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新人教选修7 Unit5 Travelling abroad-Language points[课件]

Language points
1. Six months ago Xie Lei said goodbye to her family and friends in China and boarded a plane for London. 六个月以前, 谢蕾告别中国的家人和 六个月以前 朋友, 登上了飞往伦敦的飞机。 朋友 登上了飞往伦敦的飞机。

/> board n.&v. 1) v.上(船,火车 公共汽车 飞机等) 火车,公共汽车 飞机等) 火车 公共汽车,飞机等 2) n.木板 布告牌 木板,布告牌 3) v.寄宿 付费 寄宿,付费 付费……膳宿 膳宿 eg: During his stay in England he boarded with a friend. 相关的短语: 与board相关的短语:

on board 在(飞机、船、车)上 飞机、 飞机 上 boarding school 寄宿学校 a boarding card 登机卡 2. It was the first time she had ever left her motherland. the first time 的用法:该句使用了句型 的用法:该句使用了句型"It
is+ the+序数词 序数词+time+ that从句 that从句 从句", 从句 序数词 从句 中的谓语常用现在完成时。 中的谓语常用现在完成时。

句型: 句型 This/ It is the first ( second…) time ( that ) sb. has done sth. This / It was the first (second…) time (that ) sb. had done sth. 这是我第二次参观长城。 这是我第二次参观长城。 It is the second time that I have visited the Great Wall. It was the second time that I had visited the Great Wall.

辨析: 辨析 the first time与for the first time 与 the first time 作n. 或conj. for the first time 介词短语用作状语. 介词短语用作状语 I thought her honest ___ I met her. A. first time B. for the first time C. the first time C D. by the first time

这句话的意思是: 第一次和她见面时 第一次和她见面时, 这句话的意思是 “第一次和她见面时 我 就认为她诚实。 第一次” 就认为她诚实。” “第一次”英语为the

first time, the first time I met her相当于 相当于
when I first met her for the first time的意思 的意思 作为第一次” 是 “作为第一次”。 如: He cast his net for the first time. 他撒了 第一网。 第一网。for the first time的作用相当于一个 的作用相当于一个 副词。 副词。

It’s time for sth. 该做某事了。 该做某事了。 It's time that...中, that从句中的谓语

"(should不能省略)。 。 It's time we started. (It's time we should start.)

3. She is halfway through the preparation year, which most foreign students complete before applying for a degree course. preparation n. 准备 The boy was very lazy. He did little preparation for the exam. 这男孩很懒, 这男孩很懒,他对考试几乎没有事先 准备。 准备。

相关的短语: 与prepare相关的短语 相关的短语 be prepared for sth. / to do sth. 对某事做好准备 prepare for sth. / to do sth. 为某事做准备 make preparations for sth. / to do sth. 为某事做准备

prepare sb.(sth.)for sth. / to do sth. ( ) 使某人对某事做准备 in preparation 在准备中 make preparation 做准备

4. Xie Lei highly recommends it. highly adv. 1) 高度的 a highly developed economy 高度发达的经济 2) very 很, 非常 highly skilled/intelligent 十分熟练/聪明 十分熟练 聪明

辨析: 辨析 highly和high 和 high表示空间高度 通常指物; 表示空间高度, 通常指物; 表示空间高度 highly表示程度,相当于much。 表示程度,相当于 。 表示程度 The plane was flying high. I think highly of your opinion.

Although he was disabled when he was only ten years of age, yet he aimed ________, for which his classmates spoke ________ of him. A. high; high B. highly; highly C. highly; high D. high; highly D

recommend vt. 1) 推荐,赞许 推荐, He recommended a book to his students. 2) 劝告,建议 劝告,
不定式作宾语。 后接doing 不接to do不定式作宾语。

I recommend buying that pen.

The doctor recommend his patient to go out for a walk.
类似用法的单词还有: 类似用法的单词还有

allow/advise/forbid/permit等. 3) recommend 表示主观判断,推测, 表示主观判断,推测,
建议,命令,要求的动词, 建议,命令,要求的动词,通常引起虚 拟语气的宾语从句, 拟语气的宾语从句,从句谓语动词常用

should+ v.原形,且should可以 原形,

省略, 类似的单词有: 省略 类似的单词有 suggest/

insist /recommend/propose/ require/request/demand They demanded that the right to vote be given to every adult. We insisted that Mr. Brown chair the meeting.

