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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语课时精练:Unit 8 Period 1(北师大版必修三,课标通版)]

Unit 8 Adventure

Period One Warmup and Lesson 1


精练(北师大版必修 3,课标通用)
时间:45 分钟

Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1.You are walking________a mountain path in Himalayas. 2.And the amazing Mount Qomolangma is________the horizon. 3.The food cooking________the fire smells great. 4. If you are looking________experiences like this, Adventure 2,000 is the organization for you. 5.If you like history,there is a trip________Western China. 6.There are walks________6~8 hours most days. 7.Foreigners also have the habit________drinking tea. 8.This custom has been handed from one generation________to another. 9.________much work to do,I can't go to the party. 10.Before leaving the room,remember to turn________the lights. 答案 1.along 2.on Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.They know all the best________(路线),and best places to camp. 2. On the top of the mountain,you can see the sun rise up from the________(地平线). 3.At a high________(海拔),the temperature is usually low. 4.And our porters carry your l________,which means that you can simply enjoy the experience. 5.We had a few a________moments before we knew the results of the exam. 6.WTO is an international o________,of which China is an important member. 7.Is English an________(选修的) lesson,or does everyone have to learn it? 8. When you are used to being busy, you may feel u________if you have nothing to do. 9.To finish the project ahead of time,we need to work an e________hour every day. 10.The hike costs $2,500 including all flights and________(食宿). 3.on 4.for 5.to 6.of 7.of 8.down 9.With 10.off

答案 1.route 2.horizon 7.optional

3.altitude 4.luggage



8.uncomfortable 9.extra 10.accommodation

Ⅲ.语篇填词 With food cooking on the fire and a hot cup of coffee in your hand,you relax and watch the sun go down the amazing Mount Qomolangma. If you're looking for 1.________like this,Adventure 2,000 is the 2.________for you.We have experienced guides to make sure the hiking trip is 3.________and safe.As well as the group 4.________,we have cooks and porters,which 5.________you can simply enjoy the experience. Good travel arrangements are also 6.________.We organize all the 7.________and accommodation for you.If you don't want to go 8.________home afterwards,there're special 9.________for you! The hike 10.________£2,500 including all flights and accommodation.Maximum group size is 15 people. 答案 1.experiences 4.guide 5.means Ⅳ.翻译与仿写 1. The hike costs £2,500 including all flights and accommodation. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:包括两个孩子在内,车上共有十名乘客。 _________________________________________________________________ 答案 徒步旅行的费用是 2 500 美元,包括所有的机票和食宿费。 2.organization 6.important 3.comfortable 8.straight 9.offers 10.costs


There are ten passengers in the bus,including two children. 2. As well as the group guide,all teams have cooks and porters. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写: 除了英语之外, 他还要学日语。 _________________________________________________________________ 答案 除了队里的导游之外,所有的队都有厨师和搬运工。

As well as English, he learns Japanese. 3. And our porters carry your luggage,which means that you can simply enjoy the experience. 翻译:____________________________________________________________

仿写:我考试得了第一名,这使得爸妈很高兴。 _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 答案 历了。 I got the first place in the exam, which made my parents very happy. 4. It looks great. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:这些花看起来很美。 _________________________________________________________________ 答案 看起来棒极了。 搬运工会帮助搬运你们的行李,这样就意味着你们能尽情享受这次经

These flowers look very beautiful. Ⅴ.单项填空 1.What makes man________animals is that man can think and speak. A.differ from C.differs from 解析 某事。 答案 A B.are different from D.different from

句意:人与动物的差别就是人会思考和说话。make sb do sth 使某人做

2 . After the earthquake , the first thing the local government did was to provide________for the homeless families. A.accommodation C.equipment 解析 B.occupation D.furniture.

