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10. A. hands B. ears 高考英语完形填空题训练:2013各地 C. faces D. eyes 真题汇编(一) 11. A. searches for B. stores up 高考英语完形填空题多年未变,而且是许多高考生失分 C. gives away D. puts on 很多的题型之一。无论是完形填空还是阅读理解,都是需要 12. A. borrows B. sells 经常做题来保持题感,高分网高考频道小编汇编了2013年各 C. returns D. buys 地高考英语完形填空真题给大家练习。 13. A. call B. send C. lend D. show Cloze 1 [2013· 课标Ⅱ ] 题材:人物故事 词数:206 14. A. delayed B. remembered Michael Greenberg is a very popular New Yorker. He is C. began D. enjoyed not famous in sports or the arts. But people in the streets 15. A. understand B. dislike ?1?him, especially those who are__2__。 C. study D. excuse For those people, he is "Gloves” Greenberg. How did 16. A. sorry for B. satisfied with he get that___3__? He looks like any other C. proud of D. surprised by businessman, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase(公 17. A. smart B. rich 文箱)。 But he?s__4__。 His briefcase always has some C. special D. happy gloves. 18. A. city B. family In winter, Mr. Greenberg does not___5__ like other C. neighborhood D. company New Yorkers, who look at the sidewalk and__6__ the 19. A. honor B. pain street. He looks around at __7__。 He stops when C. same D. cold he___8__ someone with no gloves. He gives them a pair 20. A. small B. useful and then he___9__, looking for more people with cold C. delightful D. Comforting __10___。 Cloze 1 On winter days, Mr. Greenberg __11__ gloves. [语篇解读]?本文为记叙文,题材为人物故事类。每当寒 During the rest of the year,he__12__ gloves. People who 冷的冬季来临,Michael Greenberg 都会走上街头,为穷人送 have heard about him___13__him gloves, and he has 上温暖的手套。他的故事诠释了那句话——予人玫瑰,手有 many in his apartment. 余香。 Mr. Greenberg___14__ doing this 21 years ago. Now, 1.A?根据下文可知,Michael Greenberg 常在冬季走上 many poor New Yorkers know him and__15__ his behavior. 街头,为穷人发放手套,由此推断这里指街上的人认识 But people who don?t know him are sometimes__16__ him. (know about)他。 They don?t realize that he just wants to make 2.D?下文14空后 many poor New Yorkers know him 提 them___17__。 示答案选 D. It runs in the__18__。 Michael?s father always helped 3.B? 这里 that name 指代上文人们给 Michael the poor as he believed it made everyone happier. Michael Greenberg 起的昵称“Gloves”Greenberg. Greenberg feels the __19__。 A pair of gloves may be 4.B?连词 but 提示上下文之间存在转折关系,由此可 a___20__ thing,but it can make a big difference in winter. 知,Greenberg 和上文提及的其他商人有所不同。 1. A. know about B. learn from 5.A?根据下文的动作描写可判断出,这里指 Greenberg C. cheer for D. look after 先生的行为举止(act)和其他的纽约人不一样。 2. A. old B. busy 6.C? hurry down the street 匆匆忙忙沿着街道过去, C. kind D. poor 指那些和 Greenberg 先生不同的人从街道过去的情形,符合 3. A. job B. name 上下文语境。 C. chance D. message 7.B?Greenberg 先生是在寻找没有戴手套的人,故答案 4. A. calm B. different 选 B. C. crazy D. curious 8.D?当他看到(see)没有手套的人就会停下来。 5. A. act B. sound 9.C?由下文 looking for more people 提示可知, C. feel D. dress Greenberg 先生在送出手套后,会继续前行(move on)寻 6. A. cross over B. drive along 找更多的没有手套的人。 C. hurry down D. keep off 10.A?这里与上文 with no gloves 相对应,没有手套的 7. A. cars B. people 人自然是双手冰冷的人。 C. street numbers D. traffic lights 11.C?在冬天,Greenberg 先生分发手套。give away 分 8. A. helps B. chooses 发,赠送;search for 寻找;store up 储藏;put on 上演, C. greets D. sees 穿上。 9. A. holds up B. hangs out C. moves on D. turns around