5. It’s not just study that is difficult.
困难不仅仅在学习方面。 困难不仅仅在学习方面。

It is (was) 被强调部分+ that (who) +句子其他部分。 句子其他部分。
此结构强调的成分仅限于主语, 此结构强调的成分仅限于主语,宾语 和状语。 和状语。 It is from the sun that we get light

and heat.

It was not until I had read your letter that I understood the true state of affairs. 1) It was last night ___ I see the comet. A. the time C. that C B. when D. which

2) It is ten years ___ Miss Green returned to Canada. A. that C. C. since B. when D. as

6. You have to get used to a whole new way of life, which can take up all your concentration in the beginning. 1) get used to 习惯做某事 后接名 习惯做某事, 词或doing形式。 形式。 词或 形式 I have got used to the local custom.

辨析: 辨析 be used to do, used to do与 be 与

used to doing ? be used to do 被用作 被用作…… The table is used to put on things. ? used to + do:“过去常常”表示过 : 过去常常”
去习惯性的动作或状态, 去习惯性的动作或状态,但如今已不存 在。

Mary used to take a walk. (过去常常散步 过去常常散步) 过去常常散步 ? be used to + doing: 对……已感到 : 已感到 习惯,或“习惯于”,to是介词, 是介词, 习惯, 习惯于” 是介词 后需加名词或动名词。 后需加名词或动名词。 Mary is used to taking a walk. (现在习惯于散步 现在习惯于散步) 现在习惯于散步

He used to get up late. But now he is used to getting up early.
他过去习惯晚起, 但现在他习惯早起床。 他过去习惯晚起 但现在他习惯早起床。

2) take up 1) 占去时间 I won’t take up much of your time.
我不会占用你太多时间。 我不会占用你太多时间。

2) 占去空间 The big bed takes up a lot of room. 3) 从事于,专注于 从事于, He took up maths while at school.

[考例 Helen always helps her mother 考例] 考例 even though going to school ______ most of her day. (广东 广东2004) 广东 A. takes up C. saves up B. makes up D. puts up

占据。 组成, [点拨 take up 占据。make up组成 构成, 点拨] 点拨 组成 构成, 虚构; 储蓄; 张贴,搭建。 虚构;save up储蓄 put up 张贴,搭建。 储蓄 因此选择A。 因此选择 。

相关的短语: 与take相关的短语 相关的短语 take away take in sth. take off take on take over take turn 拿走, 拿走 离开 接受 take in sb. 欺骗 起飞, 取消 起飞 呈现, 呈现 承担 接管 轮流

You have to get used to a whole new way of life, which can take up all your concentration in the beginning. [考点 which引导的非限制性定语从句指 考点] 考点 引导的非限制性定语从句指 代前面的一句话。 代前面的一句话。which引导的非限制性 引导的非限制性 定语从句不仅能修饰前面的先行词, 定语从句不仅能修饰前面的先行词,还 可指代前面的一句话。 可指代前面的一句话。

[考例 By serving others, a person 考例1] 考例 focuses on someone other than himself or herself, ______ can be very eye-opening and rewarding. A. who B. which (湖南 (湖南2007) 湖南2007) C. what D. that

[点拨 此句是 点拨] 此句是which引导的非限制性定语 点拨 引导的非限制性定语 从句, 指代前面的整个句子。 从句 指代前面的整个句子。

[考例 Chan’s restaurant on Baker 考例2] 考例 Street, ______ used to be poorly run, is now a successful business. (浙江 浙江2007) 浙江 A. that B. which C. who D. where

[点拨 此句的先行词是 点拨] 此句的先行词是Chan’s 点拨 restaurant, 空格处在后面的定语从句中 作主语, 故用which。 作主语 故用 。

7. When I got lost and had to ask a passerby directions, I didn’t always understand. 当我迷路, 不得不向过路人问路时, 当我迷路 不得不向过路人问路时 我 并不是总能明白。 并不是总能明白。 got lost是由“get+过去分词”构成的 是由“ 过去分词” 是由 过去分词 短语,类似的还有 短语,类似的还有get excited, get married, get hurt, get paid, get dressed, get drunk.

8. Xie Lei lives with a host family who give her lots of good advice. 谢蕾住在当地一户人家里, 谢蕾住在当地一户人家里,这家人给 了她很多的建议。 了她很多的建议。 host vt.& n. 1) 主人 2) 主持人 Your host on tonight’s show is Mr Li.

