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(一)人物简介的写作步骤;(概,貌,育,平,估) 1)概.age, sex, birth-place, background 2)貌,.)appearance ,character 3)育,education 4)平, big events in his or her life ( in order of time ) 5)估.evaluation (二) 语法,句法高分 tip

s A. 概况 (尽量用同位语结构,使文章简洁,通顺) 如; 1) Born in Poland on Nov. 7 ,1867, Madam Curie is a great scientist. 2) Abraham Lincoln, the son of a poor family, was born in Kentucky on February 12th, 1809. 3) Born of a poor clerk's family, Charles Dickens, a great novelist, had little schooling. 4) Sun Showier, a world champion in diving, is a boy of 14 from Guangdong. 模拟练习: 1. 雷锋是一位模范士兵。Lei Feng was _a model soldier.. 2. 他于 1940,12 月 18 日出生于湖南省一个小山村的一个贫苦农民家庭。 On December 1 8,1940, he was born in a poor farmer ’s family in a little mountain village of Hunan Province. 把 1 和 2 两句合成一个句子: LeFeng, a model soldier, was born of a poor peasant’s family in a little mountain village of Hunan Province on December 18, 1940. Born of a poor peasant’s family in a little mountain village of Hunam Province on December 18, 1940, Lei Feng was a model solder. Ler Feng was a model soldier who was born of ------. 3.. 李时珍是我国明代著名医学家(medical scientist) Li Shizhen _was a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty. 4. 他出生于 1518. He was born in 1518. 把 3 和 4 两句合成一个句子: Lishizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, was born in 1518. 5. 我的新同桌,名叫张涛,是一个 16 岁的男生,来自四川。 (用一个句子来表达) My new desk mate, Zhangtao, is a boy of 16 from Sichuan. 6. 张山,是一个著名的艺术家,出生于一个律师家庭。他在广州度过了他的童年。 (用一 个句子来表达) Zhangshan, a famous artist, who was born of a lawyer ’s family, spent his childhood in Guangzhou. Born of a lawyer ’s family, Zhangshan is a famous artist, who spent his childhood in Guangzhou.

B.外貌,性格 (巧用 with 做定语) 如; 1) He is near-sighted /far-sighted guy with a pair of glasses on his nose. 2) She is good-looking /ordinary-looking/funny-looking with long beautiful hair. 3) He is a tall and thin guy with thick eyebrows, looking very handsome. 4) Born in Germany, Einstein is a great scientist with an extraordinary imagination. 描述身材常用的形容词有: tall, short, of medium height 中等身材; average height 一般身材; below average 低于平均身高; fat, thin, slim, big ,overweight 超重; well-built 身材魁梧等. 穿着:smartly dressed 穿着得体 well dressed 穿的漂亮 neatly dressed 衣着干净整洁 有备无患 常用描写人物的形容词: determined (有毅力的) intelligent(精明的) honest (诚实的) diligent (勤奋的) healthy (健康的) strict (严格的) outstanding (杰出的) absent - minded (心不在焉 的) competent 有能力的 ambitious(雄心的) humorous (幽默的) cautious (谨慎的) attractive (有吸引力的) modest(谦虚的) optimistic(乐观的) bad - tempered (脾气不好 的) warm - hearted (热心肠的 generous(慷慨的) forgetful(健忘的) independent (独立的) talkative (多话的) patient (耐心的) considerate(考虑周到的) enthusiastic(热情的) pessimistic(悲观的) easy - going (温和宽容的) energetic(精力充沛)

兴趣爱好:be angry with sb for sth, be angry about, be delighted in doing, be interested in English, be fond of music, be crazy about, be pleased with, be sick for, be sorry for, be strict in one’s work, be worried about, enjoy doing, expect to do, feel surprised at, have a strong desire to do, look forward to doing sth., make rapid progress in, put one’s heart into, take a pleasure in doing; work hard at his studies, 1)She was neatly dressed, with a calm face that showed a certain strength.. 她穿着整洁,满脸的恬静,表现出一种与众不同的力量 2. She was burning with anger. 她怒火中烧。 She was red with anger. 她因为发怒脸涨得通红。 He was angry with_ me because I was crazy about playing computer games. 由于我对玩游戏很着迷,他对我很生气. 3.. A friendly smile will help you win others’ heart.. 友好的笑容能帮助你赢得别人的心。 4. He used to study hard, but when he is getting old , he is becoming lazy and absent minded in class.