12.D?根据下文 he has many in his apartment 可知, 这里指在一年中的其他时间,Greenberg 先生会囤积手套以 便冬天可以发放,故选项中 buy(购买)符合语境。 13.B?听说过他事迹的人就会给他寄来手套。 14.C?Greenberg 先生是在21年前开始(begin)做这件 事的。 15.A?现在很多纽约的穷人认识他,并理解 (understand)他的行为。 16.D?但是不认识他的人有时就会对他的举动感到惊 讶。 17.D?他们没有意识到他只是想让他们快乐。18空后 it made everyone happier 给出提示。 18.B?根据下文提及的 Michael 的父亲助人为乐的事迹 可知,这里指 Michael 的家庭环境也是如此。 19.C? Michael 和父亲的感觉是一样的,都相信帮助穷 人会给他们带来快乐。 20.A?句意:一副手套可能只是一件小事情,但是它却 在冬季有着重大影响。but 提示上下文之间存在转折关系, big 的反义词是 small.

Cloze 2[2013· 北京]题材:个人情况与日常活动 词 数:370 A Leap(跳跃)to Honor Leaping on a narrow balance beam (平衡木) is not easy. But Lola Walter, a 13-year-old gymnast, is an expert at it. To perfect her skills, Lola___1__for four hours a day, five days a week. At the state championships in March, she finished seventh out of 16 girls. That?s especially impressive,___2__ she is legally blind, born with a rare condition that causes her eyes to shift(移动) constantly. She often sees double and can?t___3__how far away things are. When she was little, her mom___4__ that even though she couldn?t see__5__, she was fearless. So her mom signed her up for gymnastics when she was three. She loved the___6__right away and gymnastics became her favorite. Though learning gymnastics has been more___7__for her than for some of her teammates, she has never quit. She doesn?t let her__8__stop her from doing anything that she wants to. She likes the determination it takes to do the sport. Her biggest __9__ is the balance beam. Because she has double vision, she often sees two beams. She must use her sense of touch to help her during her routine. Sometimes she even closes her eyes. "You have to___10__ your mind that it?ll take you where you want to go,” says Lola. To be a top-level gymnast, one must be brave. The beam is probably the most __11__for anyone because it?s four inches wide. At the state competition, Lola didn?t

fall__12__ the beam. In fact, she got an 8.1 out of 10- her highest score yet. Lola doesn?t want to be__13__ differently from the other girls on her team. At competitions, the judges don?t know about her vision __14__。 She doesn?t tell them, because she doesn?t think they need to know. Her mom is amazed by her__15__ attitude. Lola never thinks about___16__。 She is presently at level 7 while the highest is level 10 in gymnastics. Her__17__ is to reach level 9. She says she wants to be a gymnastics coach to pass down what she?s learned to other kids__18__she grows up. Lola is___19__ of all her hard work and success. She says it?s helped her overcome problems in her life outside gymnastics too. Her___20__for others is“just believe in yourself.” 1. A. runs B. teaches C. trains D. dances 2. A. since B. unless C. after D. though 3. A. tell B. guess C. assume D. predict 4. A. suspected B. remembered C. imagined D. noticed 5. A. deeply B. well C. ahead D. closely 6. A. task B. sport C. event D. show 7. A. boring B. enjoyable C. difficult D. satisfactory 8. A. talent B. quality C. nature D. condition 9. A. doubt B. advantage C. challenge D. progress 10. A. examine B. express C. open D. trust 11. A. fearful B. harmful C. unfair D. inconvenient 12. A. to B. on C. off D. against 13. A. greeted B. treated C. served D. paid 14. A. pains B. stresses C. injuries D. problems 15. A. positive B. friendly C. flexible D. cautious 16. A. defending B. quitting C. winning D. bargaining 17. A. standard B. range C. view D. goal 18. A. until B. as C. when D. before 19. A. proud B. tired C. ashamed D. confident

