C. set aside their prejudices B. listen purposefully D. open up their inner mind

69. According to the author , the patients improved mainly because _______. A. they were taken good care of. B. they knew they were truly listened to. C. they had partners to talk to. D. they knew the roots of problems.

70. What type of writing the article likely to be ? A. Science fiction C. A medical report. B. A news report. D. Popular science

A 53~56 CADB B 72. A 73. B 74. B C 56 59BADB — 75. C





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