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People always say that the earlier one learns a language, the

26 it is to do so, in theory it is that,

27 , in my opinion, that refers to spoken language. Capability(能力)

to practice some essential(基本的) 28 of a language and read between the lines can only be trained through proper reading ways and hard work 29 .So spending money to help 30 learn English may 31 up with disappointment. It is likely that the 33 English in primary school, 34 her foreign teacher’s blindness 36 English until middle school, 37 a college student

more you 32 ,the more you are let down. The daughter of one of my friends 35

psychology. She did not want to go on

studying English slowly 38 her interest in the language. It is better to have the child learn Chinese than to have some difficulty 39 learning English for several years. Having been engaged in English education, 40 find that despite(尽管) their excellent 41 , many 43 classical

students have 42 command of English words and phrases. So I suggest that children

Chinese prose(散文),rather than 44 them to learn English hurriedly. Otherwise, they may let go the best time to 45 the language ability of their mother tongue. B. difficult B. however B. regards B. right away B. girls B. start B. get B. liked B. because B. at B. to learn B. where B. practiced B. to B. I B. phrase B. less B. do B. let B. improve C. easier C. though C. requests C. at once C. children C. finish C. buy C. disliked C. instead of C. in C. with learning C. when C. explained C. at C. She C. language C. little C. remember C. cause C. learn D. more difficult D. yet D. expressions D. quickly D. boys D. end D. take D. learned D. instead D. to D. for learning D. as D. developed D. of D. They D. writing D. fewer D. memorize D. make D. master

26. A. easy 27. A. but 28. A. opinions 29. A. step by step 30. A. people 31. A. begin 32. A. pay 33. A. loved 34. A. because of 35. A. of 36. A. learning 37. A. while 38. A. introduced 39. A. in 40. A. He 41. A. pronunciation 42. A. few 43. A. write 44. A. have 45. A. study

A high school history teacher once told us, “If you make one close friend in school, you will be most fortunate. A true friend is someone who stays with you for life.” 17 . It is possible that we simply do not stay in one place long enough for a can be no disagreement on the To most of us, friendships are walk on the some point, 19 21 18 friendship to develop. However, there 20 of friendship we want. 22 about the kinds of for each of us to think carefully about the 23 16 teaches that he was right. Good friendship is just not easily

very important, but we need to be clear in our 25 28

friendship we want. Are they to be close or 26

at arm’s length? Do we want to share ourselves or do we want to enough and that’s all right. But at 27 of way to deepen friendships. But it 31

24 ? For some people, many friendships on the surface are

to make sure that our expectations are the same as our friends’ expectations. The 29 only if there are signs of interest and action in return.

personal experience including our tears as well as our dark dreams is the must be developed slowly and What are some of the 30

of friendship? The greatest is the attraction to expect too much time. Another “

difficulty” is the selfishness to take actions too soon. Deep relationships require(要求) one “possesses” including his time and attention. 34 35 there is a question of taking care of them.

32 ,

33 , friendships in return. In other words, you must give as much as you take.

you spend reasonable time together, talking on the phone, writing letters, doing things together, friendships B. Practice B. formed B. common B. difference B. length B. considered B. thoughts B. left B. surface B. easy B. we need B. sharing B. latest B. turned away B. differences B. rough B. others B. Fortunately B. Gradually B. Unless C. Experience C. realized C. short C. need C. warmth C. explained C. actions C. kept C. ice C. quite C. one needs C. seeking C. worst C. broken down C. advantages C. upset C. some C. Similarly C. Obviously C. Since D. Success D. produced D. whole D. courage D. value D. remained D. minds D. stayed D. feet D. not D. they need D. showing D. surest D. carried on D. types D. major D. any one D. Frequently D. Curiously D. When

will die away. 16. A. Knowledge 17. A. understood 18. A. true 19. A. hope 20. A. kind 21. A. made 22. A. hearts 23. A. remained 24. A. mud 25. A. long 26. A. it needs 27. A. spreading 28. A. easiest 29. A. watched over 30. A. difficulties 31. A. actual 32. A. the other 33. A. Surprisingly 34. A. Finally 35. A. Though