Cloze 3[2013· 重庆,A]题材:学校生活 词数:179 When Joe was about to start school, all signs pointed to success. Yet things turned out to be quite__1__。 The Cloze 2 fourth grade even found him at the___2__ of the class. Joe [语篇解读]?本文为记叙文,题材为个人情况与日常活 struggled day and night,but it did not__3__-until one 动。文章主要讲述了一个名叫 Lola 的小姑娘虽然视力有问 stormy afternoon. 题,却坚持练体操,她始终相信自己,从不轻言放弃。 On that afternoon,__4__the math teacher started to 1.C?根据文章开头可知 Lola 是练平衡木的,为了使技 introduce difficult concepts,dark clouds covered the sky, 巧完美,她每天要训练4个小时。 and the storm set in. Hard though she tried to make the 2.A?根据句意可知空格后的句子是空格前 That?s kids __5__, the thunder won the battle for their attention. especially impressive 的原因,since 因为,引导原因状语从 No one___6__the concepts. Except for Joe. He understood 句,符合语境。 them and answered all the questions correctly. The teacher 3.A?她经常把一个东西看成是两个,并且无法分辨东西 patted him on the back, and told him to go around to the 的远近。tell 认出,分辨,guess 猜,assume 假设,predict others and explain how he had managed it.___7__by his 预测,根据句意应选择 A 项。 newfound success, Joe moved quickly throughout the 4.D?当她小的时候,她的妈妈注意到虽然她视力不 room. Soon math time was followed by the time for__8__。 好……,根据句意可知空格处句子是对 Lola 小时候真实情况 All children naturally drew__9__pictures on such a day. 的描述,因此选择 D 项 noticed 注意到。 Except for Joe. 5.B?根据前文中提到的“She often sees double and Since then,Joe started__10__。 Though he never can?t tell how far away things are.”可知 Lola 视力不好。 made it to the top,his math teacher was always__11__ 6.B?根据空格后出现的“gymnastics became her and curious about the change: Why had that stormy day favorite”可知她喜欢上了这项运动,故选择 B 项。 changed Joe? 7.C?根据上下文可知由于 Lola 视力不好,所以她练体 On the day Joe graduated, he presented the teacher 操比她的队友更困难,故此题选择 C 项 difficult 困难的。 with his most __12__ possession-the picture of a bright 8.D?根据上下文可知 Lola 从不放弃,她是不会让她视 yellow sun. On the picture Joe had written: This is the day I 力不好这一情况阻止她做任何她想做的事情的。talent 天 __13__ my brightness. 资,quality 品格,nature 天性,condition 状况。 1. A. unfair B. boring 9.C?空格所在的段落主要讲述了 Lola 的视力问题让平 C. disappointing D. dangerous 衡木成为了她练体操时最大的挑战。 2. A. center B. top 10.D?根据上下文可知,Lola 看不清楚,在练习平衡木 C. beginning D. bottom 时有时她甚至会闭上眼睛,对于她来说她要相信自己的内心 3. A. happen B. work (想法),故选择 D 项。 C. finish D. last 11.A?平衡木的宽度很窄,可能任何人都会感到害怕。 4. A. until B. since 12.C?Lola 没有从平衡木上掉下来,根据句意可知此题 C. because D. as 选择 C 项。 5. A. concentrate B. change 13.B?Lola 不想被特殊对待,根据句意可知此题选择 B C. hide D. sit 项。 6. A. challenged B. grasped 14.D?比赛时,裁判不知道她的视力问题。 C. doubted D. admitted 15.A?根据上下文可以看出,文中多次提到 Lola 视力有 7. A. Relieved B. Surprised 问题但从不放弃,所以她的妈妈对她这种积极的态度大为惊 C. Encouraged D. Puzzled 奇。 8. A. class B. sports 16.B?根据下文所述内容可知 Lola 从未想过放弃,故选 C. art D. tea 择 B 项。 9. A. great B. dark 17.D?Lola 的目标是达到9级,根据句意可知此题选择 C. different D. strange D 项 goal 目标。standard 标准,range 范围,view 观点。 10. A. improving B. painting 18.C? Lola 说当她长大后想当体操教练,根据句意此题 C. recovering D. studying 应选择 C 项 when 当……的时候。 11. A. worried B. amazed 19.A?Lola 对她的努力和成功感到自豪。 C. friendly D. cautious 20.B?她给别人的建议是“相信自己”。 12. A. familiar B. expensive C. admirable D. precious 13. A. woke up to B. put up with C. got on with D. looked down upon Cloze 3

