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高考英语语法练习题精选(一)100 题 1. —I put him down for a well-educated man. —___________ ? —I mean that he's a well-educated man. A. I beg your pardon B. Speak louder, will you C. What's that D.

Will you repeat word for word 2. He__________ he would be able to leave tomorrow, but it's beginning to took difficult. A. hopes B. was hoping C. had hoped D. hoped 3. —ou___________ stop me. —Even if you __________it, I won't allow you to swim across the river. A. mustn't; dare not do B. may ; dare not do C. can; dare to do D. needn't; dare do 4. ___________she was invited to the ball made her very happy. A. If B. That C. When D. Because 5. She had golden hair when she was a child, but_________ she got older and older, her hair went darker and darker. A. while B. when C. after D. as 6. I lost my way in complete darkness and, matters worse, it began to rain. A. made B. having made C. making D. to make 7. I often have conversations with John over telephone, while keep in touch with Tom by__________ letter. A. 不填;;the B. 不填;a C. the;不填 D. the; a 8. The most favorite room is the tidy study with a fireplace, we can watch TV and enjoy the nice scenery outside. A. where B. when C. that D. which 9. —You don't seem to be quite yourself today. What's wrong? —Oh, I'm suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, A. yet B. indeed C. though D. anyway 10.___________lessons were not difficult. A. Our few first short English B. Our first few short English C. Our few first English short D. Few our first English short 11. Mr. Smith sold that magnificent cottage of his on the sea 2,000,000 dollars. A. at B. for C. to D. by 12. —Which one can I take? —-You can take__________ of them; I'll keep none. A. both B. any C. either D. all 13. What a pity! He____________ the only chance of success. A. threw away B. put down C. gave in D. broke off 14. —Come in, please. Make yourself at home. —I'm glad you like it. A. Thanks. You have a nice place here. B. Oh, this picture is so beautiful! C. Thanks. What nice food you've prepared! D OK. Let me look around your new house. 15. _________ time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only 3 fingers and a thumb. A. To save B. Saved C. Saving D. Having saved 16. —How much is the T-shirt ___________? —65 dollars. A. worth B. cost C worthy D. paid
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17. —Glad to meet you. —____________ A. So do I. B. How are you? C. How do you do? D. The same to you. 18. —Can I drive on the free way, Mr. Green? —You can when you____________ a bit more skilled. A. will get B. are getting C. will have got D. get 19. It is generally considered unwise to give a child___________ he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever 20. For many Beijingers, dreams of living in ___________ green area are becoming___________ reality. A. a; a B. the; the C. 不填;不填 D. 不填;a 21. My money ___________ . I must go to the bank to draw some of my savings out before I’ve none in hand. A. has run out B. is running out C. has been run out D. is being run out 22. For quite____________ students, their teacher’s advice is more important than___________ of their parents’. A. few ; one B. a few; that C. a little ; some D. a lot; many 23. __________ entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his report. A. He hardly had B. Had he hardly C. Hardly had he D. Hardly he had 24. On the long journey, Peter ________ a most interesting guide. We all had a wonderful time. A. practiced B. behaved C. proved D. conducted 25. --Do you live____________ near Jim? --No, he lives in another part of the town. A. somewhere B. nowhere C. anywhere D. everywhere 26. This photo of mine was taken__________ stood the famous high tower. A. which B. in which C. where D. there 27. Some of the suspects(嫌疑犯) refused to answer and kept their mouths shut. A. questioning B. being questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned He had little idea that it was getting so late, ___________ ? A. didn't he B. wasn't it C. did he D. was it 29. Peter won't drive us to the station. He has___________ to take us all. A. a very small car B. too small a car C. a too small car D. such a small car 30. You____________ television. Why not do something more active? A. always watch B. too small a car C. have always watched D. have always been watchi 31.— You must be excited about going to Japan for schooling. —__________ , but I'm afraid I can't do well because Japanese is poor. A. Never mind B. Well, I ought to C. I don’t know yet D. Certainly not 32. —What do you think of your nephew? —He__________ be very naughty but at the same time you poor. A. will ; will B. won't; can't C. may ; may D. can; can't 33. Exercise is__________ as any other to lose unwanted weight. A. so useful a way B. as a useful way
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C. as useful a way D. such a useful way 34. —____________ you_________ the editor at the airport? —No, he__________ away before my arrival. A. Have... met; has driven B. Had... met; was driven C. Did... meet; had been driven D. Have... met; had driven 35. —Why didn't you answer my phone when I phoned you at about 11 p. m. yesterday? —I ___________and failed to hear the phone. A. might have slept B. must be sleeping C. might be sleeping D. must have been sleeping 36. His parents meant him_____________ scientific research, but he showed no interest and turned poet. A. going in for B. to have gone in for C. to go in for D. having gone in for 37. —What would you wish to do if you were a college student again? —That's very hard to say, but I wish I when I was a college student. A. has not studied biology B. did study biology C. had studied biology D. studied biology 38. He___________ when the bus came to a sudden stop. A. was almost hurt B. was to hurt himself C. was hurt himself D. was hurting himself 39. with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain doesn't seem high at all. A. When compared B. To compare C. While comparing D. It compared 40. If you want to see a doctor, fix the date with him ahead of time. This is a common ___________ in the USA. A. habit B. law C. rule D. custom 41. Nothing__________ after the terrible fire which had been caused by someone smoking in bed. A. left B. was remained C. remained D. continued 42. Although motor car has been with us for almost a century, I have never been able to drive __________American one. A. the ; an B. was remained C. a; the D. the ; the 43. It was not a good idea to go skating. You __________your leg. A. can break B. could break C. could have broken D. could have been broken 44. —What were you doing when she dropped in? —I for a while and_________ some reading. A. was playing; was going to do B. played; did C. had played; was going to do D. had played; did 45. The queen will visit the town in May, she will open the new hospital. A. when B. then C. while D. but 46. _________good, the food was soon sold out. A. Tasted B. Being tasted C. Tasting D. Having tasted 47. I feel silly in these clothes. Everyone will___________ me. A. worry about B. make fun of C. get rid of D. take interest in 48. —How did you find your visit to the museum, Jane? A. Oh, wonderful, indeed B. By taking a number 3 bus C. I went there alone D. A classmate of mine showed me the way 49. Up to Tuesday's attack, the worst school shooting in the U. S. was in March 1998 in Jonesboro, two boys, aged 11 and 13, shot and killed a teacher and four girls. A. while B. where C. when D. then
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50. When I tried to find _________that prevented so many people from taking part in the program, it seemed to me that there were two main reasons. A. why it did B. that it did C. what it was D. why it was 51. I tried hard to get some information about the new technology out of his mouth, but he remained____________. A. quiet B. secret C. silent D. calm 52. —Why ! Where's my passport? Maybe I left it on the plane. --My Goodness ! You ____________ things behind. A. had never left B. didn't leave C. never left 53. — Show me your permit, please. —Oh, it's not in my pocket. It A. might fall out B. could fall out C. should have fallen out D. must have fallen out 54. —I'd like to have some lunch but I have to stay here doing my work. —___________ what you want and I can get it for you. A. To tell me B. Telling me C. If you tell me D. Tell me 55. "Who Moved My Cheese?", ____________ is a best-selling book, is written by Spencer Johnson. A. which B. that C. it D. what 56. —Our holiday cost a lot of money. —Did it? Well ,that doesn't matter____________ you enjoyed yourselves. A. unless B. in case C. as far as D. as long as 57. O'Neal works hard. He is often seen _______ heavily before his teammates have even arrived at practice. A. sweated B. to be sweated C. sweating D. being sweated 58. Travelers_______________ that they should bring their ID cards with them. A. have reminded B. are reminded C. were reminding D. had been reminded 59. —Look at these tracks. It __________ be a wolf. —It needn't be. It be a fox. A. must ; could B. may ; might C. need ; must D. could ; need 60. I've visited a lot of different places and stayed in lots of different hotels, but none of them___________ this one. A. makes B. beats C. compares D. matches 61 --I hope he won't get ill during the examinations. --___________ . He has been very well recently. A. Certainly B. No C. Not D. Yes 62 The movie is__________ boring; it is, in fact, rather exciting and interesting. A. anything but B. nothing but C. no more' D. all but 63 Why didn't you tell me there was no meeting today? I all the way here through the heavy snow. A. needn't have driven B. can't have driven C. mustn't have driven D. shouldn't have driven 64 The shop manager always says to his assistants, "We can never be customers. A. so B. too C. that D. more 65 Mr. Smith__________ the roll of film as soon as he arrived home A. got down to wash B. got down to develop C. got down to washing D. got down to developing 66 --The two pairs of shoes are __________ the same colour. --But they are different __________ colour. A. of; from B. of; in C. in; from D. in; in 67 The gas tank____________ twenty gallons of gas, but now it may____________ only three gallons.
