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高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修5Module 5

高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修五 Module 5
知识详解 1.perform vt. 做;执行;履行;表演;正式进行;实施(某事) vi. 表演;表现;(机器)运转 ( 回归课本 P42)He was disappointed because he had not performed well in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. 他感到很失

望,因为他在 1988 年的首尔奥运会上表现得不好。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① The young doctor performed the heart operation. 这位年轻医生为病人做了心脏手术。 ② Our team performed well in the match yesterday. 我们队在昨天的比赛中表现得很出色。 ③ They will give a performance/put on performances at the theatre.他们将在那家剧院演出。 【即境活用】 1.How teachers ________ in their classes has a strong influence on the growth of the students. A.played B.showed C.thought D.performed 解析:选 D。句意“教师在课堂上的表现如何对学生的成长有重大影响”。 2.No matter how many times ________,Shakespear’s works are always welcomed. A.performing B.performed C.being performed D.having performed 解析:选 B。此处是省略句,用过去分词表示被动,相当于状语从句 No matter how many times they’re performed.。 2.advantage n. [C;U]优势,优点,长处,有利条件 (回归课本 P42)...and they had a major advantage over their better-known rivals—they were cheaper. ……他们和对手相比有个明显的优势——产品更便宜。 【归纳总结】 have an advantage over sb./sth. 比……占有优势 have the advantage of (doing) sth. 有……优点 take advantage of sb./sth. 利用…… to sb.’s advantage/to the advantage of sb. 对某人有利 be at an advantage 占优势 (反)disadvantage n. 不利条件 【例句探源】 ① Her teaching experience gave her a big advantage over the other applicants for the job. 她的教学经历使她比起其他求职者具有更大的优势。 ② Yao Ming has an advantage over other players in playing basketball.姚明在打篮球方面比其他 选手更有优势。 ③ This method has the advantage of saving a lot of fuel. 这个方法有节省很多燃料的优点。 ④ (朗文 P27)Don’t lend them the car—they’re taking advantage of you!不要把汽车借给他们——


他们在利用你! ⑤ The lawyer’s letter said she would hear something to her advantage if she contacted him. 律师的信上说,如果她同他联络,她会听到对她有利的消息。 ⑥ (朗文 P30)Applicants with computer skills will be at an advantage.具有电脑技能的申请者会优 先考虑。 【即境活用】 3.(日照模拟)You will be at a(n)________ if you have thought about the interview questions in advance in application for a job. A.favor B.advantage C.benefit D.profit 解析:选 B。考查名词辨析。at an advantage“有利地”。句意“在申请工作时,事先考虑一下面 试的问题将对你有利。” 4.Haven’t you learned of the advantage you should ________ others’ week points in order to win the match? A.make on B.make of C.have to D.take of 解析:选 D。此处 you should________是定语从句,take 的宾语就是先行词 advantage,因引导 词作宾语而省略了。 3.guarantee vt. 保证,担保,保障,确保,为……作担保 n. 保证,担保,保修单,抵押品 (回归课本 P42)Success for Li Ning was guaranteed,and it came quickly. 李宁的成功之处就在于保质包换,而且反馈迅速。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① (朗文 P868)Take this opportunity,and I guarantee you won’t regret it.抓住这个机会吧,我保证 你不会后悔的。 ② (牛津 P905)There’s no guarantee that she’ll come. 不能保证她一定来。 ③ We guarantee to deliver your goods within a week. 我们保证一周内交货。 ④ (朗文 P868)The television comes with a two-year guarantee. 这台电视有两年的保修期。 ⑤ (朗文 P868)Your watch will be repaired free if it’s still under guarantee.你的手表在保修期内可 享受免费修理。 【即境活用】 5.They are demanding certain ________ before they sign the treaty. A.guarantees B.promise C.words D.insurance 解析:选 A。guarantee 在这里用作名词,意为“抵押物,担保物”。B 项为“允诺”;C 项为“话, 词”;D 项为“保险”。只有 A 项符合句意。 6.Goods in this supermarket are honestly sold with money-back ________ against poor quality within a month. A.proof B.certainty C.insurance D.guarantee