本题考查名词辨析。 512 的汶川地震, 414 玉树地震。 天灾 “earthquake”

相信是很多考生都准备过的一个话题。所以相关词汇 “accommodation” 表示 “住处”应该是考生们准备的系列词汇之一。这道题难度不大, 句子结构也 相对简单。 只要背过这几个词, 知道 “occupation”表示 “占用”或者“工作, 职业”;“furniture”表示 “家具”;“equipment”表示 “设备, 器材”就能

选出正确答案 A 了。 答案 A

3. In that school,English is compulsory for all students,but French and Russian are________. A.special C.optional 解析 B.regional D.original


语和俄语是选修课。 special 特别的, 特意的; regional 地区的, 地方的; optional 可选择的;original 原始的,最初的。句中由 but 进行转折,由此可知法语和 俄语不是必修课而是可以选修,所以正确答案为 C。 答案 C

4. Take your time—it's just________short distance from here to________restaurant. A.不填;the 解析 B.a;the C.the;a D.不填;a

考查冠词在具体语境中的用法。句意:别急 ——从这儿到餐馆只不过

短短的距离而已。a short distance 短距离,是固定搭配的短语;the restaurant 指双方都知道的餐馆,故用 the 特指。选 B。 答案 B

5.The child was________in his tight boots. A.comfortable C.uncomfortable 解析 B.unfamiliar D.familiar

句意: 那个小孩穿着紧绷的靴子很难受。 comfortable 舒适的; unfamiliar

不熟悉的; uncomfortable 不舒适的; familiar 熟悉的。 答案 C

6. ________is going to America for further study. A.He is said that C.It was said he B.People said that he D.It is said that he

解析 答案

It is said+that 从句表示“据说……”,为固定句型。 D

7. I am too________with my own work to help you with yours. A.pleased C.satisfied 解析 答案 B.occupied D.excited

be occupied with sth 意为“忙于做某事”,符合题意。 B

8. It rained hard yesterday,________prevented me from going to the park. A.that 解析 答案 B.which C.as D.it

which 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰前面整个句子。 B

9. Look at your shirt!It requires________. A.washing C.to wash 解析 答案 B .washed

D.being washed

require doing 相当于 require to be done,主动形式表示被动意义。 A

10.________I can see,there is only one possible way to keep away from the dangers. A.As long as C.Just as 解析 B.As far as D.Even if

as far as I can see 意为“就我看来”, 为固定搭配。 as long as 是“只要”

的意思。 答案 B

11.I'm________to get the tickets for the show,as there are hardly any left. A.anxious C.maximum 解析 B.extra D.different

句意: 我很担心能否买到展览会的票,因为几乎没有剩下的了。 最大的; different 不同的。

anxious 担心的 ; extra 额外的;maximum



12.________Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. A.Which 解析 B.What C.That D.Whom

句意:Barbara Jones 展现给她的粉丝们的是诚实和快乐。what 引导主

语从句,在从句中作 offer 的宾语。 答案 B

13.Between the two parts of the concert is an interval,________the audience can buy icecream. A.when 解析 B.where C.that D.which


观众可以去买冰激凌。when 引导的定语从句修饰 an interval,when 在从句中 作时间状语。由于从句部分不缺少主干成分,而且 interval 表时间,所以正确 答案为 A。 答案 A

14.She is a teacher of much knowledge,________much can be learned. A.who C.from which 解析 B.that D.from whom

learn from sb 表示“向某人学习”;此处用“介词+关系代词”引导定

语从句,指人要用 whom。 答案 D

15.Would you slow down a bit,please?I can't________you. A.keep up with C.make up to 解析 答案 B.put up with D.hold on to

keep up with 意为“跟上”,符合题意。 A

Ⅵ.完形填空 Robert Moody,52,is an experienced police officer.Much of his work involves

