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苏州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类训练(16) (答案及解析)


Words:301 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:7 分钟 I first met Confucius in a friend’s living room,nearly 10 years ago.OK,so it wasn’t really the bearded(蓄胡子的)Chinese philosopher.It was a collection of his most famous lines,printed and resting on a coffee table.As I looked through the pages,an image of the man began to form in my mind. It wasn’t until last Saturday,though,that I finally had a cha nce to put a name to the face—that of Hong Kong star Chow Yunfat,who played the role of Confucius.I went to see the film knowing very little of Confucius’ personal story.I left wondering what I would have thought of the man if I really had met him in person. Would I have been like the f armer in the film who kept on harvesting grain when Confucius and his disciples(门生)stopped and asked for directions? Would I have been like the alluring consort(played by Zhou Xun) who requested a meeting with the sage(圣人) only to test him? Or would I have been one of the young men who left everything to follow him into the wilderness? I suppose it all depends on the historical knowledge of director Hu Mei’s Confucius. In the movie,we see a man who is all at once humble(虚心的),wise,humorous,intelligent, disciplined( 自律的)and firm.Even when Zhou’s character all but throws himself on Confucius,the philosopher walks away with hardly a trace of desire on his face. Still,though,I’m not quite sure I’d have given up everything—family,livelihood,home—to sit at his feet day and night and live on horsemeat soup,as his followers do in the movie.For if Chow’s Confucius has one flaw (瑕疵),it’s that he abandons his wife and daughter in order to spread his philosophy throughout China. 【解题导语】 电影《孔子》(Confucius)在全国各大影院公映。电影中,无论是孔圣人周润发 的大气磅礴,还是南子周迅的艳光四射,都能给人带来耳目一新的视觉震撼和发人深省的精 神震撼。这样一部经典电影,这样一个圣人形象在外国人眼中却不是尽善尽美的。作者尤其 不欣赏孔子抛弃妻女到全国各地传播思想的做法。 1.Before the writer saw the film Confucius,he had________. A.known a lot of Confucius B.read a collection of famous lines of Confucius C.known little of Confucius’ personal story D.read a lot about the leading character Chow Yun- in the film fat 解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据第二段的第二句 I went to see the film knowing very little of

Confucius’ personal story.可知。 2.Who directed the film Confucius? A.Chow Yunfat. C.Hu Mei. B.Zhou Xun. D.The writer’s friend.

解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据第四段 I suppose it all depends on the historical knowledge of director Hu Mei’s Confucius.可知。 3.Which of the following belongs to the plot of the film? A.A farmer takes no notice of Confucius and his followers when they stopped to ask for directions. B.The character played by Zhou Xun shows great respect for Confucius. C.Seeing Confucius,one young man leaves what he has to follow Confucius. D.Confucius cares about his wife and daughter in all his life. 解析: A。 选 细节理解题。 根据第三段的第一句 Would I have been like the farmer in the film who kept on harvesting grain when Confucius and his disciples stopped and asked for directions?可知。 4.Confucius played by Chow Yun- has the following quality EXCEPT to be________. fat A.wise C.disciplined B.humorous D.selfish

解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据第五段的第一句 In the movie,we see a man who is all at once humble,wise,humorous,intelligent,disciplined and firm.可知孔子虚心、睿智、幽默、聪明、 自律、 坚强。 wise“睿智的”, humorous“幽默的”, disciplined“自律的”, selfish“自私的”。

************************************************** ***********结束

It’s never easy to admit(承认) you are in the wrong. We all __1__ to know the art of apology. Think how often you’ve done wrong. Then count how many __2__ you’ve expressed clearly you were __3__. You can’t go to bed with an easy mind if you do __4__ about it. A doctor friend, Mr. Lied, told me about a man who came to him with different kinds of signs: headaches, heart __5__ and insomnia (失眠). __6__ some careful exams, Mr. Lied found nothing ___7__ with him and said, “If you don’t tell me what’s __8__ you, I can’t help you.” The man admitted he was cheating his brother of his inheritance(遗产). Then and there the __9__ doctor __10__ the man write to his brother and __11__ his money. As soon as the __12__ was put into the post box, the

man suddenly cried. “Thank you,” he said to the doc tor, “I think I’ve got __13__.” An apology can not only save a broken relationship(关系) but also make it __14__. If you can think of someone who should be __15__ an apology from you. Do something about it right now. 1. A. decide 2. A. mistakes 3. A. sorry 4. A. something 5. A. trouble 6. A. Bef ore 7. A. well 8. A. hurling 9. A. clever 10. A. made B. have B. people B. weak C. need C. ways C. sad D. try D. times D. wrong D. everything D. problem D. Since D. bad