他原本学习很努力,但随着年龄的增长,他变得懒散而且上课心不在焉。 5. He is an outstanding physicist, who is humorous and patient. 他一个杰出的物理学家,很幽默而且有耐心. C. 教育经历 (注意尽量用非谓语动词, 使文章精炼) 如; 1) Majoring in (主修) Science, he graduated from (毕业于) a famous University in the north and after 4 years, he went abroad for further studies(出国深造). 2)Having graduated from the department of English of Zhongshan University( 毕业于中 山大学英语系), she went on further education (继续深造)and received a doctor's degree(获得博士学位). 1. 1990 年,他考入北大,主修历史。 He was admitted to Beijing University in 1990 and was majored in 2. 4 年前他出国深造并获得博士学位。 Four years ago he went abroad for further education and got a 3. 小时候,他父亲对他很严格,所以他打下很好的英语基础。 In his childhood, his father was strict with him so he lay a good foundation. 4. 毕业于清华大学物理系,他毕生致力于我国的科学研究。 history. doctor’s degree. English

Having graduated from the physics department of Qinghua University, he devoted his whole life to the scientific research. 5. 他很乐观而且精力充沛,经常积极参加课余活动。 Being optimistic and energetic, he often takes an active part in activities. after-class

D.生平 (尽量用复合句倒装,非限定定语从句等,润色文章)如; 1)Not only is he interested in science, but also he has a gift for (对—有天赋) music. 2) He set a new world record of swimming (创造新的游泳世界纪录) , which won a gold medal for China Team. 3)So hard does he work that he devotes almost all his lifetime to (献身于)our human cause. 4)With great determination and perseverance(有着毅力和决心), he took 37 years to finish the book, which makes a great contribution to (对做出贡献)China. 写出下列句子,注意使用短语和句型。 1. 他不仅对科学感兴趣,而且很有运动天赋。 2. 爱因斯坦(Einstein )不仅致力于科学研究,而且非常关心人类的和平和发展。 3. 只有当你对这门学科感兴趣时,你才可能取得快速的进步。 4. 只有凭着坚强的决心你才能够赢得这次比赛。 5. 刘翔赢得 04 年雅典冠军,打破世界纪录. 1. Not only is he interested in science but also he has a gift for sports. 2. Not only did Einstein devote all his life to scientific research but also he cared for

human being’s peace and development. 3. Only when you are interested in this subject can you make rapid progress. 4. Only with great determination can you win the competition. 5. Liu Xiang won the first prize in the Athens Olympic Games and broke the world record. E.评估 (注意运用一些动词,形容词等短语,词组)如; 1) Leifeng set us a good example (给我们树立好榜样) ,so all the people spoke highly of (高 度评价)him and all respected him . 2)He is one of the greatest novelists in China and will be always remembered as (作为- 而 被人们所铭记)an outstanding(杰出的) man. 3) We sing high praise for (高度赞扬) his brave stories, and his heroic story will spread all of China. 4)Lishizhen makes great contributions to 为--做出贡献 Medical literature. 他人评价:(翻译下列短语和句子) an inspiring leader, a model worker, an advanced teacher, be respected by all his students, be honored as, be considered as, be famous/known as, be regarded as, be remembered as ; his hard work and determination brought him great success, make great contributions to our country, one of the most important persons in the past ten years, set a good example for all of us, speak (think )highly of him, sing high praise for . 1. 居里夫人 Madame Curie 是一位有着伟大成就的妇女,对科学事业做出了杰出贡献。 2. 作为一个伟大的科学家,她将永远被人们所铭记。 3. 是她的努力和决心使得她成为一名模范工人。 4. 作为一名鼓舞人心的领导,林肯受到了人们的尊敬和爱戴。 5. 他为我们树立了好榜样,受到了全校师生的高度赞扬。 1. Madame Curie, a woman of great achievement, made outstanding contributions to science. 2. She will be remembered as a great scientist forever. 3. It was her hard work and determination that made her a model worker. 4. Abraham Lincoln was respected and loved as an inspiring leader. 5. He set us a good example and was thought highly of by all the teachers and students in our school.


Born on September 12, 1980, Yaoming, a

man from Shanghai, is one of the most famous basketball stars. With a height of 2.29meters and good skill, he helped The Shanghai Sharks win the championship of the league. In 2002 he was chosen by the The Huston Rockets and played in the

NBA. However, to many fans’ disappointment, he had to retire in 2011 because of his injury. Yaoming is not only very successful on the court, but also is well known for his kind acts.


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