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A. holds; contain B. holds; be contained C. is held; contain D. is held; be contained 68 They suggested not only to the party but also give a performance. A. did we go B. should we go C. we should go D. thought 69 The president of the country was well of when he was in power. A. praised B. fond C. appreciated D. thought 70 --Why has he been staying at home these days? --He ___________ since a month ago. A. has been out of work B. was out of work C. has lost his work D. had left from his work 71、he reason__________ their failure you know is they didn't get fully prepared for the experiment. A. why.., that B. that.., why C. for.., that D. why.., because 72、_________ great help, I could get rid of all the difficulty and succeeded. A. Offered B. Having offered C. Being supplied D. Having supplied 73、ack's won _____________ holiday in London. --_________ lucky fellow ! A. a; A B. the; The C. a; The D. the; A 74、 _________think you're clever, but that doesn't give you the right to order me about! A. should B. would C. could D. might 75、hich play shall we go and see? A. I'm afraid we can't B. I don't think it's interesting C. Yes, I quite agree with you D. I'll leave it to you 76、I didn't know this was a one-way street, officer. A. That's all right. B. I don't believe you. C. How dare you say that? D. Sorry, but that's no excuse. 77、e Bunsen Burner is so named because it is thought ___________ by Robert Bunsen. A. to be invented B. having been invented C. invented D. to have been invented 78、'm told that John had another car accident this morning. --I believe not. He _________so careless. A. shouldn't have been B. wouldn't have been C. couldn't have been D. mustn't have been 79、ould you give me a hand __________from the car, please? A. to carry the shopping B. for carrying the shopping C. and carrying the shopping D. carrying the shopping 80、hy haven't you finished your homework yet? You___________ to have finished it by last Sunday. A. are supposed B. were supposed C. are supposing D. were supposing 81、-The news is spreading from mouth to mouth. --Yes, it has become__________ talk of__________ town. A. a ; a B. the ;不填 C. the ; the D. a ;不填 82、heir tent,__________ light as a feather, remained firm in the storm last night. A. as if B. even C. though D. if 83、he amount of money for the seriously sick child was soon collected. A. to need B. needed C. needing D. which needed 84、_________ was it_________ they discovered the entrance to the underground place?
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--Totally by chance. A. How; that B. What ; that C. When; when D. Where; that 85、is usually not quite cold in this area in March, but sometimes temperature be very low. A. should B. can C. must D. shall 86、er you have used the dictionary, please just put it back it belongs. A. where B. to which C. what D. that 87、ou went late the stadium yesterday evening, didn't you? --Yes, my wife was a little late _________ the supper. A. to ; with B. for; with C. for; for D. at ; for 88、-Do you know when the Chinese custom_________ from? --It's hard to say. But its characteristics__________ the Tang Period. A. began ; prove B. started ; show C. is ; appear D. dates ; suggest 89、 the preparations, we're ready to start. A. made B. being made C. having made D. have been made 90--Did Mary come to your birthday party? --No. I __________ her, but she was away on business. A. would like to invite B. would have liked to invite C. must have invited D. could invite 91. I'd like to be a professional singer, but I don't think I've got A. a good voice enough B. a good enough voice C. a voice enough good D. an enough good voice 92. It may not rain, but you had better take an umbrella__________. A. in case B. as well C. as least D. in need 93. Don't be joking. It's time to____________ your business. A. set out B. take up C. go on D. get down 94. She liked the dictionary so much that she would like to take it ____________ it cost. A. why B. how much C. whatever D. how expensive 95. The boss____________ the worker how to do it, or the accident couldn't have happened. A. can't have told B. ought to tell C. could have told D. mustn't have told 96. He is believed____________ in at his office on his way home. A. dropping B. to have dropped C. having dropped D. to be dropped 97. Moreover, __________you may hardly believe, the examiners had decided in advance to fail half the students taking part in the exams. A. which B. that C. who D. whom 98. I can't make a decision now. I need _________ more time to think it over. A. rather B. fairly C. quite D. lot 99. --Tell me where you live, please. --I live____________. A. in 123 ,King Street B. at 123 ,King Street C. in King Street, 123 D. at King Street, 123 100. --Which coat would you prefer, sir? --I’11 take___________, to have a change sometimes. A. all them B. them all C. both them D. them both