B. anything C. nothing B. matter B. After B. wrong C. good C. illness C. Till

B. changing C. touching D. worrying B. silly C. good C. saw D. kind D. let D. paid D. letter D. worse

B. helped

11. A. returned B. gave 12. A. paper 13. A. better 14. A. never 15. A. given 名师点评 B. box B. well B. worse

C. kept

C. money C. sick

C. stronger D. harder D. forgotten

B. received C. known

这是一 篇关于学会如何道歉的短文, 它提醒人们要学会认识自己的错误, 并能 够为自己的错误道歉。做不到这一点会造成自己心理上的压力,甚至带来疾病。 答案解析 1. C。这里指的是人们有必要了解道歉这门艺术。 2. D。times 这里表示次数。 3.
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A。根据上文,承认错误决非易事,道歉更是一门艺术,此时作者是建议读者 计算一下有过多少次是能清楚地表达自己的歉意的,所以选 sorry。

4. C。如果你对自己的错误什么也不去做, 你睡觉也不会睡得好。 5. A。这里表示心脏有毛病。

6. B。 7. B。nothing wrong 表明这个人生理没有任何问题, 看下文就可以知道这一点。

8. D。 9. A。这是一名很聪明的医生, 所以他提出了下面一个方法。 10. D。made 具有强制性的意思, 故选 let sb. do sth..好。 11. A。上文得知这人骗了哥哥的遗产, 所以还了他所欠的钱才能治好他的心病。 12. D。根据后面的 post box 可以得知这里是指寄出了那封信。 13. B。 这个人其实没有病, 所以在解决了心理问题后,他一下子觉得好了, 而不是好 转, 故选 well 而不是 better。 14. C。道歉不仅可以挽救破碎的人际关系, 还可以增强人与人之间的联系。harder 指的是具体事物的“坚硬”, 故此处不当。 15. A。give sb. an apology 意为“向某人道歉”。 ****************************************************结束

Happy birthday The China National Opera (CNO) will give a concert to celebrate its 50th birthday . Different generations of CNO vocalists , like Li Guangxi , Yao Hong and Ma Mei , will present the concert which will feature both songs from famous Chinese operas like “The White-haired Girl” and “The Hundredth Bride”, as well as , arias of such Western opera classics as “Madame Butterfly”, “La Traviata” and “Rigoletto”. Time/ date: 7:30 pm , September 7, 8 Location : Tianqiao Theatre Tel : 6551-4787, 8315-6170 Tickets : 60—500 yuan (US $7.2— 60.2) Folk music A concert will be held to feature some recently composed traditional Chinese music works .

The concert , given by the Folk Orchestra of the China Opera and Ballet Theatre , will include such pieces as “Memory of Childhood ”, “Memorial Ceremony for God ”and “Wine Song”. Time/date: 7:30pm, September 13 Location: Concert hall at the National Library of China Tel: 6848 –5462, 6841-9220

Tickets: 30-200 yuan (US$3.6-24.1) Moon music A concert of traditional Chinese music will be given on the eve of the Moon Festival which falls on September 21st this year. The concert will feature a number of famous pieces centred on the theme of the moon, such as “Moonlight”, “Spring night on a Moonlit River” and “Lofty Mountain and Flowing River.” A number of established traditional Chinese music performers like Zhou Yaokun and Fan Weiqing, will play solos as well as collaborate with the folk music orchestra. Time / date: 7:30 pm, September 21st Location: Grand Theatre of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities Tel: 6606—8888, 6606—9999

58.If you want to buy tickets for listening to the music “Memory of Childhood”, you will dial __. A.6551—4787 B.6848—5462 C.8315—6170 D.6606—9999 59.Which statement is right according to the passage? A.Li Guangxi, Yao Hong and Ma Mei stand for the same generation of CNO vocalists. B.“Rigoletto” is a famous piece on the theme of the moon. C.“Lofty Mountain and Flowing River” is a traditional Chinese music. D.Zhou Yaokun will play solos and Fan W eiqing will collaborate with the folk music orchestra. 60.“Madame Butterfly” is .