20. A. plan B. advice C. reward D. Responsibility

[语篇解读]? 本文为记叙文,题材为学校生活。Joe 在一 节数学课上排除恶劣天气的干扰,认真听讲及答题,受到数 学老师的肯定,从此不断进步。这一故事告诉我们,成就感 能激发人的上进心,使人不断进步。 1.C?根据 yet 的提示,可判断本句与上文 pointed to success 构成转折关系,故选 C 项。unfair 不公平的;boring 烦人的,无趣的;disappointing 令人失望的;dangerous 危 险的。 2.D?根据副词 even 的提示,可判断 Joe 上四年级的时 候情况更糟,成绩位于全班末尾,故选 D 项。center 中心; top 顶部,beginning 开始;bottom 底部。 3.B?句意:尽管 Joe 日夜拼搏,但作用不大。happen 发生;work 工作,起作用;finish 完成,结束;last 持续。 4. D?句意:那天下午,当数学老师开始介绍一些难懂的 数学概念的时候,乌云密布天空,一场暴风雨来临了。as 在 句中引导时间状语从句,可与 when 互换。 5.A? 根据下文 the thunder won the battle for their attention 可推断学生当时的注意力在雷声上,没有集中注意 力听课,故选 A 项。concentrate 集中(注意力),全神贯 注;change 变化;hide 隐藏;sit 坐。 6.B?句意:除了 Joe 之外,没人能明白这些概念。 challenge 挑战;grasp 抓住,明白,理解,掌握;doubt 怀 疑;admit 允许进入,承认,接纳。 7.C?根据上文老师拍了拍 Joe 的后背并让他给其他同学 讲解以及下文他快速在教室中移动等内容,可判断 Joe 受到 了成功的鼓舞。relieve 减轻,解除;surprise 使惊奇; encourage 鼓励,鼓舞;puzzle 使迷惑。 8.C?根据下文所有的孩子都画画可判断接下来上的是美 术课。 9.B?根据下文 Joe 画了一轮耀眼的太阳和“Except for Joe.”的提示可判断其他孩子画的画颜色都是暗淡的。 10.A?根据下文老师的疑问“为什么那个暴风雨天改变了 Joe?”可判断从那节数学课后 Joe 一直都在进步。improve 进步,改善;paint 绘画;recover 恢复,复原;study 学 习,研究。 11.B?根据下文 curious about the change 提示和 Joe 数学老师的疑问可推断 Joe 的老师对 Joe 的进步感到很吃 惊。worried 担心的;amazed 吃惊的;friendly 友好的; cautious 小心的,谨慎的。 12.D?根据文章最后一句话可知 Joe 那一天在数学课上 的良好表现唤醒了他对未来的希望,因此他画的那幅画应该 是他最珍爱的东西,故选 D.familiar 熟悉的;expensive 昂贵 的;admirable 令人钦佩的,绝妙的;precious 宝贵的,珍爱 的。 13.A?本题考查短语辨析。句意:在画上 Joe 写了一句 话:这一天唤醒了我的光明。wake up to 意识到;put up with 忍受,容忍;get on with 与……相处;look down upon 看不起,轻视。