I have certainly seen lots of changes in my lifetime! I look around my home and see mod cons(现代化生活设 备) that I could never have 16 of fifty or sixty years ago. I 17 18 the early part of childhood in a if there is a power cut for even

cottage without running water or electricity and yet these days, I feel

just an hour or two! So, I have changed too. Things that I couldn’t even imagine in the past now seem quite 19 . I don’t think, however, that people are happier today than they were 50 years ago. We are certainly materially better off than we were 20 most people still seem to be weighed 22 21 by problems. My

daughter and her family are a good labor-saving device you can household items which are spend all that “saved” time “stressed”. 23 24

. They have a spacious, comfortable home with every

. There’s a washing machine, a clothes dryer, and all sorts of other to save time but it seems to me that my daughter and her husband just relax and are always complaining of being 27 and

25 ! They 26

Children these days have all sorts of “educational toys” and yet they seem unable to My daughter tries to 29



the time her children spend watching television but when they aren’t watching 30 for a day or two and then 31 them once they have gone 32 . We had all sorts of fun outdoors any longer. There is so 34 they are injured, kidnapped,

TV, they are sad. They play with new

off them. When we were children, we had almost nothing but we were so and games in the nearby woods. But, of course, children can’t play raped or even murdered. These crimes may not be directly some connection. 16. A. seen 17. A. took 18. A. uneasy 19. A. impressive 20. A. so 21. A. down 22. A. show 23. A. think of 24. A. built 25. A. playing 26. A. sometimes 27. A. patient 28. A. learn 29. A. offer 30. A. programs 31. A. give off 32. A. inventive 33. A. easily 34. A. in case 35. A. connected B. dreamed B. cost B. unlucky B. impossible B. while B. at B. type B. think over B. arranged B. working B. never B. tired B. know B. limit B. games B. leave off B. active B. dangerously B. so that B. dealt C. spoken C. spent C. disappointed C. normal C. and C. off C. explanation C. think on C. designed C. relaxing C. often C. special C. enjoy C. waste C. cars C. get rid of C. clever C. conveniently C. least C. done D. touched D. afforded D. happy D. public D. but D. up D. example 35 33

much crime and parents are afraid to let their children go out alone

with modern inventions but there must be

D. think through D. formed D. singing D. regularly D. worried D. teach D. stop D. toys D. get off D. excited D. safely D. even though D. made

I always feel sorry for world leaders busy dealing with fights between nations. When my three children were young, most days it was 21 keeping my house from becoming a battlefield. It got worse 22 they grew older. Three years ago,Zack,then 16,couldn't make it through a day 23 making

his sisters, Alex 11 and Tracy 9, angry. My husband and I tried to be understanding the boy at such an notes on his bed about how he was hurting our 24_ . We reasoned, punished, and 25 heartfelt

26 . His 27 was “I say it because it's true.’ 29 . When there was no way

I even tried telling the 28 to fight back. Bad idea. Now I had three children at 30 ,I told everything to my sister in an 31 Our son was 32

. She replied, “Don't e-mail me. E-mail him.” 33 me this way. 1 or door banging.

every day,mailing and talking with his friends. Maybe he would actually

didn't say anything different, but e-mail just 34 the tension (紧张气氛) away. There’d be no 35 Zack wouldn't feel under attack.

Zack didn't reply for days.When he finally 36 , his entire message was four small words. I 37 when I read them: “You're right. I'm sorry.” The children still fought, of course, but Zack 38 . Best of all, I now have a better way to talk with not one but three of them. 1 like that they don't tune me out as much. They like not having to listen to me shouting Alex says, “You're so much 40 online.” 39 them. Or as

All I know is that the house is quiet, but we're talking. 21. A. hard 22. A. until 23. A. with 24. A. family 25. A. forgot 26. A. sisters 27. A. answer 28. A. boys 29. A. peace 30. A. out 31. A. advice 32. A. busy 33. A. hear 34. A. ran 35. A. reasoning 36. A. had 37. A. worried 38. A. admitted 39. A. to 40. A. colder B. easy B. as B. by B. position B. missed B. family B. look B. brothers B. trouble B. back B. answer B. online B. listen B. left B. excusing B. did B. burned B. changed B. for B. good C. angry C. if C. without C. job C. read C. brothers C. face C. girls C. hand C. up C. envelope C. anxious C. see C. took C. forgiving C. asked C. smiled C. insisted C. on C. nicer D. age D. left D. friends D. nod D. sons D. war D. away D. e-mail D. quiet D. touch D. gave D. shouting D. returned D. lost D. lied D. among D. harder D. quiet D. but D. on

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