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答案与解析 1.A 考生对本题的切入点是看到前后两个句子所表达的意思是一样的,所以可以肯定横线部分是让说话人重复一遍,A 项符合题意。 2.C 本题的关键是看到后半个分旬带有转折的意思,故前半分句的意思是“我本来希望我明天可以离开。”只有 C 项表示“原来希望”。 3.D 本题是情态动词的考查。首先肯定对前半部分是否定的,而 mustn't 表示禁止,与题意不符。dare 可以作情态动词,也可以作实 义动词。 4.B 本题是名词性从句的考查。that 引导 she was invited to the ball 的从句作为整个句子的主语。 5.D 本题是连词的辨析使用。as 表示“随着”,通常表示前后动作发生的时间为一致的。when 强调在一个动作发生过程中另一个事情 突然发生。while 表示两个同时进行的持续性动作,且强调主句表示的动作延续到从句所指的整个时间。 6.D to make matters worse 是固定用法,在本题中充当插入语。 7.C 本题考查冠词的用法。前一个空 over the telephone 表示“通过电话”;by letter 表示“通过写信”,by 表示方式后直接接一个名词。 8.A 本题考查状语从句的用法。考生一上来不能为“,”所迷惑,立刻选择了 D 项 which。这里 where 引导一个状语从句。 9.C 本题是对副词的考查。关键是理解情景对话的含义。整道题的意思是:“你今天看上去气色不好。怎么了?”“我感冒了,但是不严 重。”所以 C 项符合题意。 10.B 本题考查形容词的次序排列。考生解题的关键是掌握所修饰的名词前必须紧接质地或性质的词,故排除 C、D。few 与后面的词 关系更为密切,所以放在 short 前面。 11.B 本题考查介词的用法。表示以多少价格卖掉某物用介词 for。 12.D 本题是情景对话的考查。考生的关键是抓住 I’ll keep none.none 说明所拿走的东西至少有三个,而且可以全部拿走,所以选 D。 13.A 本题考查动词词组的辨析。A 项意为“扔掉,丢失”;B 项意为“放下”;C 项意为“向……屈服”。 14.A 本题只要考生理解了情景对话的含义,是不难得出答案的。A 项显然是符合题意的。 15.A 本题考查非谓语动词的使用。to save 在句中表示“为了节省”。 16.A 本题是有关花费的几个词的辨析。考生很可能选择 B,但一定要注意问句中的谓语动词是 is,所以可以排除 cost。be worth+价 格可以表示花费多少钱。 17.C 本题是情景对话的考查。A 应为 So am I。D 项常用于祝福语或问候语的回答。 18.D 本题是动词的时态考查。答句的意思是:“当你掌握一些技巧时你就可以了。” 19.B 本题考查宾语从句的使用。whatever 引导了一个宾语从旬,意思是:“不管他(她)想要什么。“ 20.A 本题是对冠词的考查。两个空格都是泛指,所以选用不定冠词 a。 21.B 本题仍是考查时态的用法。run out 是指用完。由于受到后面句子中 before I’ve none in hand 的限制,表明钱还没用完。 22.B quite a few 指的是许多。后面空格 that 替代前面的单词 advice。 23.C hardly 在句首,主句要倒装,故可以排除其他三项。 24.C 本题考查动词的用法。首先理解句子的意思:“漫长的旅途中,彼特被证明是一个很有趣的导游。我们都玩得很开心。”prove 后接 to be+形容词,to be 可以省略。 25.A 本题是副词用法的考查。句子的意思是:“你和吉姆住得近吗?”“不,他住在城市的别处。”故 A 项符合题意。 26.C 本题考查状语从句的知识。where 引导一个状语从句。 27.C 本题是省略的使用。考生可以恢复原句:Some of the suspects(who were)questioned refused to answer and kept their mouths shut. 28.C 本题是倒装句的考查。注意 little 是否定词,所以反意疑问用肯定。 29.B 本题是固定用法的考查。too/quite…+形容词+a/an+名词是固定的结构用法。 30.B 本题是副词位置和动词时态的考查。be always doing 表示总是干什么 31.B 本题关键是抓住答语中提供的信息,“恐怕我做不好,因为我的日语很差。”所承接问旬 B 选项“我本该很高兴”最符合题意。 32.D 本题考查情态动词的用法,前一空填“可能”含义的情态动词,排除 A、B。后一空为惯用法,can't help doing 是禁不住干某事。 33.C 本题是形容词比较级的用法考查。as+adj.+as 表示“和……一样”。若 as 之间出现名词 j 排列顺序应为 as+a 由.+a/an+n.+as。 4.C 本题关键要抓住此事已发生。而答语中的行为在问句行为之前出现,所以前一空为一般过去时,后一空为过去完成时。 35.D 本题可以采用排除法。问句中提供整个过程表示过去的行为。情态动词后接完成时表示对过去的猜测,故排除 B、C。问句中 有“at about 11 p.m.”具体的时间点,所以选 D。 36.B mean 在本题中意为“想”,相当于 want,用法为 mean sb.to do, 。而 go in for 表示“从事”。整句话为一般过去时,故不定式之后 用完成时形式表过去。 37.C 本题考查 wish 后接宾词从句的用法。Wish 后接宾词从句,从句的谓语动词要用虚拟语气,因为题干提示与过去事实相反,故 用 had done。

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38.A 本题考查 hurt 的用法,hurt 是及物动词,“伤害某人”用 hurt+oneself;若 hurt 后未接名词,则必须用被动。类似的词还有:seat, dress 等等。 39. 本题考查省略的用法。 A 分句和主句的主语一致, when 引导分句的主语省略, 原句应为“when the highest mountain is compared with the size of the whole earth”。 40. 本题是典型的词语辨析题, D habit 通常为“生活习惯”, 为“法律”, law rule 为“条文规定”, custom 为“习惯”, 所以 D 项符合题意。 41.C 本题考查动词的用法。表示“剩下”的意思时,leave 为及物动词,应为“be left'’,remain 为不及物动词,故选 C。 42.A 本题考查冠词的用法。前者加定冠词 the,表示“一类”;后者为泛指。 43.C 本题关键为抓住题中提供的信息。“It was not a good idea'’表明动作发生于过去,情态动词后接动词完成式表明对过去动作的猜 测。 44.C 本题的时态考查具有一定的迷惑性。“she dropped in”发生于“play'’与“do some reading'’之间,故 play 用过去完成时,而 do some reading 用过去将来时。 45.A 本题为连词用法的考查,句子无承接和转折的意思,故排除 B、D,而 while 更强调两个动作同时发生,所以也不符合题意。 46.C 注意系动词用主动形式表示被动,如 The food tastes good. 47. 本题为词组的辨析, B worry about 意为“担心”, make fun 0f 意为“取笑”, 瑚 0f 意为“清除”, get take interest in 意为“对……感兴趣”, 故 B 项符合题意。 48.A 交际用法的考查关键抓住问句的提示,本题问句意思为“你去参观博物馆,感觉如何?”故 A 项符合题意,意思为“棒极了。” 49.C 本题关键是辨明横线后为完整句“two boys,aged 11 and 13,shot and killed a teacher and four girls'’,其中 aged 11 and 13 为插入 语。 50.C 本题是强调句和宾语从句的考查。宾语从句缺少主语,用 what。强调句中强调部分为疑问副词应提前,故选 C 项。 51.C 本题为四个形容词的区别,quiet 为“安静的”,secret 为“秘密的”,silent 为“沉默的”,calm 为“心情平静的”,故选 C 项。 52.C 本题只要理解题干的意思就能正确选出 C 项。“我的护照呢?或许我把它忘在飞机上了。”“天啊,你从来没丢过东西。” 53.D 本题答句中 fall out 的动作发生于过去,英语中情态动词后加动词的完成式表示对过去动作的猜测,故选 D。C 项意为“本来应 该掉出来”,不合题意。 54.D 本题考查祈使句的用法,考生只要知道祈使句的构成就很容易得出答案 D。 55.A 本题为定语从句,“Who Moved My Cheese?'’是定语从句的先行词。非限定性定语从句中用 which,不用 that。 56.D 本题是对惯用短语的考查,unless 意为“除非”,in case 为“万一”,as far as 为“就……而言”,as long as 为“只要”,显然 D 符合题 意。 57.C 非谓语动词的考查是本题的目的。see somebody doing 表示看见某人一直正在干某事,题干中只是将主动变成了被动。 58.B 本题考查被动语态的使用。travellers 是应该被提醒,故选 B 项。 59.A 第一空的答案要根据答语来判断。“needn't'’的出现表明第一空为“must”。后一空表猜测,可以用 could。 60.D 此题有一点难度,match 在本题中意思为“比得上……” 61.B 否定回答用 no,而不是 not,此题回答是省略的,原为 No,he won't. 62.A anything but 表示“根本不”的含义。 63.A needn't have done 意为“本来不需要”;D 为“本来不应该”。 64.B too…to 固定词组搭配,意为“太……以至于……”,含有否定的意思。 65.D 此题考查的是固定词组,get down to 后可直接接名词或动词-ing 形式。 66.B of the same 接名词用作表语,意为“同样的颜色”;be different in 接名词,表示在某方面不同。 67.A 此题考查动词的语态知识。hold 表示“容纳”,contain 表示“装着”时都用主动形式。 68.B suggest 意为“建议”,后接的宾语从句中用 should+动词,should 可以省略。 69.D think of 用于被动为 be thou 曲 t of,B 项 be fond of 后须接名词或代词;A、C 项后不用接 of。 70.A 答语中有 since 引导的时间状语,限定了句中的动词为持续性动词。 71.C 此题关键是 their failure 为名词词组,A 项 why 后须接句子。 72.A 此题考查的是省略的用法。前面的分句省略的主语为 I,所以动词要用被动。 73.C 此题考查冠词的用法。前空为泛指,后空为特指。 74.D 此题意为“你也许认为自己弄明白了,但这并不表明你有权力命令我。”所以 A、B、C 项都不符合题干的意思。 75.D 问句意为“我们去看哪部戏?”A、B、c 项答非所问。D 项意为“由你决定”。 76.D 此题考查日常交际用语知识,题干中问句是“长官,我不知道这是一条单行线”,所以回答“对不起,没有任何借口”,A、B、c 项都不符合问句所提供的信息。 本卷第 8 页(共 18 页) 。