Cloze 4[2013· 浙江]题材:人物故事 词数:339 Last spring, I was fortunate to be chosen to participate in an exchange study program. In my application letter, I was careful to__1__how much I wanted to see France; evidently, my excitement really came through in my words. Once I__2__ that I was going,all I could think about was the fun of foreign travel and making all sorts of new and___3__friends. While traveling was inspiring and meeting people was___4__, nothing about my term in France was what I__5__。 The moment I arrived in Paris, I was___6__ by a nice French couple who would become my host parents. My entire experience was joyous and exciting__7__I received some shocking news from my program coordinator(协调 人): there had been a death in my host parents? extended family. They had to travel outside France for several weeks. That afternoon, I had to___8__ out of one family?s house and into another. The exchange coordinator told me I?d have a___9__ this time and asked whether I could share a bedroom with an English speaker. To avoid the temptation (诱惑) to__10__ my native language, I asked not to be__11__with an Englishspeaking roommate. When I got to my new room, I__12__ myself to my new roommate Paolo,a Brazilian (巴西人) the same age as I, whom I was surprised to find playing one of my favorite CDs! In just a few hours, we knew we?d be good friends for the rest of the __13__。 I left France with many___14__, so when people ask me what my favorite part of the trip was, they are always__15__ to hear me talk about my Brazilian friend Paolo and the scores of weekdays in class, weeknights on the town, and weekends___16__ France we enjoyed together. I love how people__17__ seem so different, but end up being so__18__。 The most valuable lesson I gained from studying in France wasn?t just to respect the French people___19__ to respect all people, for your next best friend could be just a continent away. I would recommend an exchange program to anyone who wants to experience foreign cultures and gain meaningful__20__。 1. A. discuss B. express C. announce D. argue 2. A. approved B. knew C. warned D. denied 3. A. stubborn B. anxious C. universal D. interesting 4. A. boring B. upsetting C. exciting D. promising 5. A. expected B. liked C. doubted D. feared 6. A. sponsored B. witnessed C. greeted D. supported 7. A. until B. when C. since D. while

8. A. move B. travel C. walk D. rush 9. A. housekeeper B. leader C. roommate D. colleague 10. A. learn B. appreciate C. speak D. master 11. A. combined B. fitted C. involved D. placed 12. A. added B. introduced C. devoted D. adapted 13. A. term B. week C. month D. vacation 14. A. presents B. suitcases C. stories D. dreams 15. A. surprised B. disturbed C. embarrassed D. concerned 16. A. analyzing B. exploring C. describing D. investigating 17. A. need B. shall C. must D. can 18. A. generous B. independent C. similar D. distant 19. A. and B. but C. or D. so 20. A. instructions B. friendships C. facts D. Data Cloze 4 [语篇解读]?本文为记叙文,题材为人物故事类。讲述的 是作者因交换学习去法国的一次经历。 1.B?在我的申请信里面,我小心谨慎地表达了自己是多 么想去法国看看。 2.B?一旦我知道我要去法国,我所能想到的都是国外旅 行的有趣之处和交各种各样有趣的新朋友。 3.D?interesting 有趣的。解析见上句。 4.C?虽然去国外旅行很让人欢欣鼓舞,遇到一些人也让 人激动不已,但是在我在法国学习的那一学期里所发生的事 是我从没预料到的。 5.A?解析同上。 6.C?我一到法国,就有一对友好的法国夫妇过来迎接 我。 7.A?我在法国所有经历都很愉快和令人激动直到我从我 的项目协调人那里得到了令人震惊的消息。 8.A? move 表示搬家。由于第一个住家有亲戚过世了, 那天下午我不得不从一个家庭搬出去再搬到另一家。 9.C?我的交换项目协调人告诉我这一次我会有一个室 友。 10.C?为了避免自己说母语,我要求不要和一个说英语 的室友安置在一起。 11.D?place 安置,安顿。 12.B?我向我的新室友介绍自己。 13.A? term 学期。仅仅几个小时的时间,我们就知道 彼此会在接下来的一学期里成为好朋友。

14.C?我是带着许多故事离开法国的,这里应该表示我 在法国交换学习期间体验了许多,就像是一个个故事一样。 15.A?每当有人问我去法国的这一趟我最喜欢的是什 么,他们总会很惊讶地听到我说……。 16.B?exploring 在这里是探索,探险,由于我们对法国 很好奇,在周末的时候我们应该很享受一起去探索法国的事 情。 17.D?人们看起来很不一样,但是最后却是如此相似。 对于这一点我很喜欢。 18.C?与前面的 different 对应。 19.B? not.。 。but.。。我在法国学习期间学到的最有 价值的不仅仅是尊重法国人,而是尊重所有的人。 20.B?我会推荐一个交换项目给那些想要体验外国文化 和获得有意义的友谊的人。