3) 主办 主持或作为主人接待客人 主办, He will host the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. hostess n. 女主持人,女主人 女主持人,

9. I was numb with shock! 我惊得发呆! 我惊得发呆! 句中with用来表示原因,意为“因 用来表示原因,意为“ 句中 用来表示原因 为,由于”。 由于” Her face was pale with cold.

10. Besides, as far as he was concerned, what other people thought was not the most important thing. 另外,他还说别人的想法不是最重要的 另外, 事情。 事情。 1) besides besides 用作介词 作“除……之外 用作介词, 之外, 之外 还有” 还有”;

There are five other people besides both of us. 除了我们两人之外, 还有五个人。 除了我们两人之外 还有五个人。 它还可以用作副词, 还有, 它还可以用作副词,作“还有,而 含有肯定和附加的意思。 且”解。含有肯定和附加的意思。 I don’t want to go out for a walk. Besides, I’m very hungry. 我不想出去散步, 况且我很饿了。 我不想出去散步 况且我很饿了。

注意: 注意: ? beside是介词,意为“在……旁边” 是介词,意为“ 旁边” 旁边 (=next to)。 )。 I often sit beside the driver.
我常常坐在司机旁边。 我常常坐在司机旁边。

? except是“除……之外 不包括本身在 之外(不包括本身在 之外
的意思, 内)”的意思,含有否定和排除的意思, 的意思 含有否定和排除的意思, 表示除去一部分,着重在“不包 表示除去一部分,着重在“ 的含义。 括”(not including)的含义。 的含义

We invited every boy student except Bob. 除了鲍勃外,我们邀请了所有的男生。 除了鲍勃外,我们邀请了所有的男生。 (鲍勃不包括在内 鲍勃不包括在内) 鲍勃不包括在内

-- They all agree _____ George. Has the project been passed? -- Who _____ George can make the final decision? A. A. except; except B. except; besides C. but; but D. besides; but

Does John know any other foreign language ________ French? A. except B. but C. C. besides D. beside

2) concern v. 涉及,关系到 关心 涉及,关系到, n. (1) 关系或利害关系之事 (2) 关心 担心 关心,担心 Don't interfere in what doesn't concern you. 别管与自己无关的事。 别管与自己无关的事。

Our losses are beginning to concern me. 我们的损失使我担心起来。 我们的损失使我担心起来。 习惯用法: 习惯用法:show concern for sb. 关心某人

have no concern with sth. 同某事没有关系 I have no concern with your family dispute. 你的家庭纠纷与我无关。 你的家庭纠纷与我无关。 be concerned with 涉及, 涉及,与……有关 有关

He was suspected to be concerned with the case. be concerned about/for/with …关心 关心… 关心 The mother was so concerned for her hospitalized son that she kept awake for several nights. 这位母亲关心生病住院的儿子, 这位母亲关心生病住院的儿子 几夜 没有合眼。 没有合眼。

so/as far as…is concerned. 就……而言 而言 As far as I'm concerned, I should like to say I am not in favor of the plan. 就我而言,我想说我不赞成这计划。 就我而言,我想说我不赞成这计划。

11. Hopefully I’ll make some new friends. 我希望会结识一些新朋友。 我希望会结识一些新朋友。 hopefully “有希望地” 有希望地” 有希望地

Hopefully, we'll arrive before dark. 我们可望天黑以前到达。 我们可望天黑以前到达。 Hopefully, it won't happen. 但愿不会发生。 但愿不会发生。

[考例 The committee is discussing the 考例] 考例 problem right now. It will ______ have been solved by the end of next week. (江苏 江苏2006) 江苏 A. eagerly B. B hopefully C. immediately D. gradually [点拨 根据“正在讨论这个问题”以及 点拨] 点拨 根据“正在讨论这个问题” 在下周末将被解决” “在下周末将被解决”可知是有希望地 (hopefully)。eagerly热切地;immediately 热切地; 。 热切地 立刻,马上; 逐渐地。 立刻,马上;gradually逐渐地。 逐渐地

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母 或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 1. Hearing the news, we b______ the bus oarded immediately and headed for the airport. 2. We entered the hospital _________ (自助 cafeteria 自助 食堂) 食堂 and sat down.