77.D 本句考查动词的被动语态和时态,it+is+动词 ed 形式,to do 是固定的搭配用法。而 Bunsen Burner 的发明是过去发生的动作, 所以用完成时态。 78.C 本题考查时态的掌握情况,问句是“有人告诉我约翰今天早晨出了交通事故”,答句应为“我不相信,他不可能这么不小心。”只 有 c 项为此意思,shouldn't have done 表示“本来不应该……”,mustn't have done 表示“禁止做”。 79.A 此题为固定的动词词组用法。give sb.a hand to do something 意思与 help sb.(to)do 一样。 80.B 本题考查的是 be supposed to 的用法。题意为“你为什么还没完成作业?你上个周日就应该完成了。”在本题中 be supposed to have finished 相当于 should have finished,意为“本来应该完成而实际上没有”。 81.C 本题考查冠词的用法。题中后一空为两者都知道,特指,故用 the;前一空受到 of 引导的短语的修饰,所以也用 the。 82、本题考查省略的用法,thou 曲引导的分句中省略了 it is。意为“帐篷虽然很轻,但昨晚它仍牢牢地立在狂风中”。 83、本题考查定语从句的使用,题干意思为“用于治疗患有重病的孩子的钱很快被收齐。”所以 need 在句中使用被动形式。 84、本题是强调句的考查。考生可以将问句转为陈述句语气,这样题意就比较清晰:“It was how that they discovered the entrance to the underground place.” 85、本题考查情态动词不同含义的辨析。而题干中要求为“有时温度可能会很低”。只有 can 可以表示“可能”。 86、本题有一定的迷惑性,很多考生选择 B,但 belong to 这一固定词组关系,非常紧密,所以一般不提前,故 B 项错误。 87、本题第一空要千万当心 go late to some place 而不是 be late for,所以 B、C、D 三项错误,答句意思为“是的,我的妻子吃晚饭时晚 了一会儿。” 88、本题关键是抓住答句中所提供的信息,“It's hard to say'’,这表明回答者并不很肯定。而 prove 证明,show 表明,排除 A,B。前 一空 date from 意为“追溯至……” 89、本题首先需判断用被动,排除 c。后半分句表示所有的准备已经完成,直接用过去分词表示状态。 90、本题对话首先提供的信息为一般过去时,所以限定了所要填定信息的时态。would like to 一般用于表示现在时,而句中时态为过 去,所以需用 would have liked to 91.B enou 曲修饰形容词时要后置,修饰名词时要前置。 92.A in case 意为“以防万一”;as well 意为“也”;at least 意为“至少”;in need 意为“需要”。 93.B take up 意为“开始做”;set out 开始做应用 to do;go on 应用 with 表示继续;get down 应为 to do。 94.C 这句话意为“她非常喜欢这本字典,不管花费多少她都要买。”D 应为 however expensive。 95.A 抓住关键“or”,意为“否则”,所以前后意思相反。 96.B 首先 be belived to do 是固定用法;drop in at 接地点表示拜访某地。 97.A which 所引导的定语从句的先行词是题干的后半分句。要注意先行词的后置,不要被迷惑。 98.A fairly,lot,quite 不能修饰比较级,而只能修饰形容词的原形。 99.B 表示街道门牌号码用介词 at;地点的表示是先小后大。 100.D 注意答句中“have a change'’,说明是两者之间,排除 A、B 两项。both 修饰代词或名词应为 both of them 或 them both。所以应 为 D 项。

高考英语语法练习题精选( 三)100 题 1. --Hello, this is 77553861. A. How are you? B. Will you come tonight? C. Can I take a mesage? D. Is that Mike? 2. Tom suggested that we __________such a meeting, but Jenny insisted that it _________of great importance. A. not hold ; should be B. didn't hold ; be C. hold ; was D. not hold ; was 3. You should take the medicine after you read the __________. A. lines B. instructions C. words D. suggestions 4. --Hi, Tracy, you look tired. --I am tired. I__________ the living-room all day. A. painted B. have been painting C. had painted D. have painted 5. I'm sorry. I _____________ you__________ to me. A. don't know; are speaking
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B. don't know ;were speaking C. didn't know; were speaking D. didn't know; are speaking 6. "Please __________why you're so late," said his girlfriend. A. excuse B. explain C. apologize D. tell 7. The rescue team made every __________ to find the missing mountain climber. A. force B. energy C. effort D. possibility 8. --" Would you mind the window? It's hot here!" May said. --"__________. "Tom replied. A. to open ; No, please B. open ; Yes, please C. opening; No, of course not D. opening ; Yes, please 9. The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind his back. A. to be tied B. being tied C. tied D. having tied 10. The reason_________ he didn't come was _________ he had to take care of his sick mother. A. why ; that B. why ; which C. which ; why D. that ; for 11. We __________ so tired. We've only been to a party. A. mustn't have felt B. wouldn't have felt C. shouldn't have felt D. couldn't have felt 12. The girl__________ on the ground __________to me that she had___________ the book on the shelf. A. lying ; lay ; laid B. lay ; lied ; laid C. lie ; lied ; lay D. lying; lied ; laid 13. --I heard that as many as 4 000 people were killed in 9 --Yes. __________ news came as __________shock to us. A. the ; the B. the ; a C, / ; / D. / ; a 14. Neither of them knew what was doing. A. other B. others C. the other D. another 15. Sometimes words alone were not enough to _________pupils along the path of knowledge A. provide B. persuade C. advise D. cause 16. --What when I phoned you? A. had you done; finished B. were you doing; had just finished C. did you do; had just finished D. were you doing; was finishing 17. My uncle___________ until he was forty-five. A. married B. didn’t marry C. was not marrying D. would marry 18. Scientists say it may be five or ten years___________ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. before C. after D. when 19. --I can't find Mr. Smith. --It was in the hotel___________ he stayed. A. that B. where C. which D. since 20. Our new house is very___________ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes A. convenient B. comfortable C. natural D. helpful 21. --I don't think we have met before. --Yes, once at a party, but we___________. A. weren't introduced B. didn't introduce C. haven't introduced D. were not introducing