Cloze 5[2013· 福建]题材:个人情感 词数:268 We have been driving in fog all morning, but the fog is lifting now. The little seaside villages are___1__, one by one. "There is my grandmother?s house,” I say, ___2__ across the bay to a shabby old house. I am in Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage (朝圣) with Lise, my granddaughter,seeking roots for her, retracing (追溯)___3__ memory for me. Lise was one of the mobile children,__4__ from house to house in childhood. She longs for a sense of___5__, and so we have come to Nova Scotia where my husband and I were born and where our ancestors___6__ for 200 years. We soon___7__ by the house and I tell her what it was like here, the memories___8__ back, swift as the tide (潮水)。 Suddenly, I long to walk again in the __9__ where I was once so gloriously a child. It still__10__ a member of the family, but has not been lived in for a while. We cannot go into the house, but I can still walk__11__ the rooms in memory. Here, my mother __12__ in her bedroom window and wrote in her diary. I can still see the enthusiastic family__13__ into and out of the house. I could never have enough of being__14__ them. However, that was long after those childhood days. Lise__15__ attentively as I talk and then says, "So this is where I__16__; where I belong.” She has___17__ her roots. To know where I come from is one of the great longings of the human___18__。 To be rooted is "to have an origin”。 We need__19__ origin. Looking backward,we discover what is unique in us; learn the___20__of "I”。 We must all go home again -in reality or memory. 1. A. appearing B. moving C. exposing D. expanding 2. A. referring B. travelling C. pointing D. coming 3. A. shared B. short C. fresh D. treasured

4. A. passed B. raised C. moved D. sent 5. A. home B. duty C. reality D. relief 6. A. built B. lived C. remained D. explored 7. A. catch up B. pull up C. step down D. come down 8. A. falling B. turning C. rushing D. bringing 9. A. yard B. village C. room D. house 10. A. adapts to B. appeals to C. belongs to D. occurs to 11. A. across B. through C. along D. past 12. A. lay B. played C. stood D. sat 13. A. marching B. looking C. breaking D. pouring 14. A. between B. with C. near D. behind 15. A. wonders B. listens C. reacts D. agrees 16. A. began B. grew C. studied D. stayed 17. A. deepened B. recognized C. accepted D. found 18. A. heart B. rights C. interest D. behaviors 19. A. one B. its C. that D. every 20. A. meaning B. expression C. connection D. Background Cloze 5 [语篇解读]?本文为记叙文,题材为个人情感。在一个浓 雾笼罩的上午,“我”带着孙女,驱车到海边的破旧老房子去 寻根访祖,追忆乡思。文章内容优美,意境隽永,立意深 刻,给人精神上的享受和心灵上的熏陶。 1.A?根据 but the fog is lifting now 可知雾开始消散 了,可以看得见海边小村庄了。appear 出现,显露;move 移动;expose 使暴露;expand 使膨胀。 2.C?根据 across the bay to a shabby old house 可知我 们现在所处位置与祖母屋距离很远,所以用“指向”。 3.D?句意:……为我追溯珍爱的记忆。shared 共享 的;short 短暂的;fresh 新鲜的;treasured 珍爱的,宝贵 的。 4.C?pass 经过,传递;raise 养育;move 移动;send 送,派遣。根据 the mobile children 流动儿童,可以推断答 案为 C 项。 5.A?根据上文讲到 Lise 从小居无定所,所以她渴望有 家的感觉,故答案为 A 项。