dealing with__1__and gang (团伙)problems in the schools of his community.Knowing that many kids often__2__trouble,he decided to do something about it.So in 1991 he began to invite small groups of kids to go fishing with him on his day__3__. Those fun trips had a(n)__4__impact.A chance encounter in 2,000 proved that.One day,__5__working security at a school basketball game,Moody noticed two young guys__6__.He sensed trouble between them.__7__one of them headed toward Moody and gave him a hug.“I __8__you.You took me__9__when I was in fifth grade.That was one of the__10__days of my life.” Deeply touched by the boy's word,Moody decided to create a foundation(基金 会 )that__11__teenagers to the basics of fishing in camping programs.“As a policeman,I saw__12__there was violence,drugs were always behind it.They have a damaging__13__on the kids,” says Moody. By turning kids on to fishing,he__14__to present an alternative way of life, “When you're sitting there waiting for a__15__, ”he says, “you can't help but talk to each other,and such__16__can be pretty deep.” “Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer(同龄人)pressures in high school, ” says Michelle, who__17__the first program.“And I was able to help my little brother__18__drugs.” Moody faces__19__in three years , when he hopes to run the foundation fulltime.“I'm living a happy life and I have a responsibility to my__20__to give back,” Moody says.“If I teach a kid to fish today,he can teach his brother to fish tomorrow.” 1. A.drinking C.security 解析 B.drug D.smoking

根据下文的 drugs were always behind it 和 Talking about drugs helped

prepare me for the peer(同龄人)pressures in high school 可以确定, 此处是指“毒 品,吸毒”。 答案 B B.got over

2. A.ran into

C.left behind 解析 答案

D.looked into

由空格后的 trouble 和句意可知此处是指“很多小孩陷入困境之中”。 A B.away C.off D.out

3. A.ahead 解析


选择 off。 答案 C B.damaging D.lasting

4. A.immediate C.limited 解析

通过下文的例子,可以看出 Robert Moody 警官的钓鱼教育法有着“持

久的”影响。 答案 5. A.once C.since 解析 D B.while D.until


的时候”,其他几个词虽然都可以表示时间,但意思不合题意。 答案 B B.complaining D.cheering

6. A.quarreling C.talking 解析 架”。 答案 A

从下文的 He sensed trouble between them.可以判断,那两个人是在“吵

7. A.Slowly C.Finally 解析

B.Suddenly D.Secretly

在 Robert Moody 警官意识到要出乱子的时候,“突然”发生了下面的

事情。对 Robert Moody 警官来说有点意外。


B B.hear D.remember 因为下文提到是五年级带着去钓鱼,所以用 remember 比较恰当。 D B.sailing D.swimming

8. A.understand C.see 解析 答案

9. A.fishing C.boating 解析 答案 带着去钓鱼。 A B.longest

10.A.quietest 解析 答案



既然记得那么清楚,说明那天对他来说很重要,所以用 best。 C B.introduces D.commits

11.A.connects C.reduces 解析 答案 把青少年引导过来。 B

12.A.where C.as 解析 品”。 答案 A

B.unless D.whether

where 引导地点状语从句,意思是 “在有暴力的地方,其后也总有毒

13.A.impression C.decision 解析

B.burden D.impact

have an impact on 是一个固定短语,意思是“对……有影响”。上文

__4__空处有这个短语。 答案 D B.intended


C.pretended 解析


By turning kids on to fishing 是方式,第 __14__ 空为表示意图 ,用

intended 合适。 答案 B B.change D.surprise

15.A.solution C.bite 解析 答案 此处是钓鱼术语,等待鱼儿上钩。 C

16.A.concerns C.conversations 解析 答案

B.interests D.emotions

与前面的 talk to each other 意义一致。 C B.worked out D.made up

17.A.participated in C.approved of 解析

participated in 是“加入,参加”的意思;worked out 的意思是“解出,

制定,锻炼”等;approved of 是“赞同”;made up 是“编造,组成”。 答案 A B.avoid D.test

18.A.misuse C.tolerate 解析 答案

既然前面是 help,应该是好的方面,所以用 avoid 表示“避免”。 B B.challenge D.retirement

19.A.unemployment C.competition 解析

根据后面的 when he hopes to run the foundation fulltime.说明他不做工

作才能全职管理基金,因此可判断是三年后,退休。 答案 20.A.team D B.school

C.family 解析 答案 第一段中提到 his community。 D


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