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22. You look so tired tonight. It is high time you_________. A. went to bed B. went to sleep C. go to bed D. to sleep 23. People greatly__________ in their views of life. A. lead B. differ C. bring D. struggle 24. __________ she couldn't understand was__________ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why B. That ; what C. What ; because D. 25.The __________ is just around the corner and you won't miss it. A. bicycle's shop B. bicycle shop C. bicycles shop D. bicycles’ shop 26. --The prison was ___________ fire last night. --Someone must have set fire___________ it. A. on ; with B. on ; to C. over; with D. should 27. Keep up good state of mind even if you___________ fail plenty of times. A. must B. will C. can D. should 28. Sandy could do nothing but _________ to his teacher that he was wrong. A. admit B. admitted C. admiting D. to 29. I know nothing about the young lady ___________ she is from Beijing. A. except B. except for C. except that D. besides 30. --Have you any oranges and apples? --__________ A. Yes, madam, on the second shelf over there B. The oranges are very cheap. C. You like apples, don’t you? D. Of course, we have some fruits. 31. We had ___________ wonderful time_________the party_______ other day. A. a,on,the B./,at,on C. a,at,the D./,on,/ 32. It's said that __________ is going to give us a lecture. A. an American famous young B. a famous American youg C. a famous young American D. a young famous American 33. Nearly________ of the surface of our planet is covered by water. A. seven-ten B. seven-tenth C. seven-tenths D. seventh-ten 34. You must have waited here for a long time ,___________you? A. mustn't B. didn't C. haven't D. hadn't 35. China has hundreds of islands, ___________ is Taiwan Island. A. among them the largest B. and the largest of which C. and the largest of them D. but in which the largest 36. --You don't look so well, Mary. What's the matter with you? --Why?___________. A. I'm quite myself B. Fine, think you C. I felt bad D. I'm not myself 37. This new-type machine____________ little room. A. takes up B. is taken up C. has been taken up D. is taking up 38. It is impossible for____________ little room. A. so, such B. so, so C. such a, so D. such, such 39. --You forgot your keys when you left home in the morning. --Good heavens,___________.
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A. so did I. B. so I did. C. so you did. D. so did you. 40. __________ it rain, the crops_____________. A. Shall,would be saved B. Should, would be saved C. Would, should be safe D. Were, might be safe 41. —Do you regret paying 500 dollars for your necklace? --No, I would gladly pay__________ for it. A. two times as much B. twice as many C. twice as much D. as twice as much 42.________ is quite natural,a beginner can't read the books written in English very quickly. A. Which B. As C. What D. It 43. Take a taxi,___________ you'll miss your train. A. in B. during C. throughout D. within 45. I coutdn't have got to the meeting on time____________ an earlier train. A. if I had not caught B. unless I had caugh C. if ! did not catch D. unless I caugh 46. The black horse is___________ of the pair. A. the strongest B. the stronger C. the strong D. quite strong 47. It is a rule in his family that __________ comes home earlier should cook the dinner for the family. A. anybody B. who C. who that D. whoever 48. I really wonder__________ he has posted me many parcels___________ we didn’t work together. 49. --How long ___________ each other before they__________ married? --For about a year. A. have they known;get B. did they know; were going to get C. do they know;are going to get D. had they known; got 50. Michael __________ here to see you and he____________ a note on your desk. A. has come; had left B. has been; has left C. has come; left D. has been; left 51. —When__________ and visit our exhibition next month? — When_______, I will let you know. A. will he come; he will come B. will he come; he comes C. does he come; he will come D. does he come; he comes 52. What worried the child most was _________ to visit his mother in the hospital. A. his not allowing B. his not being allowed C. his being not allowed D.having not been allowed 53. I__________ you somewhere before, but your name has escaped me_________. A. must see;for a moment B. must have seen; for a moment C. must see;for the moment D. must have seen; for the moment 54. We're leaving at six o'clock ,and hope_________ most of the journey by lunch time. A. to do B. to have done C. to make D. to have made 55. She was afraid __________ the dog in case it became dangerous. A. of exciting B. to excite C. that she excited D. to be exciting 56.The bad weather meant__________ the rocket launch(发射)for 48 hours,. A.delaying B.having delayed C.to delay D.to have delayed 57.D0 you consider it any good__________the truck again? A.to repair B.repairing