6.B?句意:……我和丈夫出生、我们祖先居住了二百年 的地方。build 建设;live 居住;remain 剩下,逗留; explore 探测,探索。 7.B?句意:很快地,我们把车子停在了屋子边……。A: 赶上;B:停车;C:退位,让位;D:下降,倒塌。 8.C?根据 swift as the tide 快如潮水,可以推断记忆涌 上心头。fall 落下;turn 转向,转弯;rush 冲,闯;bring 带 来。故答案为 C 项。 9.D?根据下文中的 house 可以推断答案为 D 项。 10.C?句意:屋子仍然属于我们家的一个成员……。 11.B? 由前半句中的 go into 相当于 walk through 可以 推断出答案为 B 项。 12.D?句意:在这里,我母亲坐在她的卧室窗户旁,写 日记。 13.D?句意:我仍然可见热情的家人进进出出。march (into)长驱直入; look(into)调查;break(into)闯 入;pour(into)涌入。 14.B?句意:和他们待在一起,从来都不厌烦。 15.B?根据 as I talk 可知我在说,Lise 在听。 16.A?句意:因此这就是我开始的地方,也是我所属的 地方。 17.D?句意:她找到了她的根。deepen 加深,深化; recognize 认出,识别;accept 接受;find 找到。 18.A?句意:知道我从哪里来是人类心中最大的渴望之 一。heart 心;right 权利;interest 兴趣;behavior 行为,举 止。故答案为 A 项。 19.C?句意:我们需要那种根源。这里指上文提到的根 源,故答案为 C 项。 20.A?句意:了解“我”的含义。meaning 含义; expression 表达;connection 连接,关系;background 背 景。 [长难句]? I am in Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage(朝圣) with Lise,my granddaughter, seeking roots for her, retracing(追溯)treasured memory for me.我在新斯科舍, 和我的外孙女 Lise 来朝圣,为她寻根,为我追溯珍爱的记 忆。 句中 my granddaughter 是 Lise 的同位语;seeking roots for her 和 retracing treasured memory for me 作伴随 状语,逻辑主语为 I.

Cloze 6[2013· 江苏]题材:个人生活经历 词数:276 I used to believe in the American Dream, which meant a job,a mortgage(按揭), credit cards, success. I wanted it and worked toward it like everyone else, all of us__1__chasing the same thing. One year, through a series of unhappy events,it all fell __2__。 I found myself homeless and alone. I had my truck and $56. I ___3__the countryside for some place I could rent for the__4__ possible amount. I came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road__5__the Potomac River in West Virginia. It was___6__, full of broken glass and rubbish. I found the owner, rented it, and __7__a corner to camp in.

The locals knew nothing about me, __8__ slowly, they started teaching me the__9__of being a neighbor. They dropped off blankets,candles, and tools, and began___10__ around to chat. They started to teach me a belief in a___11__ American Dream—not the one of individual achievement but of___12__。 What I had believed in, all those things I thought were __13__for a civilized life, were nonexistent in this place. __14__ on the mountain, my most valuable possessions were my___15__ with my neighbors. Four years later, I moved back into___16___ 。 I saw many people were having a really hard time, __17__ their jobs and homes. I managed to rent a big enough house to__18__ a handful of people. There are four of us now in the house, but over time I?ve had nine people come in and move on to other places. We?d all be in___19__if we hadn?t banded together. The American Dream I believe in now is a shared one. It?s not so much about what I can get for myself;it?s about__20__we can all get by together. 1. A. separately B. equally C. violently D. naturally 2. A. off B. apart C. over D. out 3. A. crossed B. left C. toured D. searched 4. A. fullest B. largest C. fairest D. cheapest 5. A. at B. through C. over D. round 6. A. occupied B. abandoned C. emptied D. robbed 7. A. turned B. approached C. cleared D. cut 8. A. but B. although C. otherwise D. for 9. A. benefit B. lesson C. nature D. art 10. A. sticking B. looking C. swinging D. turning 11. A. wild B. real C. different D. remote 12. A. neighborliness B. happiness C. friendliness D. kindness 13. A. unique B. expensive C. rare D. necessary 14. A. Up B. Down C. Deep D. Along 15. A. cooperation B. relationships C. satisfaction D. appointments 16. A. reality B. society C. town D. life 17. A. creating B. losing