解析:选 D。句意:这个超级市场上的物品一个月内因质量问题保证退款。 4.declare vt. 宣告;宣布;宣称;声明;申报 (回归课本 P49)The Americans protested and in the end the American runner was declared the winner. 美国人提出抗议,最终那位美国选手被宣布获胜。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① Jones was declared the winner of the fight. 琼斯被宣布为拳击赛的优胜者。 ② (朗文 P487)The doctor finally declared that the man was dead.医生最终宣布该男子死亡。 ③ In September 1939,Britain declared war on Germany after Germany invaded Poland. 1939 年 9 月,英国在德国入侵波兰后向德国宣战。 ④ (牛津 P518)Do you have anything to declare? 你有什么要申报的吗? 【易混辨析】 declare,announce (1)declare 指正式、明确地向公众“宣布;宣告;声明”,侧重当众发表,多用于宣战、议和、 宣判等。 (2)announce 指正式地“公开;发表;宣布”,侧重“预告”人们所关心或感兴趣的事情,尤指新 闻之类的消息。另外,该词还有“预示;显示;显露”之意。 ① The court declared that Brown’s case should be reviewed. ② The government announced that the danger was past. 【即境活用】 7.In 1938,Hitler ________ war against Poland,which started the Second World War. A.declared B.announced C.broadcast D.advertised 解析:选 A。句意:1938 年,希特勒对波兰宣战,开始了第二次世界大战。declare 多用于表 示“宣战,宣告”,符合题意。announce“公开宣布,断言”;broadcast“广播,播音”;advertise“做 广告”。 8.(淄博二模)The headmaster will ________ a speech to the visiting foreign guests this afternoon. A.deliver B.address C.announce D.declare 解析:选 A。本题考查动词辨析。deliver a speech 发表演讲;address sb. 给某人发表演讲; announce 和 declare 都不能和 speech 连用。 5.on the increase 正在增加 (回归课本 P42)The number of young people with money to spend was on the increase—and sport had never been so popular. 有钱消费的年轻人的数量在增加,而体育运动也变得前所未有地普及。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① At present,the number of young people who smoke is on the increase.目前吸烟的年轻人的数量 正在增加。 ② (牛津 P263)He is away on business.他出差去了。 ③ Tickets for the performance are on sale at the box office.


演出的票正在售票处销售。 ④ I met her while I was on leave.我休假时遇见了她。 ⑤ (朗文 P589)Helen is on night duty all next week. 下个星期海伦全都是值夜班。 【即境活用】 9.完成句子 With the production ________________________(增长了 50%),our factory will have another harvest this year. 答案:increasing by 50% 6.be up to sb. 由……决定,是……的责任 (回归课本 P48)The choice is up to you,means you must decide.这个选择“取决于你”,意思是你 必须决定。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① It’s not up to you to tell me how to do my job. 还轮不到你来告诉我怎么做我的工作。 ② The temperature went up to 35° C. 气温上升到了 35 摄氏度。 ③ I’m afraid the play won’t be up to our expectations. 我担心该剧达不到我们预期的效果。 ④ He’s not really up to the job.他并不能真正胜任这项工作。 ⑤ Up to now,she has written four books. 到目前为止,她已经写了四部书了。 ⑥ The children are very quiet;I wonder what they are up to. 孩子们现在很安静,我不知道他们在捣什么鬼。 【即境活用】 10.(重庆二模)—What would you like to do?Doing shopping or going to the cinema? —________.Whatever you want to do is fine with me. A.All right B.It’s up to you C.Glad to hear that D.It just depends 解析:选 B。从后面一句话的意思分析,对我来说,无论你做什么都行,所以去哪里“由你来 定”。 11.—Putting on a happy face not only helps us make friends but also makes us feel better. —________. A.I’d love to B.I’m with you on that C.It’s up to you D.It’s my pleasure 解析:选 B。句意:——露出笑脸不仅有助于我们交友,而且还使我们心情愉快。——我同意 你那一点。B 项表示同意对方的观点。A 项表示欣然接受邀请;C 项表示由你来决定;D 项是 回答感谢。on 关于;that 指上文。 句型梳理 1. 【教材原句】 But even though he had won everything it was possible to win in his sport, Li Ning retired with the feeling that he had failed.(P42) 但即使是已经赢得了在自己运动项目上所能赢得的一切,李宁还是带着一种失败的感觉退了 役。