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C.repaired D.being repairing 58._____________to somebody,a British person often shakes hands with the stranger. A.Introducing B.To introduce C.To be int.roduced D.On being introduced 。 59.__________ in thought,he almost ran into the car in front of him. A.Losing B.Having lost C.Lost D.To 60.Mary ___________to see you.She._________ for you downstairs at the moment. A.has come;is waiting B.came;is waiting C.has come;waited D.came;was waiting 61. --Have you ever seen Peter recently? --Yes. He__________ me to ask you how you___________ along with your new job these days. A. has asked;have been getting B. asked ;were getting C. often asks;are getting D. asked;are getting 62. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see___________ the next year A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out 63. --I'll help you whenever you need me, --I would love____________. A. you helping B. that you'll help C. you to help D. that you help 64. I hope____________ the job she's applied for(申请). A. she's going to get B. she'll get C. she is to get D. she decides to get 65. Mrs. Green wants to buy that kind of cloth because she___________ that the cloth__________ very well. A. has been told;washes B. is told;is washed C. has been told ;is washed D. is told ;is washed 66. Let us not waste____________ time we have left. A. the little B. little C. a little D. a little more 67. I think the doctor is able to cure of A. all B. what C. whatever D. anything 68. __________ , we'll come to see you again. A. If time will permit B. Time permits C. Time permitting D. Time permited 69. --Nancy is not coming tonight. --But she ___________ ! A. promises B. promised C. will promise D. had promised 70.__________ some maddals came to live in the sea is not A. Which B. Since C. Although D. How 71. --Paul, I'd like to have a talk with you at tea break. -- __________ Have what with me? A. Yes, please. B. Sorry? C. Thanks. D. You're welcome. 72. If you ____________ stop smoking, you can only expect to have a bad cough. A. won’t B. would not C. do not D. can not 73. He's unlucky,and he's always suffering____________ luck one after another. A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill 74. The news about the terrible flood there greatly discouraged __________ there for a sightseeing. A. us from going B. us to go C. our going D. our to go
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75. If I had__________ , I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places. A. a logn enough holiday B an enough long holiday C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough 76. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to__________. A. put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out 77. Besides Tom, ________ Crosettes have two other sons, __________ of whom are all interested in making model planes. A. 不填; two B. 不填; the two C. the, three D. the, the three 78. Mr. Zhang gaVeall textbooks to all the pupils, except___________ who had already taken tem. A. these B. dnes C. the ones D. the others 79. ____________professional violinist practices for several hours a day, but____________ violinist has his own way of playing the Beethoven concert. A. Each, every B. Every, each C. One, a D. All, each 80.—Who has taken my pen away? —__________. He was here a moment ago. A. It must be Li Ping B. It is Li Ping take C. Li Ping is D. Li Ping must take 81. My dictionary__________. I have looked for it everywhere but still A. has lost;do not find B. is missing;do not find C. has lost;have not found D. is missing;have not found 82. Shortly after the accident, two___________ police were sent to the spot to keep order. A. dozens of B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozen 83. —May I have another chocolate? —Yes, of course.___________. A. Take it yourself B. Eat it, please C. Help yourself D. Have it yourself 84. We will take________ wants to go there for a sight - seeing. A. whoever B. who C. anybody D. all that 85. I caught the last bus from town, but Harry came home___________ that night. A. very late B. even later C. the same late D. the last one 86. --What was the party like? --Wonderful. It is years_____________ I enjoyed myself so much. 87. Isn't it very kind __________ your parents to do that for us? A. for B to C. about D. of 88. There is a _________ of 1000 dollars for the return A. reward B. prize C. thank D. prsise 89. A man does not know the difficulty of anything_________ he does it personally. A. although B. if C. because D. unless 90. I don't remember___________ to the airport that year. A. to be taken B. being taken C. having D. to take 91. We liked the oil painting better____________ we looked at it. A. as B. while C. the D. the more 92. I don't skate now, but I___________ when I was a kid. A. used to B. am used to it C. sued D. used to do 93. He didn’t seem to mind_____________ TV while he was trying to study A. them to watch B. that they watch C. their watching D. watching