A.a Chinese opera

B.a Western opera

C a piece of music

D.a song

61.In which column of a newspaper will the article be published? A.Entertainment. B.People. C.Culture. D.Sports.

参考答案----------58---61 BCBA *************************************************结束


The original plans for the park were on 8 acres next to the Burbank studios where his employees and families could go to relax. Although, World War II put those plans on hold. During the war, Disney had time to come up with new ideas, and creations for his magical park. It was soon clear that 8 acres wouldn't be enough. Finally in 1953, he had the Stanford Research Institute conduct a survey for a 100-acre site, outside of Los Angeles. He needed space to build rivers, waterfalls, and mountains; he would have flying elephants and giant teacups; a fairy-tale castle, moon rockets, and a scenic railway; all inside a magic kingdom he called "Disneyland." The search for the best venue for the park ended in the rural Anaheim, California with a purchase of a 160-acre orange grove near the junction of the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) and Harbor Boulevard.Construction for Disneyland began on July 21, 1954, 12 months before the park was scheduled to open. Some 160-acres of citrus trees had been cleared and 15 houses moved to make room for the park. However, when the real designing came around, Disney met with inevitable questions. How do you make believable wild animals, that aren't real? How do you make a Mississippi paddle ship? How do you go about building a huge castle in the middle of Anaheim, California? Disney asked his movie studio staff for answers. The design of Disneyland was something never done before. There

would be four uniquely different theme parts: Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland Tomorrow land. Bit by bit, Disneyland got ready for Opening Day. The staff worked around the clock to get ready. But opening day was a terrible disaster. Besides the terrible opening day conditions, the park did eventually pick up. By 1965, ten years after opening day, 50 Million visitors had come through the gates. 36. The passage is mainly about___________. A. How Disneyland came into being B. The difficulties Disney met in building Disneyland C. What visitors can enjoy in Disneyland. D. A brief introduction to Disneyland 37. Which of the following dates would probably be the opening date of Dis neyland? A. 1953 B. 1954 C. 1955 D. 1965

38. Which of the following statements is Not True? A. World Wa r II had some influence on the building plan of the Disneyland. B. Disney must have met many difficulties in building Disneyland. C. Disney was a great man with great imagination and creativity. D. About 50 million visitors have visited Disneyland so far. 39. The underlined phrase in the last paragraph probably means _________. A. collect B. improve C. find D. open





SHEFFIELD LINCOLN COLLEGE OF ENGLISH Classes for foreign students at all levels

3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year course Open all year Small class (maximum(最大限度) 12 students) Library, language laboratory and listening center Accommodation(膳食供应) with selected families 25 minutes from London Course fees(费用) for English for one year are £1, 380 with reduction for shorter periods of study. 1. Lincoln College of English _______. A. is at the centre of London B. lies far away from London C. takes in foreign students, from beginners to the advanced D. accepts students only at the beginning of the year 2. While you stay there, _______ will take care of you. A. the school where you study B. the family you have chosen C. your classmates D. your own parents 3. If you go there for a one-term course, you will pay _______ for it. A.£1, 380 C. much less than £1, 380 B. over £1, 380 D. nothing

【答案与解释】这是一则面向外国学生的英语短训小额班的教学广告。招收对象、学时、开 班时间、教学设施、食宿安排、校址、学费等信息一目了然。 1. C。细节题。根据 Classes for foreign students at all levels 可知答案。 2. B。语义理解题。从 Accommodation with selected families 便知答案。 3. C。语义理解题。从最后两句话中可知答案。 ************************************************************结束

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