【句法分析】 (1)even if 和 even though 引导的让步状语从句,常用一般时代替将来时。 ① Even though you disagree with her,she’s worth listening to. 尽管你不同意她的意见,但她的意见还是值得听一听。 ② He won’t go to the cinema even if he has nothing else to do.即使没有其他事要做, 他也不会去电 影院。 (2)even if 和 even though 后面也可接分词。与句子主语是主动关系时,用现在分词;是被动关 系时,用过去分词。如: ③ Even though falling behind,I still have confidence in myself. 即使我落后了,也仍然对自己有信心。 ④ I wouldn’t like to attend his party even if invited. 我不会参加他的宴会,即使被邀请。 【即境活用】 12.Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice,________ they knew it to be valuable. A.as if B.now that C.even though D.so that 解析:选 C。考查让步状语从句。as if 好像,引导方式状语从句;now that 既然,引导原因状 语从句;even though 即使,尽管,引导让步状语从句,so that 前有逗号时意为“以致,结果”, 引导结果状语从句,句意为:他们中许多人对他的建议充耳不闻,尽管知道很有价值。 13. Better take a book ________ you have to wait, for it’s always the case that every bank has a long queue for banking. A.in case B.even if C.as long as D.as if 解析: 选 A。 句意“最好带着本书, 以免万一你得等待, 在银行办业务总会要排长队。 ”in case“万 一”;even if“即使”;as long as“只要”;as if“好像”。 2. 【教材原句】 If you go into a school or university anywhere, the chances are you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo.(P42) 如果你走进任何一个地方的中学或大学校园,都有可能看到身穿印有那个熟悉标志的李宁运 动服的学生们。 【句法分析】 (1)the chances are (that)...该句型意思是“很可能……”,that 后面跟表语从句, 与 It is likely/possible that...意思相近。 ① The chances are that she will pass the exam. 她很可能会通过这次考试。 ② Chances are that man will eventually land on Mars. 人类有可能最终登陆火星。 (2)there’s a /no chance that...有可能/没有可能…… ③ There’s no chance that he will change his mind. 他不可能改变主意。 ④ There is a slim chance of success for the football team in the final.这只足球队在决赛中获胜的机 会非常小。 ⑤ (牛津 P315)If I do chance to find out where she is,I’ll inform you immediately. 要是我真的碰巧发现她的行踪,会立即通知你的。 ⑥ (牛津 P315)They chanced to be staying at the same hotel. =It chanced (that) they were staying at the same hotel. 碰巧他们住在同一家旅馆。


【即境活用】 14.—Would you like to book a four o’clock flight? —What chance ________ of taking an earlier plane? A.there is B.is it C.there it is D.is there 解析:选 D。此处是 There is a chance of doing sth.的疑问形式。 15.The player is under good treatment and the ________ are that he will recover from his injury in time for the next game. A.opportunities B.occasions C.chances D.conditions 解析:选 C。句意为:这个球员正在接受良好的治疗,他有可能将及时摆脱伤病参加下一场 比赛。The chances are that...为固定句型,意为“有可能……”;opportunities 意为“机遇,时机”; occasions 意为“时刻,场合”;conditions 意为“条件,情况”,均不符合题意。 16.________ is no possibility ________ Bob will win the first prize in the match. A.That;that B.There;that C.There;whether D.It;whether 解析:选 B。考查固定句式。There is (no)possibility that...表示“(没)有……的可能”。句意为: 鲍勃不可能在这次比赛中获得第一名。此处 possibility 相当于 chance。


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