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94. Flight BA 123 to Vienna is now boarding at A. Gate 21 B. 21St Gate C. the Gate 21 D. 21 Gate 95. --Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? --Yes. As you saw , ________ party went on in____________ most pleasant atmosphere. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; a 96. —He isn’t particular about his food. —Yes, he eats_____________ anything. A. nearly B. mostly C. almost D. possibly 97. You____________ this morning if you really wanted to see it yourself. A. ought to come B. mostly C. almost D. possibly 98. __________ you understand the rule, you will have no further difficulty. A. While B. Once C. Though D. Unless 99. --Whose advice do you think I should take? --___________. A. You speak B. That's it C. It’s up to you D. You got it 100. Jack is one of those men who_________ best evening the most difficult situations. A. his B. your C. their D. one's
答案与解析 1.D 本题考查日常的交际用语。此题只要细心一些,应该不难找出答案。 2.D 本题是虚拟语气的考查,虽然高考对虚拟语气不作要求,但是此题涉及单词的使用,还是值得重视。前一空中本应为 should not hold,但 should 省略;后一空不用虚拟语气,insist 在这儿指“坚决认为”。 3.B 本题是词语的辨析。instructions 通常是指说明和说明书,故 B 选项符合题意。 4.B 本题是对动词时态的考查。解此题的关键是抓住答语中的 aⅡday,而 D 项只表示动作已经完成,没有强调一直做。 5.C 本题一直是考生的一个难点。一定要注意 I am sorry 表明后面所说的动作已经发生,要用一般过去式。 6.B 本题是四个动词的辨析。excuse 表示“借口”、“原谅”等意思,explain 表示“解释”;apologize 为不及物动词,后接 for。 7.C 本题是一道名词的辨析题。make every effort 是固定的词组,意为“付出努力”。 8.C 本题是在情境对话中考查非谓语动词。mind 后必须接动词-ing 形式,可以排除 A、B 两项。后一空依靠理解可以正确解答。“不, 我不介意。”。 9.C 本题又是一道独立主格结构中的省略考查。同样的方法,将原句恢复:“with hands(where were)tied behind his back.” 10.A 本题是一道定语从句与宾语从句的交叉考查。why 引导的从句作为句中的定语,that 引导的从句作为句中的宾语。 11.C 本题是情态动词的考查。should(not)后接动词的完成式表示“本来(不)应该做但实际上做了”的含义。 12. 本题词型相近的几个动词的辨析。 表示“撒谎”, B lie 过去式和过去分词分别是 lied, lied; 表示“躺”, 分别是 lay, lain。 表示“放”, lay 过去式和过去分词分别是 laid,laid。 13.B 本题是冠词的考查。News 特指前面一个人所说的话,所以加上 the;后一个空为固定用法,a shock t0 sb.表示“给某人震惊”。 14.D 本题是代词的考查。理解句子的意思就比较容易分析此题:“他们谁也不知道其他人干什么。”只有 D 选项符合题意。 15.B 本题是动词词义的辨析。provide 表示“提供”; ,pemuade 表示“劝服”;advise 表示“建议”;cause 表示“引导”,所以 B 项是正确 的。 16.B 前一个空受到 when I phoned you 的限制,要用过去进行时。后一个空关键是理解,“我刚刚完成作业,开始洗澡”。 17.B 本题是考查 until 的用法。记住如果 until 前的谓语动词是短暂性动词要用 not…until;如果前面是持续性动词,则直接用 until。 18.B 本题是考查连词的用法。本题的关键是理解句子的含义:“科学家说还需要五到十年才有可能将药物在人体身上进行实验。”只 有 B 选项符合题意。 19.B 本题是定语从句的考查。考生一定要注意不能和强调句混淆。因为本题中的 it 是用于上个问句的回答,不是用于强调句的起首。 20.A 本题是形容词的辨析。convenient 表示“方便的”;comfortable 表示“舒适的”;natural 表示“自然的”;helpful 表示“有帮助的”。 21.A 本题是动词的语态考查。introduce 是及物动词,后面需要有一个名词。本题中 introduce 后没有宾语,所以用被动,意思是:“但 是没有给我们介绍。” 22.A 本题是虚拟语气的考查。It is(hi 曲)time that 后接的从句中谓语动词需用过去式。go to bed 是固定用法。 本卷第 15 页(共 18 页)

23.B 本题是四个动词的辨析。解此题关键是理解旬意:“人们在生活的看法上有很大的不同。”differ in 表示:“在……不同”。 24.A 本题是主语从句和宾语从句的共同考查。what 引导主语从句,同时充当 understand 的宾语。why 引导定语从句。 25.B 本题是对名词作定语相关知识的考查。在此题中 bicycle 作为分类名词直接修饰后面的名词 shop,而不用’s。类似还有 coffee cup 等。 26.B 本题是介词的固定用法考查。on fire 是指“着火”;set fire to 是指“放火”。 27.B 本题是情态动词考查。关键是理解句意:“即使你失败很多次,也得保持良好的心态。”must 意为“必须”,不符题意;can 通常 表示能力;should 表示“应该”。所以 will 表示对将发生的事作一推测。 28.A 本题是惯用法的考查。but 后引导的动词通常情况下用 to d0,但若 but 前出现动词 do,则省略 to,直接使用动词原形。 29.C 本题是词类的辨析。 except 表示“除了”, 排除的事物不包括在主语的范围内。except for 表示“美中不足”。 except that 表示“除了”, 后接从句。besides 表示“除了”,排除的事物包括在主语的范围内。 30.A 本题是日常交际用语的考查。考生解此题的关键是理解题干的含义:“你有桔子和苹果吗?”故 A 选项符合题意 31.C 本题是冠词的考查。have a wonderful time 就相当于 have a good time;the other day 表示“前几天”。 32.C 本题是形容词知识的考查。famous 是描绘性形容词,应放在前面,American 指的是国籍,放在 young 之后。 33.C 本题是数词用法的考查。分数词的分子是基数词,分母是序数词。分子除了 1 以外,分母的序数词要用复数。 34.C 本题是反意疑问句的考查。must 的反意疑问句不是对 must 进行反问,因为陈述句部分中有 for a long time,所以对 have waited 进行反问。 35.C 本题是复合句的考查,and 连接两个并列句。 36.A 本题是交际用语的考查。对话中 why?是语气词,表示不同意的语气。I'm quite myself 意为“自我感觉良好”。 37.A 本题是动词语态的考查。take up 表示“占据”,此处指新式机器的优点。 38.C 本题是副词惯用法的考查。so+adj.+a/an+n.和 such+a/an+adj. +n. 但是一旦句中出现 little(少),much,many,few 必须用 s。 。此题中 little 是形容词“小的”。 39.B 本题是省略的用法考查。注意两人对话中的 you 和 I 是同一个人,所以用 so +I+did。 40.B 本题是虚拟语气和它的省略的考查。主从句谓语都是对将来情况的虚拟形式。if 从句中如果出现 should,had,were,可以省略 if,将 should,had,were 倒装。 41.C 本题是比较级的倍数表达法。倍数要放在 as..as 之前,而且钱的多少要用 . 42.B 本题是连词的使用考查。as 引导非限制性定语从句,表示“正如……那样”的含义。 43.C 祈使旬可用来取代 if 从句来表示评论、提出要求、发出忠告或威胁等。用祈使句比用 if 从句表达更强的紧迫性。在表示评论和 要求时,其连词用 and,表示忠告时用连词 otherwise,表示威胁时,用连词 or。 44. 介词 during 后面总是一个表示时间的名词, B 这一名词可以指整段时间。 这一名词也可以指一段时间中的时点或时刻, She has 如: phoned him four times during the last half an hour。(在刚才的半个小时内,她给他打过四次电话。)在这个例句里 during 可以被介词 in 代替, 因为 in 具有 within a period(在一段时间内)的意思。 45.B if..not 和 unless 有时也不能互相替换。unless 不能用于“由于未发生 B 而发生 A”的句子里,如:1 will be quite 斟 ad if she does . not come this evening。unless 常用来引导一个谈及过去的事后的想法,unless 从句跟着主句,通常用破折号而不是逗号将它与主句分开。 46.B 英语表示“两个里择一的哪一个更._.…?”的名词前的比较级前面应该使用定冠词 the。pair 的词义是“一对”或“一双”,此处的 the pair 词义是 two horses fastened side by side to a cart(两匹套在车辕的马)。因此,此处应该使用 the stronger。 47.D whoever 有两个词义:(1)no matter who,在这种用法时引导一个让步状语从句;(2)anybody that,在这种用法时,它连接一个名 词性从句,在本题中它连接的是主语从句。 48.D 英语中的连词 since 有这样的特性:终止其后从句中的延续性的谓语动词的动作。第二个空白处填人 since 之后,这个从句的意 思是:自从我们不在一起工作起。此外,since 还可使其后从句里的非延续性的谓语的动作延续。例如:It is 15 years since he joined the Army.(他参军已经十五年了。) 49.D 根据句意分析,他们结婚是已过去的事,那么,他们互相了解大约一年的时间肯定发生在结婚前,发生在过去某一动作之前的 动作,应该使用过去完成时。 50.D 此处的 has been here 表示“刚才到这儿来过”,从字面上看这个表达方式是现在完成时,但实际上这个表达方式的内涵是该人已 不在此处了。因此这个动作是发生在过去的事,那么该在你的书桌上留便条的动作也该用一般过去时。 51.B 第一句中的时间状语 next month 确定了这句的一般将来时的时态,然而第二句是由 when 引导的时间状语从句,在时间状语从 句中只能用一般现在时表示一般将来时。 52.B 本题考查动名词的用法。由于 allow 与逻辑主语 child 形成被动关系,再者,动名词的否定形式是 not+动名词构成。