3. Only applicants with proper q_________ ualifications will be first considered. 4. He doesn’t care about examinations and never makes p__________ for them. reparations 5. When a member of the football team is injured, a s_________ plays in his place. ubstitute 6. The products made in the factory did not meet all the r____________ set by the equirements government.

7. The boy’s hands were ______ (麻木的 麻木的) numb 麻木的 after an hour outside on such a cold day. 8. I don’t understand why he refused to a__________ that he had been defeated. cknowledge 9. When I arrived I saw the seats were already o_______ by others. ccupied 10. I looked at my father h__________ opefully because I thought he had bought me a present.

11. He had read the articles himself but comment(s) 评论 did not make __________ (评论 on 评论) them. 12. I was giving a _______ (讲课 to the 讲课) lecture 讲课 first-year students when you telephoned. 13. He said he would ___________ (推荐 推荐) recommend 推荐 me to Professor Wang as his student.

14. One of the ____________ (店主 whose 店主) shopkeepers 店主 shops were robbed last night called the police. 15. The teacher’s words of love and help __________ (安慰 the boy who had just 安慰) comforted 安慰 failed in the examination.

16. Recalling her happy ___________ academic (学院的 days, the girl could not help 学院的) 学院的 smiling. 17. During the summer vocation his parents employed a(n) ______ (家庭 tutor 家庭 教师) to teach him English. 教师

II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. Much to the delight of the headmaster, the young teacher had all the ____________ (qualify) she hoped for. qualifications 2. Those who fail to meet these ____________ (require) will not be requirements admitted to the club. Hopefully 3. __________ (hope), I will be back in time for your birthday party.

4. After having practised so many years, he __________ (success) in winning the succeeded gold medal at last. 5. Take it seriously. This problem will need all your _____________ concentration (concentrate). 6. When I lose heart, it is my mother that helps me regain confidence (confident) ___________ and gives me support.

III. 用适当的介词或副词填空。 用适当的介词或副词填空。 on / upon 1. I wish I could comment ___________ your new book but there is no time left. 2. Could you explain to me what qualifications you have got ____ this job? for 3. The servants were cleaning the house in preparation ____ the return of the host. for

4. He has got used ___ living in the remote to mountainous village, without any modern conveniences. 5. The concert was so wonderful. If only I had reordered it ___ tape. on 6. In some factories, cheaper materials are often substituted ____ the better, more for expensive kind.

7. He has earned enough money so that he and his family can live ____ comfort. in 8. We are very good friends and I feel quite ____ home in his house. at 9. At present Mary is occupied ______ the with translation of an English novel. 10. With all the passengers ____ board, on the plane took off.

11. In common ______ other young people, with Li Qiang likes popular songs very much. 12. We hope human beings will succeed ___ living on the moon in the near in future. 13. Who is widely acknowledged ____ the as best football player in the world?

14. He’s never done this type of work before; I’m not sure how he’ll fit ___ in with the other workers. 15. As a senior student, it is important for you to keep ____ a good state of mind. up

IV. 每空填一词 使该句与所给句子的意思 每空填一词, 相同。 相同。 1. The children find it hard to adapt to the new school. The children find it difficult to ______ adjust ____ the new school. to 2. Little Tom does not seem to get on well with the other children. It seems that little Tom does not ____ fit ___ ______ the other children. in with

3. Bob was off sick. Mary took the place of him. Mary __________ _____ Bob who was substituted for off sick. 4. He managed to pass the driving test. He _________ ___ passing the driving succeeded in test.

5.You are worthy of the success. You have worked so hard. You ________ ____ succeed. You have deserve to worked so hard.

V. 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译成英 语。 1. 请继续干下去,你会成功的。(keep it 请继续干下去,你会成功的。 up) Please keep it up and you will succeed. 2. 由于在农村长大,他发现很难适应城市 由于在农村长大, 里的生活。 里的生活。(fit in) Having grown in the countryside, he found it hard to fit in with the city life.

3. 她如此习惯了听轻音乐以至于轻音乐成 了她生活中永恒的伙伴。 了她生活中永恒的伙伴。(get used to) She has got so used to listening to light music that it has become a constant companion of her life. 4. 就我而言 在国外学习结束后你该回来。 就我而言, 在国外学习结束后你该回来。 (as far as one is concerned) As far as I am concerned, you should come back after you finish your study abroad.

5. 建议在一切准备就绪后再开始这一项 目。 (recommend) It is recommended that the project (should) not be started until all the preparations have been made.

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