C. quitting D. offering 18. A. put in B. turn in C. take in D. get in 19. A. yards B. shelters C. camps D. cottages 20. A. when B. what C. whether D. how Cloze 6 [语篇解读]?本文为记叙文,题材为个人生活经历,主要 讲述了“我”对美国梦的不同理解。 1.A?我们每个人都各自追求着同一个梦想。separately 各自地,分别地;equally 平等地;violently 猛烈地,激烈 地;naturally 自然地。 2.B?根据下文 I found myself homeless and alone 可知 “我”做的那些事都失败了,故选 B 项。fall off 减少;fall apart 瓦解,崩溃;fall over 不运转;fall out 掉落,吵翻。 3.D?“我”在农村寻找一处“我”能租得起的房子。cross 横穿,越过;leave 离开;tour 周游,旅行;search 搜寻。 4.D?根据下文 a shabby house 的提示可知“我”想以最 低的价格租房子,故选 D 项。fullest 最满的;largest 最大 的;fairest 最公平的,最公正的;cheapest 最便宜的。 5.C?沿着蜿蜒的山路行四英里,跨过西弗吉尼亚的波托 马克河,“我”找到了一处破旧的房子。at 在……地点, 在……时刻;through 在中间穿过;round 在……周围。 6.B?那是一处废弃的房子,里面到处是破碎的玻璃和垃 圾。occupy 占领,占据;abandon 丢弃,放弃,遗弃,抛 弃;empty 倒空;rob 抢劫。 7.C?根据上文房子里到处是玻璃和垃圾,“我”如果要住 进去,当然要先清除垃圾,故选 C 项。turn 转动,转身; approach 靠近;clear 清除;cut 砍,割。 8.A?根据下文邻居们开始教“我”如何和邻居相处可知上 下文构成转折关系,故选 A 项。but 但是;although 尽管; otherwise 否则;for 因为。 9.D?当地人对“我”一无所知,但慢慢地,他们开始教给 “我”作为邻居的艺术。benefit 益处;lesson 课业,教训; nature 自然,本质;art 艺术。 10.A?他们放下毯子、蜡烛和工具,然后开始待在附近 闲聊。stick around 待在附近,逗留;look around 环顾,环 视;swing 摇摆,摇荡,摆动;turn around 转身。 11.C?根据下文 not the one of individual achievement 可知现在“我”对美国梦的理解和以前不一样了,故选 C 项。 wild 野性的,野蛮的,荒野的;real 真的;remote 遥远的, 偏僻的。 12.A?根据上文美国梦不是个体的成就可推断应该是邻 里之间的友善,故选 A 项。neighborliness 睦邻友好; happiness 幸福,快乐;friendliness 友好;kindness 善良。 13.D?“我”认为对于文明生活来说,所有的那些东西都 是必要的。unique 独特的,独一无二的;expensive 昂贵 的;rare 稀少的,稀罕的;necessary 必要的,必需的。 14.A? 根据第二段中 four miles up a winding mountain road 可知答案。


15.B?根据上文12空可知答案。cooperation 合作; relationship 关系;satisfaction 满意,满足;appointment 约 会,委派,任命,约定。 16.C?根据第二段内容可知,“我”当时沦落到去农村租 便宜的房子,所以这里指四年后“我”又回到了镇上,故选 C 项。reality 现实,事实;society 社会;life 生活。 17.B?根据上文 having a really hard time 可判断很多人 失去了他们的工作和房产,故选 B 项。create 创造;lose 丢 失,失去;quit 放弃;offer 提供。 18.C?根据下文可知“我”在自己的大房子里收容了很多 人,故选 C 项。 put in 打断,插话;turn in 上交;take in 收容,让……进入,改小;get in 进入,收获。 19.B?要不是过去“我们”团结合作共渡难关的话,“我 们”现在都会在避难所了。yard 院子;shelter 避难所,躲避 处;camp 营地;cottage 农舍,小屋。 20.D?真正的美国梦不在于“我”为自己获得了多少东 西,而更在于“我们”如何实现共同的目标。 [长难句]? What I had believed in, all those things I thought were necessary for a civilized life,were nonexistent in this place.我过去坚信的文明生活所必需的所 有的东西在这里都不存在。 本句中“what I had believed in”是主语从句,I thought were necessary for a civilized life 是定语从句,先行词是 things,在定语从句中省略了关系代词 that,that 在定语从 句中作 thought 的宾语。


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