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53.D mlast 与不定式的完成时连用表示对过去发生的事持肯定态度的推断,在疑问句中用 can,在持否定态度的推断时用 can not。for a moment 表示一个动作延续了一会儿,而 for the moment 则表示“目前;暂时”。 54.B 不定式的完成时用来表示这个动作发生在谓语动作之前,或是表示该动作的完成。本题中不定式的完成时表示的正是该动作的 完成,因此这句话可改写为:We're leaving at six o'clock,and hope that we will have done most the iourney bv lunch time. 55.B be afraid 后面既可以跟不定式 be afraid t0 d0 sth. ,又可以跟动名词 be afraid of doing sth. ,但前者的意思是:害怕/不敢做某事; 后者的意思为:对可能出现的结果的发愁或忧虑。 56.A mean 后既可跟不定式(mean to do sth.),又可以跟名词 mean doing sth.,两者内涵是有很大区别的,前者表示“故意去做;诚心 去做”而后者表示“意味着要做”。 57.B 本题是固定用法的考查。It is good 后面需接动词.ing 形式。 58.D 很明显,句中的空白处应选用非谓语动词的被动形式。如果将 C 项填人空白处,虽然这个不定式是被动形式,但不定式短语处 于句首是充当目的状语,或是充当含有虚拟意义的动名词时,其意为:“一……就……”,但介词 on 后带被动态的动名词,除上述意义外, 还可表示:“在……的时候”。 59.C 过去分词有三个用途:(1)表示被动,如:the oppressed people(=people who are oppressed) 被压迫的人们; (2)表示完成,如:the fallen leaves (=the leaves which have fallen) 落叶: (3)表示状态,如 lostin though 陷入沉思。 60. A 解本题需要使用逆向思维,先考虑第二个空白处的选项,再考虑第一空白处的答案。因为第二句中交代了一个重要的时间状语; at the moment (现在) ,因此应毫不犹豫地选择 is waiting 这一现在进行时的时态。据此,第一句的句意也就随着清晰起来:“玛丽已 经到这儿来看望你。”很明显表示对现在选成影响的动作使用在完成时态 61.D 文句的含义是:“近来你见到彼德了吗?”第一个答语是肯定的,后面的动作是过去的事,因此使用 asked。第二空是否受 asked 的制约,要由离第二个空白处最近的动词决定,离它近的是动词不定式 to ask,据此根据句意,第二个空白处应该使用现在进行时。 62.C 本题考查的是定语从句的用法。在这个定语从句里,they 是其主语,would like to see 是其复合谓语,that 修饰的是先行词 the plan,同时 that 也是 see 的宾语,the plan 是被执行的,被实施的,只有过去分词可以表示被动。 63.C 本题考查的是动词不定式,应该掌握 1 would love/like to do/have done 这个固定用法。所以本题的正确答案是 C。 64. will 或 shall 用来表示希望或期望。 B 因此在表示与希望有关的动词或动词短语的宾语从句中的将来时态时, 要用 will 或 shall。 这些动词或短语是:hope,expect,be sure,believe,think,suppose,doubt 和 be afraid 等。 65.A 根据语境,第一个空白处应该使用现在完成时的被动语态,第二个空白处应该选用 washes,因为 wash 这个动词也可作不及物 动词使用,它的词意是“耐洗”。英语中 This cloth washes well 表达的是:这布很耐洗。 66.A 一般地说,不定代词 many,little 或 few 前是不许使用定冠词的,但是如果他们修饰的名词有特指或限定意义时,它们前面就 应使用定冠词了。如:I soon finished the few books she had lent me.(她借给我的那几本书,我很快就看完了乎) 67.C whatever 具备两个意思,其一是 no matter what,引导让步状语从句;其二是 anything that,引导名词性从句,在本题中, whatever 引导的是一个宾语从句,whatever 在这个宾语从句中被用作主语。 68.C 本题考查独立主格结构的相关知识。独立主格结构在句中作条件状语,逻辑上应该是“如果时间允许的话”。 69.B 本题是对动词的时态的考查,考生只要抓住句中 not coming,说明“答应”发生的时间是在过去。故使用动词的一般过去式。 70.D 该句的从句由疑问副词 how 引导的主语从句。选项 B、C 中的 since 和 a1.though 不能引导主语从句;选项 A 中的 which 虽能 引导主语从句,但与 some 矛盾。 71.B 本题是交际用语的考查。解此题的关键是看到答句中 have what with me,说明说话人没有听清楚问话人,只有 B 项符合题意。 72.A will 除了用作表示将来时的助动词外,还可用来强调愿意或不愿意。又如:If you will/would wait a moment,1 will fetch the money。但是在表示不肯或不愿意时,则只能使用 won't,不能使用 would not。 73.D 英语中的名词有可数与不可数之分,luck 是不可数名词,用来修饰贬意的 luck 的形容词有 bad,poor 或 ill,这时 ill 的词义 是:不好的。 74.A discourage 与 encourage 互为反义词。英语中说“鼓励某人做某事”时使用 encourage sb.to do sth. ,但如果表示“使某 人没勇气做某事”时,不能用 discourage sb.to do sth. ,其正确形式是:discourage sb from doing stho 75.A 本题是形容词序的排列。enough 修饰形容词应该后置,修饰名词应该前置。 76.D 本题的关键是理解题干的意思。句子的含义是:“没有人注意到小偷进屋,因为那时灯熄了。”符合题意的只有 D 项。 77.D 在英语的姓氏前使用定冠词,表示的是这个姓氏的一家人或这个姓氏的夫妇:“the+数词+0f+代词”这一结构表示该代词的总 数是前面的数词表示的数量, 而“数词+.of+代词”结构中的代词表示的量肯定大于前面数词表示的数量。 78.C one 本来是数词,但也可用作不定代词,代替前面刚提到的一个东西或人,避免重复前面刚提到的名词,有时 one 可以有自己 的定语或冠词,甚至可以有复数形式。

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79.B every 与 each 都是指“每一个”,但内涵不一样。every 与 all 含义很接近。英文中常用 every 进行概括,强调事物或人的总 体性,而 each 则表示个别概念,当我们说 each violinist 时,我们想到的是每个不同的人做着不同的事。 80.A 本题是对情态动词的考查。句意表示肯定的推测用 must,而 it 指问句中提到的 who。 81.D lose 是个及物动词,如果要表示某物丢失了,只能用被动语态。A 项与 C 项 词义是:lost;not to be found(丢失了), 定形式,因为它可以表示目前还未发生的动作。 82.D 英语中一些表示数字的名词的前面如果用了数词,这些名词必须是单数形式,如 dozen(一打),score(二十)和 head(头)等,例 如:另外两打鸡蛋 another two dozen eggs。但是如果这些名词用来虚指某些可数名词时,这些名词呈复数形式,其后要加上介词 of, 例如:dozens of pencils(几十支铅笔)。 83.C 本题是口语中习惯用法。help yourself 表示“请自便”。考生只要理解了题意便能比较容易找出答案。 84.A whoever 具备两个意思,其一是 no matter who,引导让步状语从句;其二是 anyone who,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whoever 引导的是一个宾语从句,whoever 在这个宾语从句中用作主语。 85.B 形容词或副词的比较级有时可以使用在暗示比较句中。暗示比较现象往往出现在带有 but 的并列句里,或带有让步状语从句的 主句里。第一分句交代的是暗示某种程度的被比对象,在第二分句里以比较级的形式出现。 86.D 英语中“It is+时间”有三种不同的用法。其一是:“It is+时间+that?”,这是强调结构的句型;其二是:“It is+一段时 间 before?”,这一句型的意思是:“完这个从句所表示的事所需的时间量”;其三是:“It is+一段时间+since..”这一句型表示的 . 是从从句中动词的动作起所延续的时间。 87.D 本题是固定用法的考查。It is+形容词+of/for+sb.+t0 do 是固定的句型。但两个句型用法不同,如果形容词表示人的性质, 如 kind,nice 等必须用 of。 88.A 本题是词语辨析题。只要理解 the return of the gold ring,考生就能知道 1000 称它为“反面的惟一条件句”,如: 词-ing 形式表示“记得干了某事” 91.D 本题是比较级的使用。原句的意思是:“我们越看那幅油画,我们就越喜欢。”所以选项 D 符合题意。 92.A 本题是词语辨析。used to 表示“过去常常”,后面常接动词原形,be used to 后接动词-ing 形式,名词或代词,表示“习惯于……”。 93.C 本题是非谓语动词的考查。Mind 的后面必须接动词的一 ing 形式。 94.A 本题是名词和数词的考查。数词放在名词前用序数词,放在名词后面用基数词。 95. 本题是冠词的考查。 A party 是两个人都知道的, 用定冠词。 后一个空的关键是理解 most 的含义, 在句子中指“非常”, 相当于 very。 96.C 本题主要是理解句子的含义。“他几乎吃所有的东西。”nearly 通常用于否定句。 97.C 本题是情态动词的考查。ought to have done 表示“本来应该做但实际上没有做”,相当于 should have done。 98.B 本题考查连词的区别辨析。once 指的是“一旦”。 99.C 本题是情景对话的考查。句子的意思是“你认为我应该听取谁的建议?”“那得由你决定。”只有 c 项符合句意。 100.C 本题是一道相对比较难的题。关键是理解 who 引导的定语从句先行词是 those men dollars 是作为答谢,故用 reward。 89.D 连词 unless 本身具有否定意义:i£. .not,引导的是否定的条件句,这种否定的条件句从反面来强调的语气,一些语法学家 One cannot master a foreign language well unless he studies it hard. 90.B 本题是非谓语动词的考查。remember 后可接动词不定式或动词-ing 形式,但含义不同。不定式表示‘‘记得要干还没干”,动 使用的都是其主动形式。missing 是形容词,其 据此,第一空缺处应填人 is missing。根据语境,第二个空缺处应填使用现在